Do Colin Jost & Scarlett Johansson Make Michael Che Feel Like a Third Wheel?

Do Colin Jost & Scarlett Johansson Make Michael Che Feel Like a Third Wheel?

We just found out
that NBC announced that you’re both coming back
next season to Saturday Night Live. Yeah. [APPLAUSE] We– It’s great because
we also found out about it by seeing it in a headline. We got no calls. It’s just people in
interviews like, you’re back. And we’re like,
oh, good to know. Thanks. Wait, your agents–
or no one told you? No. No. I don’t have an agent. [LAUGHTER] No, my cousin does
all my bookings. That can– A really nice guy. That can explain it. And he charges what? 60%, right? 60%, the industry standard. That’s yeah– that seems fair. Wait, that’s crazy
that nobody called to– or what if you didn’t
want to go back? Great question. See, this is what a
great agent would do. Well, you know what? Maybe I should be your agent. Yeah. So the two of you
have great chemistry. And did you know that? Is that why you
did this together? Or did you already
have this chemistry, or did it develop
from being there? We knew each other. At stand ups we knew each other. And then we worked
together as writers. And it seemed like– I mean, it wasn’t
really our choice. But we were excited
about it because we– again, we have no
choices in life. No choices. The application
said one of each. [LAUGHTER] And that’s how it happened. And that’s how it happened. So do both of you read
the news all day long to figure out what
you’re going to say, or is that somebody
else is doing this? Oh, no, no, no, somebody
else is calling. He reads all the news. Do you really? Yeah, I mostly read
the news, yeah. I mean, now it’s hard not–
it’s a little addictive. When we’re working, it’s hard. When we’re off,
like in the summer, it was so nice for a full
month to just try to not listen [INAUDIBLE] But when things happen
during the summer, are you sad that you’re not
there to make jokes about it and talk about it? No. No. You don’t care? Who’s ever been on
a beach thinking, oh, I wish I were in the office. I wish I was working. I know. Now, the two of you
are close, but what is the relationship with Scarlett? Is that affected
your friendship? Are you like the third
wheel on dates and stuff? He’s going to cry. [LAUGHTER] Actually not any more because
I’m dating a celebrity, too. Are you? She is a times square Elmo. [LAUGHTER] You think it’s she? You think it’s she? Yeah, well, I was surprised. That comes off, you don’t
know until it comes off. Yeah, he has changed a lot since
I feel like– you’ve changed. You don’t invite me places. And when you do, you ditch me. Yeah. Yeah, at times. Thank you. That’s what I said. I sent him a text with that. [INAUDIBLE] You’ve never
invited me anywhere. You don’t invite me come
over, hang out, have dinner. Well, yeah, because if you’re
with like Scarlett Johansson, I don’t want to tell you to
come this dive bar with me and watch a Yankee game. I feel like maybe you
have better things to do. What if you had a
girlfriend that you could– do you have a girlfriend? No. All right. [LAUGHTER] He’s like an [INAUDIBLE]. No. No. No. What if I– who do you like? Because I’m good at
arranging things. And we have a big platform here. Let me know who you like. This is very [INAUDIBLE]. Really? Yeah. What? Like in the audience
or something? No. [APPLAUSE] Yeah. This is too much pressure. Yeah, that would be immediate. If you need someone immediately,
yes, in the audience. But if you would like to just
name like a celebrity crush– Oh, I don’t know. I mean, I don’t want
to say anything. Well, is Beyonce single? No. [LAUGHTER] You don’t read the news. She’s not– [LAUGHTER] Well, I don’t know. How’s Hilary doing? Is she– She’s doing great. Yeah. She’s happier than
she’s ever been. Oh, this is too much pressure. I don’t know what to say. Just there must be somebody
that you really like, and I can set you up. Well, Roseanne went to Israel. [LAUGHTER] Before [INAUDIBLE]
Israel was perfect. You don’t want to
do long distance. That’s your problem. That’s my problem. My taste is too problematic. All right. This has become an intervention. [LAUGHTER] Talk about– let’s
talk about the Emmys. So you’re hosting. This is– and it’s more
fun to do it together. It’s not as fun when you’re
alone on stage if things, especially if things
aren’t going well. But the two of you–
what do you have planned? Are you going to dance? Are you going to sing? Mm-mm. We’ve eliminated
those two things. All right. No, we’ll probably. I mean, we’re going to– you know how it is to
host those award shows. It’s about like kind of just
keeping everybody entertained. But the real job, or the real
pressure is for the nominees. That’s what the show is for. So we’re just trying
to keep it moving. It’s really not up to us. Yeah, I understand. If that makes sense. But you have to like– I mean, you’ve already
written everything that you’re doing for– no. Sure. We’ve got some loose ideas. [LAUGHTER]


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