Does this missing child even exist? – Reported Missing – BBC

Does this missing child even exist? – Reported Missing – BBC

Tyler’s father John has been involved in an access battle ever since his former partner Tracey stopped allowing him to see his son
two years ago. PC’s are dispatched to Tracey’s last known
address. We’re looking for any evidence the child exists at that address. So clothes, drawings, pictures, toys that sort of stuff. There’s nothing here. Dad hasn’t seen his son for two years. nobody’s seen the child so that is the focus of the investigation. The threat is that there’s some harm come
to the child. We need to see him. We need to see that child safe and well. So, you went to her place of work? She comes down in the lift, a bit nervous
looking. I just put that down to the fact that she
was told the police were waiting for her in the foyer. Spoke to her, she has no knowledge at all
about Tyler or this ex-husband or ex-parter. No knowledge whatsoever. She claims that she’s not that person. I had the incident on my tablet and I show
her bits of what’s reported and she just totally denies everything and says “that’s not me”. Then, we come to the conclusion together that
we’ve got the wrong person. So she’s denied even knowing- She said she didn’t know anything about Tyler. She’s never heard of a Tyler and she doesn’t know anything about the names that I read off the job. Despite her denial, a search of records reveals
court custody documents relating to a Tracey Hardy on Byron Street. He’s sent us this hasn’t he? That was when I spoke to him on the phone,
he sent that picture. Tracey’s there on this photograph and he’s
lying on the floor with Tyler on his back. They all look happy. They’re all together in one place. Her story is: I don’t know who you’re talking
about, sorry. That’s the most bizzarre thing anybody could
ever say. That’s whats standing out to me. I’ve been in the police now for 17 years and
I’ve never known a mother of a child say “I haven’t got a child”. Tracey’s come to Macclesfield police station. She’s agreed to give a voluntary interview to detectives. What’s she saying then? Is she absolutely adamant? Yes. She’s still adamant that… There’s no child, there’s never been a child. He’s mad and he’s making it all up. Yeah. Right. I folded the picture in half and showed it
to her and said can you confirm thats you? Yes Right, who’s that? That’s John my ex-partner. You agree that that’s your ex-partner. Where are you? That’s at his sisters address. Ok, now explain who’s that. What did she say? Can’t remember. I was drinking a lot at the time. It could have been one of his relatives. She said the relationship would have ended
about 2012. He ended the relationship by text message. The had some contact a few weeks afterwards,
mainly abusive between the two of them. Yeah. She said he then would be sat outside her
address in his car. Didn’t approach her, didn’t speak to her. She just said it was weird and in her words
“Just more of his weird behaviour” and then after a couple of months it just stopped. So the child was born in 2012, but since then
there is absolutely nothing in relation to a young child that’s there. We’ve never met the child have we? No. Nobody has by the sounds of it. What does that lead you to believe then? That there’s no child.


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