Day 1,051: Trump Takes A Pass On Taking Part In Impeachment’s Next Phase | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “Day 1,051: Trump Takes A Pass On Taking Part In Impeachment’s Next Phase | The 11th Hour | MSNBC”

  • Russia is using Trump and the Republicans to destroy the United States of America and we are just sitting here watching- where is our millions of protesters.

  • trump will be your last POTUS .you now have a dictator. AG BARR took a step turning your police against you and trump is buying your troops .you now have a domestic enemy and your FBI CIA pentagon are cowards.

  • Tuesday I have full statement world wide I make a live one also rowly all your camera drones will look at me live tuch me

  • Haha he chickened out! Despite his bluster to the contrary – such a lizard! Definitely deserves the title "Traitor Trump".


  • Giuliani does not represent the USA. He is not security cleared or approved to be a government official. Since when is a personal lawyer an investigator instead of a legal counselor? This is an impeachment of the President, why is Trump's personal lawyer involved in government business of releasing Ukraine Security Aid and calling the OMB? We have White House lawyers to advise the President on government issues. Trump has not been personally indicted on criminal charges yet as far as I know. A President calling for investigations THROUGH BACK CHANNELS is the problem! The results of any "investigations" if they were predicated on probable cause don't matter to why he is being impeached. The President can't ask for the investigations in that manner in the first place!!! It is illegal for Trump to withhold Congressionally approved Security Aid without informing Congress why it has been done since Ukraine had already passed the necessary corruption investigations done by our government. Ukraine has not received 14% of the money allocated because of Trump's illegal actions. And, President Zelensky has never gotten the White House visit either. This only strengthens our Russian enemies whom Trump treats as his allies!!!

    Trump has repeatedly been told Crowdstrike is a debunked Russian conspiracy theory that makes no sense whatsoever. Crowdstrike isn't even owned by any Ukrainians and there is no physical server to be found! It is moronic and traitorous behavior to be spreading this nonsense!!!

    And, anyone with a FACT CHECKER can see the Biden accusations are bogus. There is no probable cause to charge the Bidens for a CRIME. It isn't illegal to have a job you are unqualified for. It is not illegal to get a job because of your last name. Just ask Donald Trump and his kids what family names and nepotism can do. Hunter Biden has never been under investigation for any crime. So there was nothing to stop! Firing the corrupt prosecutor was a multi national effort, not some rogue effort by Joe Biden to get a personal "favor" for his son. It is a stupid smear and clearly has only one purpose– to effect our 2020 elections by attacking Trump's opponents. The CEO of Burisma was under investigation for his criminal activity. Hunter Biden was not.

  • billy thibodeaux says:

    One will there be a scotus presiding? 2 is that the reason why there are no show to there subpoenas? Personally I think the GOP or trying to do a moonwalk but or naturally walking backwards looking looking forward to see Smash Mouth Walkin On The Sun.

  • Florida Crypto R says:

    First regardless if there is things in the Ukraine or not, it did not give Trump the right to hold back money & Military equipment that was pre approved for the Ukrainian people to protect themselves from the mass casualties that was increased from Russia the moment trump withheld the aid for 55 days. I am sorry but that was a joint planned action between Putin and Trump for their personal interest. Putin's personal interest obviously was more land control while Trump's was and still is for his own Political interest.

    Investigations was always a big part of politics but never with billions of tax payers money that was pre approved by Congress to release to a country in need to save lives.

  • A nation conned..America lost the way when trump was put in power, and this mess has gone too far…It's pitiful that this man is being allowed to abuse the USA…No matter what he does, it will be a long time before dignity, morality and common sense return..He is mocking y'all, and being allowed to.

  • Ricardo Mijares says:

    But I thought this was all unfair because he didn't get a chance to represent himself? Let's see what the next excuse is. Maybe it was to cold for him ? I mean bone spurs can act up in the cold.

  • This is who they are, the filth of man. They are dismantling our Democracy, to hand it back to the 1% owners. You have no power to stop them, they control the senate, the white house and the supreme court. They will do all they want, for their Idol god drumpf will fulfill his destiny. It's called the Last Days and they are the Gentiles.

  • yesterday it was announced trump still hasn't released the full $400 million dollars he was using to bribe Ukraine.
    missing is $35.2 million tax payer dollars.
    when will trump announce where the $35.2 million dollars went?

