Dineo Moeketsi Shares Wedding Planning Tips | V-Entertainment

Dineo Moeketsi Shares Wedding Planning Tips | V-Entertainment

nor did you meet anybody interesting in your childhood did you lie to you know utilize you know pick you learn or teach our child actually really well-behaved except maybe like a gap between like four to six years there's a story that my mother tells me that I don't remember but apparently conveniently we used to [Laughter] my grandmother had one of those big houses they look shitty about me so my jeger shiness us again I used to play hide and seek so one day I go into etre parka with scissors I was hiding for at least 30 minutes I'm sure probably longer than that for a guy came in but now feel all these things around me in his talk No okay I actually fell asleep in the in the Wardrobe give Olga you're watching a shout oh yeah because you deserve all the clothes were basically in Texas that is terrible but at least you got a new wardrobe walked out of the time you know what advice can you give to me not ya with regards to the planning of the wedding what to do and what not to do firstly don't let anybody interfere with your guest list you bit you need to fight for your guest list because there will be people who will feel entitled to your guest list yeah number two you need to make sure that the wedding planner and the venue people feel like I'm shadow I will bonkie so that people fight to get your things correct me because if people feel like I owe some is a fun – I and they're gonna do their own thing you're going to walk in and be very very disappointed number three feed feed feed so that they don't know alcohol yeah yeah because I want to musubi bobzilla yes and also what up what I've realized Mike my list was 800 Nick no Temari shrunk 20 I saw an ad on TV where this guy asked he's dead yet but these are not all the people that I invited and the dead said I sent an invite to all everyone on the list but I didn't say it was acquitting I said my son needs your help and these are the people who showed up he gave me a wake-up call shrunk to a month you're better than me my traditional was 250 I shrunk you're better than Natalie I couldn't remember letters I mean I understand among easy you have to imagine you know I am so cool offline


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