Do Trump’s Comments On Kashmir Mean Anything? | News Wire

Do Trump’s Comments On Kashmir Mean Anything? | News Wire

I think after a long time that the issue of Kashmir has been spoken off by the White House specifically by a sitting president at the same time I also consider that when he made the comment it was an off the comment off the cuff remark I don't think there was any seriousness in it I don't think it is in line with their foreign policy over their South Asia policy at all president Trump often makes off-the-cuff remarks which are unsubstantiated which have no bearing on anything at all and quite immediately after his statement about an hour after his statement one of his offices said that it is still a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan we hope that they will resolve the issue completely negating everything that Trump had actually said this in itself shows that although that the President of the United States the so-called leader of the world's democracy mentioned Kashmir wants to mediate suggested that moody intervened moody asked him to intervene and is willing to be a mediator it may not be in complete line with the policy of America at the moment so it doesn't really make a difference what he has actually said what matters is is whether India is still willing to actually regardless if there is a third party intervention if India will still negotiate or Kashmiri if they will sit and have a discussion a discourse on Kashmiri including the Kashmiri


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