Directions and navigation with the new Google Maps app

Directions and navigation with the new Google Maps app

Google Maps can help you find where you are where you’re going and how to get there first make sure you’re signed into your account this lets you save locations such as your home and work to get started search for an address or the name of a place then tap the directions button press the arrows on the side to reverse the route you can choose between driving public transit biking or walking you can even choose different route options select the route you want by tapping it your path to the destination will be previewed on the map sometimes you’ll be alerted to incidents on the road tap on the incident to learn more about it you can choose from multiple routes by swiping the directions info sheet to switch between options once you’ve chosen a route press start to get voice-guided GPS navigation to your destination Google Maps also has dynamic rerouting offering you faster routes as you travel you can choose to accept the new route or to stay on your original course start navigating and exploring confidently today with Google Maps for Mobile


97 thoughts on “Directions and navigation with the new Google Maps app”

  • Juan Carlo Moreno Broco says:

    estaría bien si supiera que dice, pero me gustaría que mi dispositivo, siempre tenga, GPS, vaya a donde sea, me gusta estar bien orientado.

  • Claudio Agostini says:

    It is not possible to select the starting point directly from the map.
    The feature "my maps" has disappeared. And there are a lot of other useful features missing.
    Very bad update! Thumbs down for Google!

  • Really messed up this. What took one click from the home screen and speaking to get location has become totally insane. Pull over and spend 10 minutes to get back to navigation voice directions? Yes drove an extra 30 miles until I recognized where I was. Pretty much agree with previous comment but I don't talk quite like that.

  • Vinayak Pachkawde says:

    thats perfect. my mom got shocked when she received the ipad3 from this website on behalf of me. i am telling you, simply put your email and number and wait for your parcel. rush it here >>

  • Malediciton1 second ago Google maps my ass the worst update ever my places gone have no idea how to edit saved places or even how to save one what happened to bookmark added edit addresses shit worse than my hairy ass

  • I hate the new update! Everything is all over the place and isn't intuitive at all! Why put "save area" within the search field? Wtf!
    Also, how do I star/bookmark a place and view my previous stared placed in one list?

  • how about offline maps? looks like they took it off. this was something really useful when you don't want to use DATA.

  • after restarting my phone the navigation started working again but its still not as good as it use to be. you dont get that close up view anymore but instead you see the arrow looking down from the sky instead of following the arrow from behind. if you make a wrong turn then you would think it would reroute you.. nope, signal just gets lost.

  • The navigation is still there but horrendously buried. It's opposite of whatever is considered "intuitive". This update was pointless, confusing and seems to lack initiative and really peeled back the lead brought about by the Apple maps hiccup. I love Google and their products and I'd be willing to pay for the Maps / Navigation, but not this version. Please recalculate.

  • Marga Gelabert says:

    Can anybody explain how can I see a layer with a map I've created on my google account about Budapest? I want to see it in my Nexus4 but I can't find where I can add the layer…

  • MrJerrylieblich says:

    Please listen to your users' latest comments. This version of maps is not only lacking the features we have all come to love (and for me the reason I chose Android over other platforms), but it also is terribly buggy. It can't seem to keep track of my gps anymore. When I drive down the highway it keeps thinking that I took an exit and constantly reroutes. When I reverted to the old version the problem was fixed.

  • been using nav since day 1. this is a horrendous update, especially for someone that depends on the app for their daily travel needs. the interface is now borderline dangerous to use during driving with extremely tiny buttons and poor contrast with no night view or 3D view during navigation. i understand the need to incorporate more businesses into the app to drive ad revenues but there are certainly better ways to achieve this. i honestly cannot even believe this was a google made product…

  • Zakaria Mekesser says:

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  • Using new Maps and could not find where to "Remove Tollway" directions from my rout. It isn't under setting or any place obvious. I really think they have forgotten to include it in route options. Having different routes is great but not if it does not distinguish between tolls and no tolls

  • What sort of "upgrade" is this? We can no longer speak locations, the layers option is completely missing (gas, parking, etc.), and all sorts of lesser features are magically vanished. The new version is like some Apple product – no controls and you get what you get and you had better like it. Please give me pack the nice version we had before where I could actually get to my destination (with ease!)

  • George Grazette says:

    Had to uninstall, so confused on how to use a program that I've used for the past couple of years. Latitude gone !Damm this suck!!!! What happened to the traffic & satellite view. Iam sorry to say guys, I install it 3 times trying to figure out why this program sucks so Badd! It ran laggy on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, could not for the life of me figure that out. If in a Edge or G data area forget about use it! Frecking Useless Crap!!!!!!

  • ragazzi facciamo capire a google quanto hanno rovinato l'applicazione maps con il pollice giù ! guys do understand that they have ruined the google maps application with the thumbs down!

