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  • Clark Kegley - Refusing to Settle says:

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    Four months ago I posted a video about how to sell anything to anyone. Half million people saw that video, (and about half a million funny comments as well) but it was missing something….

    The thing is before you jump to selling something to someone, you need to understand exactly who you’re selling to. Get INSIDE their heads. Successful marketing is the precursor to unlimited sales — see past the superficial layers customers will say, and dive into the deepest truth of what they won’t say.

    Talk about how to do that in this video.

    ► Part II: How to Sell A Product – Sell Anything to Anyone with The 4 P's Method:

    Hey it’s Clark back from — creator of Video Breakthrough Academy.

    One of the biggest struggles I had, when I was first starting my online business, was deciding who I was talking to. You’re going to have a hard time selling if you don’t know how to market or brand yourself.
    WARNING: Use this only for good – can be manipulative. Actually hurt you if you don’t do this tastefully. Watch the entire video carefully.

    Before I go further, WHOLE module on this in VBA — get deep inside audience’s head.

    Credit: Mike Fishman on the Social Triggers podcast.

    Three steps:

    1. Can Say
    First, is focusing on what they can say — the obvious stuff. Sometimes, the most PC stuff/ easy to say.
    EX: Health — I want to lose weight so that I can be healthy
    EX: Business — I want my business to be successful so that I can impact people
    EX: Dating — I want to find someone who I can treat well. Worth investing into. Relationship with and Friendship with.
    How to find this out? Obvious because they will tell you!

    2. Won’t Say
    Second is focusing on what they WON’T say — the deeper stuff. Often times we know this about yourself, but wouldn't share it outright.
    EX: Health — I want to lose weight so that I can take off my shirt at a beach and feel confident.
    EX: Business — I want to get filthy rich so that work is a bonus, not a have to. Drag me out of bed slave to an alarm clock each morning. Don't have to beg for 2 weeks off each year.
    EX: Dating — I want to be desirable, know that when I walk away from talking to women she’s going to tell her friends about me.
    BONUS TIP: paint the picture. Say things like “picture this” or “what would it feel like” REAL world examples that resonate with people “i.e. slave to alarm clock”

    3. Can’t Say
    Last, is focusing on what they CAN’T say — the deepest, subconscious layer. You know them better than they know themselves! Point out things they don’t even realize. Most people aren't marketers, don’t get this deep into their own heads…. but they FEEL it. The last video, we buy with emotions and justify with logic.
    WARNING: this can get manipulative. Too soon = offensive.
    EX: Health — I want to get a six pack so that women will want me, men will be jealous, and I can take photos for Instagram and be proud of my body.
    EX: Business — My reason: I want to make so much money that my family never has to worry about finances ever again. I can be a provider, someone my wife brags about at parties. Someone who has “made it”
    EX: Dating — women true example: I thought I’d have someone by now, all my friends having children and seem further ahead than me, I don’t want to miss my biological clock and never be able to bear children.

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  • YOUR videos are the BEST marketing videos on here!!! helpful and straightforward!!!! All the other ones I saw on YouTube were: oh, I will give you all the answers…30 min later….so now I will give you all the answers, but you have to purchase my videos because all the answers are in those videos. 🤦‍♀️ marketing like that just pisses me off, not only they wasted my 30 min, they also want me to spend money after they betrayed my trust! I see a lot of that crap lately! I think they need to watch your videos and learn! ❤

  • next time try to make all of your head visible, don't crop your hair , it's unsettling- for some people- (psychologically ) to make parts of your head to be invisible , cheers

  • great advice, and i thank you for the awesome advice, keep it up. but…..

    it feels like your in my face, back up a little , set the camera to mc, instead of cu.

  • Hey Clark I just wanted to let you know you have some of the best content I've ever seen on YouTube, and thorough and great advice with no fluff. I'm starting a tech channel and want to work with you in six months to see my progress and use your tips. How do I reach you for your services?

  • You r the best man to take advice on any topic man..Especially about marketing & business. I must say you rocked it bro ..

  • damn i remember when this channel had less than 10k subs now its picking up fast, i am very happy for you clark man. i once used your video for a class presentation and i nailed it, i stole some of your lines cuz it sounded so damn good. lol thank you very much for helping me in my life and in my class presentation of last year lmao!! best of luck clark.

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