Distraught farmer breaks down on air over Trump’s trade war

Distraught farmer breaks down on air over Trump’s trade war

Farmers we spoke to here in Minnesota are
drained, mentally, physically, and emotionally over this trade war. Right now we’re standing on Gary Wertish’s
farm and he says, that while he initially supported the president using tariffs to bring
China to the negotiating table, he says that strategy is clearly not working. And he says the President is in jeopardy of
losing a lot of his base over this trade war. We also spoke to a farmer named Cindy, who
says she believes this trade war could change the face of American farming forever. It’s very scary. I mean, I sometimes stay up at night worrying
what the future does hold. You know, what do you tell your children that
want to farm? Do you tell them go find something else to
do? One of our sons already has. He’s already—sorry. He’s always had a passion to farm and because
you don’t know what the future’s going to bring, you almost want to encourage them to
go do something else. You hear Cindy there, very emotional about
this. She’s not the only farmer we’ve spoken to
Poppy that has been incredibly fearful about what the future holds. I also want to play for you sound from Garry
W farm we’re on today. Who talks about how the president really needs
to take this trade conversation off of Twitter and deal with this in a more private way. Take a listen to him. Words and Twitters and tweets, that doesn’t
pay the farmers’ bills. That doesn’t solve the problem we’re dealing
with. And this one is self-inflicted by our president. And we definitely agreed with him at the beginning. It doesn’t appear that there’s a plan B. And these Minnesota farmers aren’t the only
ones feeling the pain from Trump’s ill-fought trade war. The entire agricultural community has been
suffering as this administration continues to dig in its heels in its fight with China. This comes amid Trump’s decision to impose
a 10% tariff on the final $300 billion worth of goods coming from China. And this includes all consumer goods, like
electronics, clothing, phones, game consoles, and more. In retaliation, China has decided to cancel
all purchases of American agricultural products. Now, sales had already been decimated in the
lead up to this, but with that country pulling out of buying US products, that’s a staggering
$5.9 billion in revenue that vanished overnight. China is the world’s top buyer of soybeans,
and purchased 60% of US soybeans in 2018, which bodes really, really poorly for soybean
farmers this year. And this, DESPITE the Trump administration
having already redistributed to farmers TWO bailouts totaling $28 BILLION. And in case the word “redistribute” sounds
an awful lot like socialism, that’s because it’s …socialism. So while Republicans are screeching ad nauseum
into the void, fear mongering about how Democrats will turn the US into Venezuela by implementing
their dangerous socialist agenda (even though they never have and have no plans to), Republicans
are literally doing it right now. This is 9th grade psych class, obvious projection. And it’s not even subtle—It’s literally
right out in the open. Trump started a trade war, we’re all paying
more because of it, and then he turns around and doles out our tax dollars to farmers in
red states to try and buy them and protect his re-election bid. But as if that’s not bad enough, even this
administration’s blatant pandering was done unfairly. According to the USDA, the top 1% of farmers
were paid $188,000, while the bottom 80% of farmers averaged less than $5,000. Even their socialism is elitist while pretending
to be populist. And it’s not just Midwesterners. Wall Street is suffering an absolute beating,
with the market continuously shedding months of gains in days at a time. In just one day this week, we saw the Dow
lose 800 points, the Dow’s worst day of the year, and markets are now showing signs
of a recession. And look, I’m not saying we should’ve
seen this coming from a guy who bankrupted a casino, an airline, a beverage company,
a magazine, a mortgage company, a board game, a travel site, a steak company, a vodka company,
a university, and lost a billion dollars in a decade, I’m just—yeah no we should’ve
seen this coming. But the strangest part is that the White House
is STILL trying to argue that the trade war is a good thing. Trump tweeted numerous times just TODAY that
the US is somehow is supposedly winning and that it’s actually helping Americans. And yet, at the same time, the White House
also announced that it would delay the 10% tariff from September 1st to December 15th. And clearly, the objective is to push the
effects of the trade war until after the holidays. But look at what this says—the administration
is arguing simultaneously that the tariffs are good and that they are helping people
but they’re also delaying them, to help people. …Got it. And look, I’m not saying that China hasn’t
benefited from unfair practices and that something didn’t need to happen. But it doesn’t take a Nobel laureate to
realize that this ain’t it. Trump might have come into office on the pretense
of being a political outsider, but we are seeing in real time the consequences of having
someone in office who has the diplomatic touch of an atom bomb. His schoolyard bullying might have worked
in the Manhattan real estate market, or not, considering he’s lost more money over his
lifetime than most of us could even comprehend, but either way, it’s REALLY not working
in politics. So while Trump promised that trade wars are
good and easy to win, maybe we should’ve looked a little more closely at his definition
of winning first.


