Ditching Social Media

Ditching Social Media

Everyone welcome back to my channel. I just wanted to have a chat to you guys today So I’ve got my drink and we are just going to sit here and have a little chat if you are new to my channel Don’t forget to hit subscribe This is part of the minimalism series of videos, so we touch on you physical goods and then living with people who are minimalist and then I’m going to start focusing more on this whole Lifestyle sort of thing as well, so I’ll have a link to that playlist in the description box, so in this video I really wanted to discuss social Media and I know I put a lot of my life on the line and I do make some income from that like you know instagram and Youtube and all of that sort of thing But I still think it is really really important to take a break. Don’t get me wrong. I think being connected is awesome It’s great even comes out people from around the world I know people that I would have never known unless I was on social Media And it’s just so cool to be able to make these connections everywhere and establish friendships that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to you Personally I find that sometimes I need to just take a break Recently like today was the first day in four days that I have logged into you any of my social Media It’s probably not much for some people but for someone whose life is mostly lived online. It was a fair bit of time I decided that I was tired like I was tired of reading hate comments I was tired of you know Putting up with other people’s opinions when I wanted to make something and other people didn’t like it And I was just like look I need to reset. I need to take some time for myself I need to re establish what I want to do. Why I’m doing this and Stop the other voices from getting in so much because that’s one thing I have noticed it’s like is this really your opinion on a product or did someone tell you that that’s what social media marketing works, so Brilliantly you’re getting and painting from someone you’re hearing them saying it’s good and that reinstates in here that the product is probably good That’s why I’m so picky about what I take on I feel like an opinion is definitely worth something and with Social media you have To be careful is it so your own voice heal? This – are you being drowned out by all these other people are you trying to compete with other people? And pushing down your own work and looking at other people’s thinking. It’s way better than your own like what’s going on So that’s why every few months I like to take at least one or two days offline just completely offline like are still using internet for my assignments and things like that, but I just don’t want to touch any social Media and Just me like the first couple of times you do this your friends will be like are you okay? Why are you ignoring me you do hate me? Like if you have friends like I just born them I kind of just like log off and then I come back in a few days. I’m like hey. Sorry was not lying so in this video I’m just getting you to do a few of my tips on how to detox yourself from Social Media And when you do get back online some things you can do just to clear up your profiles Minimize them that sort of thing the first step is obviously to cut everything off just log out of all of your accounts um I have people actually messaging me like I get this a lot with like kids still in school or college And they’re like, how do we get my assignment done? I’m so distracted and I’m just like log off just log off so just get yourself out of all your accounts If there’s any loose ends that need tying up do that beforehand like missing something be like hey I’m going offline for a few days Durov essage mean here text me instead blah blah blah and I was probably some people who think is quite an arbitrary video to make but Hey, look, it’s really important because I know people who are younger than myself who which is always online? they’re always connected and then was helping because that’s how that generation grew up. I am sort of halfway between that generation of the last and that I was never really online much my childhood on Social Media and Then when we became like 9 10 years old that’s when everything started to ramp up a lot with a staying offline You’ll find that you’re going to check your phone so many times all your computer you like I’m just going to check this and you’re like. Oh, wait. I’m logged out keeping it logged out It’s the best way to start using it if you just close the app I guarantee that you will open it again It’s just a subconscious habit that you have you’ll just go to check it, and then you’ll be back online again so just log everything out and find something else to do like maybe you’ve got a heap of work that you have to catch up on you brought some assignments to You want to go somewhere? Go and do those things and do them without being logged in take the photos if you want to take it further hard anything your need to post anything even now when I do it even though You know sir many times before I’ve done the whole look about for a few days at a time I’ll still go to the habit of like checking my instagram, and I’m like stop Sorry, it’s something that I guess eventually you’ll get used to because all my other accounts I remembered that they were all looking at my instagram was my one I just kept going to check it a couple of years ago when I did a Psychology assignment about being connected and social Media and all that sort of thing I correlated the Mobile phone to being like a social umbilical Cord And I read so many studies that were actually saying that when they separated people from them about friends They had really bad anxiety and it’s not uncommon so what I decided to do for myself this is when I was working like a normal office job It’s I’d go to work, and I’d leave my friend at home all day, and it was crazy How much university work I got done in almost fair little pockets of breaks during the day because I wasn’t checking my phone But if you are logged out, and you do start to feel anxious that’s definitely normal like that is documented there is scientific proof if that happens to people when you log out and when you’re Disconnected when I do decide that I want to log back in that there is a couple of steps that I like to go through Just to declutter my phone and my social media a little bit I have done a video in the past on how to declutter your digital life like I think I focus mostly on the computer like Files and that sort of thing, but this is specifically what I do in relation to social Media I’m going to include my phone as like my stAndard phone as part of that as well so first off I like to open up the phone part of my mobile you know what it was originally designed for So just go through and get rid of the contacts you don’t need anymore And then move on to calls and I like to just