Digital Marketing Trends for 2018 event with Lever Interactive and Google

Digital Marketing Trends for 2018 event with Lever Interactive and Google

so here we are halfway through 2017 in a typical fashion we marketers are already looking to what's next and when we think about trends we think a lot about what's hot what's on the cutting edge machine learning artificial intelligence virtual reality all of these trends that will likely change the way we communicate with our audiences and while there's a lot of talk and discussion about these we really wanted today to be more about what we think is going to be important for you six months from now we think of these in terms of practical trends in an effort to answer these questions what are the things that today's marketers need to be focused on to be ready for what's coming what are you going to do to create the opportunities to expand our marketing efforts and not just what's next but what's next for your organization as it pertains to digital and overall marketing and as we look into the proverbial and often cliche crystal ball we will be in many ways today looking back looking back to data data which is always been the foundation of targeted marketing continues to drive our marketing and digital efforts to be smarter to be more productive more efficient and more effective our hope today is that you will come away with an understanding of how Google uses data to help provide you with smarter marketing options and how we Leever what we think will be critical to the success of your marketing efforts in the next 12 to 18 months all of which is based in how you leverage your data so today's first presenter is Laura O'Connell Laura is an agency development manager at Google based out of New York City so if you would please welcome Laura thank you thank you everyone I'm really excited to be here I am particularly excited to be here because I flight from New York last night a painful to tell how this goes you might cheer or you might wish that actually was canceled but I'm really excited to be here because I must be a huge partner Hood Lieber and really excited to talk about what's next to come because that's something that's really on the forefront for Lieber and I'm sure for everyone in this room and when I have this flight cancellation luckily I was able to get on the other flights a different carrier but I was reminded this is just another example of a consumer experience lovely mine went really well there's a lot of times when they don't go so well and that's what consumers remember and I was reminded of a past time I was in Chicago for a business meeting and they fly up there in time so my bags did not I have not checked a bag since if you can I can impart one thing of wisdom today you know don't have no second bag so I took the bag and I didn't even that morning so I did what I'm gonna do I just ran to the first store I could find and I said I need something that's appropriate I needed within the next 15 M and the woman her first question was what's your size and as any woman in the audience might know I'm a good story you're not familiar with you have no idea your sizes because they're changing them every single day so no idea what size they was and I said not really sure I think you before the other world is one in New York but let's just get them all together so it's been about 10 minutes in the dressing room sound I can find went up to pay so I went to pay she said you have an email dress up or you want a member I said yeah I think so gave my email address and she's a great have all your information here on file and I said my chance you have my top transactions on there can you see me as a customer in there and she's real sure you know you bought a dress a few few months ago you bought the skirt a couple months ago started running through and it's the bank chance you know if you tell me a little bit more about mantras actually and from my email address when I provided to her when the transactions I have on top she everything about me and I didn't get there until I already spent dressing room hillary going through the whole way of clothes in front of me and gone living transactions and that happens a lot of times in britain where stores or for people who are not really thinking about the customer journey from the very first point because skip the whole ten minutes so know my size known the direction right there and that was disappointment and it really taught me a personal lesson and in order to be relevant to your customers save marketing country personal life and have to be assistive i know this is something that's really on the minds of marketers today i can absolutely tell you it's really on the mind of google as well i don't have to tell you really a too much about past and marketing as we all know it we do as women is tvs radio billboards and print apps channel is not the breach massive frequency but a one-size-fits-all message and as we all know he not super effective today because consumers today are a whole host of different channel in the past teeny radio billboards print ads they were all compute of seeing exact budget and they're all overlapping for reach and frequency and today we have so many different channels so many different selection of device to choose from people are given control when and where they control their media we notices media still purchased today in those channel silos i know many of you in the room probably a part of different teams and internally and your advertising dollars sometimes you're actually competing against each other because those channel files are still being purchased because perfect attributions not yet exist i hear more from leader on that a bit success is still defined within each channel investment and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy the technology and some that it was really particularly interested in it's helped me on the opportunity to create not a channel focused model but a customer focus model that is providing so many powerful signals to consider for example I gave my email address neon transaction but the search engine conduct the videos you watch the content you're searching the information you're requesting it's all telling machine learning everything about you and thing that can you use to assist customers so you can actually be found and places you've never been before you would never thought purchase before and you can also be useful in places that consumers have never before seen you and so the enter this new age is what we're calling assistance we want to combine power audience data really big that's a lot of a primal talked about today with machine learning and that will be a key competitive advantage for brands roughly 2017-2018 and the years to come now in working with some air agencies such as Lieber and how the opportunity work with a ton of different advertisers across a ton of different verticals industry than problem and been working with them I and my colleagues have noticed three really distinctive changes that marketing leaders started to make and we'll dive into three this today the first as I mentioned and I was a really focus on is moving from a channel first to a customer first strategy and they said rhinos have a lot of add in the audience sections and second their clients their provide intelligence in every step to reach and convert new customers and the program out new ways to attribute this new customers Jen will talk a lot more about that today and finally they're looking beyond transactions to build relationships with loyal and new customers that's kind of how it all comes together so first we'll start the shift from channel first to customer first marketing because today you cannot deliver compelling experience for your users if you don't have a holistic view of them how many people in this room how to shoot silos internally they're on one team they're competing with other teams and all their teams of all these different metrics that they have to report out the same person I get them non-parent shows yeah we've typically find a series of marketers and our advertisers and believe in our customers they've done this often the biggest challenge that every room faces because let's face it a lot of wealth say today I'm sure you won't be Utley argue with it's really difficult to implement internally the problem is that we found each team optimize in a different way a different TPI they have to report back to their CML they have different ways to measure success and in some cases were actually finding a lot of people use different channels these different silos are competing against each other for the same exact customer they're competing for budgets internally when in fact they should be working together and there's no easy fix for this as we know is that still something we'll face but there's ways that we can really take a first step and the first step that we'd noticed for leading marketers and then they serve connect first party data data they know about their advertisers and their advertisers that their customers have provided to them and they're connecting that first 30 data across their website their system their channels and all their internal teams so everyone speaking same language and everyone has the best view about one customer and then most importantly you really have to figure out a structure your team structure teams to work together and plan around the customer and forget out those silos so you're creating sense into the whole having work together as opposed to one silo getting budget another being custom another silo so here in this models opposed to the channel first you're all working another content marketing charge of advertising PR all around that customer the first party data is the crucial key part that you need to get this going and so the game perspective on this as I mentioned we've been doing a lot of research and what we're calling marketing leaders we did a study with a consultancy and we had a whole host of advertisers and about a quarter of those advertisers we identified as leading the indicators for a leading actor was that they achieved over on their tracking business goals and they comprised about 25% of that sample the remaining 75% were just considered the mainstream for comparison we found that those those 25 sites out there in leading comparison there were 58 percent and we're please to strongly agree