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  • I think what a lot of people are missing here is that trump condones strong-arm tactics against protesters, and wants to use those same tactics, here. That's why he's lukewarm on how Hong Kong should handle them. Secretly, he wants to say – 'mow them all down, jail them, deport them, shoot them, get rid of them any way you have to…', but – he's at least smart enough to know that wouldn't go over very well, here.

  • The republican party is dead, all their careers are over. Anyone who is working in this administration who thinks they have a career after this and are making plans is deluding themselves. They cannot be rehabilitated. Republicans will be irrelevant after 2020, for generations. Start over conservatives.

  • Umbrellas from a guy who has publicly failed to figure out how to close one.  And Obama did not get the book contract until out of office.

  • Lets not be deflected from THE CHILREN…He respects the QUALITY OF LIFE of HIMself and his family ….no old people NO NOTHING..NO BODY …Hes King of the World….I GUESS

  • Kathie Henderson says:

    These workers were forced by Shell to attend or would not get paid. They did get overtime pay.
    Their union bows down to the big dogs. Why can’t you report this, Nicole???

  • It is coming true, Trump is not only a danger to the United States but to the stability of the free world. The United States sphere of influence is disappearing rapidly and I do hope the damage done by this man can be repaired, I am at the moment starting to lose hope unless change can be made soon.

  • William Helfrich says:

    The rich have traded national credibility for personal gain,like Wilbur Ross and his money laundering Cyprus bank and his steel stocks and his LNG shipping co with putins son in law,not to even mention the deals that kushner and trump org have been given for a seat at the table making trade and foreign policy for cash deals

  • Obama lives in his head rent free. A black man making that much money really bothers him. I'm sure the Obamas have more money than him and less debt.

  • Roberto Curiel says:

    Donald Trump want to destroy the United States and all the f**** people support him they not f**** American they going to be a guilty why people don't see that what Congress don't take oh wait for office before damage United States more

  • William Thornton says:

    There is a commie in the white house. Would have made a great movie title in the 60's, who knew it would ever be a fact.

  • Nicholas Batshon says:

    Scary stuff going on when are we gonna wake from this bad dream or we all asleep and the monster gonna win and get us all WTF IMPEACHMENT AND JAILED FOR THE MONSTERS

  • William Thornton says:

    The President of the United States is no longer the most powerful leader in the world. We have lost that standing in the world.


  • I think Donald forgot to mention that he’s made 1 million dollars in royalties every year since 1989 from his book “the art of the deal” Wow! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  • It's easy to understand how this all started…..American's are over entertained and under educated. They elected a TV clown to lead the country and you get what? "America's Waning Global Influence". Thanx to the money grubbing media for providing the entertainment.

  • Trump is the 500 # Gorilla on the couch Putin just keeps playing him an cant believe how easy he is pee on trump an he will do anything !

  • Murray Bradbury says:

    As a Canadian,I think we should offer to buy Alaska- after all it like Greenland, is not connected to the United States.I wonder what the going price is for a slightly used state.

  • What do you mean, "disengagement"? I'm sure Trump's engagement in his trade war with China caused much of this turmoil. It is best when Trump does nothing but play golf, because he breaks everything he touches. Apparently he was like that as a young child. He is a destroyer, so don't encourage him to do anything, because everything he does is done backwards as humanly possible. The world does not want any of Trump's American influence.

  • America have put a person in the White House that have a severe level of Learning Disabilities. The republicans have created a Frankenstein and they cannot control is stupidity for sure. This is a total embarrassment to have a as President that have no clue of anything on the world stage. He have the mental capacity of a spoiled 4 year old child. Who just constantly have a tantrum when he feels he is being verbally corrected and scolded.

  • I just start to think that it’s a good thing he didn’t get into the military, because they would have seen him to be medically and mentally unstable person who wouldn’t be able to follow basic instructions. He would have been evaluated as phycological case. Am not making this point to be disrespectful to the Presidential office, am just stating the obvious fact. This country is supposed to be leading the world, we should have the best and smartest as President, instead we have a social media follower and Twitter warrior.

  • clean blacc sneakas says:

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👮😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂lock him up and#impeachthisfool

  • It's absolutely correct that Trump makes the US a laughing-stock. How he can be allowed to continue is beyond me. No statesmanship exists in the US any more. No morality or humanity exists in that country in government. Trump is a giant walking joke, who would be the last person you'd ever invite to a party at your place, let alone vote for him to run anything.

  • Gregor Stockebrand says:

    This is exactly what Putin and/or Xi wanted from a Trump administration and republican Party. The Land of the brave… what a laugh!

  • ''PEOPLE NEVER CHANGE only die'' .in L.A there are only 2 gangs the lapd & the ones we make 2 keep us alive
    a black man might take a dollar or stab a man 4 protection?a brown man might rob a store or shoot a man 2 feed his FAMILY – BUT WHO WANT's & HAS TRYDE 2 BLOW THE WORLD – UP & is always trying to TAKE IT ALL because "their dog told them" I wonder why white people cant have babies with each other ? PEOPLE can be reborn !!!

