DaVinci Resolve in Under 5 Minutes: Optimizing Media in DaVinci Resolve 12

DaVinci Resolve in Under 5 Minutes: Optimizing Media in DaVinci Resolve 12

I’m Alexis Van Hurkman, and welcome to Resolve
in a Rush where you’ll learn DaVinci Resolve Grading & Finishing Techniques in under 5
minutes. In this lesson were going to take a look at another one of DaVinci Resolve 12’s
new features and this is the ability to optimize clips that you’ve imported into your project.
Optimizing Clips is very straight forward. So, What I’ve done is I’ve created a smart
bin this is another on of DaVinci Resolve 12’s new features and this smart bin, if I
double click it to edit it. Is using the media pool properties group of metadata, I can use
all kinds of criteria for example if I go down to codec, I can use the codec. The codec
contains dng. There are all of my CinemaDNG clips. Now if I want, I can select these clips,
right click and choose generate optimized media and if I do so, I’m gonna do so with
this one clip right here. I get a dialogue with a progress bar that lets me know how
long its going to take. This happens to be a really long clip. So I can go have a coffee,
before coming back and being ready to go. I’m gonna cancel this, because if I ever have
any question as to which clips have been optimized and which clips haven’t. I can put the media
pool into list view, and in list view there’s a new column, Optimized Media. If it’s not
shown, you can show it by right clicking in the headers of the column and choosing Optimized
Media. You’ll see that the optimized media column is showing me which clips have optimized
media and also what resolution the optimized media is in. And this brings me to a good
point If I open up the Project Settings and go down toGeneral Options. There’s a new section
here for Optimized Media and I have two choices I can make. Choice number one is what format
I want the optimized media to be in and you have a selection of high quality to low quality
formats. I’ve got all the pro res codecs, I’ve got all the new DNXhr codecs from Avid,
and up at the top, I’ve got uncompressed formats. These are proprietary Black Magic formats
up here if I need the absolute best quality media. In addition I have the ability to choose
what resolution I want the optimized media to be in. Chose automatically, basically tries
to use whatever ration of shrinkage is required to make my clips math as closely as possible
to current resolution of the timeline. That’s why these optimized clips are all showing
half res. They were 4K clips and at half res the matching the 1080 resolution of my timeline
nicely. So, I’m gonna cancel out of this, once I’ve optimized my media it a very easy
thing for me to use it. It just works like any other clip. If I go up in the playback
menu, theres a command Use optimized media when available. When this is checked I’m using
optimized media, so if I open up a clip in the source viewer, I’m now using the optimized
media rather than the raw media, and if I jump into the color page, same thing I’m just
invisibly behind the scenes using the optimized media. So, if for example I were to go into
the motion effects palette and add a little bit of noise reduction just to stress my computer
out. You can see that right now I’m maintaining about 20 or so frames per second of performance
and again this is my 27 inch iMac. If I go back up to playback and turn off Use Optimized
Media if Available. I’ve now behind the scenes gone back to using the Raw Clip. Now I’m only
getting about 13 frames per second of performance. Because now, I’m noise reducing a much bigger
resolution piece of media. So thats how to use Optimized Media in a nutshell. There’s
more detail about this function and all the other new features in DaVinci Resolve 12 in
my new title for Ripple Training New Features in DaVinci Resolve 12. Thanks a lot for listening.


20 thoughts on “DaVinci Resolve in Under 5 Minutes: Optimizing Media in DaVinci Resolve 12”

  • Im in a MBP mid 2012, tried to edit some clips from a GH2, transcoded files to ProRes HQ, but the edit performance was too slow, is there any way work faster and better? PS: in Davici Resolve 11 lite edition.

  • When I used optimized instead original, in color page, under the thumbnail I read ever DNG. But the correction is the same or I'm going to correct on displayed low resolution image?

  • Thank you so much for the video. Does this process only affect the editing or will I have the final export from these lower res media? If so is there a way to go back to the full res and uncompressed media only when you do the export? Thank you in advance

  • idratherfly2000 says:

    When you edit optimized media does is constantly update the original clip? When it comes time to export, is it exporting the optimized media or the originals?

  • Hi I have installed davinci resolve 12 last month and 12.5 now and when I clicked Effect library (Near to the top), and openFX, it show no openFX plugins installed, any idea what happen?

  • Theoretical A.C.E says:

    I'm having issues viewing files once going to the import file nothing shows, any Idea on how to fix this?

  • is there a reason my videos come out worse when rendered as compared to when im previewing them as im editing them? i only used raw footage not optimized

  • In my optimized media section of Resolve 12.5 I only have two formats in the dropdown box, Uncompressed 10-bit, and Uncompressed 16-bit, nothing else.

  • How do I save or export my finished project as a video file that can be uploaded onto facebook, youtube etc…?

    The only option I have is to export as a .drp file.

  • When I generate optimized media, it turns small files into multiple GB files. I could generate a 6 second clip and it turns into 2-3GB, so just editing a short video took up over 50GB on my computer. What should I do?

  • Can somebody give me advice to edit game recordings on resolve. They are 60fps and in 1080p. I don't know if my hardware is slowing playback but i'm running a gtx 1050 ti so i'm not sure it's that. I have a loss of audio and i have tried transcoding it but it still doesn't work. I tried tried transcoding in handbrake but it only reduced the video quality significantly. Anyone know what i can do?

  • Waldemar Pross says:

    I have a lot of footage for one project and generating optimized media will take ages, plus I think my storage is not big enough. Do you know if the optimized media is generated for sub-clips only? So basically when I browse the storage for clips and only add some parts of the clop to the media pool.
    …or do I need to do a rough cut, export everything as individual clips (or one) and start over by using the clips from the rough cut as the new media and then generate optimized media?

  • I have iMac 27 inch. I tested using optimized media and it works really well while working with clips in the timeline. But the optimizing will take so much space on the drive. If I optimize in pro res 3 minutes will cost 35 GB and so I took DNxHR LB. This cost "just" approx. 5 GB for 3 Minutes. But ist is still too much. If I work on several projects the space of the drive is mostly nearly full. If a erase the optimized media in the cache clip folder, the optimized media are missing in the timeline of the project. So I have to store them, but I get problems with my space on the drive. Do you have any solutions or ideas?

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