Doctor Who | Series One | Episode Three: Inside the Television

Doctor Who | Series One | Episode Three: Inside the Television

DOCTOR: I will need some friends if I’m to track Xavier down. -Will it be dangerous?
-Very! John Smith is an alias of a man called “The Doctor”. He’s wanted for murder. EDDIE: It says you’re connected to him. That you killed someone. Don’t believe everything you’ve read! The first place I’ve tracked Xavier down is the Deltalands. The Angels had something stolen from them:
The Sceptre of the First. -Why would I help you retrieve it?
-The Angels have knowledge to use it’s power, but not to abuse it. Imagine if it was in the hands of someone who could. Xavier? He was here? -(CLICKS FINGERS)
-The Doctor has spoken! (CLICKS FINGERS) -How long will this take again?
-Quite a while, I’m afraid. -(EDDIE SIGHS)
-Look, The Archive is massive Eddie. It contains information of every known living thing.
Past, present and future. Facial recognition will expose who the man from my dreams is. I have to do this Eddie. Xavier destroyed my old life. I’ve hardly got anything left. Us 2 fighting against the world.
We can do this, I know we can! -Well, I think I’ll go and see Jenny. See how she is.
-Good. I’ll need a bit of concentration for this. The psychic paper only retains as much detail as I put in. -Okay. See you later Doctor!
-Goodbye. Oh wait! Before you go, have this! I think I can trust you now. I’ll go for a wonder whilst this thing is running. -Oh cheers, Doctor!
-(DOCTOR THINKS) Nah! (PICTURE OF MYSTERIOUS MAN APPEARS) Hm. The wonders of technology. (SCANNING IN) DOCTOR: And, we are in! -DAD: What time does Transformers start?
-BOY: Not for another 5 minutes. Alright. Do you want a drink before it starts? Something healthy mind, you know what Nan would say. -Coke?
-(PRETEND CROSS) Tom! -Alright. Orange juice then.
-Okay. One orange juice coming up! There you are… Tom? Tom? Tom?
(DROPS GLASSES) (DOCTOR WHO THEME) (LOOKING THROUGH NEWSPAPER) Boring. Boring. Boring, it was the Queen, she’s a were-wolf. Boring. Ah, interesting… (ON RADIO) …on the latest piece of information, about the child abductions -that have taken place in Dorchmeet.
-Excuse me, could you turn the volume up please? WAITRESS: Of course!
-(ON RADIO) News has just come in -that another child abduction has…
-No, no. Right up! …13-year-old Tom Reilly. Taken at approximately 1:58 this Saturday afternoon at his family home. We’ll update you with more news on this story as things progress. However, if you see or hear anything, call the hotline on 05554 281128. Oh dear. That’s terrible. Poor old Harold Reilly.
Both Mum and kid now. -Excuse me. Do you know where the Reilly’s live?
-Er…Yes, it’s just down the road. 3 Kings End. Why? -(SHOWS CREDENTIALS) I’m with the Police.
-Oh. Okay. And… one last thing. Could you direct me to where the Rodgers’ live? Er… Yes, you take a left at the end of King’s End, on Barrowman Lane. Either 4 or 6. I forget which. (WRITING DOWN) Okay. Wonderful. Thank you! -So tell me. How are you? How’s the nut-job?
-(LAUGHS) The nut-job is fine. So, I see you’re starting to believe in all this time-travel nonsense then? After you sent me a postcard from the 1950s, I sort of had to believe him. -So, how are you?
-I’m okay. Not doing anything as exciting as you are. -and missing you.
-I’m missing you too. -But there’s something I need to say.
-Okay? I need you to leave Dorchmeet for a while.
A week or 2. -What and Why?
-It won’t be safe here. -Just don’t ask me how I know, just believe me!
-I’m not sure I know what you’re saying, Eddie. Xavier and the Doctor are on a collision course.
And when that happens, I don’t want you around. -Please Jenny. For me?