at first party data with a strategic asset they were much more likely to agree that everything you know about your customer is a huge asset to moving forward we've also done other studies and we found that brands and used those key to baby routines I've written or using first party data to inform their strategies first and foremost they outperform peers by a staggering amount 85 percent and they're making more money which again can create us whatever you need in the room want to do make more money their gross margin is up 25 percent and for those reasons we were always being successful leaders take a really serious approach to what we've been talking about today briefing down with organizational silos aligned and KPI alignment this is internally around the customer not Channel Brian will talk a lot more about this but we definitely end up by this is one of the biggest issues agencies such as uber are well equipped to help make this happen and now I know this is challenging so I'm going to do at the end of each section is to provide you with one question and questions the sauce if you're in the bottom of the questioner really think about to bring back to your team if your boss sent you here is the question is to pull back then and the first one is to thinking of leaving blue channel first to customer first the power are you working together as a team internally to break down those silos and change incentives for the customer first this question would be necessary in order to move forth move towards that sort of model or you're not stuck you're not competing against each other so encourage you ask this question am i accomplishing that by breaking down those silos you're able to start applying intelligence start applying the machine learning on the automation that's become really exciting and really fruitful for marketers today my coupling customer data with machine learning you can find the winners they're not only the audience's and the customers you currently have but new audiences as well in the process you can be there and be useful like I said across new places where you may not have ever exhaust to be before machinery is something is a huge massive for Google we put a lot of sauce a lot of money and into figuring out how can we utilize the shame learning what we know about people what people are doing and what they're telling us directly to help them because I mentioned my first example customers we have locking lost time and we want more and more personalized and assisted help again all right has those needy marketers there 50 percent more likely to increase investments and capabilities like machine learning 6 customer needs now obviously we know that it's a huge investment adds a lot of time again with the silos it might be difficult but automation is where leading marketer receive a lot of times L now we don't have to audit everything today in this room again I promise you as the newest question for each section so I would encourage you to go back and ask your team you know how are you using is better now how could you use with machine learning to a lot more value with customers I knew this we found for some marketers is a really overwhelming task to look at but you can really start to have the question what's the data that I have how can you use it what are the signals that might be useful to us you can start to pull together and think how the automation no matter how large or small your business how can automation really help me because again as Chris said we were through 2017 already we're looking at 2018 and a 50% of leading marketers are reinvest and this the rest are likely to follow and the customer expectations are just going to continue to grow and that brings in for third and final observation marketing leaders the leaders in the faith not just closing transactions and moving on to the next they're building relationships and they're an improving experience of their existing customers again my first example if it had gone a little different if they know my size pulled on my information in a floor and building relationships what happened on experience the transaction is five and I like the heir-apparent sub store sure I'll have to run there the next time I need something probably not to do this to build those relationships you put some business outcomes such as higher average order value getting customers to cross the aisle by category they've ever gotten customer lifetime value if you think about these things the thesis at the forefront instead of just that first transaction you starts again get mark that customer first mindset and build relationships not just transactions the irrelevant really pays off because we found that 91% of smartphone owners which is essentially pretty much everyone they purchase our plans purchase something after seeing an ass at 18 is relative which is incredibly exciting if customers see something that's relevant especially on a smartphone which is we all know that for time is being spent more and more and more they're more likely to purchase we're finding some alien force on the back end and that's a lesson a third of brand experiences we're actually described as relevant actually describe it's useful to have this pool of people insured ever in the through and feels the same way that that time is ticking and everything more busy if you see something that's relevant useful you will likely command and Cooper right there in the back but if less than a third of experiences you have are not useful that number goes down and that ability to reach customers to reach them again and have them come back continues to go down we're seeing a lot of successful brands work to close that gap by creating different segments of customers and they mention valued segmentation and building personalized the relevant experiences for each one say got bitten enough the first party data again the first thing you have to think about when creating personalized and use custom experiences again I realize it's largely taking and these three things do not have to fix today is that been pretty confident that they won't unless you're a one-woman shop and you can just completely change you have no stylus but again here's the question you have to ask are you using customer insights to deliver better business outcomes for your business are you thinking of the customer journey from start to finish from before they even think the start to finish are you thinking about how each customer actually values you and how you value each customer if you're not thinking about these things you might just be focusing on those transactions those quick numbers once you or a cup you might not be thinking about the long-term value they are advertising that your customers can bring so this is super exciting hopefully not too overwhelming but I'm really comes especially working at Google and working with really great community partners like Weber because it allows us to do these things that leading marketers are accomplishing this is a great time for marketers to be able to really connect with consumers in a way that's relevant that's useful and that's profitable lucrative I love work in theater I love working with marketing leaders and I love getting the room and thinking about the customer journey and data like we've never before heard it I hope the others like an observation helps you a little bit I hope that if you are in a position where you have to either check a bag or not check a bag don't do it and I hope that you learn a little something I'm really excited to hear from Brian and Jen again to talk a little bit more of an audience why that's important that's how to really implemented and then attribution once you've got everything set up how do you know that what you're working on is actually working so really excited thank you for having me and enjoy the rest of the program so if you would please welcome Brian yeah good morning everybody good morning everybody there you go 30 for attending our sessions our third event that we've been feeding your acting's awesome Google Chicago offices I do see some familiar faces in the crowd that have been nurtured we've all three of them so long at some point I might actually get these right and you're not to compete over here because I appreciate that you come so the previous two possibly they're here we're much more focused around products or tools or the platforms that you're using every day your AdWords account your analytics account and plus if you really can provide you possible things that you can find the data there and then take home and gentleman right there a little more simple tasks we're today we should focus a little bit and if we learned a little more about your providing a strategic framework a foundation and a thinking that every advertisement brains are going to have to identify what works best for their your individual business need to be ready for 2018 and really beyond when you team so get a credential either come look for some virtual reality demos or entice your technology those apologize about are beyond you today definitely more of the identities of these creative eardrum meet those values when they do come so as we look forward into Tony Jeanie we actually are going to be caging a pretty big look back and that's all around putting your north and putting the customer of the audience first this is like no beans again a new beginning in businesses this conflict that's what the customer first and been around since the turn of the century so 1909 who's first signs of employed the customer is always right so in several years the food industry and artists at that point bifurcation it works on if there's longer time so a phone around we started building into relationship marketing and then going to permission marketing so it's just forcing messengers and content on consumers really not that permission and connect I don't know what they want to see and then computer 2014 Facebook's going to turn people based marketing based on all of the data viewer for the freely given Facebook in your house every day and it gives us continue to evolve and now we're really focusing on that customer experience so fuel based monitoring putting that customer first and providing that experience of them across channel across platforms everywhere they are where they can engage with your business now all these abilities not may be able to change the ball over time the one