  • claire bigelow says:

    thats because everyone else has figured out what a colossal LOSER Trump is …even his dictator buddies that he is SO in love with are laughing at him behind his back

  • Trump should charge Obama rent for the the large space Obama occupies in his demented brain. Trump was silent when Criminal Rick Scott now in FL senate got a $550,000,000(million) single transaction pay out as gov

  • tRUMP is the proverbial Bull in the China shop, and the Republicans are okay with that? This guy is going to hurt the US and global security beyond belief.

  • The US put enough pressure on China to not go into Taiwan, declaring that Taiwan was a Democracy and the US would protect Democracy, where is the US on Hong Kong?
    Hong Kong was a Democratic society for a hundred years, will the US protect them?

  • All those yellow jackets behind him were forced to stand there. Otherwise getting fired from their jobs. A true dictator at work. Just look at their faces… Most of them do not want to be there…

  • Jeremiah Fitzwinkle says:

    hard truth is that words/positions/denouncements from a potus wont make a bit of difference. china will do what theyre gonna do

  • Union employees told they wouldn't get paid if they didnt attend this Trump rally . What dose that tell you ? Americans being forced to like Trump ! Corporate America won't be in the voting booth with Voters. Its getting more like a dictatorship everyday.

  • Man! Scary situation that the America AND THE WORLD now finds itself in, that to Donald Trump! My goodness! I'm genuinely horrified by this lunatics incapability!

  • If one more person says that someone who is smart, informed &/or reasonable is working “behind the scenes” to get Trump to say, do &/or be smart, informed &/or reasonable. I’m going to scream! Trump is not now, he is never been and will never be smart, informed &/or reasonable. The sycophants, reality TV stars & his cabinet are just there to feed his ego & say “yes sir Mr. President!”

  • The problem with Trump is that he views America as 'just another business' and is trying to run it as such. In a giant Corporate Business its the CEO who is the Captain of the Ship of State. Well a country is NOT a 'company' and I don't think he truly understands that fact.

  • The US president was the leader of the free world. Now the free world is having to learn quickly what to do when its leader is an imbecile.

  • Warning to China abt their own territory ? Look at these disgusting empire promoter crying “national security” abt chinas internal affair . MSNBC is like the military’s mouth piece .

  • America's influence isn't waning, it's changing : the more trump does, the more I'm influenced to wish the US ends in flames.

  • As an outsider, I’m from the Netherlands I asked myself why the US is supporting a political system with so much power for one elected man without any political experience with no clear cohehent strategy, vision on democratic values

  • Trump manage ur country ok?!!! Not Hongkong. Manage ur bad economy ok…shame on u… always playing dirty in asia pacific..

  • What does this demented lunatic have over all these people in these high places he is mentally challenged and a full narcissistic sociopath use your 25th Amendment before he kills us all what is wrong with you America ? You are not the only country in the world or have you forgotten ?

  • I promise, that trump will refuse to debate whoever the democratic nominee is, and people will act surprised. When he loses it's going to be interesting he's got about 40% of white people behind him, another possible civil war maybe???

  • Why is anyone surprised by Pompeo doing nothing? When confronted with the melting of the Arctic, the guy was excited about the opportunity to drill more oil. He is evil and ruled by greed.

  • I am not so sure that America is all about democracy and freedom for people outside America. Saudi Arabia is America's good ally. So is Israel. So were the dictatorships of South Korea and Taiwan. Money beats everything. "Chaos is a ladder". When you say one thing and do another, you have to look at what you do, not what you say, to divine real intentions.

  • Veronica Stewart says:

    Emoluments, you know the word? Nobody ever heard of it before. What Rump was saying is, "I have no clue how emoluments are relevant to my presidency…or even what they are," STILL ignorant with a little over a year left. God. #VoteBlue2020

  • D Trump says that no one has heard of the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution to his base of morons. Everyone whoever took a civics class in high school has heard of the Emoluments Clause. D Trump is a danger to himself and others due to mental illlness. Impeach and replace.

  • The California Constitution Article 2 Section 4 provides that voters who are mentally incompetent are disqualified from voting, and that includes all federal elections. D Trump's moron base should be disqualified from voting wherever they are registered to vote because they are all mentally incompetent.

  • No one in the world believes the City on the Hill/beacon of democracy propaganda b/s anymore. America only acts in its own self-interest. If HK's status as one of the leading financial centers is destroyed China is hurt more than America and in Trump's world view that is a good thing.

  • LarryD-Forevah Di giovanni says:

    Good opportunity for China to gain control of Taiwan – take what is theirs. Let the Orange one stand silent and talk crowd sizes.

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