DOJ releases inspector general’s findings on FBI surveillance


100 thoughts on “DOJ releases inspector general’s findings on FBI surveillance”

  • Protecting each other, and there evidently are many more than we ever imagined. In the meantime the media have a lot to keep their advertisers happy with. Hmmm

  • Keith McCormick says:

    What a joke. No political bias. Just some mistakes made. These bureaucrats think the public is stupid. Sounds like the IG exceeded his brief by reaching such legal conclusions.

  • Today Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his report investigating the origins of the Russia investigation, determining that there was no "documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias or improper motivation influenced the decisions" to open probes into four Trump campaign aides and to investigate the campaign’s ties to Russia. Trump and his enablers have been promoting the narrative that the investigation was improperly opened and was a purely political play to kneecap Trump’s presidency, decrying it as a "witch hunt" and "deep state conspiracy" for almost three years now.
    Horowitz's nearly two-year-long investigation debunks Trump’s central claim that the Russia investigation was politically motivated from the start.

  • I have said it always, the IG is where the truth goes to die. Horowitz is deep state just like the people he is investigating. He is just another Obama fixer

  • low level staffers altering documents?

    if wasn't partisan – why not tell he Candidate, later The President and Boss, of concerns? Does not add up.

  • Trumpsters now in tears as their Bigfoot Hunt didn’t go well.

    Democrats charged – 0
    Team Trump charged – 6

    Trump is a joke. Even Kim Jong Un laughs at him and calls him names.

  • Jennifer Jensen says:

    It's no wonder now why Comey and all the rest, seemed to care less about all of this. Up until now at least, they weren't concerned with Horowitz. He had NO supina power, he couldn't talk to past FBI and DOJ employees, amongst other things. It's like he's only able to present half a story. And if he is a part of the deep state, he probably did the bare minimum. Durham is the key. Durham is who they should be afraid of..

  • IG is a Obama sleeper agent. Nothing illegal, just mistakes. Nobody guilty, maybe one or two low level FBI scapegoats. No bias against Pres Trump.
    Get rid of Horrible Horowitz.

  • It's all just spin by the MSM. The IG says there was no political bias and then goes on to list all the obvious lies and flaws that they used in order to get the FISA Warrant on Page. In other words, they looked the other way and violated the most basic rules in order to spy on Trump yet they claim it wasn't "politically motivated"? There is no other explanation for it. Just more spin for CNN and MSNBC.

  • All you goddam lefties who think this is good news. Once they’ve silenced all of us on the right, they will come for you next. Mark my words you stupid fucks. This government is looking to become full blown communist, and when that happens, WE ALL LOSE. So yuck it up now dumb fucks.

  • ?? no findings, Republicans are cry babies. Omg they didn’t find any thing like the republicans said ??‍♂️ they were trying to distract you so you could be outraged about something else. But I know. Your not sheep. Just another cover up. Even though it was republicans investigating this. They covered it up for ummmmmmmm……….??

  • These people ALL of them should be thrown in Jail because they illegally spy on a candidate and yet they cover up for each other! That’s why they spied! They knew people would cover up their crimes!

  • This was probably narrowly focused on FISA process abuses, not whether or not due diligence was done prior to the information entering the process which is where the real issue originated with the Steele dossier. I highly doubt seasoned FBI agents/lawyers would add, "…oh and it's also beacuse he's a Republican and I'm not" to a FISA application.

  • I'm no attorney but I've seen TONS of bias evidence. Every time a Lefty opens his/her/it's/that's/whatisit's/nofrickinway's/oops mouth.

  • Just like the 45 million dollar Benghazi investigations. Another nothing burger. Hannity,,Trump,Tucker, etc. get you poor dumb rubes hope up and then nothing. Normal people saw this coming for weeks. Time for you guys to start ranting about George Soros the boogie man.

  • Dennis Fetterman says:

    Did anybody really think that someone was going to be held accountable this charade has been going on for three years it will go on for five more if Trump is elected again.

