De Gea Stays! Solskjaer Press Conference Reaction! Man Utd Transfer News

De Gea Stays! Solskjaer Press Conference Reaction! Man Utd Transfer News

to stand this is your manchester night transfer news daily and also the reaction to a laguna soldiers press conference reaction remember the manchester I transmit daily is sponsored by universe the link is in the video description if you're not getting all your transfer news and breaking news gets on the Uni bet vlog have your get all your breaking news there and as well I've written an article for uni bet about the three players that I believe should replace Romelu Lukaku I think one of those players might quite surprised you the link is in the video description for that give it a read but we're here to talk about a league in a soldier and his press conference reaction we're also here to sort of give you a little bit of an update because there is two big updates here I can see lots of champagne in the video description as well we have hit 500,000 subscribers it is official there you go 500,000 subscribers the party starts here it's a little bit early in the morning it's a little bit early in the morning blame only gonna soldier for that so the champagnes not out yet but it will be we've got a good day of some celebration for you we've got giveaways and everything on ice it did actually catches us a surprise overnight that this has happened but look there's videos to come about this but I just want to say you're absolutely amazing and this journey is a journey that we've all been on together and everybody who watches this channel whether you've only just started watching it or whether you've been watching it for four years you're a reason what we're here you should be proud today and I'll tell you what Tuesday's always a bit of a shit day I think so we've all if you're part of the united stand community we've got a really big tuesday today so celebrate it enjoy it be proud of it and when I wake up I know I will be very very happier than I am now as well a little bit tired but very very proud of what we've achieved and look it's a big day as well for the Harry Maguire bit of transfer news before we talk about only goodness soul shot and two big bits of positivity on a positive today and it's going to be a big day for the Harry Maguire transfer today less for three reasons less that have got a pre-season friendly tonight and Tuesday nights secondly there was a report last night that Harry McGuire had left less the training would have a medical Manchester on in the next 48 hours so let's see if that happens and thirdly there are some journalists out there saying that there's no bid and those might they're miles apart in relation to the value that they see between Leicester and Manchester United and then there's some people saying he said don't deal which is funny because that person who's saying it's a done deal who clean has got a reliable source has sent me direct messages in the last two weeks asking me about Harry Maguire so I don't know was where that's happened but you know it is going to happen it the Harry Maguire to Manchester ideal will happen and and it's just a case of when do I think it's gonna happen in the next 40 hours 48 hours I don't actually think it is I don't think it is I feel it will happen more towards Friday but look I'm not gonna be the one who starts jumping now and telling you when it's gonna happen that's not really my area of expertise or all the people who tell me stuff what they will tell me is it's going to happen and it will happen but when it happens is another matter can I get a repack cap because your audio is low congratulations on fat britches Brendan Rasmussen you're a real comedian you are Brandon thanks for that and but look let's get on with only going to socialize press conference reaction because he did speak about quite a lot of things and those things were involving gathered to hire first of all David the hair to stay this came out last night that David the hair is going to sign a contract when he returns from the tour with Manchester United and I tell you what I think this brilliant news it's absolutely brilliant news and only gonna soldier basically was asked about this and he said it's for the debt it's for David and the club to announce when and if they want to announce it and look only gonna soldier has never spoken in a way that he felt that the hair was gonna go eat I never perceived that and I haven't really felt that the hair was gonna go anyway this summer I think when we came into the summer I was probably thinking the hair would leave in Papua would stay but very very soon into the summer you sort of got things from people in the know that no this is not the case it's pod but who wants to go and daheia is more likely to stay because these options and a little bit more limited and also you know he does like Manchester United so the higher signing this contract at Manchester night it is inevitable and it probably will happen when he comes back from the from the Perth tour from the Manchester United at all and you know what as well imagine if he did leave imagine if he did leave Manchester United it would be I mean this transfer windows challenging anyway but it would have been ridiculously challenging if the hair leaves and I think we all probably are in that groove now myself as well where I'm just not pretty much no he's going to stay so you don't even think about the implications if he went but if he did go he is for me all right not last season but for me he is the best goalkeeper in the world you can have a debate about it and to lose a player like that especially in a rebuild would be massively massively damaging to you know it's rebuild so yeah he needs to have a better season than last year I think he lost focus and a lot of that was to probably to do with the contract but to keep someone like David to hair and then you've got one besakih got Luke sure you got fictel ended off and hopefully Harry McGuire coming in