thing that we all have in common they're always begin on the customer or we still have to have a social channel or platform to deliver your message you have to have that message about the product or service they try to sell if it's some sort of content interests them and gives it like some sort of experience with your brand so I'm again anybody in the hospitality of retail or often service is well aware about consumer experience of restaurants worked really hard to make sure every time you're in diving you know what you do expect what the mood of mood to do I think industry as a whole and what's changed on the trend is what we were talking about that taking this basic competence been around over centuries and it's a little bit more and rapid pace if the rapid advances made and data technology devices and measurement so why people be smart be a why is this so important to get there our century by the sub or denial advancement if that it works on consumers are more adjustable than they've ever been before because we're always online the data is more actual if ever been with definite where you're standing that we're getting for data growing twenties and bounds every year and of course technology is connected so if you had a phone pick up the state experience on your desktop or your card on top later on that day and it works so 83% of the miners are already addressed a media and get out of when the customers are seeing superior performance on their own traditional a dream in digital media prior and why why is this so important what's really hard time doing this audience well the kind of buzz word update I'm already compete other matches are about to happen Millennials just don't turn people to that feeling in there he's been possible when you're receiving we better love they're now entering their 30s a lot of people sitting amongst you here are now Millennials that we once thought of as being a jeweler college kids or knowledge is on their cell phones of everyday invention but they're also about the past boomers as the largest American generation that has ever lived and by 2020 Santa Maura just amazed that they would have a one point four trillion dollar impact on the economy they're always connected they want a customized experiences this is the trend that's really driving why we have like so important understanding consumers would be able to be there and these are relevant when you are there but now we're good to go Sarah more talked out there about any of these adjustments that we was making to reach in these audiences but we're just learning different technology everything in place now to meet the money with an airline habit and now we are in starting ready for the next generation because they're coming generation generation be these consumers have never even thrown in a world where at least 11 semi conductivity they also are twice as likely to shop on mobile devices that even Millennials were do you think about your little duck pal converse the basket of big edge is a dictionary well you're figured out a social mobile phone because now they're buying their they're also in will I would be 62 more pages and Owl City one percent less than other generations me and you are their brother positive engage then you're a good opportunity of winning back to an upwards benefit from having a positive consumer but if you're not generations easy Millennials are not as brave loyal the people used to be okay you're not there Darrell for them cannot be contained device because you know they very may will move on to somebody who is more relevant for them and who is big brain you're driving from the investment to an understanding for the importance of the customer predated murders if you'd like the first idea really drive the decisions of the playoffs I think you're doing pretty okay nowadays first of the brain true wasn't something a technology and proceeding we want focuses our consumer at Hollywood consuming their media we all know what happen there they let mix in the name of elitism to say about how thought that you creature is going to go so there's a little hopper tree we've also a lot efficient your struggles and hurdles have to get through a really effective reverse really drive axle inside to me in your media are relevant the big Lord briefly touched on it runs the business sideways so you know we don't we don't just go online more we live online and every time we're going online whether it's on your social page or you're doing a search for a terrific for the systems are learning more and more and more about the consumer but how are we passing that data across the company to have an active so the sales bellow marketing is doing operations able to make monitor bushings there's the Chinaman phase but there's also a lot of opportunities there there's multiple there's more in the Cabaret that we couldn't get that out of our economic front of consumer even if that information is not being shared across the organization it's not gonna it's not going to work for your in your industry interview so there's not just the information flow but also the goals so how many here your alternate business goal working and trying to grow any other business in achieving a more efficient copper click now New Year's is a goal of Archer grow their business 20% or more and reach new audiences well Howard color your business expecting your marketing team to grow 20% if their focus is just on driving more efficient clicks and not on again building that relevant content and connecting the consumer I need the level we call these magazines API versus consumer KPI we rush out at a Google partners on their box fall on the lawn speakers problem is quote us and it stuck with me ever since bless all of us you have additional marketing in the McNeil convention our team is really on to choose between embracing new consumer behavior we're hitting old KPI so you had a big are some have been doing that the China mess in this still has the problems with legacy can be is holding back all the meth business roads whatever one needs to be marching towards in a customer centric focused organization so the biggest question we go further round with audience today is it the challenge yourself or challenge internally or the gold alone working for every day are they actually aligned with what we're trying to achieve as a business or are they silent based on the channels are on overseen here agenda item is on and all starts with data so we're not quite a bit about your first party day that it is the most effective and efficient we'll talk a little more there is a minute there's also the dancin competeing everyday around that the party data or you can you could gain on consumers I'm working with a on the channel partner there's also your logs is a third-party data mapping and the past experience develops so you're purchasing on a credit card of priorities and a larger than any other that's exactly you they do know you know Gator viewer what you're purchasing when you're purchasing where your purchase 800 legislating and all that behavior could be purchased and put along that first party Gator really really a top mental model of what your customer looks like providing insight to start building on insta why and why the first idea is so important well that the accuracy so when you're buying data from the second or third parties under the leaders all anonymous and it's just it's just some burners around you know a potential audience group so it's your journey that's your earned a do not forget customers your marketing efforts achieved a doctor right it's your actual consumers their praise the lie so your if it's in your CRM you're having that that mating account information go long with beyond my data file their division with your brand and again it also it works has been proven time and time again to be easy both efficient and effective in terms of tribal our lives and marketing decisions are based on your first party data so how do we get the first morning daytime hominid how we grow so if it's all of your business and most likely you already are engaging with first our data in some so we're getting your determinate or your sales data it's within your analytics account it's within your email forms or your registration signups on their web spiders and within or on your favorite pages it's within your AdWords account but all these plays primitive is made up for the most part it still gets billed numbers that's still my pond which I will get all this data how are you collecting the how are you say that it's really powering sharing of across your organization until everyone has access the same data it's your original form potentially going to your sales team to follow up on a purchase from the state consumer is not behaving wait so that you're not continue to potentially remarket or just give you chemo or follow up the customer already purchased because there was our pilot affected not that shared information but Otis boards Affairs there's also not a level first part data that you're giving the doesn't trend your bidding for develop and that's around the millennial generation be even though society as a whole is our our Dean and I really now our demand for more personalized engagement with brands so outside of just the numbers and the data on and your sorts of other donor for motivations are on the beyond the tree that we have now to connect on your personal and your gear real-time basis so the social platforms give us the opportunity to get all this in real time speak directly with our consumers as a giver follow Bhutan I'm not Twitter they're always good for a laugh there's the other one other that comes in conduit what we do is that they like to play the focus on it well they're changing somebody's negative or potentially negative thing to say about the brand and they're turning an analogy for the brand because they're they're engaging and they're also learning another original about this is so many people here to motor with Google predictive search to start typing okay so there is now with analogies of what they thought that I could take that step further so the particulars will give you you know the small set of the dead four types of searches that people are consumers are doing this looks like it's out there right now where you can find your just where you're talking to whatever your industry or your services it'll wait thousands of thousands of different