Cyberpunk 2077 News – Censorship, Multiple AAA Titles, Switch Port & Scene System!

Cyberpunk 2077 News – Censorship, Multiple AAA Titles, Switch Port & Scene System!

What is going on Neon Nation and welcome back
to the channel for some Cyberpunk 2077 News. Today we have a ton of Cyberpunk 2077 news
to go over from a lengthy interview with CD PROJEKT RED’s John Mamais where everything
from censorship to multiplayer standalones to a cyberpunk Nintendo switch port, to microtransactions
to a potential release on Project Scarlett and the PS5 were talked about in full detail. We also have details on a new contest from
CD PROJEKT RED as well as a new snippet tease of what’s to come in the robust soundtrack
of Cyberpunk. First let’s jump into this interview with head of CDPR’s Krakow office John Mamais during PAX Australia. When it comes to the Censorship of Cyberpunk
2077 in Australia in particular, Mamais said he does not think the game will have any issues
in this department and references South Park: The Stick of Truth as an example of a game
who had issues clearing classification. John Mamais goes on to say “I was concerned
about censorship because I know Australia has issues with drugs and the other thing
is sexualized violence-those are the two things that can kill your product there” “
I’ve been looking into it over the last couple of days and it seems like we’re safe. You don’t get rewarded for using drugs as
far as I know, and the player does not do any kind of sexualized violence at all where
it’s really tasteless; we wouldn’t do anything like that.” Now yes, incentivized drug use has led to
the banning’s of most recent We Happy Few in Australia, and titles in the past. I think there is a very muddy line here as
to what they would classify as an incentive as reflex boosters and combat stims are technically
drugs that give you boosts, which might be classified as incentives. I’m going to assume Cyberpunk will be fine
here since these boosters don’t really represent real world equivalents but
there’s still a margin for there to be issues. Fallout 3 did have issues with incentives related
to drug use, and was originally banned until they changed the name of morphine to Med-X. We don’t really know how sexual the game
is at the current moment, but there is a central theme to a lot of the games that have been banned in the
past, which is high impact bloody violence. We’ve already seen gameplay of V slicing
through enemies like butter or brutal decapitations and there is a dismemberment system and I
think if it does get censored or banned in Australia, this will be the main culprit. In Japan, decapitations will be censored as
will nipples, because that’s just how Japan operates and The Witcher had censored versions for the Middle East. so just keep that in mind. When it comes to Multiplayer Mamais mentioned
that CDPR are expanding and can work on multiple triple A titles at once. Mamais says “It’s public knowledge that
we want to make multiple AAA titles at the same time in the company. We haven’t been able to but now we’re
growing to a certain extent and we might be able to do that in the future; at least we
hope so” “We’ll see how well Cyberpunk does. I like Cyberpunk, I’d like to keep making
Cyberpunk games and I like the Witcher, I’d like to keep making those games. It could be anything, even some New IP or
some licensed IP” When it comes to next generation consoles
Mamais mentions “We’ll see what we can do with those. The more powerful the technology, or the consoles,
the better it is for me as a game developer” We know CDPR’s stance on Microtransactions
but Mamais clarifies that he thinks it’s a bad idea to do microtransactions in a game
even though they are profitable and good for business. He mentions that they are willing to give
this up for good will of the customers. I think this is a sentiment that as the days
go on will mean more and more to us as consumers. It’s getting really crazy out there with microtransactions,
enough for a lot of people to take a step back from the keyboard or controller and reevaluate
their entertainment choices. John reiterates that CDPR are following the
Witcher’s approach when it comes to DLC and that when it comes to a release date some
of the people in the studio feel good and some are a little nervous, but this is a normal
feeling. The directive is that they need to keep the
date. John Mamais also claims that everyone is working
really hard right now because the deadline is tight, and the game is really large in
scope. The vibe is of excitement though as they are
kind of doing their world tour at the moment showcasing the game at various conferences
and this is a big momentum boost for them. He mentions a healthy, extrinsic kind of pressure
that makes the team really excel. I know the word crunch gets thrown around
a lot, but maybe just maybe it’s simply hard work and passionate effort. Deadlines are a part of a ton of industries,
and yes game development takes a collaborative creative effort, but the automatic assumption shouldn’t be that developers are burnt out zombies selling their soul As we know Multiple studios have been working
on Cyberpunk 2077 namely Wroclaw and Krakow, and Mamais clarifies that in terms of content
Krakow has developed about a third of the game, mainly in the new scene system where
dialogue and cinematics collide within the context of the gameplay. This is a system where you are fully in control
of your character within the cutscene, which doesn’t take you out of that immersion. This is a big element as well as other things
according to Mamais. When it comes to story it seems the team has
learned that finishing the story sooner and allowing for time to brush up the minutia
is pivotal. You don’t really know how good a story is
until its played in its entirety and so if this process happens earlier you can catch
it and change elements that you don’t feel are right. Regarding a possible switch port, John mentions
that it probably won’t be likely, but you never know since TW3 released on the Switch. By the way The Witcher 3 released on Switch
only a couple days ago so if you want to experience this beautiful open world on the go make sure
to go check that out. Regarding Cyberpunk 2077’s story, he mentions
that on the surface it’s pretty simple, and that the whole story revolves around the
tech of the immortality chip. Simple is kind of a trigger word for open
world RPG fans, but CDPR have also mentioned that they will explore harsh elements like
the politics of Cyberpunk, morality and transhumanism to some degree, so in my opinion simple won’t
necessarily mean shallow. The stakes are also fairly high for Cyberpunk
2077 as there are obviously a lot of internal financial expectations. Next up let’s take a brief look at a snippet
of potential music teased by Paul Leonard-Morgan who is working on the soundtrack amongst others. Next, we have confirmation of a photography
contest from CD PROJEKT RED and Cyberpunk 2077. They initially teased this not too long ago
with the hashtag #CaptureCyberpunk and we speculated it could be a photography contest or a photo
mode tease, so I guess we were half right on that one. In any case, whip out those iphones and DSLRs
because there are some insane prizes up for grabs for those who capture their city in
the most Cyberpunk way they can. For the submission phase, you must find somewhere
in your city or area with a true Cyberpunk vibe and take a photo that best captures it. Submit before December 16th with up to 5 photos
and winners will be chosen from those. Really awesome to see how much additional
things the community can get involved with in the cosplay and now the photography contest. Thanks for watching and for more Cyberpunk
2077 join Neon Nation by subscribing to The Neon Arcade.


