Dear BBC, YOU are Racist Garbage – Russia’s Top News Anchor Kiselyov Answers Racism Charge

Dear BBC, YOU are Racist Garbage – Russia’s Top News Anchor Kiselyov Answers Racism Charge

Now let’s talk about the BBC. It is just mind-boggling how they keep destroying their own reputation. Remember how Trump called CNN “fake news” during his first press-conference? Right after that, he also slammed the BBC, muttering, ‘another beauty’ when their journalist caught his eye. Well, they lived up to their lousy reputation yet again this week, when they accused us of being racist, no less, in a press review which they send around the world. ‘The controversial Russian TV host Dmitry Kiselyov again made racist remarks about the former first family of the US on his show, ‘Vesti Nedeli’. ‘Discussing Melania Trump’s fashion style at the inauguration, Kiselyov was very rude about Michelle Obama.’ ‘At the inauguration, in her short-sleeved dress, next to Melania, Michelle looked like somebody’s cleaning lady who had just taken off her white apron, who appeared in the photo by accident’ – he informed his audience.’ ‘he is considered the chief propagandist of the Kremlin’. Sure, this is a quote from last Sunday’s program But the only racism here is in the minds of the BBC journalists who write this stuff. We were talking about the different fashion styles of the two first ladies. A close-fitting, short-sleeved dress, with a collar reaching to the neck, in a color which hides stains, struck me as an odd choice for an inauguration, as if she had just removed a white service apron. That is why Michelle looked like a cleaning lady, especially next to Melania, who was exquisitely dressed for the occasion. Why bring up racism? We weren’t suggesting anything else. Here’s the clip: ‘Melania is replacing Michelle This was her coming-out, and we have to say, it was a success… Starting with the striking light-blue coat at the swearing-in… Followed by the white, bare-shouldered ball gown And finishing with the fitted black, double-breasted coat she wore to church… We are reminded of the fashion designer of the outgoing mistress of the White House Who, in a noisy statement of political protest Refused to design anything for Melania… That designer’s name escapes me now, But no one cares any more who it was… Because at the inauguration, Michelle, in her short-sleeved dress… Looked like Melania’s cleaning lady, accidentally appearing in the photo As if she had just removed her white apron… Is there any other way to interpret these two styles? So where’s the racism here? Or is the BBC suggesting that all blacks are maids, and all maids are black? Now THAT is racist nonsense. Typical BBC – they are total garbage, don’t you think? They even managed to drag the Kremlin into it…


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  • Freethinking Влади́мир says:

    The designers name is Sophie Theallet, the one who designed for Michelle Obama. Nobody asked her to design for Melania, but she wanted to make fame through an open letter and the media consumed it greedily.

  • I think it's finally dawning on even the most dumbed down, brainwashed and propagandized westerner, that western media is a waste of time and is total garbage

  • Унылый нигер Абам says:

    Кисель достойно наглосаксонских пропагандистов мордой в какашку ткнул)))

  • White racist Dmitry Kiselyov pulls a cowardly, dishonest racist tactic: "I was just making a fashion criticism [with embedded dog-whistle racist coding]. You are racist for calling out my dog-whistle racism. I'm a victim! I need my safe space!" THIS is "Russia's #1 newsman"??? Pathetic. Unsub. Kiselyov's US equivalent would be Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, another pathetic racist liar.

  • Fucking liberal statist news garbage. In Czech Republic we have the same with our state TV, every single day I hear progressive anti-Trump, propaganda from them, EVERY SINGLE DAY. I say privatize these parasites, normal people pay this fuckery with their taxes, I'm sick of it.

  • Smiley Gladhands says:

    My first thought when I saw Michelle Obama at the inauguration was that she looked like she was wearing something from Goodwill. She usually dresses with some style, but that dress was awful. It isn't racist to say so.

  • Russian Insider shows more integrity  honest news than all the Western news shows..combined.     I refuse to watch American is nothing but a propaganda machine for the far-left.  The lies, cover ups, hypocrisy & distortions are unbelievable.   When Trump won, you could see the panic on the faces of the news-stooge reporters. A few even cried.  Just as bad are the blithering idiots who actually believe them. CNN & BBC are worse than 'fake news'.. they are the propaganda 'disinformation group for the far-left and Democrats.

  • White racist Dmitry Kiselyov pulls a cowardly, dishonest racist tactic: "I was just making a fashion criticism [with embedded dog-whistle racist coding]. You are racist for calling out my dog-whistle racism. I'm a victim! I need my safe space!" THIS is "Russia's #1 newsman"??? Pathetic. Unsub. Kiselyov's US equivalent would be Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, another pathetic racist liar.

  • Keke*from* Shh-cago says:

    That's how most all of this country's media is if your skin is white anything and everything you say you're labeled a racist! It's ridiculous!

