Did Daisy Ridley Confirm “Reylo” for Star Wars: Episode Nine?!? (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

Did Daisy Ridley Confirm “Reylo” for Star Wars: Episode Nine?!? (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

– Did Daisy Ridley confirm
Reylo for Star Wars Episode 9? There are only two months to go until Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker brings the nine film
Skywalker Saga to an end, and with the internet afire with rumors that a new trailer could
drop as early as next week, fans are gobbling up every little tidbit of information they
can like Jabba the Hutt eating a Klatooine Paddy Frog. Thankfully, new quotes from
the sequel trilogy’s lead, Daisy Ridley, AKA Rey from nowhere, has fans over the moon
with the possibility that their favorite ship
Reylo will be addressed in Episode 9 in a major
way, for better or worse. So what did she say about it all? Well, let’s break it down. Of course, before we do,
this episode of Nerdist News will be going deep into
possible spoiler territory for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, so if you wanna walk into
theaters as fresh as C-3PO with a memory wipe, back
out of this video right now. (dramatic music)
(C-3P0 groans) First off, in case you’ve cut yourself off from the Force entirely to
live in seclusion on Ahch-To like Luke Skywalker, this
is what exactly Reylo is. It’s the fan shipping
between Rey and Kylo Ren that has been in place since
2015’s Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. Shipping adversaries is
common enough in fandoms and of course, this was an
easy logical step to make because J.J. Abrams infused Kylo Ren and Rey’s scenes with a
very palpable tension. – Don’t be afraid, I feel it too. – Ooh. There’s no denying that there
is some sort of chemistry between them that was further
deepened in the Last Jedi where it literally connected their brains through the Force and
helped along by the fact that Episode 8 confirmed
that they were not somehow going to be related like Luke and Leia. While most fans would
agree that any relationship between them is problematic
to say the least because of this.
– No, no. You’re still holding on! Let go!
– And this. – [Kylo] You have no place in the story. – And of course, this.
– You come from nothing. You’re nothing.
– Come on, Kylo. You can still land this ship! – But not to me. – There you go. Look, it’s hard to deny
that they share some sort of connection that runs deep, and fans, specifically Reylo fans, have been wondering how
or if this connection will be addressed in the trilogy’s finale, The Rise of Skywalker. Luckily, for those fans, Daisy Ridley gave the lowdown on the
sequel’s most famous ship to the folks over at Entertainment Weekly. And no, we’re not talking
about the Millennium Falcon. – Oh, they hate that ship! – Ridley said regarding Reylo, “It does not bother me,
people writing theories. “It’s really fun hearing them. “Plus, because I know what’s
sort of going to happen, “I think it’ll be really interesting “to see people’s reaction
to the final film. “Obviously, there’s this whole Reylo thing “and some people are very
passionate about it, some aren’t.” Okay, well, she’s aware of
it, which isn’t a big deal. She’s commented on it
before, but she went on to say more about how it will
be dealt with in Episode 9. “J.J. does deal with it. “It’s a very complex issue. “People talk about toxic
relationships and whatever it is. “It’s no joke, and I think
it’s deal with really well “because it’s not skimmed over.” So it’s looking like in Episode 9, J.J. Abrams will finish what
he’s started in Episode 7, which sounds like great
news for both Reylo fans and detractors alike. That’s because one major
part of the trilogy being built around the adversarial nature between Rey and Kylo Ren, addressing their connection/chemistry and exploring it in a
deep and meaningful way without brushing over the icky part could be extremely
satisfying for Star Wars fans if J.J. is truly up to the
task, like Ridley says he is. But does this mean that Rey and Kylo Ren will end up together? – Maybe.
– Not necessarily. I mean, old Ben Solo has a lot to do on his communication
skills before he’s ready for any sort of meaningful relationship. – Anything else?
– And with rumors that the Rise of Skywalker
has eight different endings that are being tested with audiences, there is certainly a lot of pressure on J.J. and company to
end the Skywalker Saga in a satisfying way, and that
definitely means tying up Kylo and Rey’s stories. Plus, if the only reason
you’re against Reylo is because you think
they’re going to end up being relatives, come on! Get real! Star Wars wouldn’t make
that same mistake again, and you can take that to the bank. – Well, I guess you don’t know
everything about women yet. – Unless we’re wrong, of course. – Maybe. – But what do you folks think? How do you think Episode
9 will wrap things up? Have you been able to
avoid spoilers so far, and how did Kylo Ren
have such luxurious hair right after taking off
his mask in Episode 7? Hm. – Don’t be afraid, I feel it too. – Let’s discuss. Thanks for watching. If you liked what you saw, why not give us a like and subscribe? If you wanna get notified every
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100 thoughts on “Did Daisy Ridley Confirm “Reylo” for Star Wars: Episode Nine?!? (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)”

