Disturbing Things from Around the Internet [Vol. 7]

Disturbing Things from Around the Internet [Vol. 7]

No matter who you are stumbling upon a mystery or something completely ominous can absolutely pique our interest Something about the darker more mysterious side of the world has the power to endlessly spark our curiosity As we all try to grasp whatever it is that we stumble upon in order to make some sense out of it Using the internet for ordinary things like social media, sending emails, and entertaining ourselves is surely commonplace these days. However, the underbelly of the Internet is right there under our nose and often hiding in plain sight Welcome back to disturbing things from around the internet If you're new This is my series that showcases strange and disturbing Internet events and mysteries in a list like format If you'd like to get caught up, I have six other episodes in a playlist on my channel. That'll surely keep you up at night With that out of the way, it's time once again to dive into five more hand-picked and disturbing things from around the Internet Number one on our list involves a post I was made about a year ago to the paranormal board on reddit There a user by the name of Druddigon17 Made a plea asking for some input on a few incredibly ominous screams that he'd caught on camera In his post titled "what's causing these screams" he proceeds to say this So I'm not really sure what this is I've had a lot of people tell me different things, but no one really knows for sure Maybe someone here could help me shed some light earlier in the year I went on a long road trip across the States mainly visiting the national parks and a few cities along the way Towards the end of the trip We found ourselves staying in the small town of West Yellowstone. This appeared to be an ideal base while we explored Yellowstone National Park We booked into a pretty creepy but cheap motel just off the Main Street for a couple nights Me and my fiancee had one room my parents another. On the first morning there We plan to get up early catch the sunrise and hopefully spot some of the local wildlife So our alarms are set for 5 a.m. At about 4:45 a.m I was woken up by a loud banging on the door followed by crying and shouting I instantly jumped out of bed. Thinking the worst that happened I opened the door to my mom in a state of panic saying there's someone screaming a woman screaming They're clear as day. I could hear a woman screaming It sounded like it was within a hundred feet of us. Mom claimed it was happening for the last 30 minutes We wanted to call the police but had no phone signal no phones in the rooms. We were the only people about With this his post contained a link to an unlisted video on YouTube that gives us a first-hand account at what he'd experienced In it we can hear the screaming that he's been asking about and it's Absolutely something that would halt me in my tracks if I were ever to hear this myself *distant screaming* *more distant screaming* The strange part about this is that there are no direct cries for help and he addresses this further on in his reddit posts There's no help me no get away Nothing, just the manic screams of someone or something clearly in distress Theories have been thrown up left and right regarding this some say it could be methamphetamine abuse Others have claimed it could be someone going crazy. It could be a fox someone getting murdered or even a skinwalker take that for what you will Nonetheless, the video still has no true resolution and Druddigon appears to still be looking for answers Over on the paranormal board of 4chan an investigation has been ongoing for about a year Now that involves a very strange youtube commenter community that seems to revel in various uploads at baby monkeys either being neglected injured or killed Large quantities of playlists and videos exist that are solely dedicated to their misery and they all seem to have quite a sizable audience One example that I'd like to touch on is this channel by the name of kill baby monkeys here they have a bunch of playlists dedicated to various sadistic topics in relation to baby monkeys and as we can see these all have titles such as "Baby monkeys having a bad time" "Baby monkeys suffering" "Baby monkeys are nauseating" "Dead monkeys" "Rotten little vermin make you want to kick them" And… You get the picture. Now, most of the videos in these numerous playlists don't explicitly show animal abuse towards monkeys But rather natural deaths due to other animals and nature simply being nature Also in these are ordinary feeding videos rehabilitation or those that show neglect by an owner Now I just showed you a couple of quote-unquote ordinary monkey videos and to be honest These little guys are pretty cute, not gonna lie I'd love to have one as a pet but That's besides the point interestingly quite a few of the people in these comment sections like we established think otherwise and it's pretty Unclear as to exactly why On this video here. For example titled Sasuke's George 12. We can see a pretty harsh roundup of comments Some well-placed rat traps will take care of him waving his stupid monkey pecker all over the place Snap get that damn filthy thing off the table nail it to the table and warm up the jigsaw. It's party time death to monkeys This was just one example video out of hundreds that this