-For you. (SHAKE HANDS) Ah Eddie. How is she? Thought I’d best not come in. She wasn’t my biggest fan last time. She’s good. She’s going on holiday for a bit. Somewhere sunny. Hm. Sounds nice. I found us an investigation. Disappearing children, 5 incidents in Dorchmeet in the last month, a 9% rise nationwide this year. All of them taken at day, no signs of forced entry,
no trace, no bags packed, no goodbyes. Nothing! -Sounds like aliens.
-Yeah, it does, doesn’t it? I’m glad you think the same way as me Parker.
The last incident was just this afternoon. -And the address is… just down the road.
-Let’s get going then. Eddie. Oh my god! How are you? I thought you’d gone travelling. -Hi Mr. Reilly. I had but I’m back now.
-You 2 know each other then? -It’s a small town Doctor.
-Ah. Harold, this is er… Dr. John Smith.
Dr John Smith, this is Harold Reilly. -Nice to meet you.
-Could we come in, please? This is official business. Yes, yes, of course. Come in! -Please sit, let me take your things.
-Course. (HANDS OVER COAT) Here you are. I assume this is about Tom. Edward, please get him back for me, please, he’s my only son. Your replacement at the police station, Georgina, she’s useless. But you, you can help me get him back…right? Harold, Dr. Smith here is an expert in this kind of thing. He’s here to help. Oh good, somebody who finally knows what they’re talking about. Now listen Harold, can you remember what your son was doing at the moment he was precisely taken? Well, I just left the room to get some orange juice, and he was watching television. Just flicking through the channels. -Watching the television?
-Yes. -You mean, this television?
-Yes. Hmm. (BUZZING) -What…
-(EDDIE PUTS FINGER ON LIPS) Uh. Well the television is fine. But I’ve found traces of electrolyte dust on the floor. -So, it’s definitely aliens.
-Aliens? Yes Harold. Aliens. But aliens are the type of thing you only hear about on TV, and you think it’s a hoax. Until it happens to you. Harold. What channel was the TV on when your son vanished? Let’s see. (STRANGE NOISE) -What is it? Some kind of signal?
-Of some kind, yeah. -Is it dangerous?
-No. It’s dormant. The user is choosing its victims – children. So has the ability to only activate when they want to. It’s some kind of electrical scoop. But for what purpose and where to, I don’t know. I’ll have to analyse it. (BUZZING) -Right Harold. I’m gonna need a computer.
-I’ll get my laptop. Thank you. -Here we go.
-Thank you. (TYPING) Brilliant! (BUZZING) (EDDIE SIGHS) Great! More loading. -HAROLD: How long will it take?
-Probably all night I’m afraid. HAROLD: Well if you want to leave it running. There are 2 guest bedrooms upstairs. -That would be perfect Mr Reilly.
-I’ll go and make up the beds then. -(DOOR OPENS)
-(LIGHT TURNS ON) (SHOCKED) Ah! You gave me a fright! Couldn’t sleep either, eh? Something like that. -Mind if I join you?
-DOCTOR: No, not at all. (POURS WATER) Why couldn’t you sleep? A recurring nightmare about a murderer in a white mask. You? -I’m worried about Tom.
-We’ll get him back, don’t worry. It’s been very hard for him since Becky died.
Becky was Tom’s mum. My wife. -I’m sorry for your loss. I know how it feels.
-You’re widowed? I’ve been a husband. A father, a grandfather, and now… nothing. -You’re a bit young, aren’t you?
-Hah, well looks can be deceiving. -Go on then. What’s your story?
-I find it quite a hard story to tell. Okay. I’ll go first then. Me and Becky were childhood sweethearts. Truly love at first sight, they used to say. HAROLD: When Tom was 3, she developed terminal lung cancer, and died a year later. HAROLD: Tom’s never really got over it. We were close. We used to call ourselves “The Three Musketeers”. That we could take on anything. He doesn’t say that anymore. You’ve done a good job. Raising him on your own. You should be proud. So I guess it’s my turn. Okay, it’s quite a long story to tell, so be ready. (TAKES A DEEP BREATH) I’m a Time Lord. An alien from the planet Gallifrey on the Constellation of Kasterbourous. -I’m about… 2000 years old.
