DANDAPANI | The Monk That Will Change Your Future

DANDAPANI | The Monk That Will Change Your Future

people always ask me how you a motivational speaker it’s right or way off the bat I say no I don’t vote of eight people what I do is share with them tools and I share with them a process and how to find define a goal because once you have a process and you have a goal and you have tools then you can apply it in your life and you can lean on your own spine and a lot of people in my industry who do self-development coaching don’t do that you know because it’s it’s not a good business model a good business model is where you have somebody coming back to you again create reoccurring revenue so you don’t solve their problems you inspire them because you know the inspiration will go after a few weeks they’ll come back and buy more it’s a drug I don’t want people coming back to me and want them to solve their own problems you know figure out their life and use the tools in their life to create what they want which is born into this world and people so like here Linnea nursery rhymes Lenya ABCs one two three s go to school learn geography learn history science periodic table why whenever you ever gonna use the periodic table again but simple things like basic life human skills you know they get taught [Music] so we believe that energy is always flowing out of us to people and things around us and one of the ways to get to enlightenment is to first stop the loss of energy then you harness that energy from going out of you you would draw it into you concentrate and channel that energy up your spine into your head to awaken higher states of consciousness but in order to do that you need to consider as much energy as possible the more people you have in your life the more things you have in your life in the earth and energy you expend simplify your life everybody is so busy everybody’s got a lot of things to do we don’t actually have a lot of things to do right we like being distracted user them we don’t have to think about ourselves yeah and we we don’t have time to survive most people don’t have clear priorities my goal is to simplify my life simplify the number of people in my life and simplify the number of things in my life we only have a finite amount of energy Tuesday but every year we have more people not – is that a fair statement no Facebook friends in know people are you connected with and your energy stays the same so that’s not a proportionate growth if your energy is increasing every year proportionally or the number of things and people in your life energy level is the same and the amount of people and things in your life were growing almost exponentially so whereas that doesn’t work so for me it’s always about simplifying first the people and things into life into you and what’s most important taking that finite energy that you have each day and focusing the second step is learning how to focus and concentrate that find out amount of energy into the people in things that truly matter now you start to create a lifestyle that you actually love because you’re invested into people and things that matter and the byproduct of that is happiness I always say you should never pursue happiness don’t pursue happiness pursue a lifestyle where the byproduct of that lifestyle is happiness so happiness comes as a byproduct I spend time with the people that I love what is my by-product I’m happy I spent time with people I don’t like I’m not happy so don’t pursue happiness pursue a lifestyle that gives happiness but in order to then to pursue that lifestyle you need to be clear what you want it life what’s your purpose in life and people don’t know this because they don’t spend any time with themselves people make time for everything and everyone else in their life or they never make time for themselves if you’ve got someone who you know instead of like would you like ketchup for coffee let’s just do coffee oh I can’t this week but I can next week how about Thursday 7 p.m. perfect I’ll see you at this place so people say to me things like I walk my dog in the park that’s my time with nice no it’s not that’s you walking the dog and they’re going like a heist you know they go for a jog that’s my a long time let’s see you jogging avoiding traffic watching where you’re stepping so you don’t trip and fall over spending time that yourself is sitting down closing your eyes not interacting about so I will I’m actually going inside I’m having that conversation and people don’t have that conversation because they don’t have that conversation with themselves they don’t end up knowing what they wanted like because they don’t know what they want in life they can’t focus that finite amount of energy and then they don’t live a lifestyle that can happen as we wind up being unhappy [Music]


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