one YouTube account had compiled With that being said, let's jump over to another video in one of these playlists just to see a few more examples Here's a video by user named gggyy1004 titled: Poor Baby Monkey 2012 / 02 / 26 According to the description this baby was injured by another monkey and looks as if it's being consoled by an elder Throughout the comments here. We can see a hefty amount of people expressing remorse for this little guy and hoping he's alright as You might have guessed though. Yes, the sadists are here What tie it's nuts to bars that would teach it a tormented tortured and suffering, baby Monkey is a joy to everybody who sees it funny videos in this collection *Sigh* Oh boy. So what's up with these people what's their deal? According to a viewer that reached out to me and the 4chan thread that this is being investigated in it seems that they all hold A primary hatred towards baby monkeys and none else Also, they're extremely open about their beliefs regarding them and have this undying obsession over wanting to see them and only them either in pain or dead Theories circulating about this involves some solid points, however, concrete evidence surrounding them leaves much to be desired Some have floated the idea that these could all be foreigners that simply consider these monkeys as pests pickpocketing and destroying the structures that they live by The thing about this is though that most of the names of these people seem to be in perfect English it isn't like Google Translate English either it all seems just Ordinary as if they're natively from an english-speaking country with that being said a user by the name of cumbia boom box on my subreddit explains that this simply isn't a sufficient or substantial by any means explanation for the sheer magnitude of the torture fantasies that these people engage in a Second theory about this involves the idea that sadistic pedophiles could be using these monkey videos as a parallel or proxy to real children This is sort of tied at theory number three, which we'll get to in a second But it seems like these people have this undying vendetta against babies and babies only The third theory involves a Possibility surrounding the uncanny valley and how these primates tread in that gray area where some anti competitor genes might come into play it seems that these people could be seeing these little guides as some sort of an evolutionary threat for some reason or another as Primates are the closest genetic relative to humans Nonetheless the communities surrounding this strange phenomenon is very much still active in various youtube comment sections and while it's been shared throughout the past decade or so on numerous websites and subreddits a true explanation for the reasoning behind this bizarre movement has been unclear and remains as such to this day Number three on our list involves a Facebook post by a user named Jose DeJesus in it He makes a post claiming that I just got this image in video very scary Attached our two photos and three videos relating to an extremely high speed race that was ongoing at night on a freeway itching for a bit of context I did some digging on the situation and it apparently took place in Cape Town on the n1 freeway in The footage that was captured by spectators on an overlying bridge we can see one of the cars lose control before brutally crashing into the median While yes crashes happen all the time this one is especially troubling when you consider the fact that the driver was seriously injured in a very disturbingly gruesome way Before we get onto that topic, however, let's take a look at the crash footage itself Yeah Thanks for sharing macGruber Yo yo, is that the fucking beer If we go by the image attached in Jose's Facebook post we're able to conclude that this wreck happened at upwards of 192 miles or 312 km/h Clearly a very deadly speed to maintain With this in mind watching the video that the passenger in this car took during this race really puts the true danger of this in in perspective Watching both of those videos were definitely some of the more disturbing things that have ever seen on the Internet However, none of those compared to the third upload that this guy had in his post Like we established before the driver was critically injured in his crash But how bad actually was it if? This last video is anything to go by then? It's safe to say that he was to the point where I wouldn't even want to be alive I've seen my fair share of gruesome and disturbing things on the internet But this one absolutely takes the cake as I couldn't even watch it for longer than a second For that reason, I won't be showing the uncensored version to you But rather this Facebook censored one in it We can hear audio of the driver desperately clinging to life as doctors. Try to help him In the bits of this video that I was able to peek at I noticed a huge piece of the car doorframe Jutting through this guy's head I could go into further and more gruesome detail of this not safe for life image but just know that this didn't kill him and he is to the fullest extent and critical condition This situation goes to show that when driving it's easy to get brave it's easy to constantly think Crashes, won't beat me. I'm a fantastic driver. I got this. But this type of thing can happen in an instant these drivers very idiotically had