Disidencias Radio Entrevista a TylerPreston20

Disidencias Radio Entrevista a TylerPreston20

♫ He’s our friend, he’s Tyler ♫ ♫ He’s your only black friend, so he’s the best ♫ ♫ I wouldn’t trade him for anyone ♫ ♫ He’s our friend, he’s Tyler ♫ Hello! Welcome to another Disidencias Radio show. Today I’m accompanied as always with Morgana. Hello! And Kristo. Hey, how’s it going? How are you? More so, we have a very special guest. Well, I’ll say it: TylerPreston! Hey everyone. I’m TylerPreston20. I’m a Youtuber from the United States and it’s my first time doing an interview in Spanish because basically my first language is English so it’s a little hard to speak in Spanish so I hope that my Spanish is sufficient for this podcast. I have to thank you for having the strength to do the interview in Spanish. You have a lot of merits and I’m looking forward to learn a lot about what’s happening there in the United States. Tyler: the first thing I want to ask you is: why was the Black Lives Matter movement born? Black Lives Matter is a answer to police brutality. I’m not sure in Spain but basically we have a ton of problems with the police with brutality. We hear about this news everyday and basically Black Lives Matter is an answer to those things. But for the Black Lives Matter cause, there’s many people who are crazy. For example: I know that a Black Lives Matter woman said “I hope that all white people are dead” or something like that. Another example of racism from Black Lives Matter is for the meetings for some people who want white people behind black people. Another example is that many people think that black people can’t be racists against whites and things like that. And basically, that’s the history of Black Lives Matter. Like Tyler mentioned, I recall a Youtube video from a few years ago in which the Canadian Black Lives Matter organizer, I dunno if it was the same woman actually, she wrote a statement on her personal Facebook where she practically said that white people are subhuman, that white people are second rate to blacks. So, when you see these declarations from the supposed organizer, to repeat again, from this organization, you’ll be baffled to look at what she wrote. So, do you think that it’s an anti white organization or like you said Tyler, was it born as an answer to police brutality? Sure, they make you doubt a lot, although it’s true that, I can’t say it because this women said these declarations. The whole organization could be wrong or broken inside of the organization. However, also in this Youtube video, you can see this woman together with another group of people went to a place, a meeting, where a group of teachers had a meeting one day and they were practically sabotaging it because the teachers were white and they felt very bad because there weren’t any black people but you have to see to it, it was a meeting and no worries, you have nothing to see if there is or isn’t black representation because that’s what we’re going to do, I can bother you because there’s no Latinos and my friend can relate because there weren’t any Chinese people. I dunno things like that. You have to think about where this organization is heading to because ultimately, it’s a bad view because the truth is that Black Lives Matter earned this bad notoriety. One of the American Black Lives Matter founders Alicia Garza have in fact wrote “Black Lives”, not “All Lives”. It doesn’t changes the topic talking about your life. It also matters. The first thing I would like to ask you is how long have this organization been around. How much time? I believe it was 2014. Okay. These PC identitarian groups and such came in full-force recently. It’s very recent. I’ve seen a lot of parallels with feminism where we live. Have you for example Tyler seen the transition of this organization, this movement before this happened? Is this type of counterpoint from the black race considered a form of racism? I think so because when many people say things like “blacks can’t be racist against whites”, of course, it’s a form of racism. Do you believe all of this was born from some type of feeling of interiority because black people have been marginalized in the United States? A feeling of interiority. A few cliches behind the black race? Or simply there have been people saying “look, there’s business and we can take advantage of it”? I’m not sure but it’s very important to say that our history with race is very complicated. In the past, we had slavery. We had black slaves. And after the slaves of our country, we have tons of things. For example: separate businesses and separate schools and after all of this, we had the Civil Right Act of 1964 and I don’t believe it’s a form of interiority. I believe that it’s an answer to the police. But the Irish were also slaves and they weren’t doing the same thing and there were also segregation. Like you also said, segregation of black people. When I’ve studied slavery, I’ve found many businesses or companies which didn’t allow Irish people. They couldn’t enter, they couldn’t work here, and they don’t feel the same way. Would you like to say that