Detecting Fake Drugs With A Piece Of Paper – Headline Science

Detecting Fake Drugs With A Piece Of Paper – Headline Science

Every year, fake or substandard medications
kill more than 300,000 people worldwide. Many of these falsified drugs are dispensed in
developing countries, where they can either directly harm users or deprive them of needed
treatment. Some estimates suggest that up to 30 percent
of medications available in these countries contain substandard ingredients. Often, these
fake medications are bulked up with fillers or contain just enough of the real active
ingredient to evade detection. And even with the right lab equipment, detection can be
costly and time-consuming, which makes it impractical in developing nations. To combat this problem, Marya Lieberman and
her team at the University of Norte Dame have created a cheap and simple paper test card
that can quickly screen suspicious medications in real time. They’re presenting their findings at the 252nd national meeting of the American Chemical Society The card costs less than $1, and uses a
library of chemical color tests to unmask falsified drugs. Each card has 12 lanes separated
by wax barriers. Each lane contains a different set of reagents to detect materials found
in active pharmaceutical ingredients. The researchers crush a pill and rub the resulting
powder across all 12 lanes, and then dip the bottom of the paper card in water. After just
a few minutes, distinctive colors form. The researchers then compare the color pattern
from the sample with the color patterns obtained from real pharmaceuticals. The comparison
can be done by eye or with an image-analysis program on a smartphone. Lieberman says that this new technique
could eventually allow doctors, pharmacists and maybe even consumers in these developing countries
to quickly and easily detect fake drugs. Headline Science is produced by the American Chemical Society. For more on the latest chemistry headlines. Subscribe to the ACS YouTube channel.


26 thoughts on “Detecting Fake Drugs With A Piece Of Paper – Headline Science”

  • Couple things :1) this test should be widely available by now (a year past this video while counterfeit drugs are at an all time high) in most drug stores but it’s not. Where can one find it?
    2) what is the name of it? This video needs more information

  • Dougie Quick says:

    Can a card be made that tells a heroin addict what percentage is fentnyl and what percent is heroin and what is filler? If so THAT could save a lot of lives! Would also be nice to have cards that checked other street drugs so at least users would know what they put in their bodies rather than only taking someone's word for it! Ya know?

  • FollowerOfChrist says:

    As much as I oppose the death penalty, I would execute anyone making fake drugs and any media outlet that tells a lie to the American people

  • Loyal Opposition says:

    Buy a dancesafe kit if you need to test questionable substances. I take that back, test everything.
    I 100% can vouch for these kits. If you deal in substances you have a responsibility to yourself and any affiliates to test and ensure the safety of your substances. Thank you.

  • The government makes it so hard for people with real pain to get and therefore people have to buy them from dealers which is so risky.

  • sinclear savior says:

    Been searching for test strips. Poison control FDA no help.seems someone wants all chronic pain patients and drug addicts dead.mabey you can guess who?

  • Matthew Gibson says:

    Felt I should leave a comment after seeing all the comments on this video. I'm not about to preach or anything like that I'm not religious myself but I am an addict. There is a better way to cope than through active addiction. I'm 173 days clean from opanas, oxy, fentanyl hell anything I could get my hands on and I've found a way better way to live then to waste all my money on drugs that would only stop the pain for a short amount of time. If your in pain and need help to quit than stop by a local NA meeting they are not like the movies/TV shows make them out to be, it is nothing like a cult they want none of your money, they don't force a religion on you, although they do urge you to find a higher power which doesn't have to be a religion it can be whatever you want it to be. all they want is to help you help yourself and no you don't have to talk when you go you can just listen. Hope you guys have a good day and if you are an addict remember just one day at a time.


    So u want me to take the pill I brought and destroy it just to find out if it WOULDA got me high?!?!? Issa no 4 me dawg😂😂😂

  • Jenise Sulpizio says:

    This is a problem all over the world. If someone needs to take one Xanax and has no choice but to buy off the sts due to medical coverage issues, could die from this. There should be a way to tell real pills from fake ones.. Just like the way bills are detected, pharmaceutical companies and Scientists should start searching for a way to make something that detects counterfeit pills that can be bought over-the-counter. Its a growing concern in Philly.. There are millions of these fake Xanax all over Kensington and i fear, with having a 13 yr old teenager, she may experiment in the future and end up with something she may be allergic to or has too much Fentanyl in it.. Its a very scary subject and world. With that said, pharmaceutical makers should make something that immediately sticks out so you know exactly what is real from what is not.. Too many people are taking Xanax from the sts and dying.. It needs to be looked at more to help save people's lives. If people can make fake ones, pharmaceutical companies can make something to detect and stop the flow of fake Xanax.

  • why do the doctors make it so hard to get ahold of Xanax I'm 38 years old I know what I need and they make it impossible so I have to go to the streets to get what i need….it's bull💩!!

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