100 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jr. makes waves on ‘The View’”

  • Who no name?! Had he died when he was captured instead of giving up all the info about our troops stationing he would have been a hero!!! Sry megahn

  • Idiot apple not falling far from idiot tree. Idiot fox "reporters" who lie to their viewers on the daily. Fox is America's worst enemy. Daring to question a vets bravery when Trump's daddy bought his way out of the draft how about reporting that weasels?

  • Who in the left liberal gang of thugs is polite?
    Is a radiant smile backed by hate polite?
    Opinions are just more gossip?
    Ask 5-7 year old's instead, they give good answers , just before their brains sink into their hearts so they can no longer think… they can only feel stupid & say stupid things, then adulthood sets in and like parrots on a wire, I like this, I don't like that bla bla bla bla bla

  • The greatest weapon of the 21st Century,,, develop a mind manipulating, psychological  profile gathering and targeting code.The internet / social media offered the ability to individually target millions of people with hours of imprint sessions using an election as a springboard into their minds… blind to facts and reason, unconditional locality, commonly referred to as Trump's Base. 20 years ago would you ever thought a billion people on this planet would have a wireless connected touchscreen supercomputer the size of a Pop-Tart stuck to their face, walking into traffic, crashing cars into each other, such great technological advances we have achieved.
      Putin and Steve Bannon had the evil forethought 10 years ago to utilize this weapon. Yeah I know,,,mass internet brainwashing technology,,, that's so SI-FI, kind of like landing a booster rocket falling from space, upright on a barge in the ocean or a pad where it blasted off. Now if only I could pry my folks away from Fox News for a minute and not talk about Crooked Hillary,"still reverberating in their heads". At least it's not 100% effective but added to propaganda induced tribalism, political extortion and bribery, effective enough to achieve the unthinkable. Did I hear Putin utter," Checkmate!"
       Learn how Putin & Steve Bannon brainwashed 50 million Americans using the 2016 election as a springboard into their minds in the new book " Mindf*ck: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America ".

  • The wo/man who says/thinks/feels s/he is woke is not woke
    Having & defending an opinion is not about as pretentious as a person can get.
    MOST opinions are not your own, agreeing/disagreeing is a lot like liking and disliking…
    It doesn't really matter? Its what you produce that matters…
    … intelligence or conformity of thought?

  • The left needs to stop throwing rocks from a glass house.
    How is it that hard to understand: Respect Begets respect, Insults beget insults.
    This is how Trump works.

  • Rochelle roasted a govenor for black face but when joy wears black face "as a comedian " makes it ok this lady is nothing but a race baiter has zero education on policy or things like infanticide

  • Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities says:

    New York Attorney General Letitia James announced Thursday that the state Supreme Court ordered President Donald Trump to pay $2 million to eight nonprofits as part of a settlement for the state’s lawsuit that accused Trump and his three eldest children of “persistently” abusing the family’s shuttered charity, including to further the president’s political interests. “The court’s decision, together with the settlements we negotiated, are a major victory in our efforts to protect charitable assets and hold accountable those who would abuse charities for personal gain,” James said in a statement.

  • I wonder if trump jr. Takes after his idiot immortal dad and cheats on his wife and sexually assaults women because he thinks he is famous enough?

  • Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities says:

    The real news FUX never reports: One eye witness at the UFC match was Joe Rogan, the UFC’s color commentator, who said on his Friday podcast, that “18,000 people” “booed the f*ck out of” Donald Trump.

  • she literally described the definition of black face lol racist. and her husband dropping the the N-word 13 times in black face lol common… gtfo

  • Sorry Khan Family… you don't get to hide behind your sons honor and sacrifice, and use it as a springboard to insult and disrespect our President.

  • don jr. is not only Goofy looking he is a lying piece of trash just like his father! Lock the snow flake up with the rest of his criminal family! 🖕
    CLASSIC the women of the VIEW owned snowflake tRump jr.!!! Hahahahah!!! 🤗🙌👏

  • Who cares, when the Republican Establishment that lost the election works against Trump to reduce white people to minority in their own country

  • America has the best idiots. You Trump supporters have refused to see or hear the truth of Trumps guilt. Shame on you , electing what was obviously an imbecile in the first place. Your blatant dishonesty and self interest disgusts all thinking people worldwide. Shame on you.

  • After reading some of the comments l see the Russian bot' s are working and a lot of students from the trump school of stupidity bigotry and lawlessness and hypocrites are here

  • I really really want to see trump's tax returns. If he were a transparent and/or successful businessman, releasing his tax returns shouldn't be an issue.

