Don’t Fall for These Halloween Costume Fails

Don’t Fall for These Halloween Costume Fails

Well, y’all, we are a
week away from Halloween. And I’m lucky enough to have an
entire wardrobe department help me find a costume. But, you know, some
people aren’t so lucky. And I found some Halloween
costumes online and I– I just got to say. Y’all– y’all need
some help, OK? All right. Here’s the first one. This person is supposed
to be Iron Man. Yeah. Get into that. Uh huh. His superpower is paper cuts. [LAUGHS] Here’s another one. Now these two dressed up
as the Incredible Hulk. I– I think that they
forgot the incredible part. And here’s the last one. This person made their
own Big Bird costume. [LAUGHS] This picture is brought
to you by the letters DUI. [LAUGHS] Now if you have a funny or
embarrassing Halloween costume that you think we should
see, please send it to us. We’ll be right back.


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