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  • Larry Lowell says:

    Thanks! You have a long history, of being direct and truthful. Do any of these videos, ring a bell. Double Your Internet Speed for Free, How To Make Free Phone Calls on Any Phone Forever, $100 Bills are SCRATCH AND SNIFF. Etc.
    Yea sure I'm going to listen to you for the truth.

  • Simply Julia Lauren says:

    This kind of humor is so special and so abnormal literally almost half the people who watched it disliked it because they simply don't understand…

  • Yashaswi Kulshreshtha says:

    Alien technology, don't let anyone steal this tech otherwise other internet service providers will in great trouble

  • هبة الرحمان هبة الرحمان says:

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    If there's an unplugged cable taped to a plugged in cable it's not going to do anything to the cable that's plugged in, aside from sit next to it.

  • Donnie Vandervort says:

    why would someone get off trying to deceive the public like this? Is this supposed to be funny? Well I won't have to worry about it because I will never watch another video by this young jerk

  • Alexey Yastrebov says:

    Just can't believe for how much time he's been making videos, he's like a robot at how he keeps pace or something

  • When I was a kid I had the shortesy attention span and got frustrated with all his talking and just clicked on a random rick roll video.

  • Uzair Mughal says:

    Well, for sure this guy knows how to make others stupid. If internet speed doubling would have been that easy why would engineers bang their head to improve it. What is important in improving speed is the bit rate; the rate at which bits are transmitted from ISP to your router, which he did not considered at all. Suppose you are downloading a movie which has 1.5 GB of information, will doubling the area doubles the information..??? I mean seriously will it include sneak peaks too :). Grow up kid. There are many more things which are absolutely naive, but I don't want to make this unnecessarily long.

    This video is just a jibber jabber about physics.

  • jeff brouillette says:

    Tried 4 times and am out of internet cables and i got my dick stuck in the toaster again..what am i doing wrong?

  • SGT Andy MP Corp says:

    Ok for real, did anyone actually go out and do this? If you did you unfortunately got scammed. Internet speed cannot be increased in ones house. The speed is determined on the end that is supplying the broadband. Sure you might be able to gain some speed with a better computer or moving you modem away from any electromagnetic field, i.e microwave ovens ….etc…but for the most part speed is controlled by the provider and by the amount of users in the area eating up the bandwidth. Nowadays amount of users shouldn't have as big of an effect as they used to but unfortunately in some older areas where the lines are as old as dirt the speed can be cut by the amount of users more than in newer areas. In fact I live in a very remote area and my ISP used to guarantee 15 Meg's down at best due to the crusty old lines. Cable was not available because the cable companies dont want to pony up the money it would take to get our little community included in their service. We sit between two railroad tracks. In fact on some days you can see trains going by on both sides of the house. To put it into perspective our tracks probably transported Wyatt Earp and his brothers, Doc Holliday and the rest of the gang back in 1881 so when the phone lines were put in they never really upgraded them much because no on lived out here for the longest time. Our house was the very first that went up between the tracks. At that time the speed was pretty close to 15 mega down. Anyway the community grew and when they built a grocery store very close to our area it sucked a huge amount of bandwidth from our area. Now we are lucky to get 7 or 8 megs down. It sucks and if this guys trick really was legit I would do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately it's not, but a very good acting job though. I have to give him credit for that. He does get an "A" for his acting skills. He does make it sound feasible and as though he is telling the truth, and I'm sure this is where the suckers get sucked in.

  • Idiot we all know that att , comcast etc meter our speeds. The only way to get more speed for Free is to tap to your neighbors house… install a new fiberoptic or wherever they have installed and only then can you have fast internet [ if they have fast internet] .. Lol this kid is a idiot and all that believe him…

  • this guy pranked me in 2016 by saying u can get a htc vive for free only watch this something movie and you will recieve a message he said and i go wait for days no message and i read the description and im like bruh

  • Basically cat 5 is UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) and he adding shielding. You could purchase a Cat 6 cable which is shielded already and get the same results.

  • As dumb as they come! First of all the internet speed is throttled by your ISP to your modem(untouchable by your double snake technique). your wire max speed for CAT5e is 1000 Mbps. yet you still testing 25mb. Hope this will help others considering this kid. even the math is wrong. self fulfilling prophecy. Kind creep me out when he went all serious asking me to trust him. conf t-exit wr era y relo

  • Grant Edwards says:

    Unbelievable, I just used your technique to double the speed of my Vespa; I wrapped that ethernet cable around both ends of my accelerator cable and wow-wee! Cheers kid.

  • Jason Zacarias says:

    How did i run into this and actually kept watching. Here i am playing $140 for T1 on dsl modems. Mind blown. Sir you are my Elron Hubbard of a GOD! Im sold, take my money

  • There is enough bogus crap on Youtube without this lame "gag" site clogging it up more. Yes there are a lot of gullible people out there. Maybe you should aspire more challenging than making fun of dumb people. Just sayin'.

  • I remember seeing this guy years ago when he was a little kid. The years have not been kind to him, bad karma I suppose. He was a sick little kid back then and now that sickness has hollowed him out, a real lesson to us all.

  • Su Amigo El Ilegal says:

    They say, that if you take the end of the Ethernet and showed it up your ass, it increase range speed of your internet by 75 to 85 percentage

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