Donald Trump Talks Media Coverage, Polls and His Vocal Transformation

Donald Trump Talks Media Coverage, Polls and His Vocal Transformation

-Donald, this is getting real.
This is — -Yeah, it’s getting real.
I agree. -You still have time.
Do you still want to do this? I mean, there’s time. -We’re doing well. It’s been really a lot of fun, and it’s an amazing movement
all over the country. It’s been incredible, so, no, it’s been an honor
for me, I have to say. -There’s probably kids
watching you right now, if they’re at home watching. They do stay up late
and watch our show. Why should they want to grow up
and be president? -Well, I think you want to grow
up and be president because you want to help people. And you want to help people. There’s tremendous problems that
people in this country have, and all over the world. And if you want to help people, there’s no better position to
do it from than the presidency. So we can do a lot of good. [ Cheers and applause ] -Did you always see yourself — Did you always see yourself
getting into politics? -I really never did. I probably wouldn’t have done many of the shows
that I’ve done over the years if I ever thought. But I never thought
this would happen. Four years ago, I really,
seriously considered it. And they renewed — As you know, they wanted me
to stay and do “The Apprentice,” and I was doing
all of these jobs and — But I really wanted to do it, and ultimately
I decided I’d wait. Let’s see how things go
with the country, and things only got worse, and I decided to do it. And, you know,
I gave up a lot by doing this. This is a tough thing.
There’s nothing easy about it. I’ve always heard doing this
is a very, very difficult thing, but nobody knows
how tough it is. -It is, right?
I mean, it’s been a long — -It’s grueling.
It’s grueling and — But at the same time,
very satisfying. You know,
you see what’s happening and you see what’s going on,
so it’s very satisfying. But it’s a grueling process. -Do you think
your business background helps you with campaigning? Like, if you have, like — you have to target, like, say
you need women from 25 to 40, you need that age group,
do you target that? -Well, I think where it helps — [ Laughter ] -That’s good, right?
Is that too business-y? -I’m trying
to figure that one out. -I’m reading —
I’m halfway through your book. [ Laughter ] It’s pretty good.
it’s pretty good. -We’re gonna get that one soon. But, you know, yeah, I think
business will always help. It helps
from a country standpoint. You know, it’s interesting. When I was doing the primaries, I spent less money
than other people, and I did better
than other people. And that’s what we want to do
for the country. We want to spend less money
and do better. [ Cheers and applause ] And I think we can do that. I think we can do that. -We were talking about how long
and grueling it is. What has changed from when you first
started running to now? -Well, I think the press has
become more and more vicious. You know, it was interesting. We started off with 17, and you had some of them
in here, and one by one by one — -We had about 15 on here. -You had about 15. Maybe not all 17,
but you had a lot of them. But we had 17 people. And as it got down, you know, I do notice there’s a big
difference with the media. I also say, though, there’s
even more love out there. People want this to happen. They really want it to happen. And you see what’s going on,
even today with the polls where the polls are so good. We just got a great poll
from Colorado. Normally, a Republican wouldn’t
do particularly well there, and we’re leading in Colorado
and we’re leading in Iowa. We’re leading in Ohio
and Florida. We’re leading all over,
and it’s been amazing. It’s been really amazing. -Do you pay attention
to the polls? -Oh, I love the polls.
-You do? -But I don’t pay attention — If I’m losing or lagging,
I’d never mention polls. [ Laughter ] Believe me. Only when I’m winning. -I’ve noticed that —
little changes. I think your voice has changed
a little bit. Because I’ve done — I hate to break it to you, but I’ve done
an impression of you once or twice…on this show. [ Cheers and applause ] -You have. -Thank you
for letting me do that. -And a very good impression.
-Thank you. But when you first started
running, [As Trump]
you were very high-voiced. Your voice was very high, China — You’d say “China.” A lot of pointing — very high. [ Normal voice ]
And then you got into a stage where you were just yelling. [As Trump] You were yelling
into the microphone at people and you were yelling
at everyone! [ Normal voice ] And, like,
you don’t even need the mic. [ As Trump ] And now, you’re
more of, like, a smoky, silky… [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughs ] Like a Donald Trump/Alec Baldwin
impression type of voice. Yeah, that’s what I see
you’re doing. And I got to kindly thank you for giving us the material
that we’re doing. [ Laughter ] It’s been amazing to follow
and exciting because you say
some shocking things. [ Laughter ] I can’t even believe. -But I’m trying not to anymore. -Oh, yeah. See, that’s changing. Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] That’s what I’m talking about,
so, yeah.


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