100 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 News – Censorship, Multiple AAA Titles, Switch Port & Scene System!”

  • If you are an adult there is no reason for censorship. If your parents are okay with this kind of stuff as it is only natural there shouldnt be censorship. Besides it’s not a kids game

  • Japan censors nipples? I thought that was just nether regions. I'll bet it's like whaling for them, not something really needed or wanted, but they have to justify a bunch of people's jobs. Like American coal.

  • Unknown Username says:

    As an Australian Im flat out getting a VPN to get the 'Real CP2077' if they censore/ban anything.. fucking snowflakes that make these rules seem to love mandingo

  • You guys think the censorship in Japan,Australia etc is annoying
    Look at my country Indonesia they even censored
    cartoon bikini and cow tits 😂

  • Censorship is real ugly and is the one thing that really worries me. Witcher 3 had some regional censorships and for the most part they were mild, but give censorship an inch, and it'll take a mile. Especially that Sony is very keen on enforcing censorship. Censorship needs to stop. Adults don't need censorships. We ask for the full-blown experience when we buy the game. It's part of the purchase. It's really funny considering these are videogames, but porn industry is fine and all.

    Microtransactions don't worry me when it comes to CDPR. They're very unlikely to act like the West. Let's not forget they're based off in Poland, where business, funding, and government integration are very different. And their main goal now is selling worldwide, it was Witcher 3 that made them who they are today, and made them capable of producing Cyberpunk 2077. They wouldn't want to flip a blank page over all of that. They wouldn't want to gradually have reduced audience and customer base until they eventually fizzle back out into local customer base as it was a decade ago.

  • Simon 'Two Questions' Randall says:

    You won't have full control during every cutscenes, would be kind of impossible to do (something has to stop players from just walking off at important sequences or randomly shooting someone just to try it, etc breaking the interaction), the amount of control and options you get will depend on scenario, it looks like all scenes are rendered real-time. I'd bet half a testie we'll get encounters where a bunch of gangbangers sorround you and shit's going to be happening in multiple directions, like the one in front of you trying to distract you, talking shit while one of them is behind you getting ready to jack in your neural slot. You might wanna turn around to see, but how will the one in front of you react to that?
    I've never seen a game, not even games that are almost entirely focused on cutscenes, do this.

