Deadlock between UK and Iran | News Wire | Indus News

Deadlock between UK and Iran | News Wire | Indus News

so that you mentioned the tankers what also came on the conversation across the conversation with all of these Co signatories in Iran was that UK proposed the same naval policing of the Strait of Hormuz where this was something that was already rejected by Iran before does this indicate that this emergency meeting in Vienna wasn't really geared towards a solution in the first place well it certainly didn't get very far if the UK in the u.s. go down this path of militarizing the Strait of Hormuz and sending in some battleships in order to accompany the oil tanker that is going to end in disaster Iran has all sorts of means at its disposal for asymmetric warfare and you the UK and the US would pay a very heavy price if they if they went down the throat particularly a heavy price will be paid by the other members so that would be a very foolish and reckless decision for the US UK and the u.s. to go down which is you know sending in a naval flotilla to accompany the tank


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