DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo NBA DFS Lineups – Thurs 2/14 – Four Corners by Awesemo.com

DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo NBA DFS Lineups – Thurs 2/14 – Four Corners by Awesemo.com

what’s up guys i’m chris spags here back
to another four corners video breaking down tonight’s NBA slate the last one
before the all-star break courtesy of awesome Oh calm now today
since there’s just three games I only have three corners to hit on but the
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with those the first quarter I want to hit on is a game of the Thunder visiting
the pelicans this one’s got a two hundred thirty six point five combined
total which is the highest on slate by 11 points this total here represents a
five point boost for Oklahoma City and a one point boost for New Orleans Anthony
gave us a shot just eight and nine times in his last two games and if you watch
the games you can see his team it’s really not feeding on the ball almost
the point of freezing him out he’s not running as much screens or at least in
that Orlando game he didn’t in particular in the Memphis game he did a
little bit more but he’s not screening he’s not getting the ball on the screen
and rolls so it’s tough for him to get shots if people aren’t actually willing
to feed him the ball that’s said I do think that I still level out a little
bit I saw Ethan E Davis still trying out there he was still trying to get blocks
still trying to get rebounds he just wasn’t getting any because the magic
were hitting everything they shot up but overall I think it’s a bad pelicans spot
because they’re really dysfunctional and it’s obvious watching them but I think
at some point that that’s the level out in Anthony Davis at $9,000 on draftkings
it’s just – chief drew holidays usage has been a little steadier here and he’s
been really good vs the Thunder so far the season he’s had games of sixty three
point two five forty five point two five and forty nine fantasy points versus
Oklahoma City this year I don’t really see any issue with him and again the
Vegas total here tells us it’s got to stay a close one the Thunder just four
point favorites on the road so if we’re gonna go by Vegas and that is what we
try to do here that it’s defining principle of DFS is using a Vegas total
to help you have a barometer to go for every single game every single night and
that’s what I’m gonna try to do here is I want to trust the pelicans one more
time and hope for the best to be a question here which I don’t think
anybody’s asking right now at least is whether jahlil okafor or Julius Randle
will start I think that if you want to shake things up for the pelicans the way
to do that is to move Randle is the starting lineup where he’s been more
effective gonna take a little usage away from Davis again but I think Randle is
not as a dedicated to perhaps being a dick to Anthony Davis as other teammates
are so I’d like Randle being the starting lineup if that were to happen
though right now it does seem like Jalil Okafor has a pretty firm grasp on the
starting center job I would keep an eye on that one closer to lock
because I think they get more appealing if Randall joins the starters Angelia
loca for comes off the bench and avoid Steven Adams in the middle kenick
williams has been a popular player over the last few weeks but I think we saw
what the downsides are playing him now that eats Juan Moors back to lineup eats
well more is gonna soak some usage up that Kenneth Williams really needs
because if the team isn’t playing well he’s not getting me a little assist up
side that he’s had he’s probably not getting as much rebounding up side so
Kenneth Williams is a guy who’s been on a pretty narrow margin overall and with
each one more shooting 13 times that last game that’s gonna take some away
from Kendrick Williams and I think that makes him less viable play while it
makes each one more a perfectly okay one Russell Westbrook has been proudly
carrying his historic triple-double run surpassing Wilt Chamberlain in the
amount of consecutive games last time that the Thunder played so I think
Russell Westbrook is obviously a guy he may not know this guy loves his stats so
I think he’s gonna continue trying to push that he had 63 fantasy points last
timeout versus Portland despite shooting 6 for 19 so Russell Westbrook doing a
great job even though the shooting has gotten substantially worse throughout
the year but he could have crazy upside here if his shot Falls and he continues
playing the way he has at pace versus New Orleans
Paul George is the even hotter hand here he’s coming off of an eighty eight point
five fantasy point day versus Portland and he’s also been over 45 points in his
last two games this and also that game versus Portland was his first
triple-double of the year so he’s coming for coming for rustic as well Paul
George looks great again trying to find a way to get Paul George and West we’re
gonna line up is going to be tough but I think that is a move to try to make
somehow using the value both available on this side and elsewhere on the slate
that we’ll talk about but overall Paul George looks great he’s
worth paying up for and his run right now is really something to see he’s been
an amazing player both in a fantasy perspective and a real life one not
super in Steven Adams because of how he’s been yielding stats to all these
other guys as they try to chase their milestones but I think that Raymond
Felton and Beyonce Burton are both interesting plays here as punts they
both got pretty decent minutes as results of Dennis Schroder and Jeremy
