Dead Game News: Fable Legends, Dust 514, Darkfall Unholy Wars

Dead Game News: Fable Legends, Dust 514, Darkfall Unholy Wars

More Dead Game News. This one’s running a little late and I’m paying the price with
the news overflowing again. No mobile games this time.
It’s all traditional games with some real production behind them. First up from thespyguy is the game “High
School DxD” for the PlayStation Vita is shutting down on July 29th. This is an anime-themed
erotic card-based battle game. Really this doesn’t sound like something I’d be interested
in myself, but that’s the thing about dead games– if you wait long enough, it’s just a matter
of time before one YOU like gets shut down. So even if you’re not interested
in one that’s being killed, your turn is coming, too. So it’s just a practice to
watch out for in general. Next, R. Emrah ALTUNYA reports
that “LEGO Minifigures Online” is being shut down in October of this year. This is a massive
multiplayer LEGO action game, similar to a lot of successful
single-player LEGO games, best I can tell. Y’know, old LEGO sets only get
more valuable as time goes on. The same cannot be said
about their games, huh? This one has only been running for a year. And from this point onward, Jesse Robert Cox has sent me all
the news I’ll be reporting here. Maybe he should be running this show instead. He also asked me to mention that
he is NOT the same Jesse Cox that’s on the Co-Optional
Podcast. That’s a different JC. Okay, now I normally don’t cover
cancelled games, but in this case, both of these next ones had playable
alphas or betas open to the public, and I feel like once you do that, that’s it. The company should have some responsibility to let people continue playing that in some
form, whether they finish the game or not. So, first up is “Fable Legends”, a
multiplayer game with action RPG mechanics which got shut down back in April when
Microsoft shut down Lionhead Studios. Now in their defense, Microsoft
DID refund the money to people, but still, don’t release a
game, then go and shut it down. The other game like this is “Rising
Thunder” which got shut down back in April. It was a free-to-play fighting game, but I feel this one is noteworthy since
it was owned by Riot Games at the time. Riot Games also makes “League of Legends”
and last year brought in $1.6 billion. Like Mojang in the last
episode, I want to emphasize it doesn’t matter how much
money a company has available. They could keep this game running
200 years if they wanted to. Doesn’t matter. They’re shutting it down. I don’t like seeing companies have
that kind of power over gaming. Okay, the next one is more recent. The multiplayer first-person shooter “Dust
514” shut down at the end of May last month. This game’s claim to fame was that it
was a spinoff of the game “EVE Online”. I was interested in this one personally although the reports were
that it wasn’t the best. This game was always a bizarre decision
because it was a PlayStation 3 exclusive as a companion game to a PC exclusive. All I can figure is Sony paid the company
off to keep it exclusive to their platform because that makes no sense
from a marketing perspective since their entire established fanbase
would’ve been playing already on the PC. Even if the gameplay wasn’t that great, this still would’ve been a nice game to
be able to take a look at down the line since it had a lot of giant sci-fi
tech architecture in the levels. There’s never too much of
that sort of thing for me. Finally, we have an
unconfirmed kill of a game. “Darkfall Unholy Wars” has gone
offline since the end of May with no word as to whether
it’s coming back up or not. So maybe it’s dead, maybe it’s not. Apparently, the economic situation in Greece is affecting the game being able to function. While the situation in Greece is pretty awful, this is a perfect example of why
tying a game to a company server with no backup plan is a bad idea. Darkfall is a fantasy MMORPG, and while
I haven’t played it, I have to say, I like the art direction and it makes me
want to check out the game world inside it. I did some research and it looks like
there is a server emulator for the game but who knows how functional that is. So this isn’t a complete loss, but man, it would be nice if we didn’t have
to rely on desperate hack solutions in order to keep playing the game. Okay, that’s it. Hopefully companies will stop
killing games fast enough to give me a bit of a break on this
until the next episode. See ya later. [Subtitles by danielsangeo]


46 thoughts on “Dead Game News: Fable Legends, Dust 514, Darkfall Unholy Wars”

  • I wonder how big of a deal would it be if Riot decided to create a "LoL 2" and closed LoL. That would be a mess like no other before in gaming.

  • GravityMilkShake says:

    Rising Thunder wasn't owned by Riot games at the time. It was being developed independantly and was in open alpha at the time. They were bought by Riot games and since then shut down the game to begin work on their next game with the company.

  • cropathfinder says:

    Highschool DXD essentially is a tie-in game and we all know how those suck, doesn't help that the shows popularity has dropped dramatically due to the lower quality of the 2nd season and more importantly the 3rd utterly mediocre season which pretty much killed any chance for further ones unless they decide to gamble on it

  • Rising thunder was killed for no reason for me, is a fighing game, you can easly do a peer 2 peer connection with that since is a 1v1, what the matter if you keep it open that version of the game even on alfa stage? Since they probrably do a new project based on that game.

  • Call me an asshole, but Dust 514 going off line doesn't hurt that much. You had to download it, install it and then hopped that it would download and install more data from a server so you could play the thing. It was dead on release because no one could play the damn thing. It would begin to download the server information only to restart the download five minutes latter. It never got past five percent, and that's if you had a good LAN line.