  • The new update ruined this once great app. Why would Google take away the most basic feature of navigation view without having to put in a destination? Now the only way to get navigation view is with a destination, even if you know your way. Otherwise it is map view which doesn't work correctly while driving. The newer version is fine except for this huge blunder and loss of such a basic feature found in every GPS. Fix this one issue and the update will be just fine. Uninstalling until fixed.

  • Omg i spent 1 hour trying to view the "how to get there" selecting from this point of the map to this other point, i couldnt, i had to re install the previous version, this New app SUCKS

  • Hammerhaus Kennel says:

    I'm getting to like the new Google Maps Navigation app a lot better, but really the old Navigation app would still be my "go-to" app if it was still available on my phone. It did what I wanted it to do with very little effort. This one requires more choosing and whatnot, and that is not always good when you're driving…

  • Hammerhaus Kennel says:

    If this was the only navigation app we had ever had available, then probably I would love it because I wouldn't know about the superior "Blue Arrow Navigation" app. But then again maybe I would just have left my Garmin in my car. :-/

  • The Blue Compass Navigation is still on your phone. Go to "Manage Apps," select Google Maps, and select "Uninstall Updates." Restart your phone and the BULLETPROOF EASY-TO-USE blue arrow is back in your apps list, ready to get you to your destination w/o any fuss. You just can't update the sucker….EVER, until Google gets its head out of its rear end.

  • Dear maps, I wanna be able to choose an alternate route that "I" prefer, not have you pick the one you think it's best for me, you smug!

  • Jörg Hinrichsen says:

    To use my location sucks! I think it's good to use my location as a starting point, but how if I want to change it? Oh I just tap on it and then I type in an address… Really I have to type in the street name which I have to remember since I cannot copy text in Google Maps, why can I not just select the fucking location on the map with my finger like in the old days? Google Maps was my favorite app and now I hate it. The old version was also one hand friendly.

  • They never demonstrate the navigation while actually DRIVING…ever tested that?… about distracted driving. I keep an apk file of the old version handy….will work until G kills it…sigh..

  • How do I add multiple stops to a trip? Is this even possible anymore? Please create a video on this, as I'm too dumb to figure it out. Also is it still possible to save a portion of a map to the device for when you have no data?

  • michael jeacock says:

    notice they switch to car mode for navigation because the dumb twats killed navigation in public transport mode. sod you google.

  • Google screwed the pooch on this one. Navigation is a more important app than maps. It gets used more than Maps. So WHY bury Navigation INSIDE the Maps app? Navigation was better as a stand-alone app. You can fix this by going into the Play Store, search for Google Maps, and uninstall the program. It won't really uninstall, it will simply revert back to the old version with stand-alone navigation.

  • esta semana me fallo el gps, no se como arreglarlo ya no me da las indicaciones por voz y es dificil manejar y leer ademas de que en algunos lugares esta prohibido manejar y usar el celular helpmee plis 

  • This is absolute crap. What if I want to know the distance between two places that aren't my work or home, I have to save one of them first? Absolute bullshit.

  • I understand why they'd want to integrate Navigation into Maps, but it ends up being way less intuitive than simply having a dedicated navigation app. Everything is now buried beneath the standard map menus, and it's not always clear where Navigation ends and Map begins.

  • Using latest update on 4.2.2. There is NO direction info sheet… there is NO 'start' icon for Navigation. So in effect I have NO Navigation. Useless bunch of idiots.

  • I'm sure this app and update is great if you are American and travel within USA and can still access internet without going roaming. Unfortunately, most of us use maps when traveling in places where we can only access internet in our hotel rooms, cafés or by using roaming. And to be honest, who the hell can afford roaming? The offline functionality of the maps really needs to be better.

  • لطفا راهنمایی کنید جهت نصب چکارباید کرد.انگلیسی no و googleplayدانلود نمیکنه

  • What if I didn't quite hear the last given instruction… can I repeat it so that I can hear it again without going around the block???  Maybe a button I can press that will repeat the last instruction??  I don't think I can do this can I?

  • Just did two trips by motorbike with this app: Switzerland – South Italy and Switzerland Southern France: the navigation was spot on! Never got lost in over 2500 km of driving. 
    Good job guys!

  • That's an allot of stops and looking at the screen. What happened to the basic Navigator that knows where you are now and all you do is speak where you want to go and you get instant turn by turn directions.

  • Can I do this without internet???? I want to go on a trip but google does not allow me to search up anything. says I am offline. How am I suppose to travel somewhere if I cant leave my house to get the map to work because of wifi? Also I am not buying $70 worth of data so forget it. I want train routes also

  • Caroline Reynolds says:

    anyone here know how to make manual adjustments along the given route on the iPhone google maps app (similar to how one can do this on the web browser version on my MacBook?)?

  • Just got a new phone. I can't see how to make a map "from" a specific address, not home and I'm not there now, to another location, where I am not, and save it, for several trips. I've gotten no kind of answer in any videos. HELP.

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