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  • Ascended Master says:

    This might get to you in a week, a month or a year. But know that attaining God-Realization is the sole purpose of your life. To fully realize the infinite bliss, infinite power, and infinite knowledge that is your true self. 👑☇🌞
    BRAHMACHARYA ( nofap monkmode ) and MEDITATION are the only WAY it is the way to ENLIGHTENMENT 👌🙏💎😄🔥💖 and to actually becoming GOD 🎇🔓♾😀😂🦁
    This is the ONLY WAY you can reach it in this lifetime or a thousand lifetimes from now but inevitably you'll have to reach the ULTIMATE.

  • TheHuidos2006 says:

    WE are all clouded with ATROCIOUSNESS by our USELESS government. Who cares only about revenues not me, and not you. Pushin nwo and CREATING order out of their chaos created and regulated by governments. Perhaps I sound hate filled yet I am not! I may sound crazy, yet I am not, rather, I remain optimistic, hopeful, eager, infact, of a better today not tomorrow, where is JUSTICE?
    We must UNITE and IGNITED we are the UNSTOPPABLE FORCE AGAINST this circus show charade farce kakistocrocy government OF CHARLATANS!

  • Ashley Hills says:

    this just doesn't sound real. How many people watching have an actual physical illness and can say they managed to turn it around?

  • Incredibly fascinating. I think we are listening because we know this is the future of healing. People are tired of being drugged to death. We know the body is capable of so much more.

  • Casper Bjerkehagen says:

    Great salespitch but if you show the formula you will probably get more money with people getting benefits and want even more detail.

  • Seek for and practice Happiness…Being present… Meditate… Have and Give Joy…Love and Appreciation… so much talking… blahblah… just create and feel Joy and your whole life will change …

  • Brian if you really want to get rid of the loop of anger(min 16:12), you have to apply a NLP skill called CHAINING ANCHORS. The best person to teach you thus powerful technique is Dr Richard Bandler. I've just came from a Master course with him and I saw him helping people with problems as anxiety, anger, procrastination, grudge and much more in just few minutes not in months or years as many people say is necessary. NLP is the cutting edge technology available to mankind. Learn to used and achieve your PERSONAL FREEDOM. Remember: I said minutes!!! 😃 👏 👏 🌻 This Blessings to all.

  • Wlazyb, according to whom we live in the most dangerous time in history? What specifically do you mean about dangerous? Do we still see village attacking others villages and raping women and slaving men? Do we see gladiators killing each other just to delight the starving audience? Or even people been eating alive by beasts to give a good time for the aristocracy?
    Who said that knowledge without wisdom is destructive? What exactly do you mean about destructive? Do you mean any information is worse than no information?
    Information of great quality and value in totally available for the masses on google scholar, therefore you can not say it is controlled. The question is: "Who is dedicating time to learn instead watching meaningless TV programmes?
    What exactly do you mean about "the corporative world"? Is that a person? Is that an entity made of mist?
    I think you are watching too much conspiracy theories programmes and it scrambled your brain and made you repeat phrases like a parrot. Bla bla bla.

    If every single human being of this planet called Earth was dedicating time overcoming inner fears they would realise that all the monsters they were terrified of was the monsters they created by though alone.

    This is a beautiful world and only see it whom has eyes to see from the inside out first. 😉

  • I've seen lots of this guy's videos, and read his books, and he makes one obvious mistake that I'm astonished neither he nor anyone else seems to have noticed: he always says: "If you think your thoughts have something to do with your destiny…" when referring to people who WANT to improve their life – THAT is actually the opposite – most people read his books/watch his videos because they DON'T think their thoughts can have any affect on their reality – they feel anxious, or depressed, or a failure – and THINK that there is NOTHING that they can do personally to alter what they perceive is at it's root an EXTERNAL situation. They DO NOT BELIEVE that what they think can effect their circumstances. I know that, I was one of them. I'm getting there slowly, but on that point he made a mistake.