  • Dust was sort of experiment. Rumors and common sense say that it will be a reincarnation of this game. They pretty clearly show combination of 3 games in theirs trailers. EVE (economics, big strategy and infrastructure) + some Dust-like shutter(boarding parties and planetary things) + Valkyrie(sort of surgical strikes on EVE battlefields) on Oculus Rift.

  • FeralBunnyDonut says:

    Fable legends being canceled depressed the hell out of me I loved fable one and two three was trash and I was hoping this would redeem it.
    RIP lionhead.

  • Transformers Battle Tactics on mobile devices shut down last May, presumably to make way for Transformers Earth Wars, which went online just this month.

  • Amazing Tribol says:

    I don't know anything about the other games but i liked Rising Thunder, it was kinda sad to see it get shut down

  • The new Lego MMO is getting shut down? That's the 2nd Lego MMO that failed, the other being Lego Universe back in 2011.

  • dusts claim to fame was a bit more the idea of your loadout being a finite resource and i hove no idea why they killed it before starting beta at-least for the PC reboot they supposedly killed it because of.

  • could you show at least one screenshoot or gameplay for each game instead of showing some gameplay of a not related game?

  • Jesse Robert Cox here. Thanks for clearing up the confusion Ross. I just hope newer fans of the show come back to watch this episode just in case I give you more news for future episodes.

  • The original Darkfall was amazing, Unholy Wars was a vastly lesser creation.

    If UW is gone, maybe someone will bring back the original . . . maybe . . .

  • Bertrand Lerouge says:

    could you put the name of the games shown in the description ?

    Kinda interrested in that space game at the start…

  • from my understanding theres a FUCK ton of lego online games that have been shut down. so hearing of a new one is no big suprise

  • as far as I know, Rising Thunder was only shut down when the studio making it was bought by Riot
    sad, because I liked it, but not a weird decision of Riot in general. they bought the Studio because they wanted them for a new project and the studio shut down their original game to move on to the next thing

  • Let me just confirm that CCP Games wants to port Dust 514 to PC in a new release. Trouble is that CCP is struggling. internal turmoil and funding issues have put Dust in an uncertain position. But they are working on it when they can, if I understood correctly.

    I think I've might have broken a confidentiality contract right here, but it is already more or less, common knowledge in the EVE community. Dead game news is just.. It's just more important..

  • Dust 514 was on the PS3 only becus it connected with EvE online so EvE players war able to bombard the planet form EvE online and the PS3 was the only console that was able to do that. CCP made it as an atempt to bring EvE online to console players

  • Man it's sad to hear this news, even if some of these aren't my cup of tea. As always, thanks for the good reporting- the internet needs more journalism like this.

  • Hey ross, you should put a death count at the end of every episode that shows "games killed since the start of this series". These are really starting to pile up and it could help drive the point home.

  • TheNeoDaedalus says:

    Just one qustion tho, Ross. Or maybe a topic. If there's tons and tons of games being developed every year, how can we keep all the game still running? At some point, many games will be dead anyways, since there'll be barely anyone playing them yet, every game has a small group of dedicated fans. When will there be too many games and will it be wrong then, when we have an oversaturation, to start shuting down games?

    I'm absolutley against prematurely shutting down games with massive playerbases. But how do you make a system where you get to keep all the games, yet still make anough space for all the new ones, many of which are arguably better than the old ones?

  • dead island:epidemic closes down on october 15

  • Ascend: Hand of Kul was a fun game for the month or so I had it on the 360, and was a fairly successful, fun, and somewhat unique free-to-play game that I enjoyed quite a bit. Back in 2014, Microsoft delisted it from the marketplace without any prior warning or notice – then later shut the servers down. It has been on Steam, but the PC servers are shutting down this June 20th. All I have to say about this (besides it being a shame due to the potential the game had) is that I'm really glad I never actually spent any money on it.

  • I don't know if Fable Legends really counts here. I mean yes it was killed off, but it was not open to the public. It was a Closed Alpha test. I played it, the whole screen was watermarked with my username and IP while playing so I couldn't record anything or be found out and kicked off the game due to its NDA. The game was pretty boring and lackluster, and I can see why it was cancelled.

  • I checked on Darkfall recently. The game server is down and the "buy" link on their homepage isnt working either. On the other hand there was constant news updates on the site up until March 11th 2016. One day the game just died.
    Theres no info on the company's (Aventurine SA) site either. But it is a fact that they are private contractors for the greek military since always. Maybe that has to do something about it. Maybe they just killed the game to work solely for the military and don't plan on giving a damn about the players at this point considering their economic situation.

  • If Dust 514 is truly dead i would be happy to impart on knowledge behind it's name. I was living in shanghai at time of development and was lucky enough to know one of the devs. The numbers 514 is a play on Chinese translation of those numbers. The numbers in pronounced in Chinese: Wǔ for 5. normally 1 is Yī but used in this way can be pronounced similar to another word yào. And Sì for 4.

    Said together "Wǔ yào Sì" can be interpreted as "I want death" because of how the Chinese language uses tones to affect the meaning of a word.
    I am NOT the first to state this but i am the first to confirm it from my knowledge. Though take it as you will. I am not the dev but i could contact him if needed.

    Just thought it would be nice to catalog for this now unfortunately dead game.

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