humored set the content people are searching on again your search query reports are giving you that content that insight and said how do the supers are searching more probably what's that moment at me what are they go on to one doctor searching for your brand you're searching for your product or the service but they have a moment of need power the hair shape blogs are all it's an awesome way to engage your customers in real time so for the biggest brands you think of the original or older their business right now selling soft drinks but I sure their biggest engagement model is their magazine and their content in their blog not their actual web store fund your productivity when you're logging them up and said poses it's your own company's blog posting their division but also going out identify really talk logs that are just in your industry in your space and communicating there because not only are your colleagues there but your customers are there thought that just to give another opportunity for your game anything that your consumers isn't just based on numbers it's actually based on their on what they're saying to you so are even less they already listening a socially was may across additional space report chat box are another one well not not a personal since its sizes whether it is machine learning here's a good example of the screenshot being able to to learn your word your office than being able to be there to assist you in what you're trying to accomplish in this case we're going to buy airline tickets if you just talk to your device and you'll book your flight and all this data can be stored and use as information for your business so we have all this data now we almost first our data we're running here beings integrating second party and third party data about how we act we also we doing it so the biggest trend one board was to get if not new concept the imagine platforms have been around and there's just this customer focus and this data importance becomes more and more invested in technologies around the companies draw more companies are coming into the state what superheater was in forward is the barriers of entry or coming down more brand more advertisers without access to sophisticated management platforms that they can use that segment this data turn it into actual insight that they can then put together in their marketing programs in the tenders there's multitude of these platforms out being up lissa here some of the original they've been around since the beginning kind of you know getting up doing their work with Turner on tribal health field together a custom database or your segment data across their entire suite of products which genetically from your table with a lot of brands on a product for you to be very very silent cheese wouldn't share with these wouldn't share grocery it's all about the company now every brand is massive to that date doesn't ripple together marketing plan to reach their consumers across across Africa however the difference is now that it doesn't have to be some sophisticated system there are cheaper alters us well the bees are being a great alternative out there now I would highly encourage everyone to go back and just take a look we're happy to talk further than anybody one through a physics behind the top center as well where the options that could potentially do because you don't have to have the full budget get or your market activity just consists of search at this times your happiness electric auto channel inside the foundation it's still more to start building process now to help you scale will help you grow County the segment and build your customer audience and first party data and begin possible look at the biggest barrier entry here is Costas also use occasion sophistication you have to bring on programmers changes that continuously build on the technology family new companies competing in the space are really more they have not approached a route they really encourage everyone to look into some sort of engagement platform sooner than later salary is a two so we put with us their first we've rethought about how we are structuring or sharing data across the organization and we saw over dinner already activated on it yet but what are we going to try them to so we'll buy opportunity here to defend a little bit so what does the gun was contemplating we be here and we start working with the moon new planet Mars is well we're going to land a baby he's been studying into this gauge on the side quite often you get that's you're thinking right now you're already buying the Jean I really really really encourage everyone to start really thinking more about about customer experience log on today's on put aside for others on the can updated by this trying to episode in these Millennial Generation Z they want the experience they want the connection they want opportunity to find all your business can help before they buy so a big table here Steve Jobs for saying you've got to start with the customer experience and back to technology not get away around succeeded by Apple first personal home computer whatever one thought was a spear district business iPod will be more still recording Pink's or people who are doing that before the I bomber commuted you know whoever thought that fun way to look those with a zoning to you but we now have devices like we do today getting this guy because always has a customer experience that customer need mindset first and develop the product based on that one of the last really big innovative product that we've seen come from them since the password so Jerry one of the best at is it just provides a free merchants you've got to think about that experience and then you are hiring technology or video marketing trends to reach them the easiest way to do that to begin understanding your life your data where are their needs where the search query reports come in to see one of these searching on and then again what are your business goals or what are you trying to achieve the intersection of the two so you want to be the number one brand the customers go to when they still live in their target because your buns or you're selling can get it out a lot of thousand feet to help get it out that's a relative comment comes into play bridges that gap so get an adventure not be we have a storefront to success plate in the bottom of the concern of Germany journey funnel haven't purchased it gotta be there in Israel in London for me with relevant context would give you MCA in here that fires one of these stores or you know by bollard air limited new content the varus's search when they're searching the moment of these and there's Arizona content and how their product help you in get that red lining your carpet or whatever it might be so again utilize that for a party if you haven't been abandoned popcorn yet to really sort on dating market around it the data is still there to learn a moment to me during that content my experience first because it's not just a web page or a landing page or even what does itself if you want entire businesses online profiles or like a better turn starting with that do that but there's a subject in the middle or your scale fails your storefront if you have brick-and-mortar all the way out to the word of mouth marketing your search your social everything W dramatic data and every device channel experience other customer is going to make here therefore has to be quick pop out your file got a strong relevant content a strong message you got me utilizing the latest technologies that the Millennials in general these demographics are utilizing now we have the data everything else Emily also some kind of the drive experience are talking about the actual channel dividual marketing and what we're especially works are clients that's acting on once we have all these framework them so despite all of the important stages of the trends of democratic women we've seen 52 percent of marketers still measure their marketing efficiency or effective space on each channel so again another opportunity for me to commend them over here one thing of yours well we can't run on on display or we hit the other key word because routine afford that cost per click well because you're not thinking about the measurement right you're not thinking about that channel in terms of how it will help you grow your business now we did everybody that if the budgets we thought of all of your comments here involved updated in the world Gentile in terms of how you can rethink that measurement utilize actually mean to unlawfully areas be able to grow they've got additional silently dynamic Spurs push back internally to be able or start doing it and then you don't have to be there again firms that over here hundred micro moments not a new closet here get around for a while these are a moment for me but I want to know moment I want to go to Ole Miss I want to ball moments but I want to do moments so Lord what the ruler think I will get that storefront yeah I want to buy like I'm looking for your prayer I'll look after your body specifically all these researches out there or what we disorder we thought of those higher level is not as efficient keywords or tactics or strategies that we're trying to do if you're not there for all those and the omens are capturing other consumers are already at the bottom of funnel with most like Barney engaged expense the experiences of other brands putting you behind bball before you got started in that conversation with customers and now the microphone to get mentioned they've been around for a while we would Quinn more like three four years ago I think they ought to take my life of their own and how to lose some of their value we just kind of turned out there to literally figure out really without the heart it is is this just a moment to connect with your own customer to really relevant and personal ad for them so the first thing that was held at this marketing jargon reality you know the names of these micro molding is you're focusing on how can we be there the most importantly for our for our customers that you're really excited within within search so however they're over there as long as the reasons we're searching for information but again or be applied across across the entire digital money Channel we have all document you have to be there I just made those moments gotta be usual irrelevant there's the content or that not made