  • This is a bit off topic, but I’d love to CDPR took over the rights to Mass Effect. I can only imagine the type of game we’d get with them at the helm. Nonetheless, I Appreciate your videos you deserve a lot more subs. Keep up the good work. 👍

  • Crystal Kittycat says:

    I don’t understand the reason they might censor this game, when it is clearly shown that the game is 18+, not for kids.

  • Tracey Jacobsen says:

    I don't get the government and especially the Australian government rn…

    Australia is having a big drought crisis and the government doesn't seem to be doing anything or much about that right now

    Yet there willing to censor a game that is far from being a kids game…

    THANKS GOV! 😀 😐

    seriously tho wtf….? Its annoying that a lot of parents don't check the ratings on games…

    They should have signs up telling parents to check the ratings on a game your kid has got

    If the parent knows the rating and is fine with the rating of the game then all is good there

    Im lucky to have an amazing mum who doesn't care if the games i play are violent or not because she knows im not gonna turn into some sorta psycho

    When i was younger tho she wouldn't let me play r rated games because she didn't want me to get scared from it

    Until she let me get the first R rated MK game (at least it was R rated in aus)

  • Me: I’m on the deal
    Neon: but I haven’t told you the deta—
    Me: don’t need to know if there’s sex, drugs, and money I’m in.
    Neon: so… uh… you want a t-shirt?
    Me: I’ll take the hoodie

  • The ratings council here in Australia is a complete joke. They tried it with The Last of Us, but too many people complained and they ended up creating the R18+ rating for video games. Previously it was only applied to movies and shows. If they try it with Cyberpunk, they'll get scolded by gamers again. Besides, everyone knows if they censor the game before releasing it in Australia, we will all just go online and buy it from the UK since they don't usually censor and their games are PAL like ours.

  • AS a australian thats been gaming for over 2 decades i hate how stupid the australian governement gets with games . i mean we fought to get a R18+ rating and even that was pointless . Anyway if we do get screwed and get a censored version (O god i hope not) im sure somehow either via mods or someother way of removing it will happen . Im also believe strongly that censorship sucks as in adults forms of entertainment either being moves , tv shows OR more relevantly Games it shouldnt be a thing as a Adult i have the choice of what i want to watch or do

  • Censorship is unfortunately happening. They removed full frontal nudity from character creation and will remove it completely from the game. That’s why “we don’t know about nudity yet”. They don’t want the game to have issuers associated with nudity. Prepare for a teen friendly game.

  • As someone who’s Australian, the Violence isn’t a huge problem, as games with decapitations and gory violence has been given the all clear in the last few years. I think it’ll be safe, as we implemented a new rating just for games like this.

  • Nicholas Carrick says:

    Heyyy 🙂 Reading over the photo contest rules it looks like you can only submit one photo. Just wanted to check just in case I have missed something.

  • Hi do you know if any censorship will happen to the UK version of the game I despise censorship and I know the Witcher 3 doesn't censor nipple's, also Sony censorship? I know it's stupid to ask but will Brexit effect even being able to get the game with shipping the details are vauge?

  • "The Darkness", "Splatterhouse", "Dark Sector"… Games and Movies to get uncut isn't so easy (i Search for "Brain Dead", "Nightmare Maker"…). The Industries and laws are stupid in some ways, because we want the Full Stuff and nobody buy a car, house… and get only a part of the Thing with a Full price…
    And Studios like Activision, Bioware, Bethesda, EA, Ubisoft… kills them self and if they go their way how they work now and don't change they will fall/die. Many of them lost the quality with their fast making money Strategy…
    That's why i believe in a Studio like "CD PROJEKT RED" that makes good choices and i hope that they always get all the time they need.
    Have a nice day and weekend Neon + all other too 😉

  • Aussie Highlands says:

    God I hate the ratings system in my country sometimes, we’re adults playing a adult themed game we should be able to experience high amounts of violence nudity sex drugs etc in a videogame it’s so stupid, not to mention every time censorship gets brought up it usually has Australia thrown into the mix because the ESRB doesn’t know how to properly rate a game.

    Anyhow if somehow cyberpunk gets pulled up on “promoting real life drugs” or some shit hopefully CDPR will do something like Bethesda did with F03 and rename it to something else and the ESRB can get off its back and have a good release in oz.

