Daily Life with New Media | Goh Eu-Wern (1601830)

Daily Life with New Media | Goh Eu-Wern (1601830)

Hi everyone, my name Goh Eu-Wern but you guys know me as Wendy today I’m gonna be bringing you through my daily life using new media So let’s get started The first thing I’m going to talk to you about is my phone my phone is one of the most important things in my life I’m sure it’s same for you all the applications inside are considered new media for example, I use it on a daily basis I use it for freelance work I use it for school work and so on For example, right here you can see my calendar It’s filled with all of the things I have to do this month like all of the due dates and birthdays that I keep track of recently I’ve been spending a lot of time on my laptop editing videos for my sister the editing software that I use is Filmora it’s a very easy software and all the effects already pre-set so I just have to drag it into the timeline I know it sounds a little lazy but whatever gets the job done is good enough for me so since we’re talking about new
media I spend most of my time on social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and so on so forth when I use Instagram I like to take videos of my puppies over there look how cute they are the white one is Daisy and the black one
is Soapy In case you were wondering so usually I just record them like this A lot of people don’t know this but mobile games are considered new media as well Mobile games such as Clash of Clans, Hay Day or WangZhe is considered new media You are constantly interacting with people through the game and meeting new people and communicating so it is a form of new media. For me I do play my fair share of mobile games but I try not to because I tend to get addicted very often. The games that I play most frequently is MapleStory and games that do not require an Internet connection So there are a lot of forms of new media that I use on the daily and I think it’s impossible to cover them all on this video So I’m just going to share something personal of mine which is my screen-time management Screen-time management is a function on my phone that allows me to see where my time is spent and how much my time is spent on my phone. So I’ll just show it to you now Most of my time spent is on YouTube I spent roughly 3 hours Right now it’s around 3pm and I woke up at 9am I already spent 3 hours on my phone using YouTube In Conclusion, I believe that new media is very important Especially to the newer generation like mine Because regardless of if we’re using It for entertainment purposes, study purposes or work purposes We will always be using new media I cannot live without new media So that’s the end of my video Hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope you learned a bit more about new media through my experience Thanks for watching I hope you liked and subscribed to my Youtube channel and I’ll see you in the next video bye


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