Donald Trump Goes After “Fake News”, Praises Fox News As Trustworthy – The Ring Of Fire

Donald Trump Goes After “Fake News”, Praises Fox News As Trustworthy – The Ring Of Fire

Once again, Donald Trump is back on his fake
news crusade, attacking outlets like the New York Times and CNN as fake news. On Thursday morning he got on Twitter, no
particular reason, but just started going after the fake news, said, “Oh, my God. It’s getting worse. It’s never been this bad. Oh, and by the way, congratulations @foxandfriends
for your recent high ratings. Highest rated show on cable television. Congrats, guys.” In Donald Trump’s little Twitter tirade against
fake news, he took a moment to congratulate Fox News. Now, I understand that if Donald Trump actually
watches Fox News he probably is not getting all the information about some of the horrible
things currently happening to that network. Yeah, the ratings on Fox & Friends might be
up, but … probably because people want to tune in and see this train wreck of a dumpster
fire that has become the Fox News network. They just lost their second president in a
year. They lost the guy that’s been on the network
longer than anyone else because of sexual harassment claims. Now, Sean Hannity, also facing sexual harassment
allegations, says that the network may not survive, but yeah, go ahead and call CNN and
the New York Times fake news. Now, I’m not any happier than anyone else
about the New York Times hiring a climate change denier as part of their regular writing
staff. I think that’s one of the dumbest decisions
you could make. I’m not happy with the way CNN sensationalizes
every plane wreck or train wreck or car wreck that comes into this country, but I do understand
that at the same time these networks do occasionally, these outlets do occasionally put out decent
newsworthy items. They are not fake. Fox News on the other hand literally makes
things up. That is fake, so for our sitting president
to be out there doing this Twitter promo for Fox & Friends is disgusting, but he understands
you also have to repay the people who put you into power, and that is the Fox & Friends
because no other show was stupid enough to constantly let Donald Trump come on or call
in and give his insane rantings on what’s happening in the world. The Fox News audience are the ones who put
him in office, and if Fox News goes away, he understands that he loses a very powerful
voice, a very powerful ally, and potentially the presidency in 2020. By those standards, I think we all need to
start praying, whether your religious or not, that Fox News does finally shut down because
as long as they’re around they’re going to continue spouting these Republican talking
points, this fake news that’s going to dupe millions more of American citizens into voting
for Republicans who do not have their best interest at heart. They’re going to tell them they do, but at
the end of the day, Fox News has done some very serious damage to the United States by
doing nothing more than spreading their own conservative brand of fake news.


100 thoughts on “Donald Trump Goes After “Fake News”, Praises Fox News As Trustworthy – The Ring Of Fire”


  • It's the dementia setting in. he forgot he already banged on about fake news. Poor wee soul, are there no care homes in America fit to take him to bingo twice a week and set him up with some quality pureed chocolate cake especially imported from mar a lago before it goes under water?

  • SYNAPSE 2020 says:

    Fox already has its share of the swamp lately. I'm betting that the back room wishes Trump would STFU for a while.

  • Charles Marty Morgan says:

    Morning Joe on MSNBC had Trump on constantly during the election. Rachel Maddow is now a full on tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist with regard to Russia while still the intelligence community has offered no evidence whatsoever to support the claim that Russia rigged the election. FOX is not the only fake news outlet and CNN/MSNBC were 24/7 Trump during the election, including airing full Trump rallies multiple times, they are all complicit.

  • I know it's an absurd request, but you are loosing your shit over something you can't change. You are not illuminating, but simply ranting. I respect your view, but get back to issues. Please address the absurd ignorance from an issues based perspective. All our alternative news sources are going ape shit just like you. It's destabilizing.

  • I'm a liberal who thinks the crazies are on the left right now but the facts are the facts

    All I know is 28 laws in acted
    25 executive orders
    a very nice Supreme Court justice cut the TPP
    cutting business regulations
    border crossings down 40%
    over 2500 pedophiles arrested

    After that I would need to do a little more research on compared to other presidents

  • Learned Hand says:

    How can anyone who regularly quotes Brietbart have any standing in claiming this or that is "fake news?"

  • The idea that TV ratings indicate trustworthiness is absurd. What is the top rated show of all? Is it "trustworthy"?

  • I'm from the UK and it's obvious to us that the only fake news is the bullshit Trump spews to discredit the REAL news..Wake up America..You have to get rid of the orange buffoon..You are the joke of the world thanks to the orange clown and his retarded supporters

  • Tune in fox new reality tv show " trumps go to white house except on weekends, they golf, vacation, and plot to rape americans "

  • Aidan Clarke says:

    Every French knows that Fox News is the lowest level of journalism. In fact, their level is so low that no one here call that "journalism". Just see the "no-go zones in Paris" last year.

  • Jesse Torres says:

    I would rather watch the "fake news" at CNN or the "liberal media" at MSNBC over the sexism or racism from FOX News shows that blindly worship President Trump any day. That said, since President Trump was elected, late night talk shows have become more political (look at Jimmy Kimmel), and some CNN/MSNBC commentators are adding more comedy into their reporting (Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes are examples). Trump is merging those lines all while FOX News/Conservative News looses credibility/falls apart ratings wise despite that being the only news President Trump doesn't call fake.