very soon you've certainly got a defense there that last night let's not expect it to reinvent the wheel but you've got to pet a defense there that you can build on and I don't think as Manchester United fans we've had a defense that we can build on since the days of Gary Neville and Rio and ever and Verdun and so we've actually got something and a ban back charity says mark honestly will David de hair go on to be a legend of United as you will most probably retire it you know if he signs this I think the other day I just needs to get back to playing the way he plays and then yes he will become a legend I think he was very close to doing that when he was getting all the Player of the Year awards when we were crap I just think last season he had a but he had a bad season and so yeah I definitely think he will as well a new ally upon says Spurs report swap with alder V Road and Nicola Fasano lot of roma Roma was linked with darmian wish we recruited him like his tenacity in midfield yes look talking of darmian only gonna solve shock what allows to get through ice they better get through so only when a song shot was speaking about transfers and saying you know whether the you know there was a lot of speculation at the moment but August the 8th is where we batter down the hatches and we focus he was asked about the car coup and what's gonna happen there and I think what only gonna soldier's message is is that there is a lot of speculation around Manchester United about about players coming in and players coming out quite clearly there are going to be players coming in and coming out and I don't think they're gonna solve Shaw he's trying to pretend that that's not the case I think some people are trying to compare it to Marino's time especially last year when Mourinho sort of came into the preseason game maybe we'll get one or two more maybe I'll get one more I'm not confident getting any over the weeks I don't think I only got a soul should I was saying that at all he's already referred people to Ed Wood what about transfers and again today spoken about that speculation he's spoken about and the fact that players can obviously obviously come in and come out to the club and I think that the the point is right from a Logano soulja we've spoken about this a lot on this channel as well when it hits August the 8th then we do have to look at the transfer window in a hole and assess it that is Judgment Day but when that's happened we go with what we've got and we saw last summer like I said with Mourinho we went with what we've got and it wasn't good enough on August 8th we've got to be good enough but what Allah is saying is especially in relation to your luck our coos and I suppose your pod buzz if they are still here on August the 8th then he expects those players and he wants to have a team and he expects to have a team that is focused on Manchester United and ready to play and for Manchester United so whether Lukaku is part of that journey or not I don't know I don't think on the lock or key thing I don't think he can be part of that journey that does not mean he won't be part of that journey I think the car key needs to go he wants to go he's not part of all he gonna soldier his plans really I think Holly Holly pretty much like as the fans would would would have Lukaku at the club if lokahi was happy to sit on the bench as a backup option the car COO as is his right thinks he's better than that and I don't think soldier sees Lukaku is a starter from anxious United's so it's not an ideal solution but sometimes you can't sell something you can't and and you have to put up with it you know we do so we'll have to wait and see who needs the hair when we've got gold bridging these pink boots is Brendan Rasmussen he's on he's on he's on Form today Brandon and I think we as United fans should start to support the almighty team that is Bradford City's is Rory current or something I don't know I don't know I don't know and but look let's let's carry on with what he said he spoke about d'armée and Fred and George I nearly said Jordan Henderson imagine if we saw him Dean Henderson coming over for Singapore leg of the tour obviously they've not been part of it and he was asked actually it was Simon Peters question I believe and he actually said it sounded like Simon peach anyway said what's their futures at Manchester United was obviously the goalkeepers probably gonna go alone dar means probably gonna be sold and Fred as we said last night what's gonna happen with him I dolly just said they're gonna join he didn't give any firm commitments on those players what who he was asked about was axel 20b and the room is around Harry Maguire if we were to bring Harry Maguire in we would have seven senior centre backs what does that mean again Olli little bit look he mentioned speculation but what he did say is that look if we've got center-backs that are playing really well and we've got other sense backs or not that's their challenge to try and get back into the team you know that at the end of the day he was asked about axle 20 B he said much the same axle 20 B has got as much you know is out a very good season it Villere got promoted and he's got a great talent and it's down to him as to whether he's here next season fighting for the first team I don't see how it's good for axle 20 B's development to be at Manchester United if we bring Harry McGuire in you've got Victor Lindelof then you've still got Eric Bay Marcos Rojo Chris Smalling Phil Jones as a young player I'm sorry stereotypically you are going to be down the list compared to people who are earning around 100 grand a week and a considered experience plays I would actually have 20 be behind Lindelof and McGwire as and that's where I would like to see him but can you see our Laguna soldier not putting Smalling and Jones ahead of 20 be the reserve center backs and and what's happening with row home base so I think for Swansea be Development he needs to play Premier League football