  • Delphine Rachel says:

    Ok, I am taking this to the next level. I donated all my old (nice) clothes. Got a new hair cut, new color. Like a performer for a new role (hopefully, this will become a new mood, a new temperament, and a new personality). I changed my diet. No more junk. All raw food plant-based (nothing from animal suffering – bad for my karma – just products from our beautiful planet)… but let's be real… I still love leather (I did a very nice meditation for the cow with lots of gratitude). I spent more time in the present, thanking everyone. I donated to a man on the street and bought him a card for coffee and sandwich that he could use later. I love this new person!!! I love my new energy, my new frequency, my new program!

    Oh, and I am stopping my addiction to diet coke and gum… and I am adding a new addiction to my life: meditation with Joe! So whenever the old addiction kicks in… I said: Change. Take a deep breath, be in the present. Feel the gratitude. And choose the future me!

  • The succes of LondonReal is.
    Being still and listening.
    Adapt and make it practical.
    What's stronger than free choice?

  • Taller ThanU says:

    Life is mirroring back to you what you are holding inside you. An act of kindness gives someone hope. Helps someone to feel connected & to remember the essence of pure love. Kindness is a powerful gift. Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

  • Jan Lindstroem says:

    As so often with guys like this, it feels to me, as if I'm looking at mixture of interesting and often profound thoughts and topics with advertisement and over-the-top claims.

    I always wonder: If these miracle things were true and repeatable, why is there no peer-reviewed mainstream-science documentation of them? It would be huge sensations, covered in all media

  • Lavender Violet says:

    – God is / was / will be always love
    – God never stops unfolding great love in our lives

    – We need to perceive ourselves as God made us: spiritual

    – Connection with our foundation (which is love) cannot be broken

    – We are 100% spiritual

    – Existence is all love; there is nothing other than love, everything else is deception / illusion

  • I am so grateful that Dr Joe Dispenza‘s books and meditations were recommended to me in a very challenging time ! I was never patient enough for meditations but now listening to Dr Joe‘s meditations every single day . His materials are affordable and most amazing. My current favourite is the walking meditation , I feel my body healing and my vibration increasing. I want to do his online course next and hope I will be able to go to one of his life seminars at some stage , thank you , Dr Joe x

  • …So we are in fact each individually creating our own reality? How fascinating . That's it no one to blame any more 😁

  • can someone please link to any legitimate examples of his programs / counsel healing or even substantially improving people with advanced ms (e.g. secondary progressive…someone who wouldn't be able to attend a seminar in person). thanks.

  • How about for those with mental health diagnoses or intellectual disabilities? So this only applies to those of us without any brain damage?

  • quizatz haderach says:

    if we ever overcome spiritual poverty we could reach the stars in one generation…but then again maybe we wouldn't want it any more.humanity evolved because of cooperation instead of competition and that would mean 180 in our way of thinking.i have hope.

  • Here is thing. I listen him and becoming positive about life. Then I go to work with guy I know and listen basically his outdated way of thinking , very pessimistic and my mind becoming like Tornado …… Wish to ignore negative ppl but I can't.

  • I have to bite..finally, it took me a while, had to be sure. Right now in the now, the evolution of consciousness is in process, some of us (lucky) are in phase two. Why do you understand this? To those who watched? Why are you listening? You are on the path, keep going!💜

  • Golden Tiger AMVs says:

    I always thought I just don't have it in me, but now with his explanation I understand that it's just common if you were lost in the same pattern for years. This is soo helpful. Now I also understand why a change in environment can be so freeing, as it kicks you out of your loop and makes change easier!

  • Julio C Rodriguez says:

    so clearly, not been able to to stop thinking the same thoughts every day has make the so call modern medicine such a threat humanity by making us all sick and addicted, by treating symptoms and rarely ever the cause of the ruth of the issue. thanks for the great info, we have a long long way to go, and then they call it science, very scary we have so much to unlearn……

  • its all connected, but with out light, we just saw separation between the spots, now light came back and we can see that everything was the same whole.