the African American people demographic and Irish people…? African Americans are 13% of the population and Irish people, I dunno what they represent but they were a million, give or take. Yeah, because there’s much more whites in this country and for the rest of the races, there’s less of them. I would like to point out that we imitate what you guys do. Black people are more adapted and they have things from white culture, the white esthetic and right now, they’re rescuing all these new concepts to push much more African culture under the excuse that every one have a race classification and that they’re culturally appropriating. I believe cultural appropriation is hogwash because it’s a form of separatism. I don’t have problems if you want to share African things and if a person want an afro for the head, no worries. It’s rubbish, it’s nonsense, I believe we need a world without cultural appropriation. It’s really funny, this cultural appropriation. There have been many videos on social media of black people on the streets coming to a white women about her hair and the black person was offended and was really ridiculous. And when they are talking about Irish slaves, it’s true that’s there’s very little on TV about their slavery and Irish slavery in the United States. It has been precisely a few days since we were talking about it because I also spoke with Xiomara and they started a TV series where they talked about how many Irish people who committed crimes in their country and were deported to the United States to serve their time there. What I wanted to say in the first place was that on TV, they’ve talked about the enslavement of Irish people and the sentences they paid in the United States. It surprised me a lot to see this representation there. Because people don’t talk about white slavery When they talk about slavery, the first thing they put in your head is black slavery No one talks about white slavery. Have anyone read or seen white slavery in the United States? I don’t think so but I know that there’s many people from Ireland And that there’s a lot of history with all of it but that’s it. Let’s see, I think it reached you, in the US, what happened with the “Three Wise Men” in Alcoy, where people paint their face in black and they dress themselves up as Balthazar. Sure, sure, in this case I don’t think it’s a form of racism because Spanish and American history is different, that is to say, even though we have a very racist history about blackface, it is not the same case for Spain, because for this event there is people from all over the world, that’s why it is not racism for me. Also, they said that we were doing a black people caricature, as we were standing their red colored lips out and all this stuff, and then they say “Tyler is the only one who realizes”, is there more people like you, from black race, who realizes that all this is, I don’t know, some kind of madness? Yes, I think so, there are lots of people on YouTube who are speaking about this and think that this is nonsense, because lots of people don’t agree with the movement For example: there are lots of people talking about this, I know this YouTuber called Some Black Guy. And there are other YouTubers called Satsu2Cents? Yes, he’s called Satsu2Cents, and well, they speak about this topic, and there are more people talking about this, and well, they do not agree with this madness. Do you feel alone in this madness, or are there more people around you, especially black people, who say “hey, guys, are we going insane”? I think that there are few people who believe on this matter, that there are many more black people who are against it. I find Tyler’s answer very interesting and I’d like that, well, that there are lots of people against this nonsense, that, sometimes it feels as we are alone on this but it is not so. And I would like to ask Tyler his opinion about how these identity movements influence TV series and movies. I think that there are two types of diversity, and I do not think that the diversity concept is a bad thing in itself. But I think that the organic diversity is much better than what we have here, because there are lots of this subject, I dunno many but Nick Fury is a good example, because on the original comic he was a white man, but in the movies he is a black man. For example on Netflix, in all Netflix original series and movies, we can see plenty of diversity, and it feels forced. You can feel there is a political agenda behind these TV series and movies. I think that they think that there are lot of people who want this diversity, because they think that there are too many white people in our movies, too many whites in our shows and well, I don’t think it’s organic, because in reality, what’s what’s important is that we have very good characters I don’t think race is so important. I will explain about this “organic” concept, because perhaps in Spain it does not have the same meaning. Here, “organic” means that something is natural. Tyler says there are two types of diversity, one is natural, flows naturally, this guy impersonates very well his character, it doesn’t