100 thoughts on “Distraught farmer breaks down on air over Trump’s trade war”

  • A "Great Democracy" imitating a "Communist" practice of financially aiding failed businesses with public money?
    Communism wins!

  • Most competitive yet being use as target.
    The most technically competitive industry the soya bean who can export to competitive China is being put to the front line of the war.
    Now that this industry is losing money how are the less competitive industry going to help America win the trade war.

    Now maybe Trump don’t see it like this.

    Who pays the tariff?
    American pay more tariff so that the deficit can reduce.
    (Hello American not the Chinese pays tariff)

    Pain is going to be Long if the policy is wrong.
    Assuming American believes that this is short term pain. The Long term gain is American manufacturing will make product and substitute the imported product from overseas.

    Can the American company from overseas come back to US and produce goods for all American and also export it. Can iphone come back and produce phones all in US? Will you buy it? Or will u chose Samsung because it is cheaper. If Trump also forces Samsung the same thing will you buy the expensive high end Samsung or you will be forced to chose a cheap phone.

    Magic of import duty to all countries.
    Yes US need to reduce the deficit. Isn’t it be magic if US says that all import will be tariffed then the rest of the world will feel fair and will not retaliate and China will keep buying Soya bean.

    Trump will eventually put tariff to most if not all countries. He can be selective of products. But he will hv to do it to reduce deficit. He had hit more or less Canada India S Korea China Mexico etc. The will be more coming.

    American accepted it if he use it as a weapon against China but who is suffering. Dude! The answer is here.

    Can tariff import but do it to all. Simple then there be no trade war. Just US trying to reduce deficit.

    Low Corporate tax.
    Benefit who. Big private company like who….. anyone say Trump group of companies. But this makes deficit worse. So who pays now. Who pays the tariff ?

    Thanks for sharing.

  • I don’t know why trump is doing this to the American farmer we voted for him thinking he would change things but it’s all the same

  • I find it strange that the farmers, or Americans in general, are unable to reason, or lack the sense if proportion. People elsewhere know that Trump and his Administration had been lying. Yet they, including the farmers, who'd suffered due to the trade war had continued to voiced their support for their Administration. They deserved what they get.

  • If Americans can pull down Trump immediately preventing him from doing more damages to America and the world,President Xi ,a humble and compassionate person would readily return normalised trades with Americans again,elevating poverty is his main agenda and trade war with America was not his fault nor desires,his building of foundations around the world with ports,power,infrastructures and rails are promising.

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  • Cristobal Huerta says:

    The president and the corporations want to break the farmers so that they can can buy farms cent on the dollar , that what corporations being doing , the president doesn't care about the farmers , it's all a front , shoved under the rug ,…….

  • Cristobal Huerta says:

    Any thing that the president touches he destroys , what good has he brought the country , nothing but misery and around the world , nothing for the people , but much for the major corporations , especially for industrial military complex ,…….

  • These white farmers saw Trumps white face and said we want a white man president we are sick of the black one and we hate women . it is that simple .

  • Eternal Darkness says:

    You knew how racist he is and what he will do if President.! So sad we are struggling to pay the bills but I feel no sympathy for this imbeciles they got what they asked for!,you think Trump was joking?!his super rich friends got tax cuts and you got rotting fields and businesses closing everywhere you did this!! Enjoy…..Trump 2020🤗!just because some politician tells you they are men and women of god you bend over spread your cheeks and vote for them 🤣😂primitive cave men enjoy your "Christian leaders appointed by God"🙃😊

  • Amazing how you got what you wanted now you act as if trump is a different than what you already knew. Trump sucked you in and SCREWED THEM UP THE ASS but if he stopped the tariffs today they would VOTE for him again.