  • Love this!! Also, the difficult emotions like anger are not "bad" emotions. Anger was the only thing that allowed me to get in touch with my boundaries and realize that I could escape abuse. Chronic, simmering anger as a mindset isn't healthy though, I get that.

  • How do you reverse Male Pattern Baldness,with the mind?6pack?,Sadhguru.(pretend I highlighted sadhgurus name,like we talk on Facebook)

  • Why is it always about healing a disease, when he talks about these workshops (a lot of collective energy there, which is not new), this "formula" is only available for people going to workshops? I always love listening to Joe Dispenza, but I think too much emphasis is put on healing. What about people that want to do the meditation at home – some of us have the time, and what about wish fulfillment? Thanks.

  • Wow! 15 years ago I initiated a Self healing process with very little information and through my intuition I created a routine which included movement, breathwork and mantra to release and reset patterns. At that time it took me 2 1/2 years but I straightened 4 vertebrae in my neck, healed scoliosis, depression and insomnia! I'm so grateful that science is catching up and people are beginning to believe!

  • Dr Joe, I think you are right. Results are practically immediate. My first observation of this victim mentality
    comes to me from the 'powers that be'. Through almost every 'system' designed to 'help' I find protocols intentionally designed to exacerbate the victim position, where ever it is found. Catch 22's sow self doubt.
    A hopeful thought for me to hang onto is that as so many people choose this path of liberation their numbers will increase exponentially. As it filters down to the kids a larger number will be carrying on the innate ability to communicate in a non-victimising way. Like a wick soaking up energy for light.
    I believe the world is in dire need of this and you have a flame 🙂
    Thank you.

  • "if you are not defined by a vision of the future you are left with the memories of the past " omg this is so powerful its insane, these 60 seconds formatted my past instantly which has taken me 10 years 33:10–34:10

  • FromBeToReality says:

    i was going to write the following before reading ben hughes' comment.

    TWICE in this vid, within a 3-minute time frame, rev. joe was CLEARLY asked if we common folk who are not part of his unnamed religion could…do this…resurrect ourselves…on our own. HE IGNORED/AVOIDED the question both times.

    gotta do the online course$. gotta attend the workshop$. i under$tand. i'm not mad about that at all. i'm an entrepreneur. bu$ine$$ is bu$ine$$. (if it ain't about THAT, then it's about being praised like a god, which to me is farfarfar worse than the pursuit of money.)….

    there's a little more to this "formula" he mentions than just meditating. refer to my playlists with the name "gregg braden" and "feeling". you'll find the rest of the "formula" in those vids. might want to check out all of the "mind science" vids as well that aren't of rev. joe….

    THE ANSWER IS YES to that important question mentioned above that was asked twice within 2 minutes. YES!!! mentally and physically able adults do NOT have to depend on anyone other than themselves to truly improve themselves and to continue to evolve or to achieve total mental/physical/moral/spiritual/financial healing.

  • I deeply was convinced i would never have cancer. A deep comfortable 100% convincing truth. And than i was diagnosed with breast cancer.

  • Dr. Joe, you are the due for real! Great point about keeping the language "pure" to keep the conversations going. I absolutely love your content and hope I can apply some of it. "Becoming Supernatural" was incredible. I am re-listening on audible. Keep up the good work.

  • Ahhhh now I understand when people say" oh my son has his dads angry temper", if behaviour and emotion is imprinted on a cellular level, which affects our genes, which we then pass on to our children.

  • Skylar Martinez says:

    I’m sobbing right now In the toilet how greatlful I am right now for you and everything you have done for me. Thank you 😌

  • i notice in life that some people always have bad luck, i find that those people have a very negative outlook on life. they are angry, jealous people and they live in the past tragedies.

  • This isn’t anything new. All about AA program does. How break addictions and chains of past trauma , bad emotions habits to higher purpose

  • Black people need to listen to this so they can stop being eternal victims of the supposed white man thats holding them down.

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