grant being out Burton was more effective as well than Patrick Patterson
who started that game for Jeremy grant I think these guys could see some run
tonight it’s again a pace up spot or at least a high paced spot for the Thunder
their pace is actually little bit higher than the pelicans at this point but
overall it’s gonna be a fast game with a high total here I think you can put some
of these guys in there Felton and Burton in particular feel okay about a Terrence
Ferguson I would not feel good about but if you want to pivot the scoring of
George and Westbrook that is a play to make it’s just one that’s probably gonna
only happen one out of every time’s next corner to hit on his a game
with the Knicks visiting the Hawks in this game is a two hundred twenty five
point five total was second highest on the slate and it represents a five point
boost for Atlanta and a three point five point boost for New York Trey Young has
been priced up industry-wide beginning thirty eight minutes and fifty four
point five fantasy points in his first game without Jeremy Lin it’s a pretty
noteworthy flag to have in the ground this all comes despite Trey I’m shooting
just six for nineteen in that game this is going to be a more profitable spot
defensively going against the Knicks so I like Trey young here quite a bit I
think there’s some risk that jail and Adams takes a few minutes away from him
here too that nowadays expect to be back in the lineup and his contract has been
converted from a two-way contract to a regular one so you’re gonna see him get
some back a minutes here could cut into Trey young a little bit but it’s hard to
see Jalen Adams taking the run that Jeremy Lin had earlier this year I would
find jail noun is mostly unplayable and Trey young looks good I think he’s worth
paying for the price up and especially if that drives as ownership down what
just seems like it’s going to right now John Collins can disappear in games but
going against the next team is allowing forty eight point one rebounds in Game
one of the worst marks in the league it’s a pretty noteworthy spot for him
Collins isn’t gonna find a great defensive resistance on the next side I
think he’s got in a perfectly good spot here I think in particular his offensive
rebounding rate is going to be noteworthy he does have a twelve point
seven percent offensive rebounding rate which could end up resulting a lot of
easy put backs same thing for Alex of line two going against the second unit
he’s gonna have a little more athletic competition in Mitchell Robinson I think
Alex Len can heat up quite a bit here and I think he’s an interesting punt
play to have in there if you are gonna try to differentiate lineup on this
three-game slate torreón prints look like a decent play on the wing and it
seemed like he picked up most of the usage that was left behind by Jeremy Lin
but up 14 shots and thirty minutes in that last game which is a high four
shots in his most recent pretty much a lot of games so Torian Prince looks like
he’s in a decent spot here he’s I think a safe play probably not one with a ton
of ceiling but I think he’s a good enough one to consider given again a
short slate where options are gonna be short and the Knicks defense on the wing
just not that good and the next rotation is absolutely a mess and it’s hard
really to advocate for anyone on this next side because David phys Dale can
just tweak things in a million different ways and make it worse in ways which
honestly I can’t foresee or even the greatest minds in the world of NBA
analysis even people who were professionals
couldn’t figure out what David Fitts Dale’s gonna do it any given night but I
think Dennis Smith is the guy who is worth trusting the most right now he
projected for 39% ownership which does seem pretty high given how he’s
performed recently but he’s gonna get that first crack versus Atlanta I think
that’s what matters here Atlanta’s not a good defensive team
obviously as anybody who’s followed basketballs fear would tell you but I
think more than that it’s just about who gets the hot hand here and if Dennis
Smith really heats up they’re gonna seize minutes away from the other guys
on the second unit he’s gonna keep seeing the run and either way he’s
around 30 minutes per game so this is a spot where he you know he’s gonna get
about 30 minutes it’s against Atlanta there’s really all you need to know for
what Dennis and his prospects are just based off those two things
Mitchell Robinson and candy mountain mostly study off the bench though could
email and obviously taking a few minutes away from Dennis Smith based on where he
was running at when he first got traded to New York but I think both those guys
look pretty good Mitchell Robinson in particular too showing a ton of upside
recently I’m in about mid-20s minutes you know there’s a possibility that
DeAndre Jordan seizes some run back to back to back though so I would imagine
DeAndre Jordan’s not gonna get more minutes on the second half of it
back-to-back than he did on the first half but who knows with again David phys
Dale the Mitchell Robbins has really been productive in a way where I would
want to make sure I’m matching the field on him today
Damien Dawson put up 16 shots yesterday and he also stole the second half start
for mario hezonia who’s now doubtful with a leg injury today so we could see
Damien Dawson picking up some run he’s also gonna be out of that group of
competing for the backup minutes behind Kevin Knox so now it’ll be Knox
comparing to Alonso trier and it’ll be Damien Dodson probably on his own plane
