Did Fox News Just End Trump’s Presidency?

Did Fox News Just End Trump’s Presidency?

>>Amazing story, partly because of what it
is. And very damning text coming out of the State
Department, about Donald Trump and Ukraine. But also amazing because of who broke the
story. Fox News has broken a very important story
from Congressional correspondent, Mike Emanuel. It is about a US special envoy to Ukraine. Kurt Volker the man who stepped down recently
and then testified in front of Congress yesterday, temporary embassador William Taylor, and ambassador
to the European Union Gordon Sondland all texting one another, wait till you see what’s
in the texts. First of all, let me give you a tiny bit of
background. Volker is a guy who went into the Trump administration
but is not a Trumpee, right? He said look I’m gonna do my best, I’m gonna
do real American foreign policy here when he went in. So he seems like he’s a normal state department
person that’s just a career employee. I don’t know anything about William Taylor’s
background. His text is very important. Gordon Sunland is more of a Trump guy. So he’s trying to protect Trump. So here’s what Taylor says. This is an exchange that happens September
9th, okay? So almost a month ago. Taylor text, quote, as I said on the phone,
I think it’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign.>>Smoking gun.>>Wow.>>Okay, he said it. This was before the whistle blower complaint
comes out. This is before there’s any national attention
to it, no media, no nothing. These are encrypted text messages that Fox
News has gotten hold of. And in the text messages, William Taylor,
the acting Ambassador says, I’m gonna repeat it, as I said on the phone, I think it’s crazy
to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign. Okay, that is quid pro quo.>>Wow.>>Okay so. Now Sunland, the Trump guy says, writes back,
Bill I believe you are incorrect about President Trump’s intentions. The president has been crystal clear, no quid-pro-quos
of any kind. The president is trying to evaluate whether
the Ukraine is truly going to adopt transparency and reforms that President Zelensky promised
during the campaign. I suggest we stop the back and forth by text.>>I love this. So the whole beginning of that, is very carefully
crafted. That is a CYA message have I ever heard one,
right?>>Yeah.>>There’s is not a casual conversation. That’s the kinda thing you write if you think
these texts might come out one day, so now remember, Bill. This is not a quid-pro-quo as we are clear
about, right? And then he’s like, let’s get off of a text,
get off of a text. Get back on the phone. Okay.>>Wow. That’s, that’s huge. That really is.>>Yeah.>>But you know it’s interesting because while
we really focus on what the reality is and that’s someone calling attention to the fact
that this is done for political favors on Trump’s part. You know, Trump supporters are just gonna
focus on what the response was.>>Yeah.>>And think that that’s the truth.>>Yeah.>>That that’s really what Trump intended. Why, if Trump is concerned about corruption,
first of all, this country is already deeply corrupt. And he’s done nothing to figure that situation
out. In fact, he is boastful about corruption in
America. I mean, he’s boastful about his own corruption. The reason why he won’t do anything about
Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Prince ordering the murder of a Washington Post journalist
is because he does business with Saudi Arabia. He’s said it publicly multiple times, that’s
corruption.>>Yeah and we could list dozens of things
that Trump does that’s corrupt. He keeps.>>He tried to bring the G7, he still tried
to bring the G7 meeting to his property in Doral, cuz it’s underwater, and I don’t mean
physically, I mean financially it’s not doing well. That’s the one that’s infested with bed bugs
and so he’s like it’s beautiful it’s right by the Airport. I think we should bring all the, foreign government
representatives to my property. So, I’m using razor gloves. Anyway, back to this. You have to remember something, Trump fired
the ambassador to Ukraine because she was honest. And they did not like the fact that she was
not following their political agenda. She’s like, look, man, the former other prosecutors
in Ukraine already looked into the Biden connection. We have to do actual diplomacy here. And they hated that. So he fired her. So that means William Taylor, the guy who
says in the text, we’re doing this for a political campaign, was appointed by Donald Trump. So it’s not like, hey, Barack Obama came out
of retirement and put William Taylor in etc. It’s a Trump appointee and like all Trump
appointees, he’s temporary ambassador to US because he can’t, cuz this whole, everybody’s
constantly getting fired and leaving. He thinks it’s The Apprentice in there, every
week he has to fire someone. So this is someone appointed by him very clearly
with a smoking gun message there. So I guess, but graduall, I have to say nice
job by a Fox News reported doing actual an excellent journalism.


100 thoughts on “Did Fox News Just End Trump’s Presidency?”

  • There are probably people in the intelligence community who know where Trump's loyalty lies. They likely have plants at all news outlets, he's in trouble.

  • I honestly do think someone should dig up the dirt in the Biden family. Oil and gas industry in Ukraine is dirty as f… and we all know it.


