Diamond Program Liveries for Thrax, Paragon R, S80RR - Casino DLC  GTA Online

Diamond Program Liveries for Thrax, Paragon R, S80RR – Casino DLC GTA Online

hello I'll be vain gloriously wonderful people Rockstar introduced the diamond program as part of the Diamond Casino and Resort DLC for GTA online the diamond program is a reward system that allows you to unlock in-game content based upon your membership status but it seems that some people are confused about the diamond program and why they do not yet see the rewards near the end of the diamond program article the newswire stated that the rewards will be granted in-game between august 8th and 13 that's still at least 12 days away from when I'm uploading this video the diamond program has three unique liveries available for you to unlock gold status awards the ink incorporated livery for the chapatti tracks and that could be obtained by completing the second co-op mission housekeeping to unlock together – you need diamond status if you have hosted all the co-op missions you will receive the yeti livery for the Paragon R and if you have participated in all other missions at someone else hosts you will unlock the Ecola livery for the anis SAT RR and yeah if you both host and participate in all the co-op missions you will unlock both Diamond status liveries there are other awards for the diamond program as well and I detailed all of those in my recent Rockstar news video so you can check all that out by clicking on the card on your screen hopefully this clears up a bit of the confusion surrounding the diving program and these unlockable liveries along with giving you a quick sneak peek at each livery for all three cars until next time I'm Brandon reminding you to stay vainglorious


9 thoughts on “Diamond Program Liveries for Thrax, Paragon R, S80RR – Casino DLC GTA Online”

  • A For Awesome says:

    So if you host all casino missions you’ll get both liveries or do you also have to do them again only as a participant to get the s80 livery?

  • I've already hosted all the missions but i have a problem where when i want to participate in the missions , i keep getting the same one over and over again, do you know a fix for this?

  • Steph PC GTA Player says:

    Did you see Rockstar added "countermeasures" to prevent players driving spawned dripfeed vehicles, unless they themselves spawned them.

  • Kanon Beltran says:

    – Insert why am I not getting these liveries yet comment. – ;), but in all seriousness, we just have to complete the story missions as host and crew member?

  • Honestly the diamond program is a convoluted bloody mess. There is nothing in game apart from the achievements hidden somewhere in the menu that shows you which part you have done yet (and not even your overall status and the rewards not unlocking immediately has people question if they actually got anything.
    They should have either gone the whole way and display the vip status in the casino plus giving out some little perks like discounts or a second spin of the wheel each day, or just put those liveries behind the achievements so people don't need to go to an external website to get the info.

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