clear out my recent calls list and then I like to jump into my Message inbox and go through and just delete message conversations I like to keep that either empty If I can or if I have conversations that were still ongoing like text message Conversations that were ongoing or someone has to reply to something I just leave those ones but if I can get an empty I Do next if you aren’t doing it already with your emails try and get down to you might have heard of the phrase before inbox Zero and it’s to try and get yourself super organized with your emails so the inbox is perpetually sitting on [0] by the end of the day you’ll get emails coming throughout the day Sort them as soon as you can if you can reply emails within you know like 10 seconds or a minute Just like do it. Shoot off your short replies get them out of the way get them done get your inbox back to zero as soon as you can when you start to let it creep out of control that’s when you end up with like a thousand unread messages next I like to jump onto Facebook and do a little bit of a Facebook Clean-out So I’ll normally start with my furnace and I go through and delete my old photos That way no one can go and find embarrassing old pictures of you Which is like double handy, but I like to just like produce all the stuff that’s online I don’t know why I’ve always done it I used to be obsessive about only having there was two profile pictures like I never have more than two sitting in the album I don’t know now I just go in and clear it out periodically I’ll just delete people who I find like super aggressive or really mean or You know really derogatory just stuff that I don’t want to see and even if it’s people that I knew from like years I mean, you like primary school I’m like why you want here weird to look like one of us is just looking at each other’s log, so this is weird so I like to get people like that out of my friends list and Just like my profile open following of course if you’re more private you can just change your privacy settings And you can have your profile on private. I also didn’t like to go through my groups I’m not in many groups, but sometimes people add me to like their shop and swap type groups And I always remove myself from those if you go through and have a look you’ll probably find that you’re actually a member of more Groups than you thought because people can just add you to group pages, then I like to jump onto Instagram Instagram clean out is super easy, and I just delete some photos that I feel don’t fit my theme anymore And I just unfollow some accounts that I’ve usually enacted a black I follow a few people on there But I just go through and unfollow ones that haven’t pursued in a long time So a good way to streamline all your news feeds on everything so Youtube Twitter instagram Facebook is to unfollow or unsubscribe from people who you are not enjoying anymore If you don’t want to see it like what’s the point of it? just like scrolling up your feet, so I think a big part of decluttering what you’re seeing when you are looking into social media is unfollowing or Unsubscribing from people another awesome thing that you can do is you can find? Extensions for your browser to block any Kardashian, it’s amazing So anytime the name Kardashian comes up. It will replace it with something or remove it depending on which extension you have What is the name of mine? I can’t remember off the top of my head, but I’ll try and learn something in the description box for you guys But similarly with things like that I’m not interested and I don’t want to see that and if it’s popping up on your Facebook like You know this and none of the other or news articles that you really don’t kept like so if there’s not news there is a little drop-down arrow, and you can say see less of this and Your personal Facebook algorithm will start to calculate that you want to see less of that It is kind of a lengthy process to do that. I mean, it’s probably important if you’re online a lot if you’re not online I’m going to be bothered another thing that you might engineer is delete some of all the inactive profiles things You’re not using anymore Do you have an ancient pinterest account that you haven’t pinned on do you have a linkedin profile from six years ago that says you? Still work at Subway. I don’t know if you haven’t used it in six months. You’re probably not going to use it again you won’t miss it another thing that I really really love to do is make sure that all of my Notifications are turned off for most of my social Media. I’ve muted my notifications with Facebook Instagram and Twitter I think I only have a few Notifications for YouTube because there’s a couple youtube accounts that I really want to see their videos when they go live so I make sure that I’ve got like my slip a little bell symbol it like send you a notification when they uploads I’ve got a couple of youtube accounts that I have the Notifications on for other than that I’ve got some messenger notifications And that’s about it because I don’t want to be disturbed all the time by You know something coming true on Instagram or seeing likes or like your Facebook? Notification because to me I have so many more important things that I would rather be doing than checking that all the time I remember back when I first started Uni like cuz I have had my notifications switched off in years now but when I first time at Uni I was getting so Distracted and I’d be like reading that this is what I was doing photography like back in the day And I’ve been sitting there reading in some of the material that we had to read it and be like notification notification I’m like I just I just have to check this like I just have to check and It is really distracting that is a few little pointers for me But I hope they’re able to help you a little bit like I was saying at the start of this video It’s awesome to be connected everything about every now and again I think it’s a really good idea to give yourself a little bit of a break Remember who you are remember what you enjoy and don’t let other people’s opinions cloud your judgment all the time if you haven’t tried it before give yourself Even like one or two days just logged off being present with the people around you and being present and fully Involved in what you’re working in whether that’s I don’t know schoolwork or an art project or something just allow yourself to be present and in the moment I know whenever I do this I feel like I’ve been circuit active in my days off And I also feel super refresh like other people’s judgments Don’t push on me as much as I did when I spent way too long online if you’re planning on giving yourself a little social Media Detox leave me a comment. Below. I’d love to hear from you guys, but as for now I hope you guys are having a lovely day or night or whatever time it is where you are and I will catch you in My next video. Bye