  • Trump doesn’t want to swear an oath of truthfulness………of course trump doesn’t….he wouldn’t be able speak because every word out of trump’s mouth is a lie with great probability. He has been lying all of his mouth for so long he can’t distinguish dishonesty from truth….not what one would choose in a president…..everyone lies….but not being able to distinguish lies from truth becomes a weakness in the psychic makeup….. not the kind of person wants in one’s life and certainly not a desired trait in a president!

  • It's not the smoking gun everyone wants. Not yet anyway, if Democrats aren't careful they are simply going to rile up his base and disenfranchise moderates and he will get in again for another 4 years. Good luck to you all if that happens, you probably will have trouble getting him out after another 4 years.

  • Gisele Lapointe says:

    No, Trump implicated himself, can't keep his mouth shut. He has made it easy for Congress to start impeachment inquiries. He deserves his faith.

  • Bayonne Blasphemer says:

    I find it sweetly, beautifully ironic that TPN (Trump Propaganda Network) may end up being the final nail in that cheap, wormy, bedbug-infested coffin of his.

  • catbert7's Gaming Highlights says:

    Treating this as a smoking gun is ridiculous. It's an allegation, not proof of anything more than that person believing it was quid pro quo. Interesting? Yes. But, legally, this is nothing.

  • Fox does what it always does in every country it interferes in. They are covering their bases. Ensuring they are covered no matter who is in power. Arsewipes!

  • But didn't Biden brag about doing the same thing when he was VP? He withheld a billion dollars of aid unless a prosecutor was fired. Wasnt that prid pro quo.
    Was Obama over that?

  • Just end the presidency they say, what’s took your time America we’ve been waiting for the twatty basterd to be impeached since he got into the White House your just has twatty has your president for taking all this time to decide that you want impeachment he’s a major threat to your country and he’s still in the White House
    Lunatic that’s all I have to say about the twatty basterd apart from lynch the lunatic from the nearest tree to the White House

  • I must still be dreaming since I just woke up… you said Fox news broke this story?? *Runs screaming out into the street… it's gotta be the end of the world!

  • "Bill, I believe you are incorrect about President Trump's intentions". Such a shame that a text message doesn't carry the sound of a man shitting himself.

  • He took the wall money from the military BUT WAIT wasn't Mexico to pay for the wall?? He a lying draft dodging asshole and the people that support him are just the same!!!!!!!!

  • Lamest Duck POTUS in history: Trump. On technical legal fact AND House Impeachment Majority FIRST TERM … Even within RNC/GOP, how do you convince smart money to feed gasbag lying sack Trump?
    Donors must already be wary of throwing good money after Lame Duck delusions.
    It's over. I'm not voting for Weld (Bernie Warren 2020 all the way), but GOP can only stop the bleeding opening up their primary to select their party's chosen candidate. If the party still backs Trump, Weld probably goes back to 3rd Party and takes on Yang since he's pro-NRA.
    But math in all cases is a GOP loss.

  • Anna's right. Not only is Saudi Arabia corrupt but America is addicted to oil. Tell all millionaires that they can not fly willy-nilly whenever/wherever because there's no petro. The jet-setters are hypocrites. Only corrupt countries are petroleum exporters. Should we buy from Iran? Venezuela? Moreover, Anna is correct about "Trump supporters will only hear the response" to Taylor's text. Taylor was threatening to quit, and prior to his appointment there was already "a hold on security assistance" to Ukraine thus "continuing the hold on the security assistance" was mistakenly truncated by Taylor to "withhold security assistance." You have to look at Taylor's series of texts, not just that one. The response was accurate and was in part about Taylor's quitting.

  • Get it through your heads. No one needs to make excuses for Trump or interpret him. He is a traitor. He has been working for himself and for foreign governments. Our country is currently at war. The penalty for traitors during times of war is legally defined as execution. It's time to pull up your big boy pants. Trump's been allowed to incite our own young men into mass murders against their countrymen for too long. He's a domestic terrorist. It's time to turn the legal system against Trump, Now. Impeach, Indict, Execute. Do it now before Trump uses that helicopter to fly off to somewhere with no extradition agreement.

  • Maybe. You dimwits couldn’t. CNN or the other doofus station couldn’t. It would take a professional group of journalists such as Fox to be able to. Hey, glad the chick finally did her hair better.

  • The Republicans in the Senate won’t impeach him for anything less than murder, and even then it better be a clear cut, have the video, the other guy was unarmed situation. They love power and Party way more than the Constitution.