-Wow… Now that’s out of the way, the story. I have always been fascinated with the human race. In Time Lord Academies, we study something called “The Human Factor”. In the 21st Century, humans are confined to one planet in one solar system. By the 51st Century, human colonies span over 80% of the known universe. That’s “The Human Factor”. So it may be natural that the woman I fall in love with, was a human. She was the best person I have ever known:
kind, loving, understanding. She was my world, and I was hers. We married, but there were complications during our first child’s birth. And she died. I was then very angry for such a very long time. I blamed the Time Lords, who could have saved her, but stood by and did nothing. I blamed them. I blamed… I blamed my best friend. I blamed my son. I blamed everyone except who I should have, which was no-one. No-one was to blame. But my son suffered none the less. I brought my son up on Earth, and he grew bitter and resentful at what was not his. He felt entitled to Time Lord supremacy, but he was really only half-Time Lord, and they would not accept him. My son was very destructive – he drank, he took drugs, and he slept around. He drove himself to destruction and in my darkest moment, I let him fall. But this was not before he had had a child in secret: a daughter. The mother Ruby, raised her daughter, Susan. But as she grew older, her Time Lord traits made her frustrated and difficult. I agreed with Ruby that I would take Susan with me, and continue her schooling, whilst showing her the world she so desperately wanted to see. But it was always Ruby’s wish that Susan should return home, and when she fell in love, I left her too. So she could get on with her life. The life that I felt she should lead. A life with a house, a family. Not my life. Now my granddaughter is gone as well. There is no-one left for me now. No-one. -I’m sorry.
-DOCTOR: Thank you. I don’t often get to tell people. What about Eddie? He would understand. He’s lost people too. Eddie’s lost someone? HAROLD: Eddie’s parents were murdered in the 2005 plastic dummy conspiracy. He was only 12, and ever since then, he’s wanted to be a police officer. -HAROLD: Uphold the law, impart justice to the guilty.
-I never knew. Sometimes people wear the deepest scars.
Not on their skin, but in their hearts. Amen. Anyway, I must try and get at least some sleep tonight. Goodnight, and thanks for the chat! Goodnight Harold. Should I go and get a cup of tea, then? Excellent. Done it! -EDDIE: Well?
-DOCTOR: Hm. Strange. -What is?
-I was right. It’s an electrical scoop that is transmitted through the television. But it goes nowhere. -What do you mean?
-They are transported to virtual space only. Like a constructed world. Their own TV show!
They go inside the television! Sorry to interrupt all this techno babble,
but can you get my son back? Yes, I think I can! Right. You 2 stand here. What are you gonna do? I’m going to send you 2 through. Try and distract whoever’s in charge, and I’ll try and hack in to the virtual network, and reverse all the electrical scoops. And that way, I can bring all the children back! -You’re sending us through?
-Yes Harold. I am. Now come on, and remember: you must distract them. Otherwise, they’ll notice me, and stop me hacking by putting up a firewall. -Okay Doctor. Send us through!
-Right. -Geronimo! (BUZZING)
What channel did you end up in? -Sorry?
-What channel! I don’t know! (WHISPERS) Harold, what channel are we in? -How should I know?
-Look around for the identifying features. -Like what?
-Like that! (POINTING) -Harry Potter. Definitely Harry Potter!
-Right! I need to find that channel! (SPIDERS APPROACH) -Doctor, you need to find that channel!
-I need more time! -NOW!
-That’s a bit better! (SUPERMAN SCREAMS IN ANGER AND THEN FLIES) -What was that?
-Superman! Doctor, we’re in a Superman movie. Right. Looks like you’re in the film section.
-Doctor, get us out of here! (BUZZING) -(SOUND OF THUNDER)
Take that Mrs. Dribble! We’re in Bodger and Badger!
It’ll be a children’s channel. Right, got you finally!