  • Trump won't have any part of this until it gets to the Senate. He can't handle not being surrounded by sycophants and lickspitles. If he can't bask in adoration, he doesn't want to know.

  • Trump must know something American voters don't know (that the Senate is rigged just like the 2016 presidential election was). 🙁 A sold out senate for Donald Trump.

  • CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS DAY 1,051: Trumps defense is no defense. The blocking of witnesses by this criminal potus sealed his fate. Ukraine quid pro quo was another nail in the coffin. The press can't keep up with this totally out of control man. He must be impeached and removed as soon as possible. Everyone must wright to their Republican Senators and tell them if they continue to support this criminal that they are done as Senators and their careers and their party is to be no more.

  • Why not letting the professionals perform an investigation if you are convinced that Ukraine meddled in the election or that the Bidens have committed corruption? Or are they afraid that the professionals will only bring real facts and not alternative facts?

  • Rudy Giuliani is planning a show to air over the weekend to undermine the impeachment process and smear Biden.
    Google search The Daily Beast: Rudy Giulian's Ukraine 'Investigation" Stars Some Of Kyiv's Most Dubious Characters.

  • Trump will be taking a pass on the final phase of the impeachment process. Like the part where he has to move out of, and leave the Whitehouse. Trump and his cronies will be holed up in the Whitehouse saferoom, like the last days of Adolf Hitler in his Berlin bunker.

  • clueless but trying says:

    I know that my ears are none too good nowadays, but somehow I hear Trump say "oranges" when I believe he means "origins". It could also be the cheap speakers in my cheap laptop, but I feel like my mind is beginning to slide from the color orange to the actual fruits with that color. Please, somebody tell me that his President is not driving me insane.

  • Kathleen Hammett says:

    Rudy really is thrashing around in the dirt trying to put some believable spin on all this. It's really embarrassing to see him twist himself into knots of words & excuses that make no sense whatsoever..

  • Michael Collins says:

    Wish the dems had this kind of motivation to fix the water in Flint Michigan. 🤔 Why waste time and money on a unwinnable case? Pathetic. Childish. Wasteful. If you are not a democrat you should pay close attention. As a Moderate I can clearly see the hate fuming from the dems and it is severely clouding there judgement. We should think about this when it comes time to vote. ⏳

  • This is the worst blatant propaganda I have ever seen. This is not news it is the mouthpiece of the Democrat party and they are running scared. Monday the hammer drops and there will be an avalanche of truth that this network and the Dems will not be able to spin.

  • It makes no sense that the GOP is parroting Putin! This is shameful! The biggest scandal is Trump! Trump only cares abt HIMSELF! Trump should be Impeached! #AmericansForImpeachment

  • Impeach all Putin-Appointees says:

    Bah—————k, Bok, Bok, Bok!!!! Trump is a big scared chicken 🐓…. An orange one at that.
    Bernie 2020 USA 🇺🇸

  • Trump is pulling these guys in closed rooms and telling them, "….who won the election for you? not me!….." and saying things to them so that they have to support him….

  • عادل قاسمی says:

    ببین تو به من بدهکاری من دارم به خاطر کارهای تو پاهام فلج و بی حس میشه و اون استرالیا ی بی ناموس باعث و بانی این همه زشتی و بدبختی های من شده و من فقط و فقط فقط خسارت های وارده شده به بدنم را می خواهم آن هم به درستی نه به بی ناموسی در ضمن اصلا دوست ندارم و من رو کسی جور دیگه معرفی کنه ، حسن روحانی که ۲ و شماره کارت بانکی خودت هم شده هشت و نیم ، زیاد دنبال این نباش که از من سو استفاده کنی ، چه از طریق خانواده و یا دیگران چون نه تو برای من مهم هستی و نه حسن روحانی و نه علی خامنه‌ای اصلا دوست ندارم من رو وارد داستانهای خودتون کنید لطفا هم تو ترامپ هم علی خامنه ای و هم اون تونی ابوت مسخره و هم اون حسن روحانی گم شید همتون من بدنم درد میکنه شدید لاشی ها….

  • I really don't understand the confusion about Giuliani, an attorney, preparing witnesses. It is normal. I also think he is doing his client a dis-service by not getting the President to gargle with some Imodium A-D to help with his diarrhea of the mouth.

  • Whoo-hoo! A quarter million MINIMUM WAGE, PART TIME jobs added!!! (Fun Fact: The CEO of McDonald's Hamburgers makes over $9,000……………….. per HOUR!!!)