  • Of course I would expect this from Horowitz essential III it may not have been political bias against Carter page but it was political bias against President Trump the American people aren't stupid perhaps we should get our own Justice

  • HOROWITZ DRAGS HIS FEET FOR TWO YEARS, then releases 500 pages saying no one did anything wrong. Just a few "clerical errors" were made. His only recommendation: perform an audit of the FISA process "so this never happens again," as Lyndsey Graham would say. What a load of BULLSCHIFF!

  • This is corruption at its finest!!!!!! Cleaning up after people so it seems like the FBI and CIA are reputable branches. Corrupt.

  • Called it.. sorry America we do better next time. Just go back to being drones and not holding anyone in Govt. Accountable. Enjoy your lattes and football ….nothing to see here ….

  • The Dems lawyer destroyed repubs defence. The repubs lawyer squimed like a pig after cornered with proof that the BS the repubs spew about no evidence, is just that, BS.

  • President Trump needs to get rid of Horwitz this guy is a joke if there was nothing there and she is claiming Durham wouldn't be seeking criminal referrals

  • Another whitewash- Horowitz is swamp and a traitor to all freedom loving Americans.  The FBI/CIA/IRS- all weaponized and must be dismantled to preserve justice in our country.

  • William D Smith says:

    It seems that the Obama administration spent most of its time stacking the judiciary and administrative positions with like-minded souls. It seems as though all of these appointees should be required to resign and be replaced with people that will put the country first rather than their comrades.

  • Funny that the report states Ivanka knew Steele even tried back in 2010 to have him "work" with foreign markets for the Trump Organization. Three years and you never heard one peep that Ivanka actually knew Steele. Could it be possible since Hillary never got the Dossier that Steele was actually being paid by Trump or the an "insurance policy" to challenge the election if the public assumed Hillary was funding it.

  • In truth we trust says:

    "And the truth shall set you free"
    Now, let´s hear all the snow-flakes on the ultra right dismiss and downplay this as biased…
    And they were SO exited….

  • Americans have put up with so much Bull for so long if there was a limit to what they would take they would have reached it long ago .

  • I say this before and i will say it again FOX lie to their viewers. The Mueller investigation wa legit you'll need to grow a pair and see the truth.

  • Da Pumbaa Weapons Hog says:

    I knew it I knew it! I said it earlier no one and I mean no one will be prosecuted for anything! No political bias? Incredibly amazingly heartbreak

  • I’m sure political bias was not part of the motivation. Corruption and the hope to keep the gravy train on the tax payers rails is probably what drives these worthless things. Make no mistake, they are THINGS. The world they are apart of is nothing like what we live. All of us need to take a cautious look at how we proceed from here on.
    Honestly who can we trust? Everything may not be as it appears!?!?!!! The purpose of this entire process beginning with Trump’s election, the resistance, Q Anon, the non stop negative media coverage pushing a left/ right paradigm and the outcome of the IG report here today where it appears that no one will be held accountable, maybe all this is just to sow unrest until this nation fractures. Remember that regardless of political perspective we are all neighbors and God wishes us to love one another and not let this illusion weigh on us. Politics is a product of the material world. We already know that satan is working against us here so we can not trust anything that is part of it. That was our greatest warning and the most forgotten aspect of faith to the ONE TRUE GOD!!! This reality is nothing more than a deceit used to entrap our eternal souls.

  • I’ll say it one last time.
    The Democrats are above the law plain and simple.
    Did anyone really think that the Republicans would see justice ?

  • Ridiculous assertions by Horrowitz! Of course there was political bias and hatred which led to a malicious plan to overturn the people's choice for president.


  • It does not matter demorats or republicans they are all swamp dwellers and have been in most cases for decades and will never let an outsider like trump ruin there corrupt immoral life style paid for by us regular people

  • I'm so angry that Horrorwitz whitewashed the actions of the treasonous bureaucrats.
    I'm also really angry that I have been waiting so long for this report and now this moron says " no bias".
    What a liar.

  • Kathlyn Lapointe says:

    We already knew that this report would only cover for the FBI negligence and now we are waiting for the Durham report which will have authority to serve Justice….

  • The FBI is now null and void, they cannot have power over anything anymore, they are a sham agency and no one should ever take them seriously again

  • How convenient for our corrupt government to find so many clerical errors, omissions, and innocence among the deep state trash.

    Down South, we call this "putting the coyote in charge of the chicken coop."

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