Do Not Absorb Media: 15a: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Do Not Absorb Media: 15a: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

As you mentioned in the last episode That just as we give food to the body, the mind also needs to be fed. So I woke up at 4 a.m. and tried. Apart from that, I did not feel like reading the newspaper in the morning. Usually I would read from the first page to last while having 2 to 4 cups of tea. I would also react at whatever I read. Today I just didn’t feel like reading it.
Beautiful. Like we saw last time, our thoughts We want to change our thoughts. How to change them and how to always pay attention? A thought is created and I need to change it. For that we need to go one step behind thoughts. To find out what is it that influences thoughts. What is the raw material for creation of thoughts. We saw that information is the most important factor. Everything that we hear, read or see the whole day is going in Whatever quality of information gets stored inside A situation comes and triggers that information. Thoughts get created, and thereafter our personality. For the first 2 to 2.5 hours in the early morning Our absorption power is very high. Like a blotting paper it absorbs all the information. Today in newspapers For most of us the day begins with reading newspapers early in the morning and we call it natural. Majority of us read newspapers or watch news channels to begin the day. News channel has a deeper impact because it is visual. So by 6 a.m. Or 6:30 a.m, we wake up to catch up on news. So what kind of information do we fill the mind with? Violence, negativity, fear, terror This is the quality of information we fill the mind with. Thereafter, however much we try to think positive and good thoughts It becomes difficult because of the morning diet for the mind. Moreover this does not happen only once in a while. When I woke up today at 4 A.M for meditation And created beautiful thoughts during Amritvela. I did not even feel like reading the newspaper. We do not find good things to say after reading newspaper these days. So after creating good thoughts, my mind did not create a desire to read the newspaper. You meditated today and after that you did not feel like reading the newspaper. Now you make this a part of your routine. That you will not read newspaper in the morning at all. It is like a change in Lifestyle, let me make a change in diet. It is like a change in Lifestyle, let me make a change in diet. Let us decide that we will not fill the mind with newspaper or news channel for the first 2 to 3 hours in the morning No intake of negative information early in the morning. Everyone can take this decision for themselves that the more they want to keep their mind clean. The more they need to postpone reading the newspaper to later in the day. At least not during the first 2 to 3 hours. Oh yes, why not why not after lunch? Many people have brought about this change Instead of reading newspaper before leaving for office They read it after returning from office. Some people who read it while commuting to office in the morning, are doing it when returning home in the evening. Why is it a big shift? The blotting paper was cleaned in the morning. Anything that you fill gets soaked in. Towards evening that blotting paper became saturated. The first layer of the day. Is the foundation for the day. If we add anything negative to that foundation layer It starts working the whole day. If instead of putting that layer in the morning If we put the layer of news in the evening By then the blotting paper will be saturated due to so many other things. So whatever you put in the evening does not go very deep. Even here we need to take care to read it in the evening, not at night. Read it in the evening and divert your mind Some people will read it just before going to sleep. Two time Windows important during the day Effect of information on thoughts. Soon after waking up, and at night just before going to sleep. Whatever you fill the mind with in the morning, will influence it the whole day. Similarly whatever you fill the mind with just before sleeping, will influence it throughout the night. So we have to take care. Like you said when is the prime time for news channels? Morning 6 a.m. and late evening 10 p.m. These are Prime Times for a news channel. It means a majority of us are watching news at this time. 6 o’clock and evening 10 o’clock. Both these times are damaging for the mind We need to watch and listen but only changed the timings. If last layer of information is of violence, there will be turbulent energy in the mind throughout the night. We are not realizing it but the kind of news we hear today Also because of having several 24/7 news channels The same visual is repeated so many times We take that scene in. Of course, Media is also an industry. So what do they telecast and how do they project a scene It is shown in a way that damages us emotionally. The scene is dramatized. Like how in our movie industry we create an element of drama instead of speaking normally. To create interest, we highlight even a very small scene. The news channels have a logic behind this. Today there are 100 channels. When there was just one news channel When Doordarshan was the only news channel Whatever they showed, we would watch. Today when there are so many channels, which channel can hold our attention? It has to hold the mind basically. Just like how movies capture our minds. Holds