  • Doom and Fallout 4 weren't censored here in Australia so I see no reason this will be. especially since in general our ratings aren't as strict/harsh as America (by that I mean MA movies in America are M movies in Australia and R are generally MA).

  • I remeber in 99 children played Unreal Tournament in internet cafes – full gore settings – censorship? pegi? parental control? Hell no! M-m-m-m-m MULTIKILL! HeadSHOT!

  • censorship is ruining the world, some old fart that doesnt like boobies shouldnt be able to breathe never mind decide what everyone else likes or wants in games etc. To all you censor dicks out there…..go fuck yer selves!

  • I really can't stand how hypocritical society is. Drugs are bad except alcohol, prescription pills, sugar, caffeine etc sex and violence are bad and shouldn't be portrayed in media except for movies and tv shows. Fucking ridiculous.

  • If the game gets censored, i may not buy it.
    I am a grown-up. I will make my own choices about what i want to see and what i don't.

    Give me all or nothing.

  • Censor anything in this game and im out. The whole purpose with this game is do what ever you want. Thats whats really drawing people in. So if you stop that people will distance themselves.

  • I thought austrailians were those of the enlightened sort. Fighting desensitization is a losing battle. We can't stay on sesame street forever, we all grow up. Being desensitized, just means you've seen it before. Telling people they should never be desensitized is intellectually disingenuous. I'm disensitized about pretty much anything, because I read a lot. I learn a lot. Desensitization isn't what's causing people to do stuff. Being hateful isn't numbness, if you were desensitized you wouldn't feel too much either way. You'd act according to what you know rather than what you feel, like an adult would. SO many childish people these days don't know that. If you say you aren't desensitized than you're defending the position that you're a grown man baby.

  • I feel like my city's not a good candidate for the photo op. It tries to be hip, but it's still a bit backwards to some degree.

  • Easy fix. Have a Aussie and Asian version that is censored to Hell and gone. Let the US have everything the Mature ESRB rating will allow. If not, go AO. Yeah, AO will work. kids and weaklings shouldn't be playing this game anyway. Let us adults have our fun.

  • Will there be any references from Witcher 3 in cyberpunk 2077?
    I think it would be cool to have a couple Easter eggs from Witcher 3 in here,

    Also with cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher 3 be in the same universe even though they're from different ages of time?

  • The game will be censored in the Middle East? I doubt people care much here, like maybe the physics copies, the digital copies never were “enforced”

  • I’m hoping that CP2077 doesn’t release on PS5 and Project Scarlett. As incredible as it would be to see the game on more powerful hardware, both consoles are slated to be backward compatible. There wouldn’t be a need for it outside of it being a blatant cash grab, and CDPR just doesn’t roll that way. I can definitely see an early console launch patch being released for the game on both consoles though. Upgrading the resolution to true 4K and potentially increasing the frame rate, textures etc. Potentially.

  • Customers: "Can we have evisceration and disiembowlment?"
    Gaming companies: "Sure, why not!"
    Customers: "How about human nipples and genitalia?"
    Game companies: "Now that's just taking things way too far."

  • You know people are really sick and tired of feminist cringe and censoring freedom of speech what are they going to do band coffee next caffeine is a drug they going to ban sugar to they going to put all the women in hijabs and burkas oh no they just want to make you addicted to the video game you know it's stimulate your mind just like a drug and you can become addicted to it you know a video game uh oh are they going to ban all video games now people are really getting sick of the sjw bulshit governments and feminism oh and make no mistake feminism is a branch of the government and it's a multibillion-dollar worldwide Global Corporation you know the government spread butter if you were able to read blueprints study your law and look how it's rigged up against a man to get his assets and resources and you know family court in divorce court how it takes all that money that the lawyer wins he's got to pay taxes on it after they already text that man's paycheck figure it out people they're using that same blueprint in your video games just like Bethesda band some otters and told them to write an essay and they would unban them kind of like a female teacher would do is I say not as I do I mean governments act like females I wonder who taught females that kind of behavior oh that's right governments figured out people meanwhile that you're addicted to that review game and loot boxes which is gambling give us your assets and resources give us that good money or else they're going to punish you meanwhile dumbing-down the game among other things and if you think government has an infiltrated all these video game companies you're sorely mistaken

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