Day 1,096: Democrats And GOP Fight Over Trump Impeachment Rules | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


82 thoughts on “Day 1,096: Democrats And GOP Fight Over Trump Impeachment Rules | The 11th Hour | MSNBC”

  • Varekai Ascendant says:

    You can bet your dollar that Donald Trump will come unglued at the summit, make a fool of himself and come home early like he did at the Group of seven summit.

  • Wow. Rudy just accused Marie Yovanovitch of ordering surveillance on him. Projection much?!

    Why isn’t Bill Barr investigating? The absolute bunch of crooks.

  • I want him to be impeached but it is very improbable, the people voting him out would rather defend him and appeal to the majority rather than do the right thing

  • Thank you for helping to reelect President Donald Trump for his second term!! President Trump is the best President since Abraham Lincon in the big hat!! Trump 2020 MAGA!!

  • Democrats should be worried about the Virginia second amendment rallies today. Americans are waking up to the BS that is the liberal left. Trump is going to win in November no doubt.

  • its funny that this was sooooo urgent that the house had to move quickly to impeachment because of national security… and now dems are having a hissy fit that the senate is moving too fast… thus ruining their plans to use this as an ongoing election event… they seek power with lustfullness … dont trust them

  • win or lose, love him or hate him, mobster or convenient clown, you have to admit: trump will be the butt of jokes for the next 100 years. What a legacy! Most corrupt president ever. sad

  • Lev Parnas makes a lot more sense and appears more credible than Rudy G. Did Giuliani just say that Ambassador Yovanovich did a surveillance on him? This dude has no shame!

  • Hey Mitch how much did TRUMP pay you to be a traitor to the American people??????? Hope it's lots cause you can be impeached just like TRUMP

  • The orange cockroach and his GOP supporters infesting our Whitehouse had best have a big supply of adult diapers for this anxiety ridden time.

  • Lol FAIL!!! Thanks to the media most of us was able to see the "Truth" you are fake news. And why many of us switched to Trumps side this time. Dudes actually been doing a great job. Way better then any other President I have seen in all my years.

  • Dictator Trump hate USA and love Russia Even he married Russian woman and call her Daughter name Russian Ivanka !
    He keep Helping Dictator Vladimir Putin!!!

  • miamimanuelcano says:

    The corruption is Joe Biden and Son stealing millions from Iraq, Ukraine, and China get ready Democrat’s Trump has every right to investigate corruption it’s his duty! Dems act worse than Dirty cops! #Blexit #Latinos for Trump

  • How many republican man down now ? who bit the dust who resign since January 21, 2020 russian is destroy the republican party and building up the Democratic ego.

  • Sad how Trumpiters follow so blindly, refusing to acknowledge facts and replacing it with fiction. Trump and his inner circle ( Giuliani, Graham, McConnell, Getz, Collins, Jordon, Barr and so many others ) are like leaders in a cult following. I'm afraid their flock of sheep won't stop being lead until they drink the cool-aid, or end up in jail like so many before them.

  • Because nothing says fair and impartial like Mitch saying, "I am lock step with the president, there is no daylight between what he wants and us, and no I have no intention of being impartial."
    Man, these republicans aren't even trying to pretend anymore.

  • You leftist are so blind lmao When you been in politics for as long as I have, you would understand how corrupt the dems are. They want to take away are rights. And they want to decide if your elderly loved ones should be treated in the hospital or not. You're going to let them decide if your loved one live or die? You guys are so blind it's sickening.

  • Joshua Gonzalez says:

    Cant wait bernie to win and change all of the terrible policies at play. I wanna see what all the dump supporters say to all the benefits.

  • Amazing how fact-based news videos garner 140 dislikes in the first hour, and 10K+ likes in the hours that follow. Auto refresh at the troll farm?

  • Tessmage Tessera says:

    If the Republicans want to make a game out of this, then fine: impeach Trump all over again… with new witnesses, new documents and new charges. Simple as that. Hang this over Trump's head right up until election day in November, like the Sword of Damocles.

  • The truth is getting more difficult to discern amidst the mounting quagmire of lies.
    I wonder if this was the plan all along.
    Baffle us all with BS.

  • Michael Schneider says:

    This is causing incalculable damage to our RIGHT to CHOSE our OWN, Representative Government ! The abrogation of our Constitutional rights suits Putin's psychological plan perfectly ! And is serving Putin's plan to ferment revolt !
    And It is also succeeding !
    This Is this an obvious admission on "Moscow's" part of their U.S. PREMIER'S GUiLT !
    If White House Witnesses are stopped from testifying, then common sense tells us that Trump Is GUILTY ! or the REPUBLICAN Senator from Moscow would logically let them testify.
    The REPUBLICAN Senators lining up behind Trump and Mitch are in cooperation with, and are serving as Russian assets in their pathetic COWARDLY allegiance to Mitch McConnell
    It is incumbent on the American People to do whatever they can to stop the Republican's from this betrayal of "PARTY over COUNTRY" and McConnell's agenda .
    My COUNTRY, OUR COUNTRY will fight endless, senseless, losing wars with the deaths of thousands, possibly millions of lives. These will also be the lives of America's son's and daughter's in endless wars for profit under McConnell's grandiose long term CONSERVATIVE PLAN ! ( read the book by McConnell "The Long Game" ) .
    HIS ACTIONS are Warefare against our Constitution and the American People ! I acuse him of TREASON !

  • Joshua Rodriguez says:

    I guess the trolls found another video to attack. Guess they gotta use there time sparingly, management cutting hours. 😂😂

  • 1:52 this is just an entire joke, right? This is a TRIAL…. for HIGH CRIMES the president did. The TRIAL hasnt started yet, and Mitch Mcconnell literally says, "I/GOP will do everything the White House tells us (we wont allow any documents or witnesses), and we all vote against it, whatever will come out in the TRIAL", WHICH HASNT EVEN STARTED YET. Mcconnell has to be indicted too.

  • if it matters to anyone, I find Steyers and Bloomberg refreshing, unselfish patriots who are willing to use their hard fought for fortunes for the public good, both willing to put their money up with no demand to be given the high office, they simply recognise they are in the position to aid charge. try to see their charitable works as good, that simple, they are good men, unlike the person they want to relocate. God Bless both Steyers and Bloomberg.

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