90 thoughts on “Dr. Hayes Remembers Losing His Wife to Cancer – Grey’s Anatomy”

  • Ok they gave a show to a new guy so we all can see that he is a catch and can love again… ok thats nothing new and let me guess who is he going to ask next…

  • His wife had a horrible death I’m surprised he doesn’t cry all day and night I thought it was gonna be boring but then I cryed it was so sad ????????????????????????????????

  • BibliophileColorist says:

    I wanted him to throw that drink in the salesman's face after this scene! All of this, because of a 1% failure rate… There wasn't a dry eye in the room while my family watched this scene!

  • Jana Bláhová says:

    I don’t like Him. Such a NOT needed character in Grey’s ! We do’nt need this anymore now! Alex left, Poor Richard and if the end of the show coming, we need more happy, love, smiles etc. We’ve been through so many bad stuff, thdy have been! I wanna them to focus on Mer’s happines, on Merluca happines! No one makes her happy like He does. She shines, loves, laughts, lives with Him. That’s what matter now! ?

  • They better not pair him up with maggie. Hayes+meredith!!!! Their Backgrounds match and they understand each other’s pain

  • I really don't know what's worse. Seeing the love of your life melt away every day for years (Hayes) or waiting for them to come back from somewhere, but instead, you freeze next to their brain dead body and have to unplug them (Meredith)… Discuss.

  • Greys Acosta Peña says:

    I love this character so much!!! Everything that represents from a gift that Christina made to Mer, finally a love story that is worth it for her :3

  • Finally, they should do this long ago, show this guy back story so we can feel connected, before that all I felt about him that "that stranger who is supposed to be Merideth love interest, I think they focus on Meredith so much and forgot to develop other characters enough, again I say this show would've gone much better if they focused on other characters more

  • Jana Bláhová says:

    Don’t like Him at all.
    He can make up with Jo , they wojld be great together. But never with Mer, that would be soo lined up and boring and just no chemistry between them.
    Hope Merluca will get some lovely storyline … we need it, Mer needs Andrew

  • This surprised me. Not just becuase he actually had hair, becuase he actually got screen time. And then what he threatened to do to that guy who made the machine, haha.

  • The fact that we know more about Hayes than Link and Hayes has only been on for half a season. I wish we knew more abt Link outside of his relationship with Amelia and his friendship with Jo.

  • Fernanda Blunt Krasinski says:

    I laughed when I see him with that horrible wig at the beginning of his Flashback.. but this scene is so beautiful written and directed

  • I loved how we've got to see his past, it was amazingly sad but beautiful.
    when his little son said he wanted his mama I cried.
    the way he described to the doctor how his surgery was all wrong was so full of emotions, congratulations on the acting.
    I like hayes a lot, and I really hope he will end up with mer

  • Ladies and Gentlemen we have finally found a man worthy of Meridith!! Please don't turn him into some toxic man like they've done to Jackson.

  • Te gusta Grey's Anatomy??
    En este grupo amamos la serie y realizamos divertidos juegos, tenemos diferentes especialidades y roles ?
    Te invitamos a ser parte de nuestro hospital ?
    No importa si nunca viste la serie porque los juegos son variados !! ??

  • i LOVE his character development. i cant wait to see what they have in store for him.

    This episode BROKE me. i havnt felt like that since Lexi and Mark died.

  • Think about this, this is somebody's reality, people go through awful things like that everyday. I can't imagine, beyond horrific.

  • This episode had me all in the feels. I enjoyed seeing hayes, and Altman and their back stories. Poor Richard for what he is going through.

  • I just don't like the Actor . I feel like he is forced on us . I am sorry but I don't like him and shonda better not put him with Mer bcs they have no chemistry . ?

  • Ugh. As much as i like the irish doc, but this was just some emotional manipulation stunt in this episode- with every character plot incl Richard. I didn't like what they did with Teddy either. She was hooked on Owen but supposedly was just getting over the real love of her life, a woman. Where did that come from?

  • mmontenegro montenegro says:

    This makes him more likeable, back stories are great. The make the character more relatable. This is sad, and we can relate to having loss

  • After seeing what he went through, I believe that this man deserves to find love again. If it’s Mer, I believe that they would definitely have a stronger connection than Deluca and her. Her “i love you” felt a bit forced, she only said it to calm him down. But hey, if McWidow isn’t meant to be with Mer, I hope he finds the one. Because honestly, he’s something else. He’s amazing… I would definitely like to see him and Mer getting along more!!

  • My father is currently dying after being diagnosed with terminal cancer few months ago. A couple of months ago, he could still walk although in pain and even drive a car. But now he can't get out of bed. His feet are swollen meaning death is nearing… He is in extreme pain and it's killing me to see him this way. I just wish he wouldn't suffer for too long… All he does is stare at the wall, uninterested in anything, because everything hurts him and his body is shutting down. My mom is always with him, helping him but she told me recently she can't do it anymore, it's been going on for too long. I just wish he wouldn't suffer anymore…

  • I think Meredith and Hayes would have an amazing connection (they already have it) but he knows how it feels to lost someone you love. He’s an adult man who will not be jealous for her success. And the most important thing Cristina knows THAT

  • I ship him with mer for now (since we don’t know too much about him) because aside from both their love dying the dynamic between them and chemistry is strong he knows how to treat her with respect and embraces her power as a doctor while being respectful too


    Is anybody worried about #DeLuca speeding on his motorcycle? ? I think he’s going to die ? Then #Mer will be taken all the way back to #Derek days ? #WithHayes ? #CantWait

  • Otilia Cabrita says:

    Did anyone notice anything wrong with Dr Hayes story. A few episodes back when Jo takes the baby to the hospital and Hayes says he was in middle of his residency when he had is second child. This episode we see him arriving at a Medical Conference and meeting his wife. Doesn't make sense a resident doctor attend a medical conference he or she would have to an attending. His wife dies at the age of 33yesrs old, has 2 teenagers . This story doesn't add up. We allready knew that he's a windower, he's wife had died of câncer, to show this scene is suppose to mske us like Meredith more, feel sorry for him and the way he list he's wife ? Storys like this happen all the time. Yes it's sad. Doesn't make him the right person for Meredith.

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