regularly next year I don't think we can offer him that so I would personally be looking at learning him out regardless of his ability levels and Lupe appearances I'm surprised no one in the press conference is asking about a striker coming in or a white winger particularly which we get more incisive question was asked well yeah and it's your birthday gonna party like it's your birthday I know it's probably not your birthday but he was asked about the right wing situations that we'll come back to in a moment and Alex see Nicola says maybe you know I was waiting on united stand to hit 500,000 to give us bruno as a congratulate gift but why are we handling with our midfield uncertainty we've got an interview coming up with James Cooper from Sky Sports today so I'm gonna get flex to ask some questions about the midfield because I think there's not really much to be said about the center-back situation it's Harry McGuire that you know I had a focusing on and for going back to our Anup says there I mean please do smash a like on the video everybody we have hit half a million subscribers today this is not really the celebratory show this is early in the morning reaction to our Laguna soldiers press conference but we have got a lot planned for you and we have got the gold bottle of of bubbly to pop as well why were you not to put 3 a.m. for the reaction sis Rohan Shan I fell asleep I fell asleep at the end of the day I'm very lucky and I apologize for that I was meant to be up at 3 a.m. to do the other goodness old shop press conference but it's actually half past 6 here so I'm three and a half hours late so it's a good job Olli gonna sulk I didn't say something like yes McGuire will be joining us on tour because we would have been late for the first time ever so yeah I just slept through my alarm it with you hands up you know me we've been doing this for half a million subscribers most of the time we're on the punctual but there has been times I remember a US tour game actually a couple of years ago where I just slept through it so yeah it can't just happen what was gonna say yes all units officer was asked about the right hand side and it was a very good question he was asked about you know this is a problem that you've inherited it's been going on for a long time and can Daniel James play there and I think what I like the way I Logano soldier answered this question was quite telling and you can read into it many different ways so he said look Daniel James can play any position across the front three can play left he can play right but the way you set up your team you don't necessary way the way you set up your fullbacks especially if you want them to bomb on you don't actually always want your right winger to be hugging the touch line which immediately set alarm bells for me because I was the are it's the old inverted right winger again Mattern lingard but then he went on to say that you know he was asked about what about you know what are your plans for the right wing going into next season and how do you solve that solution and he said I can't tell you that and that is that that you could read that that maybe we're going to bring somebody in or that he's got plans what I would say is that either gonna soldiers best formation is four three three which is three attackers one off the right one off the left the one down the middle and I personally believe that Manchester United's you see now it's in our DNA that we use the width and that can be the full-backs bombing forward but I think you also you don't tuck in your winger to allow you fall back to bomb on you know David Beckham and Gary Neville with a probably prototype blueprint of how to play down that right hand side at any level whether they were doing it for England or Manchester United and David Beckham didn't took inside to let Gary Neville passed in Gavin David Beckham would have the ball on the right-wing looking to whip across in and Gary Neville would just run past him that would take that would take space for going and David Beckham to whip across in or you just give it scary Neverland any stride he'd whip across in you don't need to go right on one matter I'm going to the center circle so one bussaco can bomb forward it's a nonsense you can have your winger hugging the touch side and you fall back and run past them you know easily so I think natural width on that right hand side is important I think especially when you look at what Anthony masks the elders on the left hand side not Alexei Sanchez he comes inside doesn't need but Marcial despite not really being a natural wing and he does hug the touch line so I think that's what we need off the right hand side I'd love it to be Jay King Sancho I don't think it's going to be him I think it's very far-fetched but you know maybe they have got other plans but it didn't sound like Daniel James was the solution I think soldier said he could he will play there you play off the left as well Josey Gonzales has any update on Fernandez just redwood woods doesn't want to pay for him I think he's more important than McGwire look McGwire is very important Jose and we do need that that dominant sense back in the air it's not about you know we have got a lot of sense of battle we've got a dominance in the air center back and that's what McGwire brings with regards to Bruno Fernandez I totally agree sorry I feel a bit morning I totally agree I think Manchester United's midfield is is massively the priority that midfield is weak you know when the pod was dazed or not I said last night on the on the call-in show if you've not seen it brilliant show last night do give it a wash I said that you know whatever people feel about Paul Pogba leaving Manchester United if you are Paul Pogba and I don't care what you think about him and report you feel Paul Pogba you're at training today for Manchester United and you know Real Madrid and Juventus want you and you look around with rig squad and where they're going and you look at Manchester