29 thoughts on “Deadly Persuasion: The Advertising of Alcohol & Tobacco”

  • This world is so stupid it makes me want to take illegal drugs just to despise this idiot system based on hypocrisy ,greed ,lies, propaganda ….FCK the politicians and government they absolutely the worst !

  • Melisa Whithed says:

    The collective defensiveness on behalf of the cigarette and alcohol industry is….interesting. She has an agenda…as does every other person, especially advertisers…be savvy about it….thats all She is not interested in disallowing or banning anything….advertising works….that's why so much money is spent on it….that's why you have to understand the tricks of the trade….

  • Marissa Pozzi says:

    Lower the drinking age to 16 and America won't have alcohol issues. Look at any European country. They don't have a problem with alcohol. If we stop demonizing alcohol and tobacco (as this dumb video does), it becomes less "cool" to teens, and they have less of a desire to do it. Plain and simple

  • Targeting children with recreational drugs, ensures that you have a growing market! Same with drugs like sugar, and caffeine imo.

  • guess what, people drink and people smoke, it happens. Haven't we learned that putting drinking or smoking on a pedestal is the best possible way to make more people want drink or smoke? Arguably unhealthy diets (count the number of food commercials compared to either alch or tobacco) kill far more people than smoking. Case and point, it's impossible to eliminate every non "kosher" thing from the media. The lady is clearly an idiot and making a tired and invalid point.

  • i can assure you that nothing will change in america or the world for that matter. Its optimistic thinking that "it all starts with you!". When i went to Saudi Arabia, i found the ban of alcohol quiet amazing and was impressed but only to find that in saudi, alcohol was more popular than other illicit drugs and thus was selling more than even marijuana!

  • I had to watch this for health class. Alcohol isn't bad if your a responsible person. Just don't stupid things. Drink responsibly. If you smoke your just an idiot. Smoke weed if anything……

  • Truthiness DotCom says:

    [PART 2]
    So why hyper-inflate an already major issue? Well in Canada and the US,insurance companies can charge REDICULOUS amounts of money for assurance plans. The longer you live,the more you pay. If you die of ANYTHING:heart attack,stroke,cancer of any type,the list goes on,they don't have to pay your family a cent if there is any nicotine in your system. ALSO in Canada,the taxes on cigarettes are ASTOUNDING!

  • Truthiness DotCom says:

    [PART 1]
    I AM NOT suppoorting or condoning smoking cigarettes! I would NEVER support smoking. But think of this: is it possible that smoking death counts are skewed,like the 'Swine Flu Deaths,' when you look at the actual stats individually you see that in many cases,actually it turned out to be all cases of H1N1 deaths,that while the people who died of heart attacks,even one case involved a car accident,the blood tests showed that the person had H1N1 and was labled as death WITH…

  • always focus more on tobacco how bout alcohol here in australia we have alot of rescrictions on tobacco but of course very little on alcohol time to even the playing field

  • I was the most anit-smoking kid I knew. Of course gave in to find out what was so good about it. Been a smoker for 13 years, chest pains at 25. I regret smoking these things more than any bowl or joint ever lit up

  • if it weren't for cigarettes, booze, illegal wars, fluoride in the water, genetically modified foods, then the world population would be at 10 billion people. and we can't have that.

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