Dead Game News: Planetside shutting down! / Legends of Norrath

Dead Game News: Planetside shutting down! / Legends of Norrath

Welcome back to Dead Games News.
This is the Short Notice
Edition. First up, Jesse Robert Cox
reports that “Pro Evolution Soccer 2015” will
be shutting down its servers on
August 25th. This is a Konami game which
isn’t winning the hearts and
minds of gamers lately. YouTuber Jim Sterling tends to
have a lot of coverage on that. Next up, a bunch of people
reported to me is “Legends of
Norrath”. This was a tie-in online card
game that centered around
“EverQuest”. In fact, you were able to launch
the game from inside EverQuest
and “EverQuest II”. Really, something like that
makes sense since MMOs can be known for
having to do repetitive tasks or
wait on certain events, so it would be a way to kill
time while you’re doing
something less fun. Anyway, the game was inherited
by Daybreak Game Company and they’re shutting it down on
August 17th. And that brings me to the main
news event: “PlanetSide”, also own by
Daybreak, is shutting down on
July 1st, so in about a week and a half. Y’know, both this and Legends of
Norrath were previously owned by Sony
Online Entertainment and they’ve shut down several
games like “Star Wars Galaxies”
and “The Matrix Online”. I was hoping that when the
company broke off and changed
management we would stop seeing crap like
this, but looks like that was
just wishful thinking. I never played the original
PlanetSide even though it went
free-to-play in 2014. I honestly never found a link to
it. I think the company tried to
suppress it a little bit and steered everyone to
“PlanetSide 2” instead so I’m not surprised the player
count has been low. Anyway, this one hits me
personally because I currently have a
monthly meetup with fans inside
PlanetSide 2. I have a session TODAY actually. Both PlanetSide games are a
unique game experience and support more players than
pretty much any first person
shooter out there. By doing these play sessions, I
was hoping it would bring in a
lot of players to the game and help keep them
afloat, especially if it was once a
month or even more frequently. I was even hoping that, over
time, I could try to approach
the developers and try to get them to commit to
some sort of end-of-life plan
for the game because then we might have more
community influence, but wow! In light of this, that
seems far less likely now. It’s not that I blame them for
shutting it down–they can’t
keep it running forever– but to shut it down with no
patched client, no server
software, no partial code, no ANYTHING to
help out the community is kind
of a slap in the face. Now there IS an effort being
made to emulate the servers
called “PSForever”, but my understanding is you can’t even get inside the
game yet; only the character
screen. So who knows if that will ever
be something viable or not. I was actually considering
getting a membership to
PlanetSide 2 for a month or two to help
support the company, but in light of this, I don’t
know anymore. This makes me wonder if I should
even keep doing the PlanetSide 2
sessions if they’re just going to toss
existing games aside so
callously. I mean, should you really invest
time or money into game that
could end at any time because the parent company
doesn’t care? I mean, my perception prior to
this was that Daybreak did care
about its games and responded to community
feedback, but killing your game so that no
one can ever play it again, to
me says otherwise. It’s like a parent that will buy
new clothes for their kid, and throw birthday parties for
them, but will also leave them
stranded out in the woods to
die. I literally enjoy a game less if
I know that it could be shut
down at any time. It adds a tension for me that
isn’t there in normal games. I don’t think I’ll ever get used
to having a small time window to
play a game; I think that’s insane. Anyway, this is a bummer. I’ll try and reach out to the
developers to see if I can get some sort of
statement from them regarding
the future of PlanetSide, because I’m getting so sick of
this. That’s it for Dead Game
News. [Subtitles by danielsangeo]


79 thoughts on “Dead Game News: Planetside shutting down! / Legends of Norrath”

  • There's a game called Elite Dangerous that is an online only game, but this is because the game would break if everyone wasn't synchronized and (correct me if I'm wrong) I don't think any one computer could handle the amount of memory it needs to hold the entire galaxy and all the things in it. Am I not able to think of a solution or is this one of the rare cases where online only is the only choice?

  • Its only Planetside 1 that is shutting down. Planetside 2 is still good to go 😀 but still it is very sad and also makes me angry >:C


    The one YouTube channel you don't want to see videos in you sub box. And yet, we keep getting so many updates lately.

  • Jon Waterfall says:

    Planetside 1 has it's share of outdatedness, I don't see a reason to play the original except for the nostalgia factor.

  • Daybreak are one of the worst things that happened to the gaming world in recent years. They are like Midas, but opposite.

  • Generation Z Doesn't Know What A Pound Symbol Is says:

    I've always wanted to play Planetside, well I guess there's always Planetside 2.

  • I miss Chrome Hounds, Twisted Metal Black Online, and Resident Evil Outbreak. I used to think PC games were immune from this kind of stuff. But sadly it's here too. Not sure why they are so secretive about partial code and server software. Granted someone could use it to make their own superior version of the game. Which would make it harder for them to reboot the franchise. Still i think it's more of an act of spite. If they can't make money off it, it cannot be allowed to exist.