Sending you over to Channel 666 now! -(BUZZING)
-Er… Hello? -Are you in charge here?
-This is my construct, yes! I would be curious to know how exactly you entered this realm. -You have my son!
-He is just one of many, and they are all necessary! Necessary? Necessary? You’re talking about my son there. You… Harold, calm down! What are you? Finally, a sensible question. However, if I answer it, will you answer my question? -Seems fair.
-My name is Baelfor, the Electrodemon. (WHISPERS) Ask him about the Time War. -The Time War?
-Yes, I was there. At the Battle of All Enemies. I am astounded you know of such things.
Now, my question please. We reversed engineering the signal you used to transmit the electrical scoop. Ah, I see. Hm, very clever for a human, aren’t you? I want to see my son! As I’ve previously told you, your son is necessary for my cause! Necessary? Necessary for what? If I tell you, you must answer a question of mine as well. Recently, a powerful warlord who runs a secret order, stole a very powerful weapon. -Xavier!
-You are leamed in such things. This is unexpected. Anyway, Xavier has raised the stakes.
Soon, he will be unopposed in his pursuit of power. I only wish to be able to defend myself against him. But what do you need all these kids for? The Skasis Paradigm is a universal code that gives power to control matter and time. Cracking it is a great difficulty, and not only requires my technical ability, but imagination, which is commonly attributed to children. But now for my question. Are you alone? Or more specifically, who is helping you humans? No-one. I sense that you’re lying to me. In fact, I sense deception all around you. Might it be to do with the person currently trying to hack into my systems? Oh dear! -(LAPTOP EXPLODES IN SPARKS)
-(DOCTOR SCREAMS) Doctor? Doctor? Your companion will be fine. I have only disabled the interface they were using. Now, I will return you to your starting location, unharmed. What will happen to the children? Their minds will be damaged by the code breaking process. About 80% mortality rates are expected. Now, your return… Baelfor, please. Can I see my son, one last time before I go? -Very well. What is his name?
-Tom Reilly. I will find him. (TOM APPEARS) Dad! -That is long enough.
-What? -You need to return to the inner matrix.
-But what about my Dad? -You can no longer see you father anymore.
-That’s not fair. (PUNCHES BAELFOR) If you return without a fight,
I will not harm any of you! No! You’ve connected us all to your system and I can use that against you. Guys! This creature is made of greed and envy. It wants to use us for personal gain. It wants to take us away from our families. But I say no! Fight it! Fight it! -(CHILDREN SHOUT)
-(PULSATES VIOLENTLY) No. Stop this treachery. I’m the only one who can battle Xavier. Without me, you’re all doomed. (PULSATES MORE AND SCREAMS) The Three Musketeers are back. And it’s 1 for all, and all for 1. (PUNCHES BAELFOR AGAIN) (PULSATES MORE VIOLENTLY AND EXPLODES) MAN ON TV: And now, Breaking News. We’ve just received at report, that all the missing Dorchmeet children have suddenly and mysteriously, been returned to their homes. We will let you have more details on this story as soon as they emerge. (REMOTE IS PUT DOWN) -How is it Doctor?
-Still sore I’m afraid. -But we should get going.
-What? Really? Already? Without saying goodbye? I’m not a big fan of goodbyes. Now come on. -TOM: Doctor! (GOES DOWNSTAIRS)
-Hm? -Going so soon?
-Ah well. You know how it is. People to save, planets to visit. I just want to say thank you, truly! And I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. Hm. (OPENS DOOR) (CLOSES DOOR) -(SOUND OF PRINTER)
-Here they come. Let’s have a look. (TAKES PAPERS OUT) -So, what do the results say?
-Hm. (HANDS PAPERS OVER) This man is a Time Lord? Not just any old Time Lord. A Time Lord I know.
The Meddling Monk. -DOCTOR: Or commonly referred to as “The Monk”.
-What does it mean? It means Xavier’s second in command, is a Time Lord. It means Xavier is a Time Lord. It means Xavier is someone I know. -So what’s our next move then?
-Next, we find the Monk!


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