our complete attention. What do the entertainment and news industry do? Our thinking power gets blocked during that time. Why is it that we cry when watching the movie? Television, movie and this entire industry can actually block our creativity. This happens because when we are in front of them We do not get detached. It doesn’t mean that we should stop watching news, movies, or serials. We need to remain detached while watching. Generally we tend to get very involved are attached. We get emotionally involved. Which means whatever is the scene on the screen, my mind creates thoughts about the same. This has to be understood. If somebody is crying there I identify Not necessary that I identify. I create thoughts of the same quality. Which means that scene overpowered me. Suppose I see a dream and in the dream I am fearing something. And if it leads to palpitation of the heart If I wake up and check I will actually be sweating. But that dream was created here, is it not? That is why it had an effect. But in this case the scene is created there (on the screen). It is created on my TV screen. Dream gets created within me so obviously it will have an impact. But this scene is not taking place within me. This scene is created outside. This is very very deep to understand why children are low on creativity today. And why are we getting affected by the dynamics of the situation. Situations affecting me starts with the media industry. The first influence on me is not from any situation. The first effect starts from the TV, a movie and a serial. As long as we are watching TV, we do not think of anything else. Whatever the scene wants us to do, we do that. If a scene wants us to cry, we cry. If it wants us to laugh, we laugh. It means our thoughts are completely with it. We need to practice while watching television If we practice it in front of the TV, then we can practice it in life too. It is very important. So if a person can say something and make me cry or laugh or if someone scolds us – we need to start practicing our response from here Because it got created from there. Why has more stress got created with 24/7 television? It is very subtle, because we have got so involved and lost in it That for that entire duration, the mind surrenders its own capacity to think. It surrenders as if to say, “Whatever you want, get it done.” Why many people feel this helps is They say, “I was stressed the whole day at office or at home. Thoughts of those conflicts were going on in the mind.” So they turn on the TV. The moment it is turned on, I do not think of other things. Now I am not going to think. Now this will make me think. So what happened is that I surrendered my capacity And told the media, “Take over me.” This is in the name of relaxation. So what happened is that my mind got into this practice That a situation or scene can overpower my mind. We also know that the scene on the screen is not reality, it is only a story. It is somebody’s imagination. Yet the mind gets very involved. When this starts happening What happens when actual scenes are created? When we face scenes in life, how can the mind stay away from their influence? Let us do this homework from today. While watching TV or news, we need to watch everything as detached observers. If we want to detach from situations in life, we should first detached from scenes on the TV. For example – when watching the News, do not create so much anger as someone present in that scene there are creating. I should not create it. It is very damaging for me. Finding a solution for that situation is okay. But why create the same intensity of anger as seen in that scene? Similarly, watching a cricket match is fine. But do not create those high and low emotions the way they are happening there. But it happens. Then it is equivalent to saying that anger comes automatically when a situation comes. When a player in the match does not perform well Yes, somebody did not bat well. Someone didn’t bowl the last ball well. Watch it being detached. This is a practice. This will have to be done if I want to become the master of my mind. If I cannot become the master of my mind in front of a TV screen How will I become the master of my mind in a real situation? The funniest part is none of it (on the screen) is in our control. Somebody is playing the cricket match and somebody else is telecasting it. Today even our situations are not in our control. It has also become like a cricket match. Situation is controlling me. So let us practice this. We will watch, listen and read, being detached. In fact this can also be a small practice That while watching the news, if we get to know of a situation somewhere Instead of creating anger or pain, just for a minute That moment while watching the news Sit in silence and radiate peaceful vibrations, to the people or place involved in that scene or situation. Suppose we read or hear about an earthquake at some place Or a terror attack or any other tragedy We should not go into pain or create thoughts of pain. Let me sit in silence, connect to God, and give them very beautiful vibrations. This is very important. By doing this, what did I practice? In front of me is a situation or scene having disturbance. But my mind is radiating blessings by being in the right state. And which is useful. If there is pain anywhere, we should not send more pain there. Instead we need to send vibrations of calmness and peace.


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