  • Dennis Westbrook says:

    People have been fooled by others since time began. Unfortunately it was the farmers and other who were duped. It does break my heart to see this because they were hard working people until IT killed it for them. You see I grew up among these people. These people don't want handouts they just want to sell their products for a fair and honest price. No this pres has got to go like yesterday. Please CONGRESS IMPEACH THE ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You deserve everything you’re getting and then some! How does it feel you catching Hell now🤨 I feel nothing for MAGATS! They did it so now want to cry about it! Pull yourself up by your boot straps🧐

  • christopher clements says:

    This is cathartic for me. The way they talk sounds like they still support trump, they're just asking him to change his stance on this issue. Americans and voting against their own interests, name a more iconic duo

  • Why? Are American farmers exporting? Use water, cause pollution here send food there. This has a two fold problem. Pollution here. Higher prices here. Why because with a foreign market you can sell off any excess obroad while keeping prices high here. The English were exporting wheat from Ireland while the Irish starved! There is not one benefit to the average person from exporting natural resources.

  • Tribe of judah Lion says:

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  • American politics are wihout.CONSCIENCE. The Americans only care fo their own interests and support the presidents to go for wars .Everyone knew trade.war will hurt both.sides Yet US go ahead with the evil intention of hurtig Chinese whose average per capita is only 1/5 of US. Now after more than on year of trade war, US farmers are reaping.what they sow by voting Trump who advocate MAGA.

  • The damage is done. Farmers didn’t lose a sale. They lost a market. A lot of people sell soybeans. Why deal with Americans who are unpredictable and unreliable when you can go somewhere else. Does this sound like winning?

  • Farmers have been voting Republican since Reagan… even though he created the first huge consolidation of farms and drove thousands of them into bankruptcy. He did so to give food conglomerates more power over the farmers. Still, every election farmers vote for Republicans because they like the racism and the tough talk. Idiots.

  • Stephen Duquette says:

    America not only loses billions of dollars but American farmers will quit farming and do other work ! There won't be anyone with the skills ,know how, experience or hard work ethics to produce the food that hundreds of millions of Americans eat everyday . People will starve and there will be food shortages and high prices. Trump has already kicked out migrant farm workers , making it difficult for farmers to harvest their crop and raise livestock but now he has destroyed the export revenue which will shut down many farms …
    Obesity won't be a problem anymore . Starvation will take its place !

  • So Liberals are evil? The GOP tortures their own citizens.No one feels sorry for you.I hope you learned your lesson that hate, selfishness and we win forget everyone doesn't work.

  • Trump Fooled you once! Shame on Trump! If he Fools you again, Shame on You; for being Willfuly ignorant!! 👋🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

  • They are drained, mentally, physically, emotionally and now financially because they voted,believed and ate lots of B.S from a blabbering, lying, cheating "CONMAN ".they're made their bed of nails, now lie on it and cry yourselves to sleep, dam idiots.

  • They voted for Trump in 2016 and they got what they deserved ! Plain and simple! Good for them to see the consequence so fast and enjoy the ride to nothing !

  • You farmers deserve what you got you didn’t do your homework on the president he has conned the United States and you still support him I don’t feel bad for you not one bit. Trump ownes Mari Lago he charges $100,000 for the membership he becomes president he charges $200,000 for a membership you farmers deserve what you got! PS farmers when Donald Trump goes to his Mari Lago would you like to know how much money he makes when he stays on his property and the security guards stay there also what he makes and you pay for it dumbass!

  • they don't like socialism huh? how about sending back my tax dollars, ohhh you want to keep it? So socialism only works when you can benefit only.

  • Well I got the beer and pop corn and watching the greatest depression unfolding right in front of my eyes. Cheers from Cambodia. Good luck USA. You will need it.

  • Wow! How can you say let's make America great again when people are losing their farms, jobs, businesses are closing down.

