Dems Take Shots at Buttigieg & Biden Takes Shots at Voters | The Daily Show

Dems Take Shots at Buttigieg & Biden Takes Shots at Voters | The Daily Show

Because of the un-result
in Iowa, what happens
in the New Hampshire primary could go a long way
toward determining which Democrat will get to face
the Cinnamon Cyclone -in the general election.
-(laughter) And for the last week,
the story has been the epic rise of Pete Buttigieg,
former South Bend mayor and human ventriloquist dummy. -(laughter)
-Right now… people are saying
that Mayor Pete won the most delegates in Iowa, which is why, during Friday
night’s Democratic debate, everyone was gunning for him. NEWSWOMAN:
High stakes in New Hampshire. Buttigieg the primary target
on the stage. I don’t have
40 billionaires, Pete, contributing to my campaign. We have a newcomer
in the White House, and look where it got us. Senator Warren,
is that a substantial answer -from Mayor Buttigieg?
-No. Hey, Pete, fundamentally
you are missing the lesson of Donald Trump’s victory. We need people with experience. That’s why I’m worried
about Mayor Pete. Yeah, that’s right.
the whole debate everyone was coming
for Mayor Pete. Which was insane.
Like, I haven’t seen that many people mad
at a small-town mayor since that dude left
the beaches open in Jaws. -(laughter)
-Hell, at one point Marianne Williamson beamed in
from the astral plane like, “We should love
all of earth’s creatures, but this dude ain’t shit.” (laughter) Now, if Pete Buttigieg is
on the rise, Joe Biden is on the ropes. From being the clear frontrunner
just a couple of weeks ago, he’s now struggling
to stay relevant in the polls. Which is why the former VP
is going after Buttigieg harder than anyone. NEWSWOMAN: Joe Biden
sharpening his attacks on a rising
Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Former vice president Joe Biden
hitting out at any comparisons between
Buttigieg and his former boss. This guy’s not a Barack Obama. Barack Obama had been
a United States senator from a really large state. NEWSWOMAN: Buttigieg firing back
on Sunday. Well, he’s right. I’m not. And neither is he. Neither is any of us. Ooh. Yeah, right now Obama’s
sitting at home like, uh, “Goddamn, you’re damn…
you’re damn right. That’s right, America,
there’s only one Barack Obama.” And then Michelle walks in like, “Barack, did you leave
the toilet seat up again?” “He’s like, “Uh, you must be
mistaking me for Mayor Pete.” (laughter) Now, Biden… Biden’s attacks
didn’t stop there. All right? Because in the buildup
to New Hampshire, he released a campaign ad,
coming after Buttigieg, minimizing everything
that the mayor has ever done. WOMAN: Joe Biden helped lead
the passage of the Affordable Care Act,
which gave health care to 20 million people. And when park-goers
called on Pete Buttigieg, he installed decorative lights
under bridges, giving citizens of South Bend
colorfully illuminated rivers. Joe Biden helped save
the auto industry, which revitalized the economy
of the Midwest and led the passage
and implementation of the Recovery Act, saving
our economy from a depression. Pete Buttigieg revitalized
the sidewalks of downtown South Bend
by laying out decorative brick. We’re electing a president. What you’ve done matters. -Wow. That was so bitchy.
-(laughter) That was a really bitchy ad. “Look what I did,
and then look what he did.” -(laughter)
-And, look, I get why Biden is going after Buttigieg’s
lack of experience, but I’ll be honest– to me, experience
doesn’t matter anymore when it comes to being
President of the United States. If there’s one thing Donald
Trump has shown America, it’s… well, how not to apply makeup. But if there’s another thing
he’s shown America it’s that you can run
this country without experience. Right? I know it sounds crazy,
but if you think about it, none of the shitty things
Trump has done were because he
didn’t have experience. They’re because he’s a dick. Which is ironically
the one thing -where he has decades
of experience. -(laughter) Now, Mayor Pete
did respond to Biden, but he hasn’t released any ads
attacking the VP. And maybe that’s
because he doesn’t need to, because Biden
keeps attacking himself. At a campaign event,
Biden had a bizarre response to a voter who asked whether
he can win a national election. Watch this. How do you explain
the performance in Iowa, and why should
the voters believe that you can win
the national election? That’s a good question. Number one… Iowa’s a Democratic caucus. You ever been to a caucus? No, you haven’t. You’re a lying,
dog-faced pony soldier. You said you were, but…
now you got to be honest. I’m gonna be honest with you. (gasps, laughter) Yeah. Biden didn’t like
that woman’s answer. And he didn’t
just call her a liar, he called her “a lying,
dog-faced pony soldier.” And those-those
are strong words that… that I don’t really
understand at all. (laughter) Like… what-what is that?
Is it a pony that’s a soldier -with a dog’s face?
-(laughter) Is that what that is? Or is it a soldier
with a dog’s face on a pony? -(laughter) -Also,
why is this creature lying? Is it catfishing people? Who are you?
“I’m a girl in Ohio.” You’re a lying,
dog-faced pony sol…! Like, what does that mean? And everyone,
everyone’s been wondering where this phrase came from. And Biden’s campaign said
that it’s a quote from an old John Wayne movie. But here’s the thing: nobody
has been able to find this in any John Wayne movie. And I guess that’s the beauty
of quoting something from before the Internet
was invented. That shit isn’t google-able.
You could just make it up. FDR said that chlamydia killed
the dinosaurs. Prove me wrong! But look,
wherever the line came from, it’s not a great look for Biden because it’s yet another example of him beefing with a civilian
on the campaign trail. In fact,
that’s becoming his trademark. And who knows? Maybe he should
lean into it, you know? Like, forget
those anti-Buttigieg ads. Biden should start making ads that look
a little more like this. MAN:
Joe Biden is tired. Tired of you. All the questions. All the bullshit. You don’t want him
in your face? Then get the (bleep) out
of his. So vote for Joe Biden. Or don’t. BIDEN: I’m Joe Biden,
and I approve this message. Now, that’s
dog-faced bologna pony.


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