Defense Secretary Esper defends Trump’s removal of troops from Northern Syria


100 thoughts on “Defense Secretary Esper defends Trump’s removal of troops from Northern Syria”

  • Esper: "We now know that the Turks now intend to go further south
    than originally expected." So how does it feel to be spokesperson for a
    steaming sh*t show, Mark?

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor says:


  • Erdogan is a militant dictator along the lines of Castro and Guevara. Turkey has been inching along and pressuring to create the opportunities to seize land that is not theirs. They will open the gates and flood Europe with refugees? Doesn't sound like an "ally", they seem more complicit in the troubles than helpful

  • America has a serious lesson to learn– to stay out of other people's/nation's businesses. For what it's worth I've been to Turkey a few times over the years. The people are nice, friendly, always wanting to sell you something and not many pay attention to how their government works. It's run very much like a cabal. The President wields most of the powers, including the appointments for all the cabinet positions. There are separation of powers but for the most part the leader calls the shots with no dissenting arguments. They're going to do what they are going to do. Americans have no business in Syria– it's a failed state. Let Turkey and the Kurds work it out.

  • Fox viewers…it's quite apparent that it's going to take a nuclear bomb detonating right on top of your idiotic heads before you'll even begin to entertain the reality that deflectionary commentary may have it's place…which is debatable….but that to persist in this exercise in the face of genuine peril is completely insane. You numbnuts deserve to get the holy hell bomb out of you.

  • "This incursion which we oppose"… yet directly enabled by abandoning an Ally. An Ally who is now seeking a deal with Russia after Americas betrayal.

  • It reminds me of that old Johnny Horton song "The Turks fired their guns and the Yanks kept a'runnin'……….they ran so fast that ISIS couldn't catch 'em…..dah-dee-dah-dee-dah……"

  • The Big 5 Media has clearly taken over Fox News now too. 'Humanitarian Catastrophe'? Tell HILLARY! It was McCain and Clinton who started the Syrian War, so let's get the Old WarHag on Faux, and ask her!! Get America the frack out of MENA. And it's Syria, not Cereal, lol. It's all looting by The Powers That Be., both in Syria and in WADC. Get ready.

  • Return to bi history look at what happened to the end of the Turkish rebels… 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Can't trust the Turks. Their whole history is one of expansionism and aggressive nationalism. Throw in the Islamic zealot Erdogan who whips them all up into a fervour and there you have it.

  • We should not be in Syria. The US wants to break up Syria for a greater Israel. The US has not fought ISIS. The US has been protecting ISIS. What a scam on America!

  • "He didn't ask for permission" NO ONE needs to ask permission from the USA to do ANYTHING. Damned pompous twats. The Kurds NEED help! By leaving from Syria, TRUMP is doing the work for the DEEPSTATE!

  • Adam Schiff Is A Joke. I'm Sorry Can't Belive Any Thing He Says. Not Good He Needs To Go.why Are They Letting Him Get By With The Lies ?

  • President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, was paid $500,000 for work he did for a company co-founded by the Ukrainian-American businessman arrested last week on campaign finance charges, Giuliani told Reuters.

  • CNN's Rep in Fox News Chris Wallace is a mystery to me. Why doesn't Fox send him to where he belongs. He doesn't belonged at Fox News. He's like a spare prick at a wedding. He hasn't got a function at Fox Send him packing.

  • I guess US was also wrong in fighting Germany in WW2, Korean War on the Korean Peninsula and Vietnam War. If all these countries were to fall to communism. Do you think US would exist as a Democracy? LOL

  • Turkey told us that we should leave or get caught in the middle! Get over it Chris … Do you really have good questions to ask?

  • Are you out of your mind to even suggest that 55 American troops on a 400 mile border will keep the Turks out. You are a fool Chris.

  • Dunstonchecksout! ok says:

    I think we should invade Turkey and take back Constantinople. That's our city, and they've occupied it for 800 yrs.

  • czechchineseamerican says:

    The total lack of any notion as to the potential complexities of managing foreign policy, on television and popular discourse, is astounding.
    Remember when they said 'Reckless Trump would stumble into WW3'? Seems like another line the media got backwards.

  • @2:44 "I don't understand…" These journalists are so stupid some times! The Turks are part of NATO dumbass! We can't just start firing on them.

  • How come no one is mad at Obama, Hillary Clinton, and McCain for bogging our troops down in this shitty quagmire and making promises to good loyal people they had no intention of keeping? This is their "Vietnam."

  • Chris Wallace thinks "50 special operations forces" (his words) along the border can hold off an Army of 15,000 invading Turks? LOL – seriously? And Sec. Esper says that number is actually more like 24!! Wallace's comeback is "if" the Turks chose not to engage us, our soldiers would be OK. And "maybe" we could have stopped it? Glad Chris Wallace isn't my Commander in Chief. What a fool. But that's CNN for you.