  • this is probably the only channel on youtube that i don't want to see in my subscription box
    i really hope that one day we will be able to stop this
    good luck with spreading this cause

  • I'd say it's less like the parent leaves you out in the woods, and more like you buy your own clothes but then your mom sneaks into your closet and throws them out every three years, regardless of if they still fit or if you can afford new ones.

  • Hey Ross. There is another youtuber, Wrel, who has gotten a place in the development of Planetside 2 and probably wouldn't mind hearing what you have to say.

  • I'm not seeing them shutting down PS making it more likely that they will shut down PS2 any time soon. And just because we spend money ln the F2P games doesn't mean they will run the servers forever. I do agree that they could help the current playerbase with code or server executables or something to keep the game going, it's not like it will be a big competitor to newer games.

  • RobotDeathParty says:

    Some cases are different. Planetside 2 came out, so why would they keep a dated and old Planetside 1 up? Even then, games that are really old sometimes aren't supported anymore because of lack of interest and importance or for other slightly more or less important reasons.

  • Michael Crowe says:

    How many players do you get coming to the play sessions? I was thinking about joining in with some buddies of mine, would be cool if we numbered in the hundreds

  • I haven't hit one of your player sessions, but I say go ahead and reach out and find out what you can do! You're clearly passionate enough to keep making videos like that. Maybe what industry leaders need is more examples of why this end of life planning is in their best interest too! Glad you end the video suggesting you're following through on this.

  • well yes, since daybreak is just a name change of sony online entertainment when sold trying to win some PR and cutting ties with sony, I'm not surprised they are continuing to kill things.

  • Justin Wilson says:

    This is the boat i'm in right now. I've been getting quite heavily into Warframe, but knowing it is 100% online makes every minute I spend feel… somewhat uncomfortable, like while the game is doing decent business right now the proverbial rug could be pulled out from under me at any time. Unless Digital Extremes just happens to have an end-of-life plan, a subject they never aknowledge on the forums, this game will die with the servers… and the simple knowledge of that is enough to taint my enjoyment.

  • Strategist315 says:

    Well shit,you said it in the first episode and here it is,its only matter of time before they kill a game you like…
    Planetside 1 is one of my most played games ever and I can't believe they are shutting it down,bunch of damned assholes!

  • Well Ross not buying a subscription or considering not doing the fan meetups is only hurting the problem. They're MORE likely to shut it down then if you do either of those.

  • Shitty Pony OC Recolor says:

    At first glance this scared me, I thought PS2 was getting the axe. It definitely isn't inconceivable. The playerbase has shrunk substantially over the past years.

  • Let's just hope – after getting stranded in the woods – our discarded games don't become an attraction at the local flesh fair.

  • Now I'm a bit worried about the fate of Everquest 1. Sure it got an expansion last year and the third game got cancelled but if Planetside 1 is dead, I just don't see Everquest being much longer for this world. Sure there's Project 99 but that doesn't have content past 2001.

  • ColonelEviscerator says:

    If you've been watching how Daybreak has been handling the development of H1Z1 or Landmark, you wouldn't be surprised. As I understand it, the company is owned by a hedgefund or investment firm, so profit comes above anything else to a degree that would make EA pause.

  • PS1 was my life for 4 years. There is no other game like it, not then nor now.
    PS2 is a simplified version of PS1. Perhaps that is why i am unable to play PS2, i expected more of a PS1 vibe.

  • Bruce of Steel says:

    This is why I usually stick to games with a great single player so that if it's servers get shut down, I don't have to sell the game to gamestop and hope for anything above 5 cents.

  • Maybe they shut down Planetside 1 because they needed the extra servers to handle Ross's monthly Planetside 2 event. I recall it crashed the game last time.

  • Well, I suppose at the end of the day, most people would be surprised PlanetSide was still online, let-alone the fact it took Daybreak this long to close down PlanetSide in the first place. It was first launched in 2003 and has ran for 14 years, which to my knowledge is a rather rare age for an online-only game. But this does stink they chose to just simply kill it outright.

    Personally, I'm just glad I downloaded when it went Free-to-Play just so I could rescue the audio data, which you can download here since there soon won't be a game to extract it from:

    Have the soundtrack too, as the website for composer Don Ferrone seems to have gone down, with the new one not providing the full collection:

    This certainly holds a sign to what death PlanetSide 2 will have when it's kill-switch is flipped, and with how much I adore exploring the continents, the potential for machinimation, and the amount of money I've spent on the game since I first started playing it not long after launch, it would be a tragedy to not have an official offline-client at the end of it.

    I keep saying it, but this has got to stop.