absolutely No regard for their passengers or others on the road and I'm incredibly glad that there were no innocent bystanders or drivers within the car's Trajectory since if there were this absolutely could have turned out infinitely worse Than it had This fourth entry surrounds a video that was posted to YouTube in 2013 the title of it is coupled rounds in front of camera this seven-minute video shows the tragic turn of events that occurred while a couple a 22 year old by the name of – Mohamed Dayan and his newlywed wife whose name I was unable to locate Spend their one-year honeymoon at a pond located in the bind boss area south of Sanaa Yemen This cell phone footage was taken by height to himself as he propped a phone up on a rock to film their embrace Through the video everything seems to be going just fine with the two of having what seems like a great time before – appears to slip Afterwards, you can see him attempt to cling to his wife in desperation before she's dragged into the water as well Fighting for survival the two then try their hardest to make it back to shore together, but that proved to be futile After about a minute or so of panic and screaming they both submerged never to return to surface for the remainder of the video The unfortunate part of this is that had they not panicked then they'd probably have had a chance to both make it back to shore But in the moment hide them desperately grabbed on to his wife and resulted in her meeting the same fate as he. this video goes to show that no matter who you are you absolutely Absolutely need to ensure that when spending time in any body of water Whether it be a lake pond river ocean or Creek It's imperative that either precautions are taken or that you know how to swim on your own as if this were the case here this would have undoubtedly turned out very differently This last entry has stuck with me for quite a while ever since I initially discovered it on August 8th of 2013 a man by the name of Brandon Lawson had gone into a pretty heated argument with his longtime girlfriend by the name of Lee daesil often Needing some space and time to cool off He called his dad to see if he could make a three-hour drive over there to spend the night Trying to talk him out of it since it was so late in the night Brandon embarked on his journey at 11:50 4 p.m in route to Crowley, Texas Just 40 miles later though. He would suddenly run out of gas After pulling over, he proceeded to call his brother Kyle for help, and once he arrived to assist Brandon, he was nowhere to be found. After searching for what seemed like hours, nothing was found. However, the very next day, the realization was made that Brandon had actually made a sudden call to 911, shortly after hanging up with his brother. In it, we can hear a very shaken Brandon try to explain the situation that he's been caught up in. Have a listen: AUTOMATED VOICE: 9/2013 0:50 and 38 seconds. OPERATOR: 911, emergency? BRANDON: Yes, I'm in the middle of the field. We're safe, we're just pushing guys over. We're out here going towards Abiline on both sides. My truck ran out of gas.
Theres one car here. A guy chasin'…in to the woods. Please hurry. OPERATOR: Okay now run that by me- BRANDON: They will not talk things over. I accidentally ran into 'em. OPERATOR: You ran into them? Okay. UNKNOWN BACKGROUND VOICE: …the heart stopped. OPERATOR: You need an ambulance? BRANDON: No, I need the cops. OPERATOR: Okay. Is anybody hurt? Hello? Hello? Hello? OPERATOR: You ran into them, okay. UNKNOWN BACKGROUND VOICE: The heart stopped. OPERATOR: You need an ambulance? UNKOWNBACK Oh you ran into them, okay, the heart stopped… You need an ambulance? Oh you ran into them, okay, the heart stopped… You need an ambulance? Oh you ran into them, okay, the heart stopped… You need an ambulance? Tons of speculation and controversy have arisen from this ominous time on one call but the primary Consensus surrounding it is that it's to this very day an unsolved mystery Police allegedly were initially hesitant on considering this a missing-persons case due to outstanding warrants that were issued for Lawson They believed that he'd attempted to run off to get away from them and that he turn up sometime soon But as we know this was not the case you see Brandon had four children who his relatives say he'd never abandon and Coupled with the strange reaction by police. It almost seems to some that. This case was somewhat swept under the rug due to police disinterest hearing the frantic voice of Brandon play back is haunting as the video pointed out it absolutely sounds like he wasn't alone and Being so late in the night. It's chilling to contemplate on what could have really transpired on that late late evening just 40 miles from his home The underbelly of the internet like we established is a very interesting ly ominous place Strange and obscure posts stories and articles seemingly pop up every day and tonight we were able to touch on a few of them Thank you all for joining me in this seventh installment of disturbing things from around the internet I hope you enjoyed this and if you have any other strange Bite-sized mysteries and internet happenings that you'd like to see on a future episode. I'd love to check them out With that being said, thanks once again for watching. I'll see you in the next one. I love you all and Good night *DOKIDOKI?*