matter if he’s black, and the other one is this forced diversity we are finding. I totally agree with diversity in films and TV series, nothing wrong with it, I watch TV since I can remember and there have always been black, Chinese, Latino characters, and no problem with that, but lately then, as I watch Netflix a lot, well, not so much now, I watched it, that I felt that, in every movie I watched there ought to be a black guy alongside a white guy, there ought to be lesbians, or gay people, and there ought to be an Asian person, otherwise it is not a Netflix show, because there has to be mandatory diversity. And many times, life doesn’t work that way. For example, at my job, I’m the only mestiza, so to speak, everybody is white at my job, so I think that my life would not be acceptable for a Netflix show, because there is no diversity, anywhere. That’s because Netflix has been contaminated by political correctness, completely, but what I think is that there is a white hegemony in movies and movies’ history in general, not for nothing, but because the United States enjoy a great cinematographic culture and, as there is a predominantly white demographic, so it is normal that movies depict more white people and that the stories being told are more “white-centric”, likewise in Europe where we also do lots of films, we are all white in Europe then it is normal. It’s the same thing for Japan. It doesn’t mean that you cannot shoot a film about people who are from other races, of course you can, but what they say is: “no, you have to give visibility, because you have to give visibility”, but let’s see, you have to give visibility if it is relevant, but not by force. Exactly. For example, with the latest scandals, now the Little Mermaid is going to be black, well I’m not saying that this girl is not going to perform brilliantly, but for example, from Disney, my all-time favorite is the Little Mermaid. When I saw that the Little Mermaid was going to be impersonated by a black girl, the first thing I thought was: “well, let’s see, no problem, this girl sings beautifully, she’s pretty”, but then I thought, “but Ariel is white”! I don’t want to condition you but, don’t you think this is a bit racist? They considering race above everything else, right? I don’t think this is a form of racism but it is not organic, because when you are doing a movie with lots of characters it is important that the actors are the same characters in the books And I don’t think Disney needs more blacks for its movies. Exactly. And it feels as Kristo said, race is above everything else. First they say “no to racism” but then, the race of the girl who will star in the movie is important so, in the end, it is important or not? Therefore, it is notorious and crystal clear that there is political agenda in Disney. I, for instance, think that it is racist, not in the pejorative meaning, as discrimination, but I think it is racist because they are looking for the characteristics of a race to use them as axis for the character. I believe racism was fought by simply naturalizing people beyond their race, as sexism was fought by naturalizing people beyond their sexual orientation or sexual identity. One other thing: Everybody says that in Hollywood there are only white people, but what Hollywood has are Jews. Directors, writers, producers… When I talk to Jewish people here, they always say that they are a separate race, the Hebrew race. Nobody complains about this. No, no, it is known, at least as far as I know, that cinematographic industry is controlled by the Jews, basically, but movie roles are gotten by white people because there is a white hegemony. But Kristo, there is another conflict. People see white people and think, and take for granted, that white means Christian. The Jews, the Hebrews, as they call themselves, I don’t say this, they say it to me, the Jews I speak with every day, you see them and you cannot tell the difference between a Jew and a Christian. They are more an ethnic group than a race, no? I speak about how they consider themselves. They come from Israeli lands, and they see themselves as a separate race. It’s great, I don’t care very much. What I mean is that we see so many white people that we take for granted that all of them are white as in European white, and that’s not always the case necessarily. And that’s not a thing the audience takes in account. I see Denzel Washington acting and I do not see a “fucking nigger”, I see a great actor, a powerful one, knowing how to behave, classy, impressive. I’m in love with Denzel Washington. He is very masculine, attractive, he is a man, we were talking the other day about alpha males, he is an absolute alpha, when I see him acting I do not see a black man, he can perform any role, just as Morgan Freeman, even though Morgan Freeman is a great actor, don’t move him out of the calm, serene, majestic roles. Speaking about Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman and Black History Month, Tyler, do you remember, right, that Morgan Freeman said on an interview that he found it ridiculous? I think that the interview