Digital Advertising & Marketing Masterclass - Preview

Digital Advertising & Marketing Masterclass – Preview

the digital advertising industry is a complex and ever-changing space there are constantly new company's products pricing models and more money is shifting there from traditional media every day unless you work in the industry could be difficult to keep up with all this change in trends and even if you do work in industry it can be difficult to keep up with everything because it can take years to become an expert in individual facets hi my name is Ben I'm an award-winning digital advertising expert with over a decade of experience in the industry I've done everything from managing search and email campaigns for small businesses to working of major tech companies to managing tens of millions of dollars for national and international brands since 2015 I've been teaching classes on digital advertising and have reached over 10,000 students around the world I've also been a consultant for the I ABS digital certification course in this masterclass I break down complex products terms and companies into plain English I design them for working professionals and students knowing that your time is valuable I take the approach that you don't need to be a mechanic to sell a car but if you know a little bit more about the engine and how the car works you're gonna be a more confident seller and better prepared to answer questions from your customers this masterclass begins with a digital one-on-one and works it way through a 201 and a 301 in these sections we cover things like the digital advertising ecosystem and serving products pricing availability and verification data collection and use and so much more after that we work away into a section on programmatic advertising which I equate to the gasps of power estate engine that is a digital advertising industry and then we end with a section on how to sell digital ads how can you take this knowledge and now apply it to your business this class is not designed to just be a certification where you take a bunch of online questions and you put a badge and email it's really meant to teach you about the space and make you an expert in the industry by the end of this course I guarantee you will be more fluent in digital advertising a more productive seller a more confident strategist and ready to advance your career in the digital space this class is consisted of 12 hours of content and 80 elections all these lectures are labeled so you can choose take the class from start to finish or take individual lectures which are more relevant to you in your business if you are serious about taking the next step to advance your career in the digital advertising space than this class is for you that sounds like you then don't wait silent today you


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