100 thoughts on “Ditching Social Media”

  • annie mae anime says:

    It's been 1 year and 5 months since I last logged into my facebook acct. 🙂 It's currently deactivated. 🙂

  • Andrea Turner says:

    I'm a spa therapist and meet so many clients that have neck and shoulder problems. Myself, I used to spend a lot of time on social media and now limit my time and have preference to what sites I now use. My neck and shoulders are loads better.

  • Angelia Heywood says:

    i do this often! it makes me feel so much better when i don't feel tied to anything, especially social media!.

  • Siti Noorliyana says:

    i agree with u so much! when i get tired of social media i'd log out and tada! i feel very free! i dont have to listen to anyone haha. i believe that everyone should have their time off – alone 😀

  • I cannot believe how smart and self aware and confident you are, and so young! great advice, especially to go offline for a couple days, not for a year ? have a great weekend!

  • Beth Hopkins says:

    i really liked this, i really love the idea of being simple and offline. Just enjoying the beauty of the life we live 🙂

  • Mindy Rodriguez says:

    I was literally just thinking about taking a break from social medias just 2 days ago & then you post this! lol I LOVE IT!

  • My boyfriend said that I spend too much time on my phone. When I didn't have a smart phone it was so easy cos I didn't have any fucking apps but now: Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. Now I turned off all notifications expect messages from Whatsapp and Facebook. Hopefully now I can be at peace and my boyfriend happy. 😛

  • Hewelyn Aressa says:

    You are a inspiration bomb, Rachel! You inspire me so much! I don't know you but i am sure that you have a perfect life (with imperfections, of course) and you live it with positivity! Kisses from Brazil! :*

  • Hewelyn Aressa says:

    She's different than the other youtubers. Because she really wants to pass a information, an idea, an advice, something that will be good somehow in our lives. The other ones just like to show yourselves in front of the camera. Rachel has a personality!

  • Going to do one this weekend!! Thanks for the inspo! I think I'll log out AND put all of the social media apps in to a little folder titled "Detox!" ??

  • I refuse to use any sm apps for this reason (but also privacy, battery life etc). Another biggie is turning the tv off. It's amazing how much more I can get done, how much more awake and active I am when it's off. When I was writing my dissertation I quickly discovered this and had to force myself not to turn it on in the morning, if I did then the day was a bust.

  • Wow other people do that? I thought I was the only one because everyone in my life is addicted to social media. I rarely ever use these apps anymore and I don't even need to log out of them; I just never use them. I am a MUCH happier person now and definitely less angry than before.

  • Adele Jackson says:

    I am actually switching my use of social media. I am not so much of mindlessly using social media, but rather using it in a more business way.

  • Blocking notifications on my phone has been AMAZING! This video popped up after I made the decision on my own to do my own social media "detox" a few days ago, and so I think it's the universe confirming that I needed to make some changes. Thanks for the tips!