  • U.S. should team with the Kurds, Russians, Syria and Israel to remove the Islamic toehold into Europe, Turkey.
    At least retake Constantinople and reopen the Sofia as a Christian church.
    Turkey has become a radical Islamic country provided with NATO secrets? This isn't 1946 anymore.

  • green rapscallion says:

    I didn't hear all this outrage out of Wallace's mouth over our men slaughtered in Benghazi. Must be a partisan thing.

  • I really enjoyed Mike Wallace style of journalism. It's to bad his son didn't learn to be non partinson. Can tell he hates Trump. In my opinion he can't scratch a pimple on his dad's arse.

  • Dr Max Wellspring says:

    Is Chris Wallack hearing 50 US troops as a barrier against 15,000? Dumb man. You want to report the massacer of Americans rather? Turkey has been determined to do this.

  • Wallace acting like he cares about Kurds now..when he LOVES war. If Trump went to war against Turks..he'd suddenly be going 'against allies'.
    US should be out..I'm sure EU can handle everything.

  • Christopher P Gleason says:

    Get out of Syria now. Let these people fight as long as they want without our involvement. Let them know that any even suggestion of aggression towards the US will be dealt with in a quick final immediate long lasting blow against any ,all and those suspected to be in compliance with any aggressors. No proof required to defend ourselves because all those in the vicinity are in grave danger once the United States is engaged.

  • Christopher P Gleason says:

    In a written treaty we are obliged to the Kurds temporarily. Out NATO agreement with Turkey is now binding. NATO agreement is clear if any one attacks a NATO member they attack the USA. Turkey must stop their attack before someone attacks them and engage the United States. United States will engage based on existing agreements or will remove Turkey from NATO unilaterally.

  • This guy chris does all he can to make the US look bad, just who he represent. Is he a member of the Armed forces. He is definately deep state. To hell with this stupid anti-Trump idiot.

  • I love how Chris pretends to know. If there is going to be long standing peace in that region the Kurds are going to have to reach out to Syria and help them reinforce their own borders against Turkey.

  • In 2013, Senate Democrats under Majority leadership of Sen. Harry Reid cheated and changed long standing Senate rules to pass Obama nominees to the courts. Sen. Mitch McConnell told Democrats then they would rue the day they cheated and changed those rules and they did. Obama nominated Judge Garland for the SCOTUS and Sen.McConnell refused to vote on him. So Democrats got Judge Gorsuch as a result. Thank you Sen. Harry Reid. Democrats are cheating once again, only this time in the House of Representatives. They are ignoring long standing House rules of fairness and ignoring the very rules that will protect them when they become the minority in 2020. Again they will rue the day that Nancy Pelosi changed the rules to cheat because of her desperation to maintain her power as Majority Leader. Republicans have very long memories and the Democrats will be harshly punished for their blatant indiscretions. Though they are not alone. Any Republicans that vote to impeach this President will soon feel a greater wrath at the ballot boxes.

  • Julia St. Marie says:

    There are a few things that I do know >>>> 1. To reposition troops is a decision of the CIC. 2. The CIC knows more than I do know (even you) of what is going on and what is needed 3. This CIC perfers to fight wars with the wallet vs the dying body. 4. I trust this CIC ilo 1,2,3 plus his track record of helping America best thus far. Trump 2020 land slide

  • Turkey warned they were invading and these useless politicians wanted our military to stay and be killed, there is only 28 military Trump said today, that was removed. There are still a few thousand military mebers in the S. Syria

  • These guys are idiots….trying to defend the indefensible. US is allowing Turkey to carve out a piece of territory from Kurd occupied Syria. These Bastards lie all the time. These White House aides should be tried and imprisoned. US should never ever be trusted. No country should be in coalition with the US. Russia always has been a true ally to its friends. This was all about Trumps winning the next elections.

  • So America will return the oilfields of Iraq and Libya to the people of those countries?
    The genocide of the Kurdish people – who destroyed Isis (al qaeda) in Syria – has nothing to do with the "deal" trump made with turkey about trump towers in Istanbul?
    "I have a conflict of interest in Turkey " trump joked back in 2015.
    The slaughter of our allies by the Turks – and the escape of thousands of al qaeda – is just a joke to trump???

  • Morons. This is the plan to get as many Islamic countries involved in killing each other as possible. And its going very well. High five!!

  • I feel for the ignorant people who believe this is about POTUS keeping his promise to get our troops out of the Middle East. He just sent troops to Saudi Arabia to protect oil.

  • Really this is a terrible situation that turkey has put us in? Maybe 16,000 troops on the US side could stop turkey from doing what they are doing ? Lol what Republican Fox News contributor

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