it quick so Generation Z has the short attention span a generation that relates out on each second for them to one of using a brand or you lock them especially on mobile you develop a mobile EP at least a mobile-friendly website the games behind the game you survive really suggest looking into it nicely now and then one day you're looking at all the dots so Benjamin attribution comes into play so you wouldn't know where you are when you're there that it's actually working for a business a job you can towards your business goals and so you're sort of search here towards what's trending search at the bottom of let's start here because this is where we usually say the most efficient return for our many dollars but with this book investments and drones in and the porters of audience of data 39 she's been left behind a little bit so we go back before 2014 early on turn of the knobs are acknowledgment search or story because it was which are we we have real-time data for example consumers and Surjewala coming sites such as going to the room it still your Philip shipboard has that bottom of the funnel channel the search is by nature anonymous has been hectic it's not necessarily customer base in its path let's change it so with machine learning taking a bigger role within sarcana constants are marketing there's opportunity Kingdom's for searching this up further bigger than a ton of knowledge so we we work with a tool called video it may be work with any search division platforms they are all have similar features a bit across your Google being social platforms but why we chose this is what really helps us get a better grasp of our customers and how our search campaigns reporting because the machine learning they have called your big budget is budget management not the one so there's maybe all the be minutes that's coming through about search campaigns every day reading optimizations are they 30 seconds like don't to feel too much under here from gems from the attribution section the machine learning is already coming to search or surgery isn't fantastic it isn't just for keywords out there in semantic on begin to sign up with it there's also investment on Google and other platforms into making search more I focus so three people are aware that you can now dental target within your search that being within hours to all go more around you so against a couple of things going to learn something something here so yes you already allowed not every captured on age and gender side of the Cross research databases alt mitigate whatever wonder client big big portion of this is unknown because this is the newer technology we have run it for a long time the symptoms have an opportunity to identify the characteristics of demographics of every searcher yet but there's growing they've all been getting better today and there's also just no Duncan Copp there now on live brand for example then we'll turn it over on that we will come on the papal this identity resolutions very locate that gain customer data you're getting and use their algorithms and they're on their data set to make more match points beyond just email to a phone number to a name to other email addresses to your social profile can make this connection bill with your your custom matches and you can then aam then updated search you're going to want touched on this a little bit in the beginning here but you're also now how many people are aware that google has color match now what other one I didn't feed you so you're never paid your audience list your your your email address that you have longer customers that you're getting you're getting your first party that building efforts but registrations online your sales is building spreadsheet for never upload those email addresses in bring your numbers to come and then utilize that across your your adverse campaigns of all the big search within Gmail sponsored GaN campaign while you're watching YouTube you also they need one take that data and build similar or look like audiences from scaling your lesser your highest master strategies within search community Olympic in we've been in search the remarketing lists for search ads been around for a while again not a new technology now the new developments with an audience targeting sort of that level and I are also going to say the cross display cross remarketing on rest on us and scaling up with similar audiences within market audiences and building the audiences in search now know obviously who was enough in there understand the importance of data for party data in of audiences you know Facebook was not going to be more Minds I think a look ahead with the Church of based on what their platform is but now we also has favorability take them customer list you have put into Facebook they will then match rates or brother file to your uploaded bliss you can then advertise across their social experiences of course Facebook there so Twitter is there if they both of these on the custom audiences with that be for challenges but then Twitter get their bitter non so a while but what's taking really with the trends are happening is around the crater and types of on ad formats the messaging that you're able 2002 marketplace but we don't know where before because the more that we calm dynamically crater we get more of a relevant advertising that we can get a consumer that's based on them now professors are trying to push on them better result that each child here advertising and according to see the biggest trend has been tending out for a couple years but is sort of notice I point out is the continuous evolution of programmatic so this kind of ties in with the AP from Thomas earlier where this bursting now really the only Virgin brand that had access to this four giant bland brands which you know building to spend on unmarked efforts across their organization the continued investment the Canadian commuters focus on automatic as dial gauge remove those barriers entry and it's now available for moments randomizers out there another area where anyways when we were here is more than theaters sconces anybody further detail about how we would have how we can acute programmatic campaigns and even as the skin of this technology in the South is growing still all built on that data first right here being the most important bomb your funneling the bigger danger platform but now literally growing or confuse evolved is not just not to sabina segmentation and collection example but how that's able to spit out into actionable insights and directions that launch your digital marketing campaigns across programmatic also called search and social intervention revolve with you your website and the figure buildings here where such as your actual audiences and being the scale across some alliances and reach across multiple networks and pop ones that you can start advertising on the chica border here with it so you've even programmatic learning with solid eh popcorn is the feedback loop so it's not the end game keep updating the system serve it out still an impression that I click it's not that overnight at be a setback in the educator management platform you have another set of their deaf native just continues to fail you get more and more relevant customizable experiences for your for your customers and how does the how to program a together on your trending platform really describe these relevant messages and content for customers well the biggest ones that the continuing advancements of the dynamic freedom so just few years ago you were a similar to those you were online electronics manufacturer or retailer you have $100 the product we have the about the constant into afraid of Citadel's ads for every single of your products every single of your vessels of every one of your colors everywhere your call to action huge investment just putting the Craner before you ever even show your customers or even now for imagine the enhancement on gigantic technology to your both depend on display as well as what their diameter marketing within search within social you have the ability just plugging the base of just plugging all be the third was the screen shot you have of your products how things going to color how many you want different call to actions and that machine learning that data systems that are might be there the survey platform to understand what the consumer research analyst must have seen depends of what your profile they fit how consumers of engaging with different products based on historical campaign now it's always in the press of a second serve the customer emotional to navigate the way that the system the way that customer will engage with so they look at they look at one of these headphone you know the opportunity there to upsell the rentals operating upselling higher price that those I haven't played a whole new credit for them that that system is there it could be sure dr. Custer the other day available here is of course he created problems across mobile so giving you think about mobilize with silo small screen and can't be too creative there because you're able to scroll they want to see more data but changing the bigger screens or bigger devices and also these technologies around the average has gotten much more sophisticated and clearer with small applause small images to compute exam we here for Facebook with their new marketplace add to the problem with the beers here so being able to roll a video seamlessly within the app unit and then engage in any more than one period I wanted to leave their Facebook experience not only cook anywhere else they can view scroll across the video at least cause they working doing engage the problems you can click through them to get more information from a product right with the customer experience always Amin t what's the pricing are going to I want to reviews another great experiences brand but never even added leads a social platform I initially went on do my friends and last night the big people here really where really where as the ass come into play or dialect read billboard is it's the advancements mega gene investment in and video so video was for the longest lines been doing digital one canal for your will over well over a decade it's always been kind of a we don't have $2.00 to create video code those are just for awareness and I asked them I dollars on you know was going to be the most efficient as well but that Beijing is got to go if video