50 thoughts on “Disturbing Things from Around the Internet [Vol. 6] (ft. ScareTheater)”

  • Ok I don’t even need to see the rest of the first one to explain it, it’s just some crackhead doing crackhead shit

  • The last one is a fake 911 call from a fandom called Radioactive Uber Clan. She's a character murdered by an antagonist. There's a Wiki page about the fandom.

  • With that first clip I was thinking "oh that must be a cougar or some shit" but as soon as I heard the proper weeping all my doubt faded away and I shat my pants

  • AreYouThereGodIt'sMePhil ? says:

    Brother not to corret you buy it's pronounced Del Fi. Like Scifi. I live twenty minutes away from there. My cousin hosted a banquet and charity for their families. We are still hoping and praying we find the person responsible. Keep on rocking brother! Love your videos.

  • Jeffrey Mullen says:

    She killed her kids and then killed herself, now she spends her days looking for new kids to replace hers

  • Straight up my wife who is from central America talks about the weeping woman all the damn time. She believes in that sort of stuff, ghosts, demons, witches ect. Me nah its just crazy people, it's that simple walk down a street in a big city at night and you'll hear the crazies.

  • Those girls death is so sad and scary.
    "Never share your location online or go wandering in isolated areas."
    Being a young female we constantly have to modify our lives in fear of being harmed. Why can't we teach people to not cause harm instead of telling us to not live normal lives fear free.

  • I can read between the lines on that KC story: Male room mate loves his female room mate, she sees them as friends. Male loses his shit from frustration because he wants something more, it escalates, then the female dies.

  • Jeremiah Herrera says:

    First one was disappointing because i heard the same sound used in another video & apparently that is the sound of some animal. Forgot which type but yeah a weird creepy yet funny sound when two animals fuck :sentry:TM

  • Mason Fielding says:

    Is it normal for police to take naked photos? wtfff also why did they take away so many belongings like phones and such so they cant contact anybody?

  • Negl i thought the first one was just a cat cause mid way through it sounded like one but once i began to hear a human like weep then I completely ruled that theory out

  • Why anyone would let their young girls walk around in a secluded woods is beyond me. That’s just bad decision making. Those poor girls met their fate because adults didn’t act like adults.

  • You can hear junkies screaming like that in every major city in America. Shit ain’t that big of a deal. Junkies do crazy shit. Lol

  • ANTHROP The Urban Poet says:

    The Indonesian tsunami vid got me…all those people just chillin, you can see a man having a great time picking up his small son placing him on his lap, laughing and clapping…then 4 hundred and thirty some odd people died. Damn. I wonder if that dad, his kid, and their family survived

  • B is for bara2 says:

    man for the sake of god the first clip is a sound of fox or cat they are fucking good at making sounds like these and although no human scream like this it is definitly the way of fox screaming

  • when ANYONE refers to a "missing" loved one in past tense, its a huge red flag. every single time its a slip up

  • 4:03 That's oddly beautiful in an awful or awesome way depending on how you see it, especially the lightning.

  • putsome basilonit says:

    1st clip, look up "two lynx in Ontario Canada having a conversation", it sounds like it could be a similar species

  • In the first clip seems like shes screaming "ai a minha filha"(portuguese) it means something along the ñines of "oh my daughter"

  • Quick one, I've been binging your videos over the last couple of days, and have notice that you tend to misuse the phrase "manic episode". Mania, is a state of elevated arousal, and not "panic" or depression.

    Figured I would let it be known, as I caught it in quite a few videos now. Great content BTW

  • idk if im going crazy but that last normal photo that girl took on her snapchat it looks like theres someone standing at the far end of the bridge. Anyone else see that?

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