  • HI we are CNN we only report on things that undermine Trump, and the candidates from the DNC who our corporate donors don't support like……Bernie or Tulsi or the Asian man, because we only like things our corporate donors like and fuck the American people. Great Democracy.

  • This comment section is exactly why Americans are so stubborn. No one in this country can admit they are wrong without crowds of dipshits agitating the wound. And you stupid fucks wonder why we can't get MAGA supporters to wake up and smell the roses. If they admit they are wrong a thousand of you will descend on them with your condescending tone and pious attempts of "educating" them. We'll never turn this country around if we don't let people quietly admit they were wrong.

    So maybe stop circle jerking about how "right" you were and figure out a way to socially reward people for updating their ideas and mental model of reality. It is after all our fucking food supply you are cheering on to burn. These people voted for him because he at least pretended to take them seriously, they'll do it again if you dipshits keep on kicking them when they are down and scared.

  • Living With Ericka says:

    Trump is such a good businessman. But compare his net worth and BUSINESS sense to that of Warren Buffett. People voted for him WITHOUT doing the research. He's got lawsuits, many many failed businesses, bankruptcies etc. That's NOT a good businessman. Do your research before you vote for these guys.

  • If it walks like a socialist and talks like a socialist then the "God hates socialism" banner is pretty effing ironic if you ask me.

    This Brian guy… His sense of humour does not match his accent. I like him.


  • So farmers are finding out what it's like to be a contract employee. It's frightening not knowing when you next job or source of income will come from. At least most farmers have land to sell.

  • No sympathy for any of these stupid ass motherfuckers, they voted for this tangerine turd that THEY ELECTED, so as far as I'm concerned, YOU decided to shit & piss in YOUR bed, now shut the fuck up and take your dumbasses to bed. GOODNIGHT!!!!!!! Sleep tight.

  • I'm sorry but good for you for voting for Trump next time use the few brain cells that you have and educated yourself before voting I hope you get more

  • Three years ago there was two HUGE painted signs on a big farm that read…”Lock Hilary Up” and “USA for tRump.” Well, I don’t see those signs anymore. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I hope her son is happy selling meth n weed,now since he has easy access to all you need to cook meth n grow weed😏…he can now capitalize💰 on the opiod epidemic in those areas👻. Good ol amerikkkan ingenuity capitalism n entreprenaurship spirit still alive in kickin👻. "Living the dream bubba. Gawd bless murikkka🇺🇸. Mama dont cry we can still be fuck buddies, i just cant front you n pa anymore free dope.ok?" 😁

  • She is scared of what the future holds for her children….ever gave a thought for the children in the countries your evil government destroyed?? Karma is a bitch afterall.

  • Lmfao just thinkin about it….they supported n lobbied to get a TRILLION DOLLAR tax cut passed into law!!😂 Now those twits out here crying on the news, like somebody raped their son or choked their daughter to death outside of a store for selling cigs😏😏😏 fuck em!! Go get ur pussy grabbed n sit down n shut tf up before we build a wall around your ungrateful lazy handout wanting asses. Or lock yall tf up in cages til you feel better😏😏😏don't like it then go back to your own shithole motherland. Stop complaining n whinning its unpatriotic😏😏😏

  • China does not need US farm products!
    China can buy same products all over the world!
    China would like to buy US products as always!
    The Tariffs bills are paid both side by consumers!
    Trump says China is paying for the tariff & that’s a lie!
    We the consumers are paying more out of our pockets!!!

  • You guys made your bed with this guy and now you have to lie in it. I want to feel sorry but I can't and won't. You knew exactly the kind of person Trump was before the election and know you're having the bitter aftertaste.

  • i think the farmers who support/work with the likes of monsanto & any other destructive company are slowing being stopped from producing their poisonous crops because gaia is now getting cleaned up of all forms of abusers, abuse & corruption on all levels; and NO ONE or thing can stop the unprecedented positive changes occurring & increasing here now: How Your Governments Will Be Destroyed and… Your Awakening (8-18-2016): https://youtu.be/PNKnhtcKYrY

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