23 thoughts on “Don Lemon: What Trump said on Fox News is stunning”

  • Big fucking deal. What's treasonous and full of lies is Hillary Clinton and the democrats using a fake dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton and the democrats to try and bring down president Donald Trump. What part of that are you lefties missing?
    The democrats have absolutely nothing.

  • Don lemon you disgust me. I would slap the shit out of you for dividing the county with your radical opinions.
    Just report the news and quit disrespecting yourself because it's obvious you are bias.
    You are a racist and a fake ass brother.

  • "6 federal courts upholding" the WH Mafia Nazi sex pervert has the Senate backing him up, they keep him calm for their own benefit.

  • Angel M. Rivera Jr. says:

    And don't get me started on illegal immigration, POTUS Trump was brilliant with the tariffs, now Mexico is helping with immigration, and the 3rd country rule, where they have to register in the 1st country they come through, for asylum. When the Democrats went to the border, called it inhumane, but refused to pass a relief bill. Ilhan Omar hates Israel, The squad why aren't there any whites in the squad (racism?) Hate, hate, hate, that's all the Democrats are pushing.

  • Evan Degenfelder says:

    Sarah Sanders learned this technique–BALD FACE LYING–from her boss. It's called gaslighting. Telling lies over and over and over again, thinking that people will eventually believe it. Unfortunately, as shown by his base, it usually works for them. They count on people just listening to their BS and never question it. Dear god, I wish this was over. I hope I live long enough to see our country pull itself out of this mess.

  • Charles Austin says: heard it hear first. If you're in this comment section, and I'm speaking to those who voted for trump, well, you know who you are. I'm seriously considering the possibility that they voted for Trump because he's a white man. And they couldn't give two shits whether he's a liar or not. If he's a misogynist or not, if he's a racist or not. So long as he's white, and not a woman.

  • Trump said the truth, The Mueller report was about Treason, Corruption, and high crimes and misdemeanor, and America Should not have a President guilty of all these crimes. #IMPEACHTHEPEACH

  • Don Lemon, your words are shit! We have the black and white proof!. How can you be such a blatant liar! Your soul is lost son, you better wake up and smell the coffee.

  • What Don lemon speaks that's scary period Clinton news Network totally biased totally racist against white America.

  • LOL! #FakePOTUS #cheatPOTUS #KGBGroupie
    No one would have voted for him if they had a real choice! They wanted lower taxes, more jobs….there's nothing wrong with that and everything wrong with him.

  • The Dems are stuck with Pelosi who is eons behind reality of the current WH Mafia Boss to "play it by the rules"…there are no rules any longer, by waiting for the court cases to be finished, he'll already turned the US/World into a global dictatorship with Putin as Emperor

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