of minutes which could see some useful run so I’d like Damien Donson a little
bit tonight I think he’s gonna get the minutes whether he does enough with them
is hard to be seen but at a very cheap cheap price today industry-wide I think
having some Damien Dawson I match from the field and where he’s gonna be does
make sense as I mention because I’m mario hezonia potentially being out
tonight it looks like Kevin Knox and Alonzo
Trillo will be competing for the wing minutes the same spot if Kevin Knox
heats up again he’s gonna get that starter crack so if he gets going versus
Atlanta he could see some minutes back from trier but if he doesn’t and Kevin
Knox has really been a poor shooter on the year under 40% shooting and he
hasn’t shown me life of trickling up even though he’s been shooting upwards
of 21 times a game recently I think Kevin Knox has a shot to get going but
Alonzo Trier is the fallback option seems pretty good as well some exposure
to both guys probably makes sense because again it’s the bad Atlanta Hawks
team she’s gonna be a matter of who gets going first the last corner hit on his
game at the lowest total on the slate but one it’s still not too bad 214.453.0490 Jeremie lamps currently projected be one
of the highest ohm players on the slate at 42% expected ownership and it’s
honestly makes sense he’s been shooting a ton recently pushing that usage rate
up he shot 22 14 16 and 17 shots in his last four games that bodes pretty well
for Jeremy Lamb at a reasonable price again the magic have been doing a good
job defensively so I think there’s some risk but if we’re gonna shoot that many
times in the game we’re gonna have a decent shot at hitting value I think
Jeremy lamps are perfectly fine play even though I’m not sure it might go a
little bit under the field on him based on that ownership being so high Marvin
Williams has been another study valley recently for the Hornets and I think he
looks finding it as well not a crazy high ceiling but a guy who on a slate
like this might open up enough salary for you to be able to fit in some of the
higher price guys who were gonna be very important to own so I think I’m fine
with Marvin Williams prefer him a little bit to Nick Batum who’s actually done a
better job assisting and rebounding lately but he doesn’t shoot the ball and
you generally need to shoot the ball to hit fantasy value less you’re a guy I
mean you know what even Mitchell Robertson shoots the ball so no no you
have to shoot the ball that fantasy value Nick Batum is not doing that so
overall I think that Marvin Dooley was a slightly better play by Nick Batum he’s
fine I guess on the slate of this size you can tell my enthusiasm for this game
is really shining through Cody Zeller has also been looking solid recently he
also got 35 minutes in that last game versus Indiana because of the bigs
they’re just needing a little more attention they could be a similar
situation today and Nicola Vukovich in the mid-30s and minutes then you
couldn’t see Zeller in there with him because really there’s not anybody else
that the Hornets have you can limit Nicola Vukovich in a meaningful way
unless he think that Bismack beyond those worth dusting off and getting back
out there Evan Fournier and Aaron Gordon looked fine as mid-price plays both guys
projected to be in the high 20s low 30s ownership tonight I’m fine matching the
field there because I think they just look solid Jonathon Isaac I’m a little
bit less sold on he’s been playing really well recently over his last seven
games six of them have been over 29 fantasy points and four of them have
been over 36 fantasy points so even at his of elevated price he’s actually been
doing well in last game he shot 18 times which is a lot for Jonathon Isaac but I
don’t know that I’m buying into him quite as much with this price all the
way up I get why you might like him I get why
it makes sense and again this is a good matchup for the magic overall but
Jonathan Isaac’s me is just hard to trust and I think I would trust these
other guys substantially more than him but maybe I’ll be convinced wrong Isaac
is a young player and he might be just rounding into the form of who he is
despite a great spot Nicole of boosah Fitch’s ownership should be lower than I
would seem because his price is up he’s hitting $10,000 on draftkings first time
he’s in the five-digit numbers so far this year but it’s been wild
he’s been really doing a great job dominated the pelicans last game it
would have had an even bigger day if they didn’t blow him out
so overall visit which looks fine to me I think paying up speaking Traer Ian
here couldn’t make sense especially you’re not loading up on the other games
with the other higher price guys last but not least I have to mention Terrence
Ross because I think he’s got the short end of the stick recently with the
starting group really heating up versus New Orleans heating up to do a lot in
that game and I think before that he also lost some usage to Isaiah Briscoe
and West one do in the second unit but a Terrence Ross is just a good player and
I like him a lot and I just want to talk about him
I think he does a good job he shoots the ball well and he does heat up pretty
well when people aren’t expecting it so I’m gonna have some exposure to him
tonight it just in case starters falter but overall Terrence Ross the guy who’s
maybe a little bit overpriced right now but I think worth considering still
because we have seen 40-point up side from him within the last few weeks so
there we go there’s my thoughts of today’s NBA slate again make sure to
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