  • And Donald J Trump Says Hahahahahahaha Oh No,No,No,No Hahahahaha The Word (("STUPID")) That Is Written On My ForeHead,The Spelling Is 100% Totally FAKE AND WRONG!!!!…………..Hahahahahahaha Here Is What My Real Story,What Really Happend My BEST Friend Made A BIG,FAT GIANT Mistake He Suposed To Write (("SMART"))On My ForeHead And It's All Big Mistake By My Best Friend……Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……

  • MrCaptainAmerica123 says:


  • Trump is going to start his own TV station. The fake news , all of it Fox helping Trump's news station to go to astronomical ratings by dumping on Trump because they have invested money into Trumps News Channel. My source is Russians Vesti news. Sorry I don't have the link. You heard it here first

  • Frank Elizalde says:

    Total worthless nonsense rot,. You two jacks didn’t say diddly – squat. Hallucinatory flip- of -lip by two half wit mockers, joker show .

  • Trump has always wanted "state news" like other dictatorships have ie Putin Kim jung … This is why hes been attacking the media all this time. And Fox is going to bank on this. You all been duped into thinking Trump's a wacko calling news media fake news. He has an agenda. Trump News, Inc coming soon. Check Vesti News they said it

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    The " Journalist" hired with part of the $600-million dollars the CIA gave to Jeff Bozos is, or was, a SAUDI CITIZEN. As well as a suspected SPY. Just like TYT, when you take money from Spooks? Chances are good you are a Spook. The Saudi Embassy in Turkey was, and still is, SAUDI SOVEREIGN SOIL. So, why don't you bitch and moan like a woman about the 2,000 Saudi Citizens a year who are beheaded under Cenk's Sharia Law. Journalist's are just people.

  • 1,2,3…woowwww (that seemed genuine and not planned right?) ???

    Asshats reporting on POTENTIAL asshats are still…WOOWWWW ASSHATS

  • Battle Born Renegades MC says:

    Trump will do a second term! Believe it! Melt snowflakes melt! Another 4 years BABY! Then Pence will be President for 8 years! Then Ben Shapiro will do 8 years as President , Then Candace Owens will do 8 years as President! The next 4 decades will be glorious while the left turns to dust and blows away with the wind! Hillary and Bill go to prison And the Obamas too. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ?

  • James Demichele says:

    I think all this confusion is keep everyone’s eyes away from China. China sinking and mobs are growing. There people on verge of over throwing there government.

  • What they need to do is just come out and tell the American sheeple yes he did it yes we're covering it what are you going to do about it

  • Wes Watson's Dogg says:

    When Trump wins 2020.. Can we all commit to meet on the TYT melt down video?.. The 2016 video was great!.. I expect leftie melt down 2020 will be even better!.. See you all there!?

  • Kelly Beresfordcole says:

    He's boastful because if you give 80% of American away to advance their self with corruption 71% would do it.

  • It amazes me that you people still believe this shit.
    It just came out that Clinton use to meet Epstein a lot!! This is no longer being looked at because of this?

    Biden corruption, not being looked at because of this.

    Notice a pattern? Seems like they are trying to take the interest away from them

  • Let's hope they did one thing to redeem themselves because we have heard three years of pathetic cuckhold reporters

  • You imbeciles !! Mr Trump is as likely to get impeached as HRC is to run again and win ! Ha! I still watch your election night video when I'm having a bad day and BQQM I'm instantly cheered up, Young morons doing what you do best talking out your assess!!

  • Delores Creswell says:

    That's the new Ukraine President saying they just what to let everyone know I'm not the previous President. I ran to end corruption.
    Our response was neither is our now President, we do not do that either. We also to want to end corruption.
    Love how these guys don't seem to actually pay attention to the actual news on a daily basis . Just can't
    seem to stop focusing on only part of conversations and not actually report on it after.

  • I don't believe a word what the young turd say just like I don't believe a word what CNN or the other fake news station says here's why I don't believe them the Russia investigation you had the young turds CNN all that fake news stuff saying all we got solid evidence on him oh he's going down he's going to go to jail we have lots of evidence turned out to be a big nothing Burger see here's the thing they'll try to lie and say we got evidence he's going down just a few of the fire with the Democrat liberals to get them riled up and then they'll start believing this stuff when they have no evidence that's why I don't believe them.

  • Trump is the most corrupt president of all time! Not to mention he's a total idiot, he's a pervert, and he's a fraud! He doesn't understand US government or the way it works, because that would require "reading". He is bad for our country, bad for our standing in the international community and BAD FOR OUR PLANET! It's entertaining to watch him and his supporters try to lie and spin their way out of this latest mess. His motto should be MAAFJ instead of MAGA….Make America A F***ING JOKE!

  • I did not know that Fox released the story. The news (as opposed to the opinion) portion of the Fox network, i.e. Chris Wallace, Shep Smith, Bret Baier is excellent. I guess Fox is telling Trump we can put you in the Whitehouse and we can take you out too.

  • Emperial Studios says:

    This is only a small portion of the text and there is more to it that makes it less damning Fox has selected this portion to make it incriminating.

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