Dianne Feinstein: ‘There is no Deep State’


100 thoughts on “Dianne Feinstein: ‘There is no Deep State’”

  • This is a slimy effort to paraphrase the report and turn it into something different than what it is. Barr and Durham have already given enough indication that what Feinstein says is a lie. The IG report cannot be considered "conclusive" as Feinstein falsely says. The vast majority of the report is scathing revelation of the Deep State. Any bureaucrat who tries to nullify an election or tries to oppose the will of the people is a member of the Deep State. She lies when she says this report impugnes Trump. Lies, hoaxes and smears. That's a Democrat. The party's over.

    Barr disagrees with Feinstein's specious remarks, and that is why she smears him, but it is the democrats that are impugned here. A party of slime.

  • Ha! The Deep state says there is no Deep state — nice try. Saying you been doing this for many years does not excuse you from presenting evidence.

  • This Machine Kills Fascists says:

    Deep State? Or is it the Trilateral Commission? Or perhaps the Bildburgers!? What about the Freemasons? Maybe the Illuminati? Pick your favorite tinfoil hat conspiracy theory.

  • So says the congress woman whose fought against our Constitution from her beginnings and coined the phrase "assault" rifle in reference to the Armalite Sportsmans Rifle and who hired a Chinese spy for 20 years as her…driver. Birds of a feather do flock together, meaning Communist Scum!

  • Go back to sleep people… Feinstein says there is “no deep state “ ….. and she would never lie
    Anyone who believes her is as crazy as her …… she IS part of the deep state! What do you expect her to say

  • clayton mccormick says:

    the ig's report was not supposed to look for bias it was to look for fisa abuse the ig's report in no way makes the assertion that there was no hocs as it did not look for that and russia could not have hacked the dnc leaks were a download done locally to the server as no other method at that time could have done it.

  • She's part of the deep state and doesn't even know it. She carried a Japanese spy with her for 20 years and didn't have a clue. F—-n WOW.

  • There IS a deep state and they are globalist traitors aligned with the communist Chinese and European Union partners. Since the people elected our new George Washington to regain our independence they are forced into this impeachment circus to avoid another humiliating election. The must not succeed

  • This is a horror movie,
    What is it going to take to get these people out. For the love of GOD retire go to the old folks home.
    You never accomplished anything I your 100 years of organizations of theft. Your not going to do anything at your age.

  • Whaaa….criminal Feinstein needs removed from public service. It is a coup by criminal demonrats. Lies, lies and more lies by demonrats.

  • Everyone involved in this sham are Democrats including the high level FBI. They are doing the best they can at CYA. All the heads of this should be fired. If you can't win an election the legal way this is what they try. I'm a Independent, and they have gotten so far out there that they have lost me as a voter and I won't vote for them again until they gutted their ranks. Bunch of sore losers.

  • Weinstein is probably the only one who doesn't know it yet-I mean, she had a Chinese driver for 20 years without realising he was a spy. Her powers of observation are very poor.

  • Kolypsa Disruptive Technology says:

    The men and women of the CIA can neither confirm nor deny the existence of any "deep state", or "EBEs", or "Embedded Journalists".

  • Diane Feinstein has spent most her life in Congress; that is a long time. IF she does not know the deep state she is unqualified to serve in Congress. Having been a bureaucrat and worked with bureaucrats I have witnessed again and again that Bureaucracy, Dr. Aaron Wildavsky declared, is the 4th branch of government and often supersedes more influence than those elected to office. Bureaucrats will commonly recite their proverb – politicians come and go while we run the government. Those who abuse their bureaucratic powers thinking they know more how to run government than elected officials, and often they do – can and will abuse power. There is your deep state- Oh yes, they are there, they are powerful, manipulate politicians like D. Feinstein all the time – why? They want to run government their way for their purposes.

  • Who in the heck has their mic on as they keep swallowing… It's annoying!!
    Almost as annoying as listening to Feinstupid protest too much….

  • Lies lies and more lies
    They just never stop lieing ,theyll lie until the day they are removed. .
    Because the people will be removing many of the government officials soon as the election days come ..
    The insult of the American people that they have no intelligence or they did not vote for the current President is nothing but abuse of power an dictating what we want an who we are .. We need no help from democrats . MOST OF AMERICA DIEA NOT AN FROM NOW ON WILL NOT EVER TRUST ANOTHER DEMOCRAT

  • Go to hell California politicians you are corrupt assholes hope you get voted the hell out or earthquake takes the state the hell out sin city

  • hirkimer wilberfart says:

    A lot of fertilizer and no crop . Former CIA Directer Praised the Deep State ! I'll take a confession over lies every time.

  • Horowitz's Report, is it bias? It gave the FBI, & ?Deep State? a clean bill of Health. Think he possibly was not focused on the 3%, but on the rest of the 97% whom take their job & careers seriously. Feinstein capitalizes on this fact declaring Horowitz did not uncover any evidence of the existence of a Deep State. Isn't she Special, she thinking the American People are standing around waiting for someone stand up & says "hey! Hey! HEY! over here, yah, that right, sheesh! quiet!, don't tell anyone but we're the Deep State."

  • Says a member of the Deep State while Obama has an office two miles from the White House working against the efforts of the elected government.

  • She is a man and so are most other democrat "females". We women are taxed but not represented. They do have a pro-abortion con job going. Nasty well hung baby haters and body part brokers.

  • DiFi says she's been reading 1,000s of polit pgs for 25+ yrs. Than any lawyer or polit who says they "need to pass it to find out what's in it" or "it's too long to read" is a liar.

  • Its interesting how people believe in things like God and the Deep State without any evidence of their existence. If in Deep State you mean that President Trump has offended the Deep Core Beliefs of the Law Enforcement and Intelligent Community then yes there's a Deep State. How much respect can you have for a man who gets his intelligence briefing from Fox News?

  • 😂😂😂🤥🤥🤥🤥
    No deep state, indeed. There is no such thing as an honest democrat. But we know there is a deep state.

  • 17 errors, mistakes, like just accidently changed the words of a e-mail to reverse its meaning. No Documentary Evidence. not No bias. stop spinning. the report is ok. its the spin. The inspector said the clinton paid for dossier was central to getting the permission to “spy”. use your own word if you do not like that one. Please don’t be fooled. read the report yourself. I you do you will never trust the democrates again.

  • You have to give her credit. she is very cleaver at spinning. if you hadn’t read much of the report you very well may have believed her.

  • "The earth is round!" That is just what a Flat-Earther denier would say!

    You can't prove something exists by pointing towards someone denying it, regardless of their motivation.

    I have never seen any organization chart of the so called "deep state" nor have i heard any rational logic for the existence of said entity. Is there some logical reason for their existence, some manifesto of what they represent?
    Have anyone seen anything that is a logical connection to reasoned logic that supports this idea or is this merely the Boogie-man that lives under your bed?

  • She ruins any credibility she may have when she quotes from a report that has proven to be nothing but a farce, as if it is a true fact!

  • Diane wants to blinds the Americans, it won’t work, Americans has more eyes than she has. What she tried to convinced people to believe her theories as good as her theories about judge Cavanaugh’s

  • We know there is no deep state because the term didnt even exist before trump came to power. He invented it to justify his actions.

  • There is a deep state, and your part of it Frankenstein. You'll rue the day you and your crooked, lying, cheating maggot infested colleagues ever tried to ruin a president that has done nothing but good for our country

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