Devyne Demands Answers from London | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

Devyne Demands Answers from London | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

So, hello. Hello. I’m happy you’re still
answering my phone calls. Appreciate you coming out. I’m concerned about,
you know, your feelings and all the rest of that stuff. You’re concerned
about my feelings? Mm-hmm. You know, first of all,
I wanted to apologize, because, obviously,
there was a lot of stuff going on between
Alexis and I and Brent and stuff like that. And you really held it together. You showed me something that
day that really made me view you in a different way, and
what I mean by that is just from a classy standpoint. You know, that was impressive. So how’s your head
space right now? I mean, what do you– what all is going on? What’s going through your mind? What’s– I just want
to know what’s up. And I never get an answer. It’s broad daylight, but I’m
sitting in the dark right now. If you asked me where you stood,
at this stage in the game, I know that I don’t have
an issue or a problem, nor am I afraid to share that
with anybody, any parties involved in this love
triangle, square, hexagon, octagon, whatever
we’re involved in here, I don’t have a
problem with that. I’ve been transparent
with folks since day one. You’re just playing it safe,
and that’s not fair to anybody. It just looks like
you’re playing games. And I don’t have time for games. I don’t know where her
heart is at this moment. I’m sitting there and
I am nervous as can be. Now, it’s all about
damage control. I haven’t slept for
the past three days, truly thinking
about the connection that we had from day one. You know, I never would
have thought I would have put myself in this situation. I apologize for the way
that I made you feel. OK. I hear you loud and clear. But I’ve got no reason
whatsoever to play games. I’ve got way too
much respect for you. And I know leaving you in the
dark can cause a lot of issues. I see that now. You know, if I could
do it over again, then I would understand
what I put you through. And I made a decision. Here’s my number one. You’ve been, for real,
like my ride or die. You know? So, and I know I got some
damage control to do. I know that for sure. So how are you feeling? You know, my patience
has been tested. My temper has been tested. Everything has been tested
during this journey. I invested a lot in this,
and I invested a lot in you, you know? And I just wanted to know
is what I’m investing, is it going to pay off? Like, that’s all
I wanted from you. I’m for real,
like, straight up. Really? Yeah. Oh, you just make me want
to choke you sometimes. Oh you’ve got to get
up and give me a hug. It was really good to see
him open up and be honest and peel back those
layers so I can get a little bit closer to him. Don’t be looking
at me like that. You’re not getting a kiss yet. I need to make sure.


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