Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on German television (with english subtitles)

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on German television (with english subtitles)

Do you remember 70 years ago,
at the Nuremberg Trials? All nations sat down and said: “All peoples on earth have to obey the law
to prevent wars in the future.” Yes The chief United States prosecutor Robert H. Jackson said quote: “Reoccurring wars are inevitable
with international lawlessness. We can only put an end to tyranny
if we hold everyman responsible before the law.” “The hearing proceeds!” So, what are we doing now? Well, what we always do. Keep going! Dear colleague, The show must go on! Are you ready? No, no, no, no! Public international law is not negotiable,
dear colleague! Oh stop it! Your client the USA acts the big shot as world-police,
but doesn’t stick to the rules themselves. A policeman chasing a bank robber
must not abide by the speed limit. Really? Even if he runs over
12.000 people by doing so? Oh you… Where is the judge by the way? His wife called.
Ok I am going to prove that USAs stance on
public international law will not change in the future. How do you want to prove that? I call to the stand: The future President of the
United States of America Silence! I raise an objection! It is not clear
that my client is going to be president. Oh, you mean that? Well, in this case we also call the other one! Donald Trump!
Objection! We don’t even have enough impersonators for that. And you’re the only one believing so. Silence! Silence! Silence! This is a courtroom
and not a circus! My god, now the horror clowns
are in Germany too. For the transcript: Your name is? Hillary Clinton née Rodham Née war monger would be more appropriate,
wouldn’t it? How about Libya, Irak, Syria to name a few. Objection! If the opposing party insinuates,
that my client didn’t shy away from enforcing peace at gunpoint
in case of need, then it is absolutely right. Because my client is a realpolitician.
Oh really? Then one must be allowed to ask the question,
in which reality she lives in. Your point being? Mrs. Clinton, you advocated
military interventions several times. May I ask you if you have experience
with combat operations yourself? Oh yes, I was at the front myself,
in Bosnia. I remember that quite clear,
it was in 1996. I was First Lady, got off the plane,
and had to run for my life under sniper fire. We all would like to have
witnessed your bravery, ma’am. No problem, I have brought the TV-reports
of your visit to Bosnia with me. Those were the cutest marksmen I ever saw. I object!
Just a moment. The story that my client told us today
might not be true, but it is true that she told this story.
Exhibit “F”. That’s what I say all the time. That bitch is a damn liar. Hold on!
And that says a notorious liar. Do you know what that means? That means my client tells the truth. Quod erat demonstrandum Oh sweet!
Very good. That indeed sounds excellent in french. Your client, without any reason whatsoever,
ordered the war against Yugoslavia in 1999. My client was only First Lady back then. I never carried on with a First Lady! Therefore, I have to become
the president of America. So, what did you… What did you have to do with the attack? I was on an official journey in Africa,
and I called my husband and said: “Monica, please hand Bill to me.” “Bill you have to bomb Yugoslavia now!” Yes, but she only said that, because there were massive
ethical mopping-up operations in Kosovo previously. But later there were massive doubts that these
ethical mopping-up operations even happened. That is irrelevant. Much more important is,
that prior to this, they were to be without a doubt. Otherwise we would not have attacked. Just like in Irak back then. They also had weapons of mass-destruction
before the attack, without a doubt. Otherwise, I would have never
approved this war as a senator. Yes, but great politicians are willing
to admit their mistakes. It was wrong to attack Irak in 2003. What did you learn from this mistake? It was right to attack Libya in 2011. I’d like to add that Barack Obama publicly announced
that the war in Libya was HIS greatest mistake. I object, your honor! Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State in this cabinet,
and pushed this war against president Obamas will. An assistant in your department wrote in an email, that
having turned Obama in this question was a big victory. Oh really?
I’m wondering why we don’t speak about his attacks! Now listen up.
I personally have never attacked Libya. Samantha, Jessica, Mindy… With the air force? With the tongue. Did you even have an UN mandate. Not at all, but a great desire! Of course there was an UN mandate
to stop Gaddafis troops from massacring civilians. But there was no UN mandate to dispossess Gaddafi. That was a kind of collateral benefit. Come on, afterwards there were great doubts,
if there were massive violations of human rights
through Gaddafis troops, at all. That is irrelevant. Much more important is,
that prior to this, they were to be. Besides, we stopped the killing.
Yes. Are you joking? 90% of the Libyan war victims
died during and after the NATO mission. You created chaos in Libya. That is irrelevant. Much more important is… What does Donald Trump? I’ve got a plan! Yes… Mrs Clinton,
do you have a similar plan for Syria? Yes, my client publicly advocates
the establishment of a No-fly-zone. To protect the civilians. That sounds very reasonable. No, it doesn’t. In order to establish a No-fly-zone,
you’d have to attack the syrian air raid defenses, which are often located
in densely populated areas. This would kill many Syrians. Who says so?
Yes. Well, who says so? Who could possibly say something like this, right?
Who? Who? Who? I can tell you,
who could say something like this! Hillary Rodham Clinton!
In a speech, delivered to Goldman Sachs. Exhibit “G”. I need to advise briefly with my client. Objection! Now I’m curious. My client received $225.000 for this speech,
so she was clearly bought off. And that speech was secret also. That means you’re only telling the truth in secret,
and for the payment of $225.000? Yes. If we now had $225.000, right? 😉 Listen, that’s no problem at all! We’ve got it! I object, your honor! No, I want to see this!
Me too! One moment, this is a public court
and not secret at all! Just a second, we can fix this really quick. Alright Mrs. Clinton,
now whisper me your secrets. What?
He is going to be the next Federal President? Ouch! You stupid thing! That’s what I payed you $225.000 for. Your honor, high court, thereby it is certain, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton attacked 4 countries,
before she became president. High Court, hereby it is certain, before he became president,
Donald Trump has attacked 11 women, 12 women! And dear jury, if I had the choice between
a candidate who attacks other countries and a candidate who attacks WOMEN,
then I’d know who to choose. Alright ladies and gentlemen,
now it is up to you to deliver a judgement. Please don’t be misled by sympathy or antipathy,
against one or the other war party. Judge only from what you yourself
consider to be right and write us or twitter under the hashtag:
#vigilantejustice Translation & Subtitles: Daniel Becker


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