is it there'll be a leak of your total of your overall add mix you're losing that opportunity to connect with the Millennials and the generations you want those video those customizes a little more information on the product versus just a here's I taught a good lesson by it's a good like every service by the foreign forces oh another thing here's the devil number of job or results being efficient many campus a motivating about my story business crank he's my favorite he always gives me a smile we have a lot in common way to represent worse habitat myth number one but I never made those films or beyond his works he had the beautiful horrible their faces falling light up when they arrived I brought her shoes for her very first step in that moment this is Kelly I helped her get dressed for her first date then additional that man would be resisted in the name I brought in Lucas look at very first marathon life is all we need – civil and the holy spirit then I realize maybe should be much more simple it's to reconnect the target into a step with a bumping a lot approach our realizing that time will change what to refocus on you yes you this is just the beginning where we say change in a big way I know your time is valuable and I want to help you what's important we do we have snails culture and building communities so much more than while I'm you wherever you are aware that once everyone retailers and you're not just a customer you're so huge massive online retailer Marshall never show their online retail site never show what they could sell or if any kind of it means that any kind of message that along devils and by was their focus on understanding their consumer being in there no spoken to me the squirrel days that they will not were more than the box not even online retailer that will use themselves as a customer service company suggests they make your dollar selling products but they're not where they're focuses they understand the consumer they understand what they need base their product selection around those needs make sure they're not rising in their content as they are in relative window shoppers based on that work started are ready to buy is that kinda grown Thank You relevance of a select LED lighting images as enjoyed it before but ethically directed knowing is know that neither one has the marketing budget the size of it is apples but how can you start making sure that you're ready today you're not Maryland but it's four days engine platform to programmatic advertising even some whore your support or display a video here they are you know there's a March or somebody that makes my living on advertising I still find this a harder century and play at the same time that co-op uses many phrases around digital marketing but the most Davis's if you have more money than brains to focus on alcohol marketing so I can be a lot of money to do advertising 1984 submarine if you have more brings the money should focus on inbound marketing so that content make sure you're there you're elegant there's there's efforts that you could put into claiming will pass you know the large media what did you be here on average I so again being active in irrelevant energy blogs or getting links back to your site you know sending out emails and making sure that you're posting on your social media they can engage into Combusken your customers there's still a multitude of ways I check with customers with relevant information without having that with media budgets and start building that data and start building your systems to be able to take advantage of new technology so they come in 20q because those are no those aren't putting their data first those are putting the customer first and activating on it your intervention you're going to fall behind well because those aren't always here – refrigerator cannot sell you want you to buy a grocery store what you have in there to make arrests beware imagine your brand use a given table for example your cheese got cheese in the fridge all the recipes in the back and then actually activate in advertising in someone's refrigerator door and they can make them achieve oral you don't want to actually be people bit more cheese for this recipe you want to make theater of things get the time to talk through that whole final concept on this presentation but again more than happy to talk after this but it has worked it up and we're going to be live online all of our devices are connected there's more and more more opportunities except of consumers and do it based on data but the big key that kind of wrap this up is because you always get activated on and off it's often problem it still has to be a that can't be we're across transconductor were supposed to do the number one hurdle that have magical brain for seeing especially with a mobile and terms of about scaring and growing is that lack of attribution or a lack of transparency and knowing what the social I be of course I didn't get that immediate last quick conversion from but still has not only how can you know what that value really want to make sure it's the right investment for your company it all starts with rethinking how you measure rethinking whether KPIs are doing that added up to your business goal and finding opportunity for growth so we're looking for points here you're going to wrap up the last 122 minutes or cyber Populi you know so simply indicate back they can either working on the bonheur one is your challenge are you truly consumer centric most companies if you ask them one say they are how do you want you to find that are you actually sharing data across your decision are you building first party data already utilizing systems or technologies the trends in the market right here operate on those and do you have ways to segment that data and are you identifying new ways to grow and not operating your business especially different learning activities on legacy KPIs here look Krishna do service I'm going to be talking more about that imagine attribution Thank You mele do you would please welcome Jen Davis and there's nothing like going to Penn Station seen your face on the big screen so it warned me about that some year is talking about attribution so first contributions not in your trend right we've heard about this referred about it for years but really we're at the point where we have to make a move on it I think a lot of times over the past couple years we've been trying to compare do I want to do last clip so I would be the first like not really sure what is the tool telling me and the tools all may get more conversions when I look at this and really in 2018 we have to make the decision you have to stop having the tools make the decision for us and actually tools are getting to that point where you know we enter in conversion beta is going to ask us what type of model do we want to use and things like machine learning and artificial intelligence consumer based marketing and audience based market marketing totally going to work when you choose an attribution model that I work for you let's talk a little bit about attribution so we think about the left and this is not kind of what we need to talk about here for some reason visual marketing has made us believe that somehow last is best so let's talk about last click concepts and a couple different other ways for a moment so breathing and we're going to get to know each other a little bit here raise yeah who like the left word in our argument okay yeah well I'm not want to laugh you actually may hear a child is my sister is here she knows how I love to have the last word great we've been doing it my entire life I used to have these heated discussions with my grandfather who I love even at five years old and I had to have the last word a bit of a tense five role I guess so and as a result I'm kind of trying to have better self awareness is so about happening and why do i or some of you do it it's because we think it's a little bit of a win right we could be completely wrong and argument well we get that last word in and it feels book there really isn't a win right we didn't just become here the last word doesn't mean you want the argument and if you think you do I think have one of those moments in your significant other asked to say three if you have the last word say Glendon just be prepared for another argument so let's iconic and the concept of this event we think you know and Laura introduce a lot of things so she's our first click she's our introducer right came in and talked a little bit more in depth about data and audience targeting and things like that and so he's our middle-click our promoter and then there's me who's the last of the clothes are imperative to close out the invited scars major topics so at the end of it this much and we're going to tell a survey over the next couple of in escalate and if you rate a highly regarded from Warren Bryant I which is telling us to do that that just because I was last I'm the one that made the difference here and in marketing we throw more dollars at that last clip so I guess that means getting the race y'all noted that right so you can do display that's my boss later so of course it's now eyes completely generated scenario because we all know that regardless of my position I still get all the credit for right but I can think all the blanks but that's not what last place is about what time about a little bit about what to expect when you're going through what I need to do an attribution so I want to be honest with you and this is not going to be easy you are going to have some very strong negative feelings when you sharpens up when you're looking at things but what I will tell you so give up a lot of our marriage have done this struggle a lot of marketers are in this struggle they continue to do this struggle but it's worth it so you're going to feel stressed you're going to feel frustrated you're really can't in math anymore when you're phenol is number and all this data but when when you really get to that answer that clarity because I'm strong believer that you have anything you shuttle and actually give you a better answer the day you're going to feel enlightenment and brilliance and maybe you might have a little bit of guide top box and that's okay because it really have to go through a lot to get into it so the other thing I'm going to share with you too because I think this is something that's really is happening