  • POTUS Trump MAGA says:

    he's just saying what everyone else is thinking and have been thinking the last 8 years. her choice of dress has been very embarrassing for a first lady.

  • Oljunka Puvelkrag says:

    Remember how these criminals in the Western media stood silently as leftist activists called for Melania to be raped. They are not even fit to be called human. They are some of the most evil criminal liars ever to walk the earth.

  • Obviously since the BBC was so keen on seeing Racism in the choice of Inaugural clothing for women, they either have some deep seated bias against people of color, or they just can't keep up with the competition. I suspect it's a lot of both!

  • what you said sounds racist,but BBC giving lessons to Russia who ended WW2 is stupid.UK and Spain enslaved Michelle's relatives.In the country of kings and quenns don't talk about maids. Anyway,in the rest of the world we just laugh we idiotic media.

  • Phillip O'Sullivan says:

    I like Tommy Sotomayor

    What does history about white slaves in America. The Irish as slaves of British
    plantation owners- put to others to breed mulato and creole peoples?
    What about black slavers who owned black slaves? In America.
    What about George Pellow who escaped Moorish slavers well before
    America; slavers who terrified Europe! Yes, fear drives that deep
    historical 'learnings': to fear the BLACK enslavers.
    In a Europe almost over-run in two huge pincer movements by Imperial
    colonizingl troops under the Moors. Outside of Vienna on the East- and
    outside of Paris on the West. Over-run by people who had enslaved
    millions of Europeans.
    You tube needs to learn this history. And be proud of his
    people. We brought industry, government and democracy to America. Praise
    be to TRUMP.

  • 😀😁😂😃 well lets face e it, how has a point. Massive differences between the two first ladies. One is a beautiful, cultured and always exquisitely dressed LADY

  • Нина Линенко says:

    Very correct- Michelle (Michael) must learn dress code.
    She was dressed horribly, not appropriate to the occasion and she disgust the White House. How dare you!

  • I agree. The BBC are controlling nastiness, who protected pedophiles for years. They rip off the whole of the U.K. With a huge licence fee, or £1000 fine or imprisonment if you don't pay. Why don't they just advertise like all other channels? I got rid of my TV's ability to broadcast anything but my videos and cd's, also games. When asked why by the BBC licensing company I told them that I won't support pedophiles.

  • The BBC should invite Michelle to work as a newscaster. We all enjoy seeing her in the classy outfits she found in the thrift shop. Watching BBC news is a waste of time, except for when they interview Nigel Farage or Vladimir Putin, two of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen.

  • Western Journalism = Big Fat Liars! ..And it wasn't Michelle's LOOKS that got under our skin. It was her ways.. disgusting.

    I'm proud that we now have an elegant, kindhearted FLOTUS! ❤

  • I saw this show as well as the one about the British premieres clothing style and I haven't connected thst with racism at all .actually I am stunned that it was interpreted that way because we all thought that Michelle Obama looked plump in that outfit because it made her figure look more plump than it would in a dress ending at knee level and which doesn't draw attention to her upper body .the dress was a total mistake and wether one likes her more than Melania or not ,Melania looked great and very classy ..that's all ..nothing to do with skin color or race ..

  • Dear Russia:
    In the "West", black people CANNOT be criticized. For anything. To do so, is considered "racist".
    In the "West", White people can and ARE criticized. for EVERYTHING. To do so, is considered "progressive".

  • I would never pass a racist slur as it is not in my nature I was redirected to this site I'm not racist I love genuine people no matter what their colour or religious background this is an outrage and it must be looked into.

  • thank Rush Limbaugh for your use of the phrase mind-boggleing, you do interject it well, BBC has boggled my mind since they allowed tits to be shown during primetime (a US phrase also but by all means go ahead) on the Monty Python Flying Circus, please let me know if I have missed quality comedy antics from a soviet blok comedy troop

  • I don't think that's racist and I'm super liberal and one of those people that's always calling things racist. There's a lot of racism in society that's why, conservatives just ignore and deny it but liberals confront it so from the conservatves' perspective we're just calling everything racist. Sometimes liberals get carried away of course.

  • You should all trust what this Youtuber has to say, he/she is after all called Russia Insider. It means they have Inside Russian scoops.

  • We live in a great time, they lost, we won…all humanity won; I am certain it is not until some time later that history will reveal we lived in a moment of near extinction, but even greater, yet uncertain, is out of our current dark age a new renaissance is born.

  • this is getting ridiculous!!! petty!! the Russians did not imply any racism. rightfully asked… are all maids black or are all black women maids? Western inferior intelligence!! laughable!!!

  • Алексей Соколов says:

    This difference in mentality, racism – this is what the Russians do not know, and they do not talk about someone in this framework.

  • QDeeDra Ældæg says:

    It cannot end soon enough ! This week the NewYork Times reporters walked out ! When will cnn end actually all the disgusting immoral propaganda!

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