United's midfield and you think I've got another season playing with Matich and God knows who else is it gonna be Pereira Fredman Tommy none of them pulling up trees and and I'm Paul Pogba and I've got to carry all this again and I'm gonna get swamped in every game because everyone knows I'm the creative I'm the only creative element if you pull Pompey you've got every right to go this isn't them this is I don't like this situation where you know it's just gonna be another season of failure so you know I'd need to provide a midfield for Paul Pogba anyway and Bruno Fernandez is certainly that play that they should be looking at we also spoke about the Leeds game it's gonna be a competitive game obviously we've got the watch along for you tomorrow lunchtime you UK time I think it's a midday kickoff Wednesday and this is a progression from Perth Glory definitely there is a big rivalry between Leeds and Manchester United some of you younger fans may not realize that but there is a big rivalry between United and Leeds and as a preseason game it's perfect because there will be some competitive elements and it's not really gonna be a friendly there's bragging rights oh I'm looking forward to that game and so he's only gonna soldier on injuries he said that everybody's trained so Lindelof and BAE and ROM who missed those get the game against Perth Glory they're back Luke Shaw did train even though everyone was worried that he's done a hamstring he said we might not risk him but he is he is fit and the hay is gonna play and fitness is coming along well and he's encouraged by the intensity of the team so far which is which is good to see and I think I think there as that was it an inspiring interview boy to go to Seoul shout for a little bit flap to be honest compared to the one that you did before because I don't think you know every press conference can be ripping up trees exciting but I do I do think that what Manchester United are doing at the moment is is steady and I think that's something that actually I think I had a couple of weeks as has been evidenced by the shows and as has been evidenced by you add a couple of weeks with this transfer window was getting very very frustrated and very more importantly confused like what is the plan for this summer transfer window I think that's we don't have a right to know what that is as fans because the club will keep their cards close to their chest but I think that as I said only gonna soul Shaw's statement at the end of last season about wanting the signings done by July the 1st and the you know there's some top quality players that want to come here we didn't really see any of that happening as we hit July the 1st so we were every right as you know it fans to start thinking this is going to be like every other transfer window however I think over the last sort of two weeks since you know I've been back in pre-season and we've had a few sound bites from Mali good a soul shot we've not had the transfer window closed it's not like well we might bring one or two more in it feels like there's a lot more going on it feels like the the reason that the deals are taking so long is because there's some hard negotiating going on and Daniel James and Wamba soccer already here Harry McGuire Bruno Fernandez another midfielder Lacock go out the door that is for deals that you know do out Manchester nayad I think darmian will probably go as well so that would be five deals I mean of course I think Rojo needs to go in the Paul Pogba situation me you know it maybe he's gonna say maybe he's going to go but there is a there is an understanding I think amongst the fan base now with the transfer window that look maybe we were unrealistic to expect everything done by July the first and maybe that was the inexperience of Soulja as a manager expecting that which is fine you know it's all a learning curve for all of us I just feel now with the transfer window look yeah three weeks on Thursday it closes but I feel like you know I have got a bit of a plan and maybe that is naive on our part but I do feel like there's a plan and I think that we've always said that August the 8th is the day to judge this transfer window obviously you know it's like a rollercoaster at times but August the 8th is the date let's see what you know I'd get done but they've got to improve that midfield I totally agree and it's interesting that the the way Olli is talking about the the intensity in the fitness I think we saw that in some of the training ground Clips you know the way you got to in the middle for people passing it about your every foot every football club should be training like that week in week out for the last 30 years it's not a new way of training I remember being 15 years of age in my school team training that he'd put two in the middle and four in a box and pass the ball around them you know that's just because you know I'd have put a clip about it doesn't mean we're suddenly gonna press that's it that's it that is a very old way of warming up you know to in the middle ball pass it around them they try and get the ball so that doesn't mean our pressing games going to improve it if you know I had weren't doing that sort of training under Marini I'd be stunned so but I think what we saw against Perth Glory is more important and there was an intention to press the ball there was an intention to be intense and it didn't last long because it's a preseason game but that will last longer with more games and that's what a Laguna soldier couldn't get last season he couldn't get there tensity because you can't get it in a team halfway through a season that's been used to play in a certain way and and that has allowed him to do it so it's positive with that as well and we spoke about the right issues spoke about the hey we spoke about transfers we spoke about the speculation we spoke about fitness Lindelof is it we need to talk about that let's talk about Linda laughing because Linda Dolloff was sat next to him and it says