with Morgan Freeman, well, mmm, I agree with him. I’m not sure about Spain, but in this country we have Black History Month when we celebrate a lot of things about black people in this country, but I don’t think it’s a good idea, because I think we don’t need a month for black people, we need to speak about American history every day. I agree, in fact, that excerpt of the conversation, it was a conversation with a Jew who told him “I’m black but you are Jewish, would you like to have a Jewish History Month?” That’s it, I think we have to start to look people above their physical characteristics, right Tyler? True, because when we are talking about race all the time there is much more racism, but when we do not speak about race, there is less. What do you think about African feminism, or black feminism? Black feminism? I’m not familiar with this movement. Here it has proliferated a lot, the black feminism, and the feminists with African origins say that the white feminists are oppressing black feminists. It sounds very ridiculous to me, because I think that we have the same thing in this country, for example we have this thing called intersectionality, where there are lots of black feminists talking about race. What Kristo said reminds me something with the AfroFeminas account, who didn’t want to participate in the Women’s Day march because it was a march organized by white feminists, and the white feminists, being whites, were oppressors. And it sounds ridiculous to me, we are going to the Women’s March, you are a woman and you go to Women’s Day March, right? Wrong. They had to pervert Women’s Day with race issues. Women’s Day? I throw this question to the audience: what is the oppression caused by white feminists on black feminists? Right now in Spain, there is a woman on trial, called Ana Julia Quezada, because she killed her boyfriend’s son. Is she Dominican? Yes. Because they are saying the we accuse her because she is black, not because she’s a murderer, but because she is black. What’s your opinion on this? Has something similar happened, in the US? No, I don’t think so, I cannot recall any news similar to this. We have this news in Spain, in English, talking about this, and I think it is nonsense, if one person wants to kill another one, he should be in jail. It is not racism, because when you commit a crime, it is important that you spend long time in jail. Well, Morgana has to leave us, so Morgana, goodbye. See you later, regards, and thank you very much Tyler. You’re welcome. Tyler, if we dig deeper on what this people means, what they mean is that when someone commits a crime, and people insult him, they use some physical attribute that might be different. There are few black people here, so what are they going to tell her? Well, black. If she was a killer with very big ears, they are going to call her Dumbo. And they say it is a way to unleash the racism inside many people. Do you think this is correct, because they see a black person, or is it because she is physically different, because there are fewer black people in Spain? I don’t think it is a form of racism, because if you want to commit a serious crime in Spain, or other parts of the world, it is important that these people spend a great amount of time in jail. It’s very important that blacks are responsible for their actions and I don’t think that’s a good idea that blacks are victims of a lot of things but obviously some things that blacks are not the victims. For example: if a person wants to kill another person obviously it’s not racism because it’s due of their actions it’s not because of racism. If blacks want to be responsible for their actions, it’s important that it’s not about racism all the time. Mankind are equal and it’s important that we need laws for all races. Tyler: I wanted to ask you what we were already talking about feminism and racism together with quotas, you go to university, you go to companies and there are quotas for women and for blacks. I don’t agree with that concept because basically I think it’s important that we have to work for our successes. For example: I know that there’s a university, I think is in Massachusetts, California, and we have many tests to enter the university. There are fewer points for whites and Chinese and more points for blacks. This is a kind of racism, I don’t agree. Another example of this, of course is government and jobs and well I don’t think it’s a good idea. because I don’t think equality of outcomes is a good idea because you’re saying people they can’t do it without help because of their race. It’s bad for black people because they’re there as a vagrancy and they make them simplify and they’re paving the way for them and then they don’t have to prepare like a white, then a white is going to have a better preparation. I agree. The people who believe in this nonsense think we don’t have the ability to do it. Did you know that the abortion clinic Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger was very racist? In fact, today those clinics are mostly in neighborhoods where most of the population is black. But we see black