outside and looking at attribution is somebody has TM often to the senior analyst at Forrester recently said very eloquently she serves community marketers will focus on attribution should loss blog post webinars things that you can find out there definitely something that you should be reading up on but she said determining and methodology becomes a political game because a traditional top marketers and mediums manners that ultimately their efforts may not being effective is a that they thought they were so as we commissioned is about putting the performance to different channels in proper perspective and that may seem very different when you change from what is typically the last a small which those people use so you have to be prepared to have a culture of change in your working organization you know that mainly staff has to change budgets have to change channel test and change and ultimately it'll make things better but change is hard for everybody so let's talk about the issues that we hear as when when it comes to attribution in the common theme if you look at any survey in regard to attribution what's holding marketers back it's around data and this is from an admiral survey of the state of attribution marketing actually in 2015 this year and it talked about it asked the question of wasn't heavy markers so the top two 56% said there's a campaign tagging or tracking issue 56% said there's a data validation of normalization problem then ultimately 59% cannot create a culture of measurement and accuracy so where does me means we don't trust your data and therefore we cannot create a culture that ultimately works with that data so it's key that your data is right tagging nowadays essentially it's relatively a view of the right tool in place and so we need the tool that we use at Beaver and the tool out there for search and display can automatically do this so make sure you're utilizing that there are some visual things that you have to do and interns are great for that there's nothing like here to go for a spreadsheet of thousand keyword and have to be manually tagged and teaching them to concatenate thing in excel formula I'm going to get done or just even have a look through you know thousands of this way and it doesn't make sure they're tagged correctly if you haven't met junior it turns out as a registration guy so you can tell your summary the let me smoke the story through a little bit there's a lot of good information out there about attribution or some bad so all I can kill kit pool kids it can be doing it so really is if you think for the most part that 90% or more partners or using attribution or measurements today to agreements up so it is a fact add roles have indicator that ninety percent of marketers survey recently indicate they are tracking attribution or using some the problem is still half of them are using a one click attribution model which always it made me wonder if the question I wish they would have hauled up is if they had researched multi-touch or other things other than last clicker firstly for instance or it wasn't they just made the decision because the tool told them to use that and I think the next question has kind of tells us that is a little bit 67 percent of those responses also said they're going to shift shift from that one click alternative to something that might be a blended a multi-touch attribution and just to note I just want to make sure that it's clear one click attribution might work well for your organization pretty bold and strategy we'll talk a little bit more about that but my my advice to you is do the research don't do it just because the tool – – or that's the tool to fault so again it may be it may be right for some individuals or some of our innovations and don't be shy of that but just want to make sure you're doing the research so again any time about attribution is not a new trend and yes school can they're doing it and yes you don't want to be left behind but your pressure aside again the new wave of audience marketing all of the data is you have access to everything that Laura Brian Terps talked about ultimately work best when terms of right attribution mopti then you can see it really working is it really achieving what you set out to do and this little space becomes more crowded smarter marketing so much more connection even today that generations being just kind of blows my mind that's right ACTA things are going to get more complicated Dan's going to grow and you and you're just going to come off so you need your 2018 marketing budgets which I'm sure some of you are probably working on now or will be soon anything based on that new conversion attribution model that you want to use because otherwise you're going to ultimately be shifting dollars you're going to be short dollar short staff from that perspective for the whole year and it's just you're going to lose yet another year and again the tools are going to make you decide and don't just decide something just because it's what you've been using then this question raise your hand and you believe that you are less using the last click attribution model see a lot of us so actually that's false and I'm making this fiction by default Google Analytics uses what's called their last non-direct click model and it's used for all the reports except for multi-channel funnel if you're familiar with the oiling but you hear that a lot welcome where listen last time you can use Google Analytics or which is not time to the whole story essentially doctrine is a slight distinction so again well not directly they basically ignores direct traffic and attributed to me convert in all the converted value to the channel prior to that so it's a slight distinction it's still the last like methodology but if you want to go back Linux jeans think they're probably smarter than you want head look go back to your office and have that have that fat with them it is a slight distinction okay so next question do you think that you either have to spend a lot of money on either a tool or staff in order to choose the right model and/or report in optimize to agreement on okay they tell you it's goes back and false because it really is a number see it depends on how many channels running how many versions you have you know how many staff members you actually have with what is their ability at this point what I will tell you is that there's no mention oh I'm not going to tell you that there are five channels and how thousand versions of it you need the most sophisticated tool out there in the market and there are tools out there but a couple signs that you may need something more that you really have to pay for you need are your staff to deal with this and that if you have an all a lot of offline data if you are working with TV radio Direct Mail or those pieces because most of the kind of normal tool look at Google Analytics to handle that off idea the other thing I would say too is if your computer path to a digital perspective a very unique where you have thousands of elementally couple people following those specific paths the this year volume of data there is too much for you to either work with a free tool like Google Analytics that will do this for you or an Excel spreadsheet from the other thing is just be prepared the sheer level data that's coming in on a real-time basis or near real-time basis and just becoming so much larger this consumer pastor Ken longer the number of people buying online in a mobile environment versus in the desktop as Brian or as and drying so it's not something that you know you may need within the year but you may not need it today so let's talk a lot about attribution I've told you that basically you're going to have to make some decisions here into that leave you no longer about oh well my comparative and models this model we look better that's not it anymore so I want to talk to you about how to find the right model for organization because again it's crucial 2018 things are going to start happening you don't have the model in place you're really you're a look at your marketing to think that you're fairly new probably not so the first thing is do not go back into your office and let me go I like to go again there's models I make more money here are making less money here so we're going with one more money you really need to start with your business goals new your objectives and start looking at the model that helps achieve that I'll talk a little bit more about the models and what works with certain goals so these are certainly not all of the models of these are kind of the basics and these are ones that you will find in most tools nowadays at least and the starting point so we've already talked about last like last time gets all the conversion credit there's a time to K model which is basically the touch point closest to the department gets them both and but definitely other other parts of the path get credit as well there's linear models which in chimp as it sounds every front ask is equal credits to the cream there's position base which is actually one of my favorites talk a little bit more about it we're basically at the first and last get about 40 percent and then you slip extra 20 percent the middle it can be customized so you can actually make like 5 percent to the second clicks and 5% to the second to last click so there's some customization that you can do to it as well first click again just like last the first list gets all the product there's last non-direct click which I talked about the Google Analytics is their default it just ignores the direct traffic google also has last edward click so if the last arrow clicks receives 100% of the of the conversion credit again that's something that's unique to Google another endangerment and again when I talk about date remember Lee talking about it from the aspect of Google as probably most familiar Google Adwords and the Google Analytics premium version has whereas very customizing fractional conversion values to each part of the path and it's really based on your debt so I'll bill fund algorithm I won't even get into it's a whole nother discussion of what it's built on something that you can definitely read up on so with that in mind let me tell you where on what the gross revenue is behind each one of these models and let into use them the last places we talked about it's most conservative it's basically lower funnel