if we screw up the transfer can we as you know I had community vocal to United France from England and all over the world make a noise heard when the season kicks off we've got to do something for getting the team back right well I suppose you're saying if we don't get the transfers done what can we do as a fan base and the point is that if the transfers could then get done they don't care don't do that I'm sure a lot of people will have a have a moan about it but you know what what happens with that I you know I'm as blind as all you like just because the United stands got half a million subscribers doesn't mean that you know you can make a big change at the club we're owned by people who don't support the club they've been owned it for a very long time and I don't think they're gonna sell it unless they do it on their terms so you know but look let's try and be positive let's hope that we do get the transfer that we need let's hope that Olli does build the type team that he thinks he can Emraan OTV says any updates on Luke sure yes there is 30 trained yesterday he hasn't got the hamstring injury a lot of people who thought he might have and he was back in training he might not be risked for the Leeds game though because obviously if he's got a bit of a sore hamstring it's gonna be a competitive game and probably means Ashley young although I would like to see their low playing there Victor Lindelof obviously his agent did mention last week interest from what we think his Barcelona he said a big club and it was down to Manchester United what happened Lindelof was part of the press conference with other gunner soldier he said he's happy at Manchester United so that I think that's a line under it really no I'm not gonna sell him Lindelof said he's happy you know I said I'm sure there are clubs looking at him but at the end of the day if he's happy and settled that's the thing that's the thing with all these transfers like Manchester United going into the summer pool punk was not for sale simple as that Paul Pogba is not for sale Paul Pogba opened the door by saying he wants a new challenge and many areas kicked it open and said no he wants to go as I said this back to you barley Napoli don't want to sell clearly barley but Judy barley has sort of opened the door a little bit by saying I'll see what happens when I come back from the Afghan that door could be closed very quickly when he goes back to Napoli but Linda laughs not opened the door so Barcelona can want Linda laughs he's well into his contract you know I don't want to sell him so I think that's the end of that with regards to that Emanuel testifier wants a recap so the recap will be this that I think it's a big big day for the Harry McGuire transfer less the preseason games tonight talk of him doing a medical in the next two days some some journalists saying that we're not even close with regards to agree in a fee for him let's see what happens today but I think it's gonna be more the end of this week to be honest but it will happen only gonna sauce added the hair last night reports that I was going to sign his contract when he gets back behavior in his press conference basically saying that's for daheia and the club to announce as and when it happens so looking very very positive I think keeping your goalkeeper of that quality and not having to replace him is a big big big big weight off our shoulders and then yet just talking about transfers in general are you gonna soldier saying look there's a lot of speculation at the moment but when it hits August the 8th players here will be focused on Manchester United and the shooters will come down so that was more about the kaku but I think it's about everything else and you didn't really close the door and anything and I think that's the positive side of Olli you said at the weekend that you've got to speak to Edward about transfers but you know there's gonna be business done it's gonna be business done in and out and that's what it's all about koke Fitness coming along and we're encouraged by the intensity is what Olli is all about at the moment so please do smash a like on the video everybody and make sure you subscribe if you are new we have gone past 500 thousand subscribers half a million what an achievement that is we've got things planned for you for that throughout the day but obviously I just want to say as an initial reaction as tired as I am thank you everybody it's an amazing achievement that you've all been part of and hopefully new people will be part of it soon too so please do subscribe if you are new and not that don't want that you do want that remember link in the video description for the Union bet vlog if you want to get more manchester united breaking news and transfer news throughout the day click the link in the description check out that vlog but more importantly click the link in the video description because that will take you to my article which I've wrote for them which is three players that could or should replace well the three players I think should replace Romelu Lukaku one of these three the link is in the video description there give it a read this morning even if it is morning for you the link is in the video description for that and we'll have flex this vlog going up at lunch time and we'll be reacting to any breaking news and I'll be live at 8 o'clock with a show you don't want to miss that is going to be the celebratory show so thanks everybody make sure you smash a like on the video we have half a million subscribers and do give the article read link in the video description replacements for Lukaku who aren't what I will just say I think Lukaku is gone by the way so do give it a read for whatever Ally says he's got to say that obviously but I think the car key was gone so if we are gonna replace him three players I think that can replace him the link in the video description thanks Evan for watching I'll speak to you soon


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