women defending those clinics and look at the abortion numbers and it really seems that they are killing off their own race. What do you think? For the issue of abortion, I personally am… I am not pro-life and I agree that the woman has the right to abort, but sometimes some people are crazy, and well there are many people. For example: some rats who think we need the abortion for 9 months, but it’s crazy and for the case of race with the abortion I think the woman was a racist woman and it’s very sad that there are many people like her, but at the same time I don’t think the past is very important. The past is the past and the discussion of abortion is important that we talk about the most recent events. Let’s see: Xiomara then what you’re saying is that it looks like the black race in the U.S. are trying to exterminate themselves? Yes, the feeling I get is that because you look at the black population is 13% of the total which assumes that women will be about half of 7.5%, but when they look at the abortion numbers, black women practically abort more than white women almost proportionally. It’s crazy. It was in the data for New York, right? Yes, here for example in New York if you look at the exact numbers and this is that there are too many black women abort instead of using condoms or other means, but like women who have aborted more than five and six times. Well or donations at Parenthood clinics. Do you think there are more abortions by the black population because they are not equitably at the same level as the white population? That is to say that there is still marginalization within some low within some cities and that leads them to marginality to illiteracy to commit crimes and that’s why these people are more likely to do this sort of thing? It’s too hard to answer. I think there are more abortions with blacks because I think it’s probably a matter of education because for our schools. We don’t have a lot of money for, for example, books and for classes we don’t have the same schools as whites and other races. I have for example seen the black population when the issue of slavery ends during the Civil War. They are the ones who settle in the ghettos that are maintained today, okay? They went up from the south to the north and settle in the areas in which they really are. They sought to be as close as possible to the cities from there. I do not know at what time it starts to be given it is all free because here I told you once here is the Internet pays you the government and then what I see is that you do not want to get ahead because it is very easy to live with everything free. They cry “it’s because I’m black” all the time. “Okay then, take more things for free.” and they really don’t make an effort to get out of the hood. You can see that because the ones who wants to get out of the hood doesn’t just come to a school here in Manhattan and say no to you, you can’t enter because you’re black. What they say is you can’t enter because you don’t live in this area. The same thing happens in Spain. You go to school. So if the black doesn’t want to leave the hood, it shouldn’t be my problem. I don’t look at it because you’re black. I look at it because you’re lazy. Like it happens to me. When I was in Spain in the ghetto where I come from and they’re all white and lazy, same with their skin color. The problem that’s clear. Kids aren’t already born from the same point that nobody is to blame, that it is an arbitrary thing but people, because they do not depart from the same point. They don’t depart from the same point. A black guy from the ghetto than a white guy who live in an affluent district than the black guy. So, the black guy in the ghetto is going to have to overcome many more difficulties to be able to be in the labor market. But I repeat: race has nothing to do with me because I am… Of course not the race, but if the influence of the people who are raising you in that aspect, I wonder is it due to the lack of culture that can still be inside those ghettos and it seems that it continues to be passed from generation to generation and this leads us to not knowing how to control more of the unwanted pregnancies and that they have to resort to this and then they are more lazy because for the state, it’s much quicker to pay them and isn’t it necessary to give them mechanisms so that they can be better adapted within this society? Okay. I’d like to give you an example of how I’ve experienced this. My company is dedicated to buying buildings: the purchases are renovated because they are usually very old buildings and they are rented again. Okay. So recently they bought a building in a Brooklyn ghetto which is a black majority ghetto. The black community demanded of my company that the workers who were going to renovate the building could only be black, do you understand? No, I am not excusing them, but I believe that also when there is a minority that is seen to be a little in danger between quotation marks, they will tend to protect each other more. I understand, but now my director who is Jewish had to take off the kipah to enter the neighborhood which