  • That Damn Honey says:

    My biggest downfall is probably watching videos of my subscriptions (like yours ;-P )!!! Other than that, I did delete the Facebook app and I've found I don't miss it at all. Once in a while, I check in and… notice that nothing is that interesting at all. I do keep up with some animal rescues on there which I like. I can be reminded to donate now and again when I do log in.

    Once, I posted on Facebook asking for some recommendations on finding a black wedding dress and didn't realize I had caused a little bit of a stir. I was searching for a photoshoot, but others took it another way, understandably. A friend of mine had to tell me by text to please reply to commenters to clear things up. Oops!

  • About a week ago I deleted the most of my social apps on my phone, so I have to go on safari instead. It has actually helped me in a good way, because it feels a bit more "difficult".

  • Katja Steensgård says:

    I didn't know how much instagram stressed me out, before I stopped using it six months ago. It's been such a relief for me. I've felt so free, and even though I still post once in a while (weeks apart though, it used to be every, or every other day), I don't ever go on there, because I know it's gonna drag me down.

  • forever foureyes says:

    Hi Rachel! Great video!

    I deleted my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram January 2015, and my grades improved greatly, for one. It was hard at first, I had so much time on my hands. And people were curious or worried why I left, and I assumed if they actually cared to talk to me, they'd call or text me. I actually lost several of my friends because I wasn't necessarily updated with the events or the tweets. I still texted them though don't get me wrong. I told myself that if social media was the only thing that was keeping me as someone's friend, then we probably weren't very good friends to begin with. I don't miss any of my social media, but now that I've graduated, I may wait awhile until people forget about me, and get a facebook to talk to my extended family.

    I'm so glad someone else feels the need to cleanse themselves of social media. I've recently deleted my junky emails and my unused YouTube accounts. I got this one, and you were the first person I subscribed to. 🙂

    Your channel makes me so happy, Rachel. Thank you for being you! You are so inspiring.

    Jacqueline ❤

  • Nicole Roden says:

    Getting rid of my Facebook was one of THE BEST things for me! I was so addicted to checking my feed and would waste a lot of time each day. I also unfollowed half of the people on Instagram so now scrolling through takes me only a few minutes. Great video Rachel!

  • sarahemilygray says:

    I actually took almost two years off from social media. I had a smartphone and when it broke I used an old school Blackberry. Texting and Phone calls and that was it. It was really refreshing being logged off for so long. I recently got my iphone 6s and I can already feel the difference. So I try to keep my phone in different rooms from me and always have the notifications off aside from texts and phone calls.

  • Perry Jurick says:

    I LOVE going on Social Media cleanses! I'm the kind of person who has like no notifications on my phone because not only does it keep me off social media, but I'm so anal I have to check notifications because I don't like seeing them! Lol

  • Danielle Esplin says:

    I feel like taking a break myself 🙂 My Instagram is @danielleesplin and I can completely relate… I need a reset 🙂

  • Jules Parker says:

    I did this for a week and loved it but end up needing it for my job (youtube) so instead I make sure I have a couple of days off it every now and again and don't really use it around my son except snapchat sometimes as its interactive which he loves x

  • LocalSuperstar says:

    I deleted my Instagram a few months back, and to be honest I haven't looked back since. I don't miss it at all, it was only taking up my time and mind. I am much happier reading about something i find to be actually interesting, or just looking out the window when riding the bus home than scrolling through food, humblebrags and faces of people I already see every week.

  • I deleted my fb for a year and it was awesome. It hard to manage now that I am back on… since I am trying not to delete it. ha! Thanks for the suggestions. I definitely going to do some of these!

  • I wonder if Kalel watches Rachel because Kalel said she was trying to become more minimalistic. Plus, these new videos she has been making seem kind of similar to how Rachel films, even the extra affects seem a little similar. I wonder if Rachel is Kalel's new lifestyle inspiration.

  • Valeria Capellaro says:

    I forgot my Facebook password (lol) and it's almost been a month since the last time I logged in on my mobile. Since I am outside most of my time, I only check Facebook when I come home in the evening, and it makes me feel way less stressed and worried about my social media connections and friends.
    I still use a lot of Instagram, but I will cut on that as well.

  • Since ditching social media I never knew how long my phone battery could last without it lol it has only been a week, but it has been worth it. I have a huge exam coming, so I have just been studying and using my Sundays as "free days" that I spend time with my family and friends.