  • One of the things that's just as bad as fake News, is no news on very important subjects or things happening here in the US. Example, CHEMTRAILS

  • Latest big news about Donald Trump. He just signed an executive order allowing the priest to talk about political things from the pulpit. Wow, I'm impressed, that's really going to change my life now. Now I can go home and sleep like a baby. The real agenda here is that the priest could help promote the one word order just like the pope wants.

  • ScriptingJunk says:

    search at the 1933 prophecy about "the woman in purple", the prophecy about womens right to vote, selfdriving cars, the woman in purple and the end of america, after you did it, read this!

  • ScriptingJunk says:

    because they are fake news. go fuck yourself with no particular reason. i see the reason whenever i search for donald trump at google but find all the real information at facebook and youtube!

  • Mat Broomfield says:

    Oh come on Farron, what was the Washington post if not fake news? They have all distorted, or given a one sided view of reality. They are ALL guilty to some degree.

  • El Pinche Margaro says:

    I'm from Mexico and I just wanna say.
    Mexico is a violent circus full of corrupt leaders and USA Is a funny circus full of …Well,You can figure that out yourself.

  • This channel is just another left wing cuck

    disliked #MAGA




  • Gargamel Smurff says:

    because he's a simple moron that's in charge because he's a man child because he has no clue about most anything going on around him

  • Dawn Bringer says:

  • Fox "news" people live in this bubble saying they are the only becon of light and everyone else is warped or fake.Sad that small minded people follow such tripe not knowing they are being used.

  • Every time Donald Trump says Fake News is because he is trying his hardest to get the American Public on real NEWS! Donald Trump is all fake, & really just watch all the true reality come to life. Just watch.

  • CNN and mslsd as well as this channel have been peddling fake news for years… that's why you're ratings suck…

  • Be careful what you wish for, Fox News shuts down and you can rest assured 5 new fox news that are even further to the right will pop up to replace it

  • Donald J. Trump says:

    So you have … 98% of people in the comments who sound like they know what they're doing…

    And then you have me

  • You're right! I often watch Fox News and so are my friends, just to comprehend why so many people around us are raving lunatics. I guess that's why their ratings are up!

  • TRUMPS SO OLD IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE! Ugh. I'm truly sick of hearing about our sick in the head illegitimate president! The man needs to be locked up in a padded room WITHOUT a cell phone or mirror PERMANENTLY.

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  • Sharon Taylor says:

    FAKE NEWS . … it gets funnier every time I hear. HE needs to go after CBS for protecting pedophiles

  • 1) media: Trump is a russian puppet (narrative dropped after trump bombed syrian airbase, a key russia ally)
    2) media: trump didnt pay tax (narrative dropped after Rachel Maddow hillariously "exposed" that trump paid more taxes than obama, bernie and NBC)
    3) media: Trump went to russia and got a golden shower from prostitutes (oh come on buzzfeed…)
    4) media: Hillary has 98% of winning the election (do I need to say more?)

    And most of these mainstream medias have the guts to complain?

  • Trump is a fake human. A fake human fakes everything while claiming that everything real is fake. Get it, yet?

  • tony bennett says:

    Fox, notoriously had an "expert" telling us that the centre of Birmingham, the UK's second largest city was a no-go area for non-Muslims, which brought a flurry of incredulous comments from Brummies that told him he was off his rocker. He had to recant and apologise, saying that he got it from a source who was "usually reliable". Sure.

  • yahyah taza-daq hayah says:

    dictators new world order illuminati world control complete control one religion corruption destrution turmoil rampant violence on the world coming from police state we are in the last days believe it death is coming fake news is real news its so much confusion and wickedness history is white washed lies lies lies lies lies lies lies devil devil devil devil adversary adversary adversary adversary the most high and his son and the angels is coming prepare your self the earth and the heavens is going to shake you cant undo what the most high has prophesied all you demons and white washer get ready to shit your pants and your bowels are going to drop you are going to be dung on the earth lol america is wicked and sick

  • Carson Fijal says:

    Might I mention that this video's thumbnail at full screen is nightmarish?
    Don't believe me?

  • "I'm not touching Medicare or Social Security." Fake News! "Everyone will be covered." Fake News! "I will be too busy working to leave The White House." Fake News! "I won't have time to play golf." Fake News! "Mexico will pay for the Wall." Fake News! "Obama wiretap(p)ed me." Fake News!

  • Don't forget "Morning Joe". They let him call on any time he wanted and praised him like a toddler that finally pooped like a big boy.

  • bigraviolees says:

    Fox and fiends. IN a just world the entire Trump cabinet and GOP and fox news would all be in prison. When Hannity says fox news wont survive its bullshit to scare his base, like everything else there it isn't real

  • Monster Monster says:

    this guy doesn't know what he's talking about CNN interview their own cameraman and pretend like they didn't know he was there's thousands and thousands of evidence showing that CNN New York Times Washington Post and all the news outlets are all fake

  • Monster Monster says:

    this guy is complete idiot Donald Trump supporters don't watch Fox News .. trump supports watch Independent not the mainstream Media news

  • Fox news (saying that makes me either laugh or throw up) and Trump are a perfect match. They thrive on lies and praying upon the misguided Fox watchers and Trump's deaf/blind drones. They both should be eliminated by any means that is required.

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