warned the pastor, right? So I just want black workers we hire workers in their own community. Two didn’t show up at work for the interview directly and the third came late to work the first three weeks until finally he was fired because he was an hour and a half two hours late then he left two hours before it was a violation. You talk for whatever reason you’re pushing back and he’s being racist to others and then you come and cry to me? Tyler: to me what Xiomara is saying reminds me of the gypsy race. They do exactly the same thing. It goes without saying: I know gypsies who are integrated, have a great education, but mostly because they are also inside their ghettos, they protect each other they have their values that are different from ours and they do not adapt to a society that is not made for them because hegemonically they’re white, right? And then clear then they dedicate themselves then to delinquency, right? They do not end up integrating because they already start from an educational base where they themselves do not want because they already have their own norms and have their own scale of values that is different. In fact, I think the same thing happens when for example: whites are afraid of the gypsies because gypsies have more facility or culture because they have learned it so I am not here judging, more facility for the violence they are more thrown forward for that aspect. And there in the U.S., I think it happens a little bit with the same black color and white color as blacks, For example, the prisons are the ones that handle the cotarro, the ones that really scare, don’t they? I think that in the case of Spain it is important that there are many people with the same values, I believe that if you want more people from other parts of the world, it is important that they can learn the culture, it is important to learn the language, it is important that people enter classes. I believe that this has been a work on the part of… both the communities that are little more marginal and the hegemonic ones, don’t you? I believe that a job of all not to stigmatize, always try to give each individual with a new look, right? Each individual is different. And that these people who are marginalized because I also tried a little effort to get out of it and show that you can, right? True because I can remember a period of many people of the Islamic religion, the leader of this group said “do you want the law to be the Islamic law for this country”? I can’t recall the country. But a lot of people play with concept and it’s crazy. Tyler…having… now seems like a crusade against the white straight man emphasized and underlined white, do you consider that as a black man they are more benevolent with you or that they are also living the subject of feminism as if it were torture? I don’t believe in this concept because, basically, I don’t believe that all people are guilty of past actions. The past is the past and I don’t think whites are guilty of any actions. There’s a lot of history of a lot of people doing bad things to whites, doing more things to blacks, doing more things to Chinese, doing bad things. It’s the first time I’ve heard that this news, but it’s a bit… it’s an example of the Oppression Olympics. What does it mean? The concept of intersectionality and there are many people who think, that many people have many more points for oppression. For example, women are more oppressed than men and blacks are much more oppressed than whites, and so on. Yes, what Tyler’s referring to is real, It seems that now we receive points of “ah, you are a woman, then you have so many points to be better” and “ah, he’s black, therefore, many points”. So, yes, it generates the white straight man as the worst thing happening. He knows it’s the state reading for being black. Well, nothing, Tyler, it’s been a pleasure talking to you, and not because you’re black. Okay? In addition, you know that we love you very much you are because you are younger than we are, our cute and very handsome child. You’re handsome! You have beautiful eyes, Tyler, I don’t know how you still don’t have a girlfriend, but I’ll leave it there, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. I don’t have a girlfriend, but I want a girlfriend. Spaniards who don’t have a girlfriend! I want a Spanish girlfriend. Okay and for this podcast you can find me on many social media. For example, I have Minds.com, Facebook.com, YouTube and finally Twitter @tylerpreston20 . Well you’re a while because sometimes Twitter throws you out, we’ll leave all of this in the description box so that you can easily locate Tyler. He’s worthwhile. Also to his Youtube channel. He uploads many videos in Spanish. On Twitter too and he talk about these kind of things in Spanish so that you know what is happening with all this Black Lives Matter, racism and so on. With greetings and until next time. ♫ He’s our friend, he’s Tyler! ♫ ♫ I wouldn’t trade him for anyone ♫ ♫He’s our friend, he’s Tyler ♫ English Translation: TylerPreston20, @joe2death @CousinOlaf & @Galahad78


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