  • Michelle Victor says:

    Social media can be toxic, or rather the people sharing their views can be toxic. I'm considering buying one of those old school Nokia phones for when I need a break from the web. I can't handle the idea of leaving my phone at home, simply in case of emergencies but an old school phone will keep me connected without depleting my emotional reserves. Quite recently I went for a day trip to the countryside and there wasn't any signal there and so I was forced to spend the entire day talking to people and exploring the local land. It was extremely refreshing.

  • Bookish & Belle says:

    I muted all notifications last year. My phone only shows emails, texts, and calls. It's the best thing I've ever done. Part of a 30-day minimalism challenge. Video on my channel.

  • Steph and Less says:

    I have removed facebook and pinterest from my phone (which means I can't check it at work because they are blocked on my work computer) and I have so much more free time! I only check facebook twice a day and sometimes only once if I'm running late before work.

  • This summer I've deleted my instagram, twitter, youtube (apps) etc. It was SO hard the first couple of weeks-but I noticed how much I was just reaching for my phone and aimlessly distracting myself and in turn, wasting time. I discovered too that I compared myself a lot more to people and felt down more. It's all just virtual clutter-and since doing so, I feel like I care less about my phone, and have been living life through my eyes vs a screen 🙂 It's actually really freeing! I challenge anyone else to try it too!!

    Now I wanna go old school and get a flip phone 😛

  • 42 dislikes!! What is there to dislike? The advice given is great. You'd be surprised by how much more productive your days can be with a little break from social media. If you haven't already done it I highly recommend it 🙂

  • Madalaine Wallace says:

    There's an app called Forest that mean you can set a time when you can't leave the app. Its hard to explain but seriously look it up. The amount of time I study a week went up 5 hours because of it!!!

  • Shannon Andrea says:

    I removed all social media apps from my phone. I only use social media from my laptop at home. It keeps me engaged and not distracted when I'm out.

  • Rachel I absolutely love everything you do and I repeat watch all your minimalism/lifestyle videos because they are that good. Also people who don't create like you do, really don't have any criticism weight. The truth is you are amazing!!!

  • Social media (with the exception of YouTube) makes me super anxious and somewhat depressed over time. I spend way too much time focusing on how my life LOOKS to people I really don't even like vs. how much I am personally enjoying it. Deleting a bunch of stuff cold turkey made me realize that I genuinely just don't care about a lot of things because they weren't making me happy.

  • First of all I really love and enjoy your videos. Though I just saw the first one yesterday, I already watched a bunch of them.
    Thank you for your great tips! What helped me with not being on social media all the time is just taking a week off of Facebook or Instagram or else at a time. I did it on a seminar and realized how much time I spend on just checking updates from my friends. And since then I also often realize how often other people grab their phones instead of talking to another.
    Also I leave my phone at home most of the time I go to a concert or out for anything else.
    Greetings from Germany! ?

  • I used to be addicted to Facebook
    I just deactivate it and I'll go check it maybe once a month, I went 3 years without touching it once 🙂

    I'm always cleaning out my Instagram

  • I gave up social media entirely 3 years ago, and NEVER looked back. I think Facebook, Twitter, etc. are a joke. If you can't see someone, you can just email or call them! I don't even have a smart phone, I ditched that too. I love feeling like I'm totally out of that world, I have a lot more "me" time now.

  • I did This with Instagram , it started as a fast but I haven't been on for going on 3 weeks. Might not seem like a lot to other but for a teenager it kinda a lot. But I think I can go a whole month

  • Passed your video just to delete "friends" on FB and made a goal to fast from social media for 5 days! Pray for me! ??

  • kimberleybuiten says:

    hi amazing video, you're really inspiring. im in love with the background of your computer, where did you find it? so calm and pretty. 😀

  • Cinnamon Hourglass says:

    are you fucking kidding me? people have a problem with this? I ditched all social medias except for facebook so I can text friends. I log in once a day for like 15min. I can't believe people are so obsessed and that they waste so much time on all that crap. It's not worth it. You're gonna be so much happier when you ditch all you virtual profiles and do something a lot more useful and productive through out the day

  • that email advice is useful, but hard to act on. I'm outdoors more than, like most days, 14 hours or so. when I get on my mobile, I've got an hour before I have to move on again. but I'll give it a try. maybe I'll find some things of value I've been missing.