  • Screw this soft-narrative that LucasFilm is creating. According to leaks, Kylo Ren dies anyway and Rey dons the persona of a Skywalker so who cares about ReyLo? It's the stupidest thing to obsess over in movies unless it's a rom-com or unless it fits into the story. This doesn't.

  • I thought Rey was supposed to be strong woman. Now she is supposedly going to be in a relationship with the most whiny yet abusive piece of Hitler in the galaxy. Way to go Disney. I'm not seeing this movie. Ever!

  • Geez this channel has just gone to crap. Anyone else remeber when it was actually about real leaks and news in the cinema verse?

  • According to the Leaks The Only Romantic pairing will see are two female resistance pilots also none of the star wars cast and crew have hinted at A Broad Romance like last years Solo I wouldn't be surprised if Reylo and Stormpilot dont happen

  • Daisy who? Seriously? Does anyone feel nauseous at the thought of slimy goth wimp kid Ren and, well, anyone? Granted, both characters are damaged, seriously disturbed, and not exactly the sharpest lightsaber in the deck. As for how it will end, just take return of the Jedi and change one or two things. They’ve basically stolen everything else. Maybe the Star Wars Christmas special?

  • I think there’s going to be a force vision where she joins him and he turns her to the dark side. But then we realize the vision is Kylo’s and he goes crazy because of it. Snoke was connecting them, but his strings were being pulled by ol’ Palps. Eventually it will be a three way showdown between Rey, Kylo and the Ghost of the Emperor. #forceghostbattle

  • what fking complexity is there, you killed your own father who was good. you BAD. SIMPLE…………………….i just don't understand you late Millennials and Gen Z. mostly gen Z. Always trying to twist the subject in a new angle, You twist the fabric of truth so much that out crawl " DONALD TRUMP". and now REYLO……..JEZ!!!!

  • So… Kylo will be Princess Leia's son. Then Rey is Luke's daughter. So we have gone from direct Brother and Sister kissing one another to kissing cousins.

  • Reylo,…ugh. Any fangirls/fanboys that are hoping Kylo will be redeemed and they will walk off, hand in hand, into the sunset, are massively naive and have no understanding of abusive relationships.

  • Rey and Ren has chemistry? Did I hear that?? Who’s paying you? More like wax and water. Please let it be true. Just so it will completely bomb-into a financial ruin to the point stick holder demand Disney dumps it… then if there is hope at all… the group who did the Bio Ware old republic shorts could take the helm and make more money than the plant can sustain and still rotate. Please Disney…DO IT !

  • It’s apparently hard to find a reasonably attractive female (in the 20 to 30 range) to deliver nerdy news. Was a bad formula anyway, drew no views.

    Upside, at least they sound bored, helps when watching.

  • I do not for a single moment believe that J.J. Abrams would actively create a empowered modern female protagonist only to have her end up in a subservient relationship with a psychopath that murdered his own father. Shipping Reylo is disgusting, and its an insult to women and to their female adjacent decent male counterparts. It would set frankly the worst example possible for young males watching the film (that you can literally murder your own dad and still end up the hero), and it would destroy the rising hope and confidence in millions of young girls that are inspired by Reys ability to be her own person, and to handle things in her own way.

    To ship Reylo is to openly denigrate women’s value. Please stop catering to the basement dwelling old men that think this is somehow ok. Whenever this topic is discussed it is entirely appropriate to include this part of the conversation – to educate that vocal minority that their views are ridiculously offensive from the female and female adjacent perspective.

