Doom Daam Dussera  || Warangal Vandhana || Tamada Media

Doom Daam Dussera || Warangal Vandhana || Tamada Media

Everyone is invited
to the Dusshera festivities of our village. Granny, let me help you with the cooking.
– Why do you want to ruin a good breakfast? – Shut up. Dad, you’ve come!
– Good to see you, uncle. – Good to see you too. How are you, mother-in-law?
– I’m good. If you girls roll the dough balls well,
I’ll reward you well. I rolled it so well.
– It looks like a piece of cloth eaten through by a rat. I deliberately put holes for oil to seep in.
– I rolled it even better. Dad, you owe me a reward.
– Sure. Like uncle asked, did you get those four?
– W-Where is your mom? My dad took her to the fields.
– I’ll go meet them there then. Get ready. We’ll go to the Dusshera procession.
– Sure, Granny. Dusshera follows Bathukamma.
On the morning of Dusshera, if you spot the Indian Roller and then pray to the Jammi tree, your wish will come true.
You can take these leaves give them to your loved ones. There is a story about the Jammi tree in Mahabharat.
Before going on the exile Pandavas deposited all their weapons and armoury
with the Jammi tree and prayed to it to keep those safe. After their exile was done, Pandavas came back
and collected their weapons and waged war against Kauravas. They defeated Kauravas and celebrated Dusshera.
They won the war because they had Jammi trees blessings. So, if you take a leaf from a Jammi tree,
you’ll achieve what you set out to achieve. So, take a leaf
and give it to your loved ones. Bless me, dad.
– May you do well in life. My dad bought you bottles. He deserves a leaf from you.
– Yes, he does. Hey! You guys are boozing!
– Quite! Your mom shouldn’t know. No, she should.
Mom.. Your husband is boozing.
– He boozes once in a blue moon. So, let him. Wow! This festive season
has turned you into a Mother Teresa. Don’t bug me. Let me sleep.
– Nothing to worry, dad. You’ve mom’s permission. With the money I gave you, go buy yourself some soft drinks.
– Sure. Let’s go. It feels so good to be here.
– You were last here two years ago. Like Vandana said, we’ll be here for every festival.
Even your sister loves it here. My sister is a darling.
– She sure is. – Have some chicken. Your sister is really lovely. I’ve everything in life.
A caring wife and a lovely daughter. After finding her a good match, I’ll purchase fields
in this village. Then your sister and I will move here. Everyday will be a festival then. You’ve to enact
the scene from ‘Kushi’. Why were you ogling at me?
– I wasn’t. – You were. – I wasn’t. I saw you checking me out!
– So, you checked me out too? Don’t lie! I saw you ogling at me.
– No, I didn’t. – You did. – I didn’t. I saw you, I saw you..
– No, I didn’t, no, I didn’t.. Vandana, time for you
to do a comedy skit. I’ll show you how my mom reacts
when my dad comes home drunk. Here is my dad coming home drunk. Open the door.
– It is so late. Where have you been? W-Well, I was at the store..
My friend.. Hanamkonda.. Public Gardens.. Petrol bunk..
– What? What are you even saying? Tell me exactly where you’ve been?
– My head is aching. I’ll go hit the bed. You are drunk, aren’t you? Answer me!
Let me check your breath. I didn’t ask you to suck air.
I asked you to blow out. You are drunk, aren’t you?
Keep boozing all the time. You’ve a daughter.
Her education costs in lakhs. We’ve to get her an engineering seat
and send her to US for MS and even get her married. And won’t you give her any properties.
For that, we need to have money but you are burning it all on booze.
We’ll become a laughing stock. Despite my mom yelling at him,
my dad would sneak past her and sleep tight. My dad hardly boozes.
And my mom talks about my education and marriage. The little booze my dad drinks
wouldn’t change our lives in any way. All these fun and games end tonight.
Tomorrow, I’ll leave for Parayana in Hyderabad she’ll leave for SR College in Warangal
and she’ll leave for CDC College in Hanmakonda. Friends, with this, my holidays end.
Next time, we’ll meet back at my college and hostel. Please like, share and subscribe.
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