  • Switching to some of the titan games on the side might be a thing to do, Ross. I'd be more than happy to get into WoW or something of the likes with you, simply because it'd be a fun experience. If I recall, you're not a huge fan of those kinds of games, but still, there is a pretty safe bet that WoW isn't going to die any times soon, and leveling up to 100, or whatever the level cap is now, usually only takes about a week. Along with PvP, PvE, and Raids, you've got a vast amount of content to reach, and there's plenty of fun stories through the world.

  • Whenever I feel happy I come watch the newest Dead Game News… it cures happiness. But seriously, thanks for making these videos Ross.

  • So, would liking this video make me like the fact that Planetside is shutting down, or like the fact that Ross is notifying people about it.

  • Ross sounds awfully dejected in this one. Why must games keep dying like this? Or better yet, when are companies going to learn that restrictive DRM will end up biting them in the ass in the long run? But we already know the most likely answer: never.

  • LeonardAndHisBiscuit says:

    Wrel mentioned Daybreak was waiting until PSForever got everything they needed. I imagine there are some legal shenanigans when it comes to just giving the source material over, but I wish they would/could just do that to save time.

  • honestly I'm not suprised planet side 1 is being shut down. its still bullshit but the real bullshit is needing a seprate third party acount to play a game on steam. this shit needs to stop

  • About 3 months late with this but the racing mmorpg "Drift City" Was killed in march.
    – With no real reason as to why.

  • So making everything clear: Planetside 2 is still safe? I only just recently got into it and it's fun as hell. Planetside 1 is shutting down, not #2?

  • Girl Without A Gun says:

    Sony, sold off SoE to the investment firm, Columbus Nova.

    Seemed everyone was excited for this big move, until all the veteran staff were fired and games got axed left and right.

  • Peripeteia Pictures says:

    Really glad you're doing this, as I feel someone's gotta. Anyhoo, it's old news (oxymoron?), but still newsworthy, I think: a group of highly-skilled people banded together to resurrect Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence's multiplayer component, Metal Gear Online, for the PlayStation 2. Then they did the same for MGO2, Metal Gear Solid 4's multiplayer companion, for the PS3, two years after Konami pulled the plug on it. It took a lot of effort and passion, but being that MGS is my favorite series of all time, you can imagine my gratitude for these determined and dedicated necromancers. The initiative's name is SaveMGO.

  • "End of life plan." Dude. This is what we need. We need to start a movement. Get the concept trending. Get the word buzzing. Tell developers that we're more likely to play their new games when they come out if they tell us up front that they have an EOL plan, and we won't have to worry about losing everything. I think if the concept goes sufficiently viral, we could make a difference on this.

  • NightmareAngelXIII says:

    jesus i wanted to play some bulletstorm today but thats totally dead because of the crime against gaming that is windows live games which killed games like bulletstorm and the original arkham asylum

  • Fumferknuckle says:

    I thought we were watching PS1 gameplay the whole time. I never got a chance to play the PS games, there is so many games and so little time to play them. It seems like a really fun and varied FPS experience from just watching this gameplay on the second game, that from what I read, wasn't as full of an experience as the original entry. A true shame that devs kill of games, especially those near and dear to our hearts.

  • Jomaster The Second says:

    Hey Ross, ALL the LittleBIGPlanet games are having their servers shut down in Japan, as well as LittleBIGPlanet Karting and LittleBIGPlanet PSP having theirs shut down worldwide.

  • daybreaks choice was right. the game was 13 years old and they let it rest in peace . they started developing planetside 2 more and THATS WHAT COUNTS

  • yes try get ps1 going again got sick of respawning and dying right away sick of that crap on ps2 and u spend way more cash on PS2 CRAP GAME  ,  ps1 way better and only had to pay month to month play rather then the buy what u want to paly on ps2 CRAP  bring back ps1 and BFRS LOL  fk ps2 crap

  • Hey mate, I'm really sad too that they had to shut down Planetside 1… but look, on the other side, I'm really surprised it lasted that long. Since 2014, when they made this game free to play, SOE-Daybreak didn't earned a single cent from it, they simply could not – there were no FTP microtransactions implemented. That game was there for 2 years just because Devs thought why the hell not. But in the end, they had to cut the losses.

  • Actually, unfortunately, breaking down is probably what lead to these closures. They don't have the capital or income flow to keep this many games open, which sucks.

  • Legends of Norrath was really hard to learn. Took me several hours. The tutorial really helped, but it was a steep and not very fulfilling learning curve. That all changed when I finally grasped the game and beat all the scenarios. Then I started beating actual players even though I only had the started deck and some quest cards. Best beat was when I took on a player with full rare deck and foil cards versus my gimp ass starter deck – they simply got unlucky draws while mine were very favorable. Once you learned the game, it was extremely addictive. Sad to see it go. I wish there was a public LoN server we can play, but guess not enough people gave it a chance.

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