  • I do SM detox all the time. The first time I noticed how distracting it was was when I turned off my phone. I did it when I started college to save some money but I got so much stuff done. After that I was mindful of the time I spend on SM so if I ever feel overwhelmed I walk away from SM and my phone.

  • It's been almost a month since I logged onto fb. I'm enjoying it. It sucks a little though when you're with people are on fb and you're the one sitting there waiting for them to get off their phones lol

  • Sleepy Sartorialist says:

    For anyone who, like me, is just coming to this now? I have an app called Moment that has been really valuable to reducing how much time I spend on my phone and social media in general. I don't know if it's available on Android but get the pro version for iOS. It does require a daily screenshot and access to GPS but it shows you some really useful, visualized information about how you use your phone

  • This is a fantastic video, especially for people of this generation (me!) It's so nice knowing that I'm not alone in doing this.

  • This was really inspiring Rachel, thank you! When this video started, I was about to hit "skip" because I'm really not on social media that much. However, you gave some really solid advice on all aspects of technology and minimizing our digital worlds…so thank you!!! Can't wait to start this next phase of my minimalist journey!

  • awarenessvillage says:

    I decided about a year ago that every Sunday would ba a complete technology break. I can only use it if my phone rings or I am reading a book on Kindle or Nook, both apps are on my phone. I put an app on my computer that blocks all social media on Sunday. Period. At first I thought it was awesome, which lasted a few weeks. Then the novelty wore off and I was panicked! LOL That lasted about a month. (One time I even stayed up well after midnight to catch up because after midnight it wasn't Sunday anymore. ?) Now, I don't have nearly the attachment to social media I used to have. It's an amazing feeling. I don't even think if myself as having that big of an attachment. I don't even post every day. But I have seen other people that have real issues, and people out to dinner who don't really speak, their faces are in their phones. Worse, as a yoga teacher I see people's postire and necks and hear about their neck pain and headaches. I 'm lucky to have grown up in the 1960s. My first phone number was zephyr 7533, and was on a party line. There was no FM radio and computers were in big rooms and used punch cards. I know what life was like before, and some of it really sucked! But I wonder if younger people feel like they have to reinvent a wheel when they go offline? I guess that could be good or bad.

    Anyway, great video! Thanks for all you do. I enjoy your channel. ☮

  • Taking Facebook (not messenger – I use that to contact my family) off my phone and turning off notifications for my other social medias has been an absolute blessing!

  • Girls Only Garage says:

    Something that worked really well for me was to have a flip phone and a tablet. The reason is you can't use the phone to check social media (at least not easily..) and you can only use the tablet for that if you're around Wi-Fi. So any time you're not near Wi-Fi is an opportunity to get shit done, distraction free!

  • prankzter starr says:

    Ditching Facebook was the best decision I have ever done in my life!!! It's like I did myself a great service to my soul!!

  • I disconnected permanently from FB, Pinterest, Popclogs, etc. I'll get rid of spark people and a couple of other sites. I don't want to waste time on all that, and I don't miss it.

  • I thought you ditched social media? I think you need to change your title into social media detox, because it is misleading! I deleted my fb and twitter accounts! Thats what I call ditching…..anyway.

  • EmailNoLonger InUse says:

    ive started writing down phone numbers and emails and i type them in if im going to call someone or text them. yes i have the contact saved in my phone and everything but it honestly feels more personal and mindful to spend the time doing it. its dumb but i like it.

  • Robert Martin says:

    These days the only social media I really use with any regularity is IG. I've still got accounts on FB, Tumbler, and Twitter, and I'll ocasionally post to twitter, usually links to articles, and occasionally log on to FB to look something up, but I mostly use it for the messenger. I've got a couple Tumblr blogs I read, but I usually navigate directly to them instead of reading my feed.

  • this is my 15th day with you (and, actually, another (I"ve done about 3 sets now!) 66 days needed to establish a new habit). Each week I confirm my idea to become more of a minimalist. It is a slow process for me somehow yet it IS HAPPENING and I'm happy to say your Minimalist-type SHORT (5 min or so!) videos have helped immensely. I guess after 66 plus 66 etc … I'm FINALLY GETTING THE POINT of what my "new lifestyle" is all about. SEE YOU TOMORROW!

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