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    The censored hospital video has been determined to be unrelated to this crash. It comes from another (equally as disturbing) car accident involving a woman running her car into a metal grate. The surgery in that video ended up being successful and she's doing fine.

    Jose, since this video released, has since removed the uncensored version of the video from his post (probably because of this) and I don't have a link to it. As it turns out, the crash driver shown in this upload had ended up losing his legs in the accident, but is doing okay. Update on him here: https://www.iol.co.za/capetimes/news/bmw-street-racing-crash-driver-smiles-again-after-losing-legs-19066892

    If you'd like to check out Jose's post, sans video, here it is: http://tinyurl.com/y4dpkusp

  • The car crash in Cape town and the person in the video with a hunky of metal through "her" head are not related. The victim in the video is female. In the uncensored version you can see her pink shirt and black bra cut down the middle probably by the paramedics. Many articles about the cape town crash says the only person injured in the crash was the driver and he lost both of his legs. He did have head trauma but not to the extent of the person in the video. It shows a picture of the driver in the hospital smiling from his bed grateful to be alive even if he lost both of his legs. The victim in the video is way beyond ever being able to smile and years away from looking somewhat normal if they did survive at all. Also the video shows that the victims hair is longish black and dyed bright yellow. The driver had very very shirt hair. And the dates don't match up. The crash happened early 2019 and I've seen the other video way back in 2016.

  • Ashique Hariram says:

    The drag racing accident in Cape Town is real btw Cape Town has legal drag racing strips yet stupid ppl still use the streets here

  • Sal The Destroyer says:

    3:42 I'm sorry but I really can't stop myself from hearing screams like those as young teens on Xbox Live chat

  • wait so did those people in the water just not know how to swim? or did something actively pull them underwater? i really don’t see how it’s possible for them to both drown when they were just standing waist deep a foot away, but i guess if you really have no idea how to swim and are tangled up with another person you can drown there.

  • Nic Halabicky says:

    Thank you for not actually showing any videos of monkey abuse. Animal abuse is the one thing I’m not at all interested in seeing in these videos.

    Love the series besides that though!

  • The scream video – Seems pretty fake. Two sets of 3 screams that keep the same volume among the sets and the same interval between each scream. It's an audio file. The rest of the sound has been dampened or else you'd hear the ambiance more clearly (traffic and probably winds.) Just compare the sound of the first video to the sound of the raw audio in the others.

    The monkeys – It being Youtube and all the monkey thing seems like a racially charged dog whistle which is why most of the names seem to be in english.

  • The hospital video isn’t that bad lol I’m not even in 8th grade yet and I’ve seen someone’s face blown off with a shotgun, now that’s a NSFL video

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    Wait the people in the river video didn't know how to swim? I'm sorry but that's just natural selection at work.

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