  • Kenneth R Loper says:

    See how the spelling of that name is on that piece of paper from the, White House is council signature. SURE LOOKS LIKE

  • Why are republicans defending Russia when it’s a fact that Russia infiltrated and affected our country’s election process ? Is all of the senate full of traitors willing to do anything for trump? What has happened to our country?


  • Donal j trump doesn't known the law or he acknowledged the law, so we can don't have to apply the law with him should drag his neck down and kicks him straight to prison…

  • These republicans investigating Ukraine are wasting our tax dollars. It was already investigated by people we trust and found to be a fraudulent claim by Russia.

  • Trump keep lying to the country that he has done nothing wrong but he keeps on violating his oath of office because he thinks that the law of the land applys to him and he does things with out following the rules and regulations and the Constitution of the United States of America that he swore to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foriend and domestic so help me God which is ignore all the rules of law and with it

  • We watch it from abroad and can not understand what's going on with you. It is not a coup from the dumbocrass to pop a repugnitan POTUS and reverse an election; it is your House of Representatives trying to get rid of a crimnal and unfit wannabe life time dictator. Get your marbles straight and soon, '' We The People '' !

  • Trump is a traitor and lying sak of sht. He has attempted to tamper with our elections by extorting Ukraine for dirt on a political opponent. That's the real coup.

  • I am an independent voter and watched all the hearings. The Dems didn't present any solid evidence just heresay, rumors and opinions sadly. I was trying hard to find evidence. Nothing.
    The fact that they won't even bring out whistleblower is highly suspect. I've come to believe there is no whistleblower. Also read the Mueller report. It reads like a cliquish high school novel…he said, she said, I heard from someone that he….etc. Mueller report had lots of accusation with zero evidence.
    Then I jump around mainstream media talking about how Trump is guilty of this and that… interesting thing is they never offer "PROOF" no solid evidence just lots of accusation.
    Saying someone is guilty of "corruption", "collusion", "high crimes" thousands of times does not make it so. Even the media "experts" never roll out evidence. To top it all off there are so called witnesses testifying before Congress that didn't actually witness anything!
    Anyway…I can't believe what the Democratic party has become and how low they have descended since my days as a Dem during the 80's and 90's.
    Back in the day the Democratic leadership actually used to work with the Republicans to get things done, sure there were ocassional scuffles and disagreements but not all out war dividing a country because they didn't like that a Dem was no longer president.

  • Number $5 and his republican cronies are traitors of the United States of America.
    All they want to do is line their pockets with money. They should all be convicted and jailed.
    I also remind the american public it's up to you to remove these Republican traitors from office.

  • The White House is] like showing up at the nursing home at daybreak to find your elderly uncle running pantless across the courtyard and cursing loudly … as worried attendants try to catch him

  • Reps and pres.Trump are whining about partisan processes BUT pres.Trump has a watermark in behavior to approach and make everyone partisan: if someone is not at least 1000% loyal to pres.Trump and his view of reality, he (or she) must be a real Trump hater. He can't resist bullying, he can't resist naming and shaming.

  • Some Republican and WH have so far refused all subpoenas for information or personal appearance. They have always frustrated all first-hand information and refuses all cooperation. Herewith the process is obstructed. And in addition, they have ridiculously damaged everyone else with naming, bullying and shaming.

  • To all who is pro-Trump: FOLLOW YOUR LEADER and START READING the TRANSCRIPT.
    The “transcript”, a memo (or summary), redacted by WH couldn’t hide [pres.Zelensky:] “we wanted to drain the swamp … new people, not the old politicians …” [and pres.Trump:]“I would like you to do us a favor though …. The Attorney General call you … " and “they shut your very good prosecutor down … Mr. Giulliani is A HIGHLY RESPECTED MAN .. a great mayor and I would like him to call you. I will ask him to call you along with Attorney General. RUDY VERY MUCH KNOWS … … talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution … ”.

    Contrary, in an Audio, nov2019 – Bill o’Reilly “What was Rudy Giuliani doing in Ukraine on your behalf?” and pres.Trump: “Well, you have to ask that to Rudy, … I DON'T EVEN KNOW. I know he … Rudy has other clients other than me. I’m one person.” WHO is trying "to bend" truth?

  • Daniel Schaeffer says:

    Why is anyone worried? Sooner or later this maniac will go to prison for something or other. When he leaves the SDNY will be after him and his crew like a pack of wolves.

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