    #shippingReyloisnotok, #doyouneedtoseeReyMeToodonfilm? #getsomebalaceinthisconversation, #disgusted

  • Bryan Johnstone says:

    Kylo Ren is my most hated thing in the new movies, it doesn't help that Disney has slapped is image on everything.
    Ok but really the OG S.W. had some of the greatest antagonists, but they'v been failing so hard after that with a bad guy who cant add any kind of tension to the story.

  • She said it'll be addressed and skimmed over, she didn't confirm there's a difference J.J. also confirms that they wont have their force bond, And Let's not Forget what Had Luke Killed Off.

  • Oh so kylo finnally gets to put his lightsaber in reys darkside as long as they arent cousins but you know george lucas always making incest scenes. I would tottally fuck the shit out of daisey ridley and i bet she would like it cause british girls like cockadoodledoo in their tushy

  • Tigerblaze Productions says:

    Let's be honest Daisy doesn't really conform Reylo going to cannon. When listening to what Daisy says about Kylo Ren, it seems that from what I understand Kylo will be redeemed and maybe live at the end of the story but when he asks for forgivness Rey won't forgive him since his crimes are so horrible. Kylo most likely go in exile to live his life alone of traveling the galaxy to prove to everyone he is really changed.

  • Scorpio 69 poison says:

    You keep on saying the episode 9 it's going to be the ends I wonder where I heard that before oh yeah that was for episode 7 episode 8 and now episode 9 no I don't think this is the end.

  • Yes, of course Rey should absolutely fall in love with Kylo/Ben…
    After all, he ONLY murdered in cold blood, his own father AND her own version of a father figure at the same time.
    And kept degrading her in TLJ, but still wanted to recruit her ….
    Pouhahaha, bad storytelling whatever they do in RoS !

  • its interesting to see how much anxiety people have over the possibility of there being an interracial relationship between finn and rey.

  • These are the only fans who like this remember there were a lot of people who like that deadpan Spaceballs wannabe movie called The Last Jedi hashtag last Star Wars movie to ever make any real money. I have no choice but to double down on everything they've been doing. They're not going to admit they're wrong. They've already alienated all the half of the Star Wars fans are probably even more all I have left are the reylos.
    Remember Kathleen Kennedy told everyone she doesn't owe anything to old Star Wars fans. They're going to go hard on what they are doing right now with what they have even if this convoluted mess because all they have left are reylos

  • Perhaps them being together will balance the Force? A man that executed his own father and the girl who inherited his ship. Nothing would surprise me.

  • Bob Iger TheKing says:

    no, she absolutely did not. She said the ship was toxic and that it's "no joke", and that the "theroy" is dealt with. gross problematic and tired.

  • Eduardo Villicana says:

    So for my opinion on this subject is disappointing. Why reylo? I like Finn and Rey (Fey) but that ugly lady rose stole him so thanks rian johnson😔😤😠😡🤬🤦‍♂️

  • Focus Group Test #849:

    Kylo and Finn fight for the love of Rey atop a windswept sandy dune. Kylo and Finn have a brief lightsaber battle, with Kylo swiftly decapitating Finn and presenting Finn's severed head to Rey as a wedding gift … not because he's a romantic rival, but, you know, because he's black and shit. Rey becomes so distraught and woke as fuck that she stands her ground and uses Force Crush on Kylo's junk. Kylo's reproductive organs explode into a bloody mist of gore and sexual confusion. Kylo tries to shrug it off, but more and more of his internal organs start pouring out of his bowels. Rey then wipes Kylo's memory and sends him off on an escape pod to spend the rest of his brief life wandering the galaxy, unaware of who he is or why he keeps PMSing internal organs all over the floor, unable to rape any sci fi franchise ever again. Rey then turns her amorous bloodlusty gaze towards Rose Tico, briefly considering turning to the interracial queer side just for the sake of curious sexual variety. Rose smiles and pulls the self destruct lever on the miniaturized Death Star, realizing that a story franchise this fucked up and far gone shouldn't continue to exist.

    They all vaporize. The film projector then catches fire and explodes, killing Rian Johnson and J.J. Abrams with flying reel shrapnel.

    The fans celebrate that the long nightmare is now over and go about adapting the Star Wars expanded universe as described in the novels.

    The End?


  • BonzoDog67 Lizardking says:

    The trouble with these "characters" is that there's less to them than meets the eye. Could. Not. Give. A. Fuck.
    RIP Star Wars.

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