Daniels’ Ex-Lawyer: Fox News Reporter Had The Story In 2016 | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


49 thoughts on “Daniels’ Ex-Lawyer: Fox News Reporter Had The Story In 2016 | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC”

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  • Alessia C***** says:

    If true It’s good to know that if the people in trumps orbit that want to tell the truth and have signed a trump NDA can talk if they want to. Which is hard to believe that someone around Trump is willing to tell the truth.

  • Does anybody else think of "Charlie Brown" by the coasters when you think of trump? "He's gonna get caught, just you wait and see", "why's Robert Mueller always pickin on me"

  • Kelly And Sam Seed says:

    Finally- America can set the record straight and establish once and for all, so there's NO CONFUSION, Fox "News" is a political weapon; a propaganda machine that has a symbiotic relationship with Trump as his state television program, and seems to guide Trump's policy.
    It's nearly impossible to see where Fox begins and Trump ends…

  • This is why most civilized countries ban or restrict foreign ownership of media outlets. Don't forget that Murdoch is not American. He makes money by causing mayhem in foreign countries, and can avoid the consequences by running off to his Australian home.

  • Île-de- France says:

    Trump shares a very awkward lunch with Nancy Pelosi to mark St. Patrick's Day reception for Irish prime minister hours after calling her the leader of 'open borders party'

    When he saw Pelosi it was all hugs and kisses – with Trump leaning in to give her a smooch on each cheek at the luncheon

    He praised her earlier in the week for refusing to support his impeachment 


  • Is anyone else sick and ashamed of this massive rotten apple that is Trump and his crime family? Screwing around on your wife while she gives birth to your child? Using your charity as your personal piggy bank? Your Russian buddies meddling in American elections? Lying daily and paying off pornstars? The more you scratch the surface the more you realize the Rot goes right down to the core. Americans used to care about who ran the country and what image they portrayed to the world. Is this fat scammer the image that should represent America?

  • Crooks and lawbreakers always have their minions in many guises parroting their opinions and defend their agenda this Meghan has rather weak and obnoxious arguments tantamount to someone who has a vested interest in proving the opposite of what is alleged, could she have ambitions of working within the cretinous Murdoch empire one day??

    You only have to look at the Murdoch's, nefarious shenanigans across all political spectrums in the UK to debunk her weak and appeasing, arguments.
    As an expat, it surprises me that despite the closeness with regards to culture and history that the mainstream US media do not do more research on certain subjects and businesses in the UK with US ties.
    News Of The World, a Murdoch paper no longer exists because of the exact practices we see here in their many media businesses it had a very Fox-like influence on a great number of voters in the UK before a scandal akin to, many we brush aside in the US saw the UK government take a stand and had it shut down in a court-deal as punishment for it despicable acts over many years of political gerrymandering and unethical journalistic practices.

  • RunFor OurLives says:

    Obviously she has evidence. Otherwise, she would just keep silent because there’s nothing to talk about.

    Just like Michael Cohen.

  • Murdock bought the WSJ so that he could own one legitimate media outlet. To prevent mass defections, Murdoch let the WSJ run with little or no interference. Fox viewership has little overlap with WSJ readership (Few Fox viewers have more than a 4th grade reading level which puts the Journal out of reach for most of them.). Therefore Fox gets fiddled with extensively and the Journal does not.

  • Light side of the Moon says:

    Fox news = FAKE NEWS PROPAGANDA! They just hope their audience is dumb enough to believe the lies they spit. There are like 1 or 2 exceptions that show real reporting on Fox but otherwise, they are horrible.

  • Deborah Freedman says:

    So, essentially these reporters claim is because they were incapable of getting the story, this Fox reporter couldn't have either. That sounds like jealousy. Maybe she was much better at her job, so got squashed by her employer.

  • I wonder when the Democrats will wake up like Avenetti and realize that Stormy is working with TRUMP?. Think about it, The SD story has been public since what 2010? So then why the NDA? why pay with a check? SD and Trump's relationship has always been business in nature, not sexual, Same with the other accuser …Look at what Trump has done so far, he LOVES using the Red Herring to strip the protections that the Democrats hide behind….So far he's been successful at destroying the sanctity of Attorney Client Privilege, Failure to report foreign lobbying, and greasing the skids for Roger Stone style Wakey Wakey calls where his feds can seize EVERYTHING simply for lying to congress….He has zero scruples about sacrificing pawns in order to get the King…..Are the Dems oblivious, will they keep taking the bait?

  • Jacqueline Taylor says:

    It wasn't hard for Avenatti to get to publication with Stormy Daniels.. she got to tell her WHOLE story even about her being threatened in a parking lot while her child watched on.. it allll came out

  • He mad e me chuckle lol there they go again accuse ing otheres of what they ur fake news non news just bioas propaganda coninualy on campaign for leftist comie demacRATs

  • I think NDAs should be outlawed. They are not in the publics interest. That is the most often used basis right? They also perpetuate lies not merely silence.

  • Megan Twohey went to the Kellyanne Conway school of interviewing: Deflect and redirect. Deflect and redirect. Deflect and redirect.

  • Ari why are you Cutting off Megan Twohey? It's really annoying. Let her finish her point. It seems like you don't respect Megan and your actions are making you look bad.

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