marketing and it's useful when your marketing is designing to attract people the moment of purchase or if your businesses primarily transactional II don't really have like a researcher or consideration all things first click is complete opposite of course is most most growth-oriented it's over file marking stuff it's useful when marking is there to intent to print and where's big brand awareness for instance of linear this is he kind of thousands very moderate and a little bit of rough limited conservative in it it's really works well in marketing that's designed to maintain contact dropping higher sales like there's time decay which is sent on the more conservative is it getting is getting more of the credit to the channel priors fixed version but it is really useful for companies that are running one today one to two day marketing corrosion and get the tends to get it to the channel closest one of promotion is running we have a plan for it that runs promo at least two to three times a week so this is a very interesting model to them there's position based which again I mentioned kind of one of my favorites it's growth oriented and I found it really it's a nice mix between the upper funnel the lower funnel so I get some awareness but I can get some low-cost conversions and kind of even a little bit it's kind of have a cake eat it – right I'll decrease that awareness and then balances it with those that want to transact immediately so it works as well when you value your brand away – your first touch and your conversions equally as your last conversion and then I go there seeing as ribbon so far no strategy it really based on the performance of account so it can be conservative or it could be growth oriented and just the pendulum your goal and what your marketing strategies are because it really is working with your data it works well when all of your goals are saved as a same across the channel I want to increase sales and should be the goal for all the channel trees and it says mark it's basically marketing that values every touchpoint so it's not necessarily about awareness or the lasting or the last test – for conversion it really is the whole consumer path so if I feel a little bit about tools that you can use as in order to kind of see what what your attribution model is telling you so first of all I mean there are a lot of sophistication over there but wildung that I would tell you to start with is just a free tool if you're new to this so basically you're going to declare your data by using one new tool and you can use something like AdWords which I guess it isn't free Robinson paid for media through it if you if you are using it we're not paying anything extra to use there down there conversion model attribution which includes the data during a lot the data driven model is only available in Adwords for our search it does not include the plain shopping and then it's only available to do Alex premium version so if you kind of line people look at it you can start and google adwords and see what it's showing you as well another smooth legs which again totally free tool on the free side and it has some great multi funny photo channels as well as attribution model comparison which I'll talk a little bit in minutes but the other thing you look for is the tools that you're already using or your agency for instance like me an amazing Brian mention of India that's our our go-to for all of our paid media that search display shopping even paid social and and Brian would it – I will call it the bbm versus giving you the whole you don't stumble on that but that actually is again built a rocket scientist it's their algorithm algorithm it's one of the only that can actually make been changes every half hour to pay media or the other tools that do it usually one today so it's one of the closest real-time bidding well options out there as machine learning if you will and they wear that on top of their attribution model now so I can choose an attribution model for our client and it can work with that model versus the last like Adwords or ant legs data was telling us and again if you look at any of the other tools that are using Adobe or attention or we're in for instance for handling or to run your pay via it all have some types of attribution model assisted 18 use so these are behind the three tools are we already paid for them so poorly pause so no more costs right they have the basic models that we talked about you can do some minor customizations in them and they generally can do a model comparison the cons the data is limited to what you're running through that tool and so you're only running paid media through a tool that's pretty much all you're going to get at ours your comparison or your looking at the model and what your data is telling you a quiz you know for instance we can complement offline data but we haven't put the models to it before we we uploaded the tool to be the model to it there are more sophisticated tool I will there's you know even do I like premium version which is painful has been data-driven is much more sophisticated an attribution is full formerly in Adamo tree that they invest a lot and can take me off my desk so there's a lot of things out there but this is a great start as the other at the end of the day no tool is perfect yet but they're really getting there and they should be in 2018 so let's say I thought this is the most American tool and mulanax if you're not familiar with it it's the easiest place to start to just see what your data is telling you it I like it because you're not changing your data you're simply doing comparison and like I said the only one it's not available in data service but you can do a comparison of up to three models and then see what the change of difference is between those models so again you want to look for what your data is telling you this is not okay I'm going to take the contribution in this case it's first interactions driving the most conversions so I'm going to go with that more organisations doesn't really care about brand awareness first interaction is just a subset of your data it's not what you're actually striving for so again you don't want to look at this and go I'm going to pick a based on this it's what is the data tell you and then what are my objectives and go back to the list and say okay really I care more about both first touch and last touch and linear in this case so I would look at this and go hey I need to put a little bit more money into paid search and SEO efforts because they're driving in both brand awareness and version what we male you know I'm probably good over there from that perspective but I think about who I live is that you can do this as the channel ability health P levels also there's a lot of stuff in there they kinda take a look at but again don't do it to figure out what your model is figure out what your data to telling you okay so you look at you've gone through your objectives you have picked what your model is based on your business objectives you look at what your deed is tell you you've made some shifts and your channels because now when you live this new conversion data in this new model you're not a lot when you move away from a last leg and again is doing most of you are in the last clip so that's where the tool just told us to do you will actually see probably a performance tip for a little while and particularly you're moving to last leg to an online test methodology and that's because there's a conversion might happen so don't freak out it stabilized and normalizes but your data whether that's the clicks impressions cost may be the favorite parties are going to do them and end of the day it will normalize and it will actually seem broke on it but just a warning and I would like to go into my box middle faces is going to be robbed the next five days but just hang in there with me so just know that so let's take a moment and put this all together so you're a table opportunity is to measure correctly correctly track all your conversions tag all of your information make sure your data is clean get your data in order to do that today then look at attribution shift to a multi-touch even make sense for your organization I did talk about how in some teams it may not in most cases it probably will and make sure that you are actually making that determination not at all and then ask you that new cause that new conversion data actually make changes to your bidding your budgeting where you're shipping dollars where you're putting your efforts so that you can actually get achieve the goal that you've set up for so again when you're a girlie measuring attribute and asking those full user journey with attribution unlocks new growth opportunities for your organization's so you guys need to tell we think about it I started off the presentation and talked about how I was the winner slack for letter closing this house I get all the credit last leg well if I follow my own rules I should probably change making my my model here right so let's say was it so what others do is not my disposition base because Lori introduced which allowed a great things you know I'm going out you know I the last step before you fill up a happy serving and in Ryan was in the mouth so he gets at least 20 percent so I really did a really great job but again I'll go with position based under more and I will be more proud of this time thank you [Applause]


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  • Still relevant in 2019. Although I'm still sceptical about the benefits of a multi-touch attribution model. Won't rule it out though. Great video.

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    Thanks for sharing wonderful and clear-cut information, helped me to gain more knowledge.

  • This was brilliant. thank you . It's often easy to loose focus of the customer and this was a great refresher.
    I hope to use the same theories with my products –

  • Digital marketing is not something that you can compare with Mad Men! The decaying carcass of Don Draper definitely seems to be the end of gut-driven marketing era. Moreover, the digital world seems to be always in pair with humongous data streams. Nowadays, you can describe everything by numbers starting from human behavior to transactional path. The modern times certainly seems to be the dawn of the new era!!

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