Doris & Mary-Anne Are Breaking Out Of Prison | Episode 10

Doris & Mary-Anne Are Breaking Out Of Prison | Episode 10

I’ve got our ticket to the trolley, Mary-Anne. It’s taken me my entire stay to do it, but I’ve constructed a lock picking contraption that’s sure to break us out of the big house! It’s made of fingernails, bedsprings, and- Doris Delaney! Yes?! [BOING] Time to go. What? Your sentence has been served. I guess this is goodbye, Mary-Anne. I hope you can manage without me. I know how much you cherish our chats- Wait! Doris, before you go… I know I haven’t said much these past months. I admit I’m not the best at expressing my emotions. That’s sort of why I’m here. I told this friend of mine – a woman – that I was in love with her. And she rejected me. Said that was disgusting. It made me so upset I just lost control and I did something I’m not too proud of… I SAID SHE HAD BUTT BREATH AND I SLAMMED THE DOOR IN HER FACE! And apparently slamming doors is a serious crime, if you’re black. Oof, which I am VERY. And, well, the point is I’m not too good with feelings. But I just wanna say, before you go, that I… …don’t completely hate you. They cry going in and they cry going out. Ah, you’re getting the floor all wet! Let’s go!


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