  • Meghan McCain is just as spoiled as her Daddy was. The man was a arrogant, over privileged moron. Read his autobiography, even his writer thought he was. I laughed all the way through it.

  • Meagan McCain,daughter of traitor,executed bye our government has no word it eyes. The entire family otta be kicked out of America ,the Bush's as well,Clinton & obozos

  • What's up with Juniors Teeth? Maybe him and Matt Gaetz bought the same exact model? Weird. So toothy… Can he physically close his mouth, I wonder? Is that why him and Matt G breathe exclusively out of their mouths?? Curious is all

  • Wish jr and sr. All trump family and their sorry supporters would catch waves out of the USA… USMC retired wife.. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • GOP HIDING NEW! PLAN-A….Jim Jordan has now been moved by Republican's to Trump's public impeachment hearings, to elevate Jordan and have him be seen as fighting Democrat's in front of all Trump's voters on TV. To show Jim tried hard but couldn't save Trump from his own impeachment crimes. (GOP will bow to U.S….RULE OF LAW! ) It's a real good PLAN for GOP.
    Allows GOP to quickly run Jim Jordan as feisty 2020 presidential candidate. AND most important ! To give Trump's voters someone they can to cling to!
    GOP Plan A! = (AFTER)
    So is Fox News??
    Did you see them TODAY ?!?!???

  • Mccain Bush clinton Obama are traitors and war mongers war criminals and stone cold crooked so i don't feel sorry for any of them so don't be stupid with that 💩 Kennedy

  • The comedian was the most articulate and also the most fair-minded. Logic prevailedceith his argument. The others want to argue from a position of relativism.

  • So now we have "Blackface Protocol"? I applaud Trump, Jr. for not taking any of "The View's' b.s.! So tired of the distaff's hysterical posturing! I remember when women were also LADIES …

  • Trump will be impeached, and removed from office by the Senate. All above board and constitutional. What will you Trump-lovers do then?

  • If you didn't watch it then don't comment about it idiot ,60 seconds was enough to watch this interview for my comment. Refused to watch the garbage any further.

  • isabella ericson says:

    Guy Benson……What????? I didn't watch it……..How can you be a commentator on the subject and not do your homework.

  • Why isn't any one asking about the 2 black men who played white woman or is it ok because its a black playing white. its just never ok for a white to play black.


  • Once again orange stain jnr. shows himself to be an airhead. I love the look on his face when he realizes that he has just admitted that military aid WAS being witheld but tries to save himself with a "but the Ukranians didn't know that". Love it. He didn't need anyone else to get owned. He did it all by himself.

  • You know Donald Jr., The View is full of snakes and warmongers!! They couldn't handle the truth!! And besides, you can't talk to stupid people!! And if you put them in a square room, none of them could find a corner!!

  • Kennedy what the hell happened to you you use to be cool now you all about support racism a man who puts down women come on you traded your self for what 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • McCain was a traitor. He also pushed the false hoax narratives that he knew were lies. He doesn't get away from things he's done just because he died. People don't even know yet for the most part and truth needs to be told.

  • Tulsi Gabbard wear's uniform and not unicorn. What's a unicorn? It's a horsee with a horn on it's face.

    Now don't ask what's a face?
    It's a twin face which is hidden normally and opens when motherboard endorses and the man gets triggered.

  • The View bench are great host's of a ligeon of event organizer's who keep moving into many channels on repetitive basis and coming out cleanly so that their another channel host them on live telecasting.

    The View is global networking whose interpol database is hidden in the view and they use QR coding methodology because of uniqueness of view design and a printed bar code number if QR finds difficult to capture the block diagram. The bar codes scanned by the gun and digitally transported in wired internet or satellite net working. Satellite😉

    Satellite that fly's on top and takes rotations around the earth which is the view having both door's in functioning.

  • Joys beautiful African woman was her in blackface was not a Black woman of history or that went through a struggle!
    She simply proclaimed her own beauty in black make-up! It is this word play that let's them confuse those whom don't wish to admit she got a taste of all that garbage she love's to dish out without consequences!

  • How soon will Don, Jr. and his siblings be receiving their court-ordered "charitable foundation training" now that they and their dad have been nailed for running another scam?

  • Rochelle – Joy Behar actually SAID she was dressed as a "Beautiful African woman."
    If you read thru